Why do women (including women who wouldn't consider themselves feminists) generally despise of the teachings of TRP? (self.asktrp)

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I have some theories myself:

  1. We are an umbrella term for various subgroups who legitimately hate women (some MRAs & most Incels) and so through lack of understanding and differentiation we just get thrown in with the rest of them. MRA and Incels are part of TRP but the inverse is not true.
  2. Men of TRP are probably the most vocal about their new found ideology and way of thinking while in the "anger phase", that anger of course being directed primarily towards women.
  3. It elicits a knee-jerk reaction because it doesn't conform to the norm. I have observed this so many times its not even funny anymore. This part is truly bothersome. For example, when talking to my sister the other day I mentioned how a woman's love for a man (except her son) is very utilitarian; she loves him for what he can do for her. She completely lost it. I never said anything that was offensive and yet was almost immediately labelled as a misogynist. There is nothing inherently wrong or bad about loving conditionally and yet because this is not in line with the Disney happy-forever-after fantasy it's misogynistic? The irony is that that was the exact reason why she left her previous bf. The cognitive dissonance is unbelievable.
  4. Understanding how women play the game and use the cards to their advantage takes away much of the power they hold in relationships and intersexual dynamics. They can't manipulate you if you see right through their scheme. TRP is a dangerous tool not because it preaches misogynistic propaganda but because knowledge is power. Saying that the jig is up would be admitting that there was a jig in the first place. Labelling TRP as a fringe group of women haters and misogynistic basement dwellers who are outcasts of society and can't get laid is the only way to keep the game going.


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Because, in their opinion, we're cheating. A beta should be a beta and an alpha should be an alpha. Here we teach betas how to be alpha.

They are instinctively attracted to alpha because they supposedly have stronger genes to produce alpha offspring. If a beta cheats and becomes alpha, it seems dangerous and creepy.

Another analogy is sausage is tasty, but no one wants to see it being made. No one wants or cares about a weak man because men are utilitarian or disposable.

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iow, the women all want to fuck the top 20% of guys. the red pill teachings show men how to read them and respond in more alpha/masculine ways which confuses them; this makes distinguishing the top 20% from the bottom 80% more difficult to women.

they don't want to waste fuck sessions by being deceived by guys that aren't truly alpha. meanwhile, they're wearing makeup, push-up bras, telling lies about their cock miles... i.e, deceiving men.

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If the top 20% expanded to 50%, women would actually be better off due to more supply of what they want.

But there would be fewer betas to take advantage of. So I guess they want both the alpha and manservants.

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when they smash into the wall, the manservants become great guys... for their time, $, and giving them their ultimate chick crack = attention.

but they don't stop looking for better... ever! i have female relatives in their 60s that are still waiting for their fairy tale life with the perfect guy. it never stops.

just like men need sluts, women need their beta servants... both don't mind being used.

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They don't think 50% would be better because 30% of those guys are fake alphas and they can't tell the real ones from the fake ones and now they have to work harder to find the true alphas to breed (or pretend to) with.

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A "fake alpha" is to a woman what getting cucked is to a man. It's being cheated out of your biological imperative.

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If a beta learns to be alpha, what would make him fake?

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That's a great question. There's a bit of a parallel to how men view women who've had extensive plastic surgery.

If you pulled a solid 9, then you saw "before and after" pics and found out she was a 3 at best before the surgery, would that bother you? For me personally, it wouldn't. I only care that I'm fucking the 9. She's not a "fake 9" to me, she's just a 9. But if you're interesting in having kids, I can see how it might bother you, and why you might call her a fake.

This analogy breaks down a little bit though because "alpha" isn't entirely genetic. It's also learned behaviors, and some of the men who learn these behaviors from TRP could have learned them growing up if they'd grown up in different circumstances. So if you imagine a guy who does have the right genetics and did grow up in the right circumstances, we call him a natural - then you go to a parallel universe when he still has those genetics, but he was raised by single mom feminist who turned him into an emasculated pussy but wait! then he finds TRP and he learns the right behaviors, is he a fake? I would say, no.

But I don't think women are interested in teasing out the differences between could-have-been-alpha males not-alpha males, and that's the real issue here. The fact that some of the TRP successes are could-have-beens is irrelevant. They don't like the fact that mixed in with that group are the 3's turned 9's who (particularly if the father isn't around to raise his children) will have low-test, low-status male children.

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What's funny is a lot of the natural 9's are bad or ghost fathers while the TRP'd 9 is into self-development and would be more likely to take fatherhood seriously. But I guess that makes him a potential provider and he'll have to juggle the 2 roles properly. And the ghost fathers fuel the need for more beta bucks.

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What's funny is a lot of the natural 9's are bad or ghost fathers

They have billy beta to be daddy, all they need from the natural 9's is their strong dna seed.

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I've watched my brother and his wife's dynamic changed a lot since he entered the marine corp as an officer a few years back.

Together since they were 18, they both graduated from UC Berkley. She got better grades, and they moved across the country for a job that she got. She made more money for a couple of years while he was under/unemployed figuring things out before he entered the corp.

Since then he's become much more alpha and RP-like. The officer training, flight training, mission planning, male comradery, etc. has changed him for the better - more stoic, more fit, more focused. Meanwhile she's become more supportive, more home-making, and less career driven.

TLDR: Brother has grown more alpha without TRP.

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Women would just prefer that you're some sort of Mary Sue, since your greatness would all be due to just being born (meaning Adonis DNA). There's nothing wrong with learning to become an alpha, and being alpha is all relative. It's all about maximizing your potential, and beyond.

The western blue pill society has neutered through indoctrination, and we're all here to learn to find our balls.

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Exactly this, and it's the same for me when I see obviously fake face, ass, or tits. It grosses me out to know that isn't the real her. Of course, if she pulls if off well, I can let it go, and the same goes the other way around I would imagine.

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Another analogy is ugly women can use makeup and have surgery to improve their looks. Who's cheating now

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In blue pill societies, women have the most freedom to pursue a dual-prong mating strategy and in ultra blue pill they get a third partner: the government. With the goverment, they can put way more emphasis on the dopmine hit that is chasing AF and increasingly disregarding BB who provide only mundane resources, not tingles.

Here is the important split in TRP. Alphas actually do very well in blue pill socities because women are free to chase top men and ignore the bottom 50%. This eventually becomes an anti-natalist society and the low birthrate ensures it collapses in on itself.

In a red pilled society with constraint on sexuality, betas get women and therefore are more invested in it, who in turn have longer term happiness rather than shortterm dopamine fixes.

As for the hate... try taking cigarttes or french fries out of someone's mouth and see the thanks you get. We know both are shitty for them, but they just want their dopamine hit in the here and now and without judgement. I have a problem thinking anyone really cares about MYSOGYNY other than a handy term to bandy about in a power play, afterall no one gives a shit about misandry at all (or misanthropy in general).

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Same reason we hate feminism. From a game theory perspective, men and women have competing sexual strategies. Therefore we have an instinctual hatred of anything that gives the other side a boost.

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What sexual strategy specifically are you talking about?

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female sexual strategy: get the good genes from one guy (the hot guy) while getting longterm security and provisions from another guy. having both is the ideal guy but the need to constantly get better (from both sides) drives their nature. in short, alpha fucks, beta provides bucks.

male sexual strategy: unlimited sex from unlimited partners, hopefully, with minimal (or very selective) emotional involvement.

i do like one thing about feminism tho... it encourages the sluts to stand up proud and scream, "i'm a proud slut... don't judge me for getting as much cock as i can." i like it because i can spot the easy targets to pump & dump... and/or avoid the target altogether. without that proud voice, she could easily dial down her true nature and (attempt to) deceive men into the 'innocent little princess that's only been with 3 men' bullshit lie they love to tell.

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This is exactly what I was eluding at. Feminism has made it easier for us to fulfill our sexual strategy.

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definitely. "women want to be equals!!" that's what the feminists scream.

translation: women don't want to be judged harshly for getting as much sex as they can like men do... no judgment... just equal.

the problem: women often encourage other women to cut their hair, slut it up, cheat on good men to "find themselves," etc., and then criticize the very women they encouraged. iow, they're in constant competition... crabs in a barrel mentality as the fight for the top 20% of men is easier if other women are disqualified by men.

women HATE and constantly compete with other women. feminism has no solid footing because in my estimation, 90% of feminists would sit down and STFU if the cock (they think they deserve) was chasing them around the house every night and paying the bills.

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#4 all day bro.

women always say to me, "who told you that... you're not supposed to know that!!" what they don't understand is that i learned and watched WOMEN (mainly my sisters and how they acted and lied) to come to my conclusions BEFORE it was all organized and communicated as, "the red pill."

men like rollo tomassi are doing god's work by putting out books on this stuff. the jig is up... and women don't like that.

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What was "that"?

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the"that" is that they tell lies... big lies all day, but to them it's actually the(ir) truth bc of the turbo-hamster that runs their mentality.

think about it... they apply all that fake-up and actually think they look that way and will "sell themselves" to you that way.

it's also how they fuck guys and, "it didn't count." I've had several women overtly tell me..."ok... let's do this but it doesn't count ok?" yeah ok.

i could go on and on about the true nature of women from my experiences but the most impt (to me) is understanding briffault's law; every man needs to internalize that so they know how women really view us.

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What percentage of statements by women do you think are lies?

Like can you really trust ANYTHING they say about themselves?

It seems like everybody lies when it's convenient for them. But It's just amazing how women can rationalize their own lies to the point where they perceive it as truth.

[–]omega_dawg93 4 points5 points  (4 children)

that's very hard for some men to understand... and for some women to admit.

they tell lies all the time... but to them and their rationalizations, they forward it as truth.

"yes... we met and talked but i didn't have sex with him."

later that night, she's on the phone telling her girlfriends she didn't fuck him... but did have (emotionless) sex.

so... it didn't really count.

btw you do not want to know about the lies concerning girl's night out, girl's only vacation, and bachelorette parties.

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I often wonder how overstated things are in TRP, I know it's to drive the point home but just how accurate is AWALT?

Like out of 10 women, how many of them actually are cheaters or compulsive liars in reality?

I know there's no way to tell but it's interesting to think about and I realize it's high enough to where you never give them the benefit of doubt.

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out of 10.... all 10 are capable and that's all that matters.

where men get confused is thinking they have the special one who "would never cheat, lie, etc"

to me, women are natural liars and manipulators; it comes so easily to them that it comes across as the truth.

i do not hate them for that. they are the less physical sex... they have to be that way to survive when threatened. it's simply their true nature.

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I guess the difference lies in how often they cheat, right? Or how how many tingles it takes to push them over the edge. Or if they go out actively seeking to cheat. I know at the right place and time, it will happen regardless.

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their urge is driven by instinct and emotion.

they are attracted to masculinity and adventure, either real or promised.

if you want to see how they really are, visit any military base or visit an area where men go away on jobs for extended time, like offshore oilfield work.

when away, they play.

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"The strength of a person's spirit can be measured by how much 'truth' he could tolerate" - Nietzsche

Most people have a hard time with the Truth, especially when it conflicts with our ego and the beliefs we have invested our egos in.

This isn't just chicks. Lots of guys will get just as pissed and defensive about this shit too.

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At no time is a man more persecuted, than should he speak the truth. - Robert A Heinlein

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Because it exposes female nature. Nobody wants to let it out of the bottle. It goes against everything society taught us.

[–]beachbbqlover 6 points7 points  (0 children)

I don't know how this is different from his 4th point.

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Women hate it because it exposes their dual nature of AF/BB, they need both. Subconsciously women know this, but few are consciously aware. Feelings drive them, not logic.

I still don't understand why men hate TRP. It could be denial or self hate.

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There’s a lot of both among western men.

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I think the simple answer is that they don't want to be seen on a negative light.

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Same reason they didnt want slaves to be able to read back in the days.

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  1. .... and so through lack of understanding and differentiation we just get thrown in with the rest of them

It is wilful lack of understanding.


I don't think it's this rational


Worse than "not the norm", it goes against the female-first narrative of the gynocentric society we live in.

3+4 together

Women don't like men to understand the game. Most of their sexual success relies on men not understanding the game that is being played.

Women want to hide behind fluffy ideals.... basically romance and unicorns. This is a big stack of nonsensical lies specifically designed to let her appear high value while simultaneously fucking Chad and financially exploiting billy beta. She HATES being called on it. She wants to appear strong, independent, valuable. Failing that she'll settle for irresponsible, ineffable, beyond understanding. The last thing she wants is to appear manipulative and conniving - and of course the more true this is, the more she'll hate it.

But women never give rational reasons for their hatred of porn, sexual competition or understanding her sexual strategy - this is another part of her subterfuge. She lashes out at men who understand her game as misogynistic [ie shaming them] because .... well fundamentally this has worked in the past. Attack men who undermine her position of power, and watch as the white-knights join in the attack.

she loves him for what he can do for her. She completely lost it. I never said anything that was offensive and yet was almost immediately labelled as a misogynist.

You made her strategy overt. She hates this because she knows deep down at an overt exchange of value is a worse deal (for her) than the disney-esque version she is playing for.

She wants to tell billy beta "we love each other" so he won't want a prenup. An agreement of "I fuck you and you shelter me from the rain" would likely be with a worse man who is more likely to say "and let's just contractually agree that this shelter is completely conditional on your sexual willingness".

Your comments are not neutral to her - they are a direct attack on her strategy. The fact that they are demonstrably true isn't a defence - it's part of the problem.

So yes - it's mostly 4.

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I think part of it as well is TRP is a very overt, no BS type of environment that doesn't cater to peoples feelings. Women tend to communicate very covertly with people, so coming out and telling them exactly how they behave is something they don't want to hear

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Interestingly, if you look at the stated criticisms here on Reddit, the main one BY FAR is that they simply don't believe that there are any real alphas in TRP.

To them, no true alpha would be circlejerking on Reddit about how to slay pussy. We are all a bunch of posers to them, loser incel wannabes who lie about our experiences in order to look cool for fake internet points.

The idea of men's desire to help other men is anathema to them. They do not possess that trait.

The second biggest thing they bitch about is how the behavior espoused here is "controlling," "manipulative," or downright "abusive." I find that interesting. I know from personal experience how women thrive on being treated that way, and the posts on here support the theory that my experience is far from an anomaly.

They hate it because it exposes an ugly truth about themselves that they absolutely despise knowing: That this is exactly how they want to be treated, as long as it's by a Real Man.

TRP is the painful therapy session they never asked for. It's hard for them to read without re-living all those painful CC encounters, and looking forward to their own empty futures, and realizing that they have properly fucked themselves right up the ass with no lube.

[–]dandar4600 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Women are gatekeepers of sex. Men (at least red pill men) are gatekeepers of commitment.

TRP lowers the supply of marriageable men, and increases the amount of fuckboys. Women hate fuckboys because they get sex without giving commitment. So in essence women hate TRP because TRP fucks with supply of commitment from high value men.

[–]kaazsssz 1 point2 points  (0 children)

A while ago on here someone posted a woman’s version of red pill which basically stated “the man you want will NEVER settle down with you. The alpha man you want is wanted by all women and as such he takes all comers and picks them like flowers.” Those are my own words.

Women already have their views on men. They think we are jerks who only care about pussy and are incapable of love. To present a view which goes in the complete opposite direction and points the finger back at themselves is going to trigger some irrational feelings and logic. That’s just the way it is I guess?

[–]thebadmanpuntdbaxter 1 point2 points  (0 children)

They conciously want to have it easy. They unconciously need an actual man. We stand at odds with their concious hamster

[–]Quo210 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Is a drug dealer happy when his tactics, sources, working locations and target clients are exposed? No, right?

You're a monster doing harm, and getting away with it. Suddenly, everyone knows how to remove the monster's mask and where to hit. It's not fun for the monster.

[–]Zanford 1 point2 points  (0 children)

A few reasons.

  1. Women want the best genes. The idea that a guy has consciously worked at something rather than being 'a natural' is a turn off - especially at seduction itself, but it's true for other things too. "Never let them see you sweat". It's cooler to be naturally smart than to study hard and so forth. The idea that men can 'mask' a natural lack of attractiveness by learning attractiveness is terrifying to women. sort of like men worry about makeup and push up bras and waking up next to a fug (but not to the same degree, b/c men are less picky about sex in general.) For whatever reason, women's instincts do not consider 'hard work' to itself be a very sexy trait...perhaps it has low heritability?

  2. TRP philosophy exposes a lot of their tactics and makes them look bad. Alpha fucks / beta bux, paternity fraud, etc. Women would rather be able to 'get away' with these things. It's very much in their interests to toe the mainstream, blue pill lie that they are naturally chaste and 'virtuous'.

  3. Legacy media deception that makes TRP seem like something for losers only (for example Elliot Rodgers, the loser incel shooter who made anti PUA screeds online, and the media lied and made it sound like he was on 'PUA forums' and a wannabe PUA himself). This amplifies point 1.

  4. A lot of men spread anti-TRP stuff b/c they are jelly and want to tear down competing men. Bucket crab mentality. Also, for men who have invested a lot in blue pill bullshit, it's just too depressing to admit their lie has been a lie, and they wasted thousands of hours and dollars pursing women in foolish ways...so they shield their egos by clinging to blue pill lies. It's very sad.

[–]returnofthemackX 1 point2 points  (0 children)

They want natural alphas

[–]fuckrbrasilmods 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Because sex for women used to be a path to power. They want men cowered, blinded, feeling guilty, deluded by bullshit rom coms, sheepish. This is why you must never idealize any woman. Stand fast, pay no mind to rants or emotional bullshit.

[–]Hyperintelligentwolf 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It exposes their motives and thought processes.

[–]RandomTRPan0n 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Many men are lazy.

The come here and read one post and think they "understand"

They do notread the full sidebar.

They do not internalize the info.

They started as antisocial people.

Mix this together, and then they start posting.

Their posts are shite and lack wisdom.

Normies come here, and see dumb dumbs post

Assume all posts are from dumb dumbs

Voila! Now all TRP are associated with dummies

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Pretty much this.

[–]twdziki 1 point2 points  (0 children)

  1. Because it helps men get sex. And the easier something is to obtain, to less market value it has. Women are gatekeepers of sex, so it lowers their stock.
  2. Not only sex is easier to get, TRP teachings are less gynocentric in general, further lowering their value.

[–]-DeadLock 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Because while this sub has valid points a lot of the member base actually promotes hatred towards women. Most posters here are just angry betas.

[–]youcantdenythat 0 points1 point  (1 child)

tits or gtfo

[–]-DeadLock 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I like fucking women as much as the next but this sub pretends that were not ALL animals. Taking women off a pedestal and throwing then in the dumpster. Neither is necessary.

[–]abudun79 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My take on this is:

Either because they do not know/understand what the red pill is, just as ~80-90% of all people parroting RP terms don't understand red pill. Which is part of the reason most "outsiders" don't.

Or because they understand pretty well, that their partner's understanding of red pill principles has the potential to defeat their sexual strategy. And just as we don't want that to happen to us, they don't want that to happen to themselves.

In both options it comes down to the misunderstanding that men and woman are neither the same nor incompatible different.

[–]Ambilicous 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think it has a lot to do with us teaching other men here to think for themselves. To ask if its the right thing to do, to do the right thing - even if doesn't benefit you at all.

When you're actually embracing TRP ideas you'll eventually find yourself in front of a mirror asking important questions which will alter you and your ways with society forever and quite a few forces in this world are not OK with that.

[–]missile-the-incels 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I can understand feminism from the tribalist perspective, it makes sense that women will group up so to speak. Most women I meet are sympathetic to red pill ideas, at the same time they are sympathetic towards issues that could affect them. There is a vocal minority in both sides that make everything more toxic than it needs to be.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's a shit test.

[–]batfish55 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I read a post somewhere, a looong time ago. Some dude's gf found his Rollo book(s) and was thumbing through it/them.

She got pretty pissed. She wasn't arguing the logic in them, the exact quote was, "GUYS SHOULDN'T KNOW THIS STUFF!!!"

That should answer your question. We've learned how the game actually works. They no longer have the advantage over us.

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Read the sidebar. It's under the article "Powertalk and other Language Categories".