Reading TRP is itself a dopamine hit? (self.asktrp)

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I've been thinking about it for a while now.

Whenever I read the TRP I got a sort of temporary satisfaction which makes me feel like "wow now I know everything and I'm a god" which is of course just a dopamine hit.

This should be specially true when you read too much and practice too little, right?

It's a dopamine hit which rewards you for just reading and doing nothing. That's why too much theory is toxic.

What do you guys think about it?

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Spot on. It seems like some people have made internalising TRP their mission. They study it like a degree. I rarely visit the main sub anymore. Always maintained that you should digest the basics from the sidebar and the top few hundred posts then go out and apply. Spend some of that time reading published books, too.

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It seems like some people have made internalising TRP their mission

Unfortunately I'm one of these persons. That's why I realized I'm going nowhere with all this stuff.

I've just realized I've been browsing the main sub and I've read like 60 posts in 2 months with little to no practice.

How much have I internalised from reading all those 60 posts? almost nothing to be honest.

It's a shit load of information which your brain can't internalize without practice.

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I like your username

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They study it like a degree.

Everyone on TRP should treat gender dynamics and machiavellianism as their minor.

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I mean, for guys who have been struggling their whole lives with women hear that there is a way to make it stop and actually succeed and become chad....that's going to happen. Not saying it's bad but as a species I'm pretty sure we are motivated by sex to a certain extent.

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go out and apply

This by itself is better than what most people piss away their time doing.

The reason that even some of the dumbest PUA programs produce success is because getting out and doing anything is worth more than engaging in relentless analysis.

Studying all the techniques and tactics in the world will reward you nothing. You have to go out with a rough idea, get a feel for what clicks and what doesn't, and then begin making revisions.

Too many guys read and read and read, and then maybe they try one or two things, get frustrated that real-world results don't correspond to what they read, then either quit or turtle.

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Personally, I have periods when I don't read. Of course it produces dopamine hits!

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We're dealing with a bunch of Larpy nerds who want to put on a cool new hat and cosplay a new identity.

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If only we could sell that hat to them... Then the disdain would be worth something

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There's nothing wrong with dopamine hits and almost anything you do produces one. The important thing is to conciously select where you get your dopamine from and not just chase dopamine. If nothing gave you a dopamine hit you would literally sit in a corner and starve to death wondering at the futility of life. It's the center of the brain's executive function system.

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Reading is far less of a dopamine hit than binge watching Netflix, playing videos games, or porn. The reason you get that "god-like" feeling is because you're participating in an activity that is sharpening your brain or body (if you're lifting). You're making real self-improvements, not just pseudo-achievements like in the above listed activities.

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Of course like you say it is a different type of dopamine hit, but the problem is that you're not making self-improvements when you read TRP -- you're learning how to make self-improvements. It means jack shit if you don't apply.

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If you frequent TRP daily and don't practice what you learn, then you're just jacking yourself off. Practice as much as you can and review TRP once in a while to refresh your mindset and learn new lessons. I was off TRP for 2 months and I slipped back a bit. Now I just read an article every few days and it keeps me productive and content with my actions and habits.

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Another term for this is mental masterbation

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I went a decade on this without much action.

It can make action hard because the results are harsh at first while you think you're a know-it-all god. Then it's easy to just drop it and do something else.

It's like scattered info from an intro course in school to advanced stuff. Guided practice over a long period of time is needed.

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Oh look a reminder to go lift!

Thank you.

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One of the hardest things to overcome this day and age is receiving dopamine hits in exchange for doing nothing.

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Been on trp for 4 years and reading this shit just makes me cringe these days. I only come here when I'm at a bad low.