Is it just me, or is at least half of the red pill principles involving replicating the female behavior intentionally to gain a sexual advantage? (self.asktrp)

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The Machiavellian behavior.
The no contact.
The not giving a damn.
Giving people a test drive.
Mind games.
Checking for shit-tests. (Women check for red flags to close their legs to a man at any given moment.)
Plating (Women have beta orbiters and are willing to plate men under the condition that they're high quality.)

All of this, a large portion of it is literally what women do subconsciously, and redpill is about how to do it consciously?

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To paraphrase Robert Greene, women invented seduction, but men turned it in to an art. Read The Art of Seduction, it talks quite a bit about this.

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Is this a good book for guys who dress well and lift, and get the ideas behind attracting and picking women up, but don't know how to put it into practice? As in just never knowing what to say?

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I highly recommend TAOS. It's goes much deeper in to the underlying theories and psychology of it, and it's rooted in a lot of real research, both modern and historical. It's also a great compliment to Models because Greene isn't coming from a PUA background, his theories and writing is completely independent of all that, but it's great to see how he comes to a lot of the same conclusions in different ways.

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If you already know the theory, more theory isn't going to help you.


I'm running into the same problem, and there's no way to avoid it.

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You're right. I'm not taking the action. I like things formulaic and I guess game isn't like that.

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It can be. The mystery method is good for breaking it up into different "stages".

But yeah, you need practise, callibration etc. One game I'm thinking of implementing tonight with one of my mates that will help is first to get x amount of rejections wins a prize of sorts. Not an original game.

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All arts are merely sufficient "if x, then y" experiences internalized to be effortless. Love of systems can make you a great PUA.

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I think models and the game were better. The art of seduction is great as well.

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I like models but most of it seemed about upping your SMV through lifting and dressing well, escalating, as well as not being needy. I'm fine with that, it's just all the social stuff I suck with. The initiating conversation and asking out

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Read bang. Some tips are to ask as few questions as possible and try to invoke emotion. Most of the time asking girls out is risky, but it's a numbers game. Waiting for a perfect moment is too costly.

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Thank you

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Red Pill is about 2 things.

1.Growing your SMV as a man, finding your own path to follow that leads you to fulfillment. Self exploration and realization of the differences between the sexes. Definition of yourself.

2.Counter strategy, an awareness of manipulation tactics used intentionally and unintentionally by women and others. Actions and behaviors that will help you succeed.

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The overall strategies are gender neutral, it's the specific means by which they are employed that vary by gender.

"Be attractive" is good advice for both men and women. But men are attractive by being muscular and having a chiseled face, while women are attractive if they are soft and have appropriate curves.

Men wear tuxedos, women wear lingerie. "Dressing well" is the overall strategy that works for both.

Not giving a fuck, investing in yourself, being high value, filtering for quality - these are good principles for both men and women, but they will be executed differently by each.

All of this, a large portion of it is literally what women do subconsciously, and redpill is about how to do it consciously?

There are men who do this subconsciously as well - we call them "naturals". It's more about emulating their behavior and incorporating those ideas.

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Law 44: Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror Effect

The mirror reflects reality, but it is also the perfect tool for deception: When you mirror your enemies, doing exactly as they do, they cannot figure out your strategy. The Mirror Effect mocks and humiliates them, making them overreact. By holding up a mirror to their psyches, you seduce them with the illusion that you share their values; by holding up a mirror to their actions, you teach them a lesson. Few can resist the power of the Mirror Effect.

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The way I see it it's more about being in control of your own destiny. These things are one aspect of that. It seems women are naturally attuned to this. Then you have self actualization and all that as well.

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Some of them, yes. But so what? It's fucking hilarious retribution to know what a woman is trying to do with stupid ass little games, then turning that shit right around on her.

Once a plate was upset because of no commitment and wanted to meet to talk. I meet and get in her car and she is saying that she doesn't think we're right for each other and didn't want me to get the wrong idea. My reaction was like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky when Cameron Diaz tells him she loves him. Instant Laughter and disbelief. She just wanted a reaction out of me, to beg her not to go and to commit. It was so fucking obvious it was hilarious and I belly laughed. 10 mins later I'm fingering her in her front seat in broad daylight.

Yeah, half the time we're playing their own games against them, and it's fucking great.

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Absolutely correct.

Don't forget though, that you want to create that tasty sexual man-woman polarity or tension. To do it, you need to act like a man in life and like a woman in seduction.

Blue pill can also be understood using your insight - because it's all about taking a guy and making him "throw like a girl" in life using a lot of brainwashing.

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Once you've spun plates for a few years you realize how little fuxks women give because you experience wild abundance first hand and stop giving a fuck

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What i do when reading redpill is, every generalized scenario and theory on here instead of believing it's just women, i believe it's in everyone.

The only difference is redpill is from guys perspective.

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Imagine a chess club full of uninitiated members, being seperated into 2 teams. Team A can do anything it wants on the board; illegal moves, out of bounds, stealing taken pieces, etc without bad consequences.

The only thing that Team B gets taught is that it's chivalric to only move your pawns around, it's unsportmanslike to touch the rooks, bischops, etc, to protest calls, and to defer to the club's rules on Team A's members.

Who is going to win every time?

Then one day someone stumbes on a chess strategy manual including the actual rules. That is TRP.

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Ha, brilliant chess metaphor man.

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Their tactics work. Funnily enough they are as defenseless to their own techniques as most beta guys.

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You may interpret these as sexual power, but in my mind, these are ALL to do with self confidence and bettering yourself.

"not giving a damn" is literally that - focus your attention on better things.

"no contact" is leaving her the hell alone and never coming back like a sad puppy with his tail between their legs.

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I think it's quite the opposite. It's more of the PUA community that recognizes the unique power that seduction and covert signaling offers men. Red pill strongly encourages an all hands on deck approach. Maximize your overt powers and learn to also read and speak covert power.

There are two types of general power types: overt and covert. Men and women don't 'own' either strategy. But throughout history each gender has favored different strategies. This is most likely a result of the simply biological fact the women get sidelined to have babies and this makes them vulnerable for a huge period of time; very early on women learned how to secure resources by manipulating everyone, not just men. Today we see extreme versions of both of these strategies played out everyday. Men seek to posses enormous amounts of wealth and strength, and to display them as conspicuously as possible. Women read/watch narratives incessantly and socialize physically/digitally at an astoundingly higher rate then most men. This sets women up very easily to execute their unique sexual strategies on unsuspecting targets. But to call a type of power 'female' power is a bit of a misnomer.

You do bring up a good point. When men use Machiavellian tactics they have to be very careful about being exposed because they will be seen and 'feminine.'

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You don't check for shit tests, you pass them. Every girl shit tests, from "you spend to much time on reddit" to " stop trying to fuck me".

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Women do allot of this subconciously because they always have allot of offers (atleast, men who want to fuck them) so they act from abundance.

Everything TRP teaches is to act from that frame of abundance so you appear more desirable.

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  1. Machiavellian behavior is not inherent to women. The term itself was coined based on the maneuvers and politics of men.
  2. No contact is not a gendered behavior.
  3. Not giving a damn is generally seen as a more masculine behavior than feminine. Women have a harder time not giving a damn because of their greater emotional influence.
  4. I don't even know what you're talking about with "giving people a test drive" unless you mean vetting them, which is something men generally do better than women.
  5. For "mind games," see 1.
  6. Shit tests and red flags are not analogous by any means. Shit tests are a woman testing for alpha, and RP doesn't encourage men to replicate this behavior.
  7. By definition, a man can't be plated by a woman. Also, beta orbiters are by definition not of a high quality.

You seem eager but lacking in real knowledge of RP concepts. My suggestion is to read the sidebar and ask more questions.

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  1. While Machiavelli was writing about the politics of men, it's a special class of men who do this. Most men are oblivious to the subtleties of political maneuvering in social settings. Most men tend to use straight-talk almost exclusively, while the female social matrix is deeply Machiavellian by nature.
  2. I'm pretty sure more men have experienced ghosting and sudden, unexpected breakups than women, and women tend to use the silent treatment in relationships far more often than men.
  3. From my experience women tend to have outcome independence down to a science, even to the point that they generally think they can get away with shitty behavior and treatment within relationships far more than men (and, unfortunately, they're usually right).
  4. How can you even say men are better at vetting than women? Most men are BP betas, and will jump headlong in to a relationship with the first girl who is willing to touch his wiener, while women are most certainly far choosier. This is such a basic TRP principle that I have to wonder if you have even read the sidebar.
  5. Seriously?
  6. Actually, I think it's a great analogy. Women use shit tests to look for the red flags of weak, beta men. RP men (whether actually on TRP, or just naturally raised with an RP understanding) look for red flags to filter out crazy, manipulative women. Sure, RP doesn't recommend actually shit testing women, but the general idea of observing behavior in order to watch out for red flags is similar in principle to how women use shit tests to generate behavior in order to watch out for beta tells.
  7. How are you defining "plate" such that it's not possible for women to plate men "by definition"?

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Women are all Machiavellian, it is very much part of the feminine domain, even if utilized well by powerful men.