Why is every openly bi chick a bit weird ? (self.asktrp)

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I’ve fucked quite a few bi chicks now and every single one of them had something a bit kooky with them emotionally.

Either, they were super sluts. Or extremely passive. Or had mental health issues.

It’s literally been either or for me. Either they’re a slut or they’re not but they’re super shy with mental health problems. Or it’s both.

Like, I’ve rarely met one that wasn’t somewhat crazy.

Is there a psychological reason for this? I hate to make generalisations but I’m yet to see otherwise.

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1) Because open bisexuality among women is a very specific sort of signaling behavior. You'll see it all the time on online dating profiles, where it's used a signal that they're wild and adventurous.

2) Many people with mental disorders that impair socialization genuinely don't give a fuck about sexual identity. Autistics, psychopaths and similarly impaired people aren't invested enough in society's opinion of them to care about appearances. This leads to what's often thought of as distinctly "quirky" behavior, and it's often comorbid with open-ended sexual tenancies.

In other words, there are two groups of women who do this: those who are downright quirky and don't care, and those who wish they were.

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In other words, there are two groups of women who do this: those who are downright quirky and don't care, and those who wish they were.

Well said, and 100% true in my experience as well.

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As someone who just experienced this for the first time you are right on the money.

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I’ve fucked quite a few bi chicks now...

My dad was divorced 3 times. You know what all those women had in common? Him.

Maybe it's your filtering mechanism. I'm mean there's nothing wrong with plating these chick's but certainly if it's a problem I'd suggest looking at how you qualify them.

I've known and messed around with a few bi chick's but the ones that kept that side to a minimum not a a defining point seemed to be more level headed.

Conversely don't think of it as a defect but as a feature. "you're openly bi! Awesome. You want to go do blow off of strippers and bang them with me? Awesome! You want to be my LTR? Um pass."

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It's not a problem for me at all. I like a bit of crazy. Especially for a plate.

It's just that the bi chicks I fool around with are typically different to the straight girls I fool around with. So I made an observation.

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    He's not wrong... Take away the PC programming for a bit and realize that as human animals, we have the biological function that demands we carry on our species, which requires gasp heteronormative sexual relations. Being gay or bi is a defect- I wouldn't say that means they should be discriminated against or anything, but people need to come back down from this politically correct bullshit and get back to the raw science of it all. Men and women are meant to fuck. Being trans IS a mental disorder. Identifying as black when you're dutch-irish IS fucking retarded. That's all.

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    Amen my brother.

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    Can we be friends?

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    A fucking men

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    Only on TRP you can get away with saying that.

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    Natur just runs experiments and sees what is good enough.

    The funny part is that a certain amount of gays will increase the survival of childs from heterosexual couples - like when they die or get ill... Same for infertile heterosexual who contribute.

    The downside is that once you are dead you don't care anymore. More tricky is the sexual orientation is not only genetics...

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    Richard Dawkins has the Gay Uncle theory which states that the gay gene survived evolution because beta males in the group who were gay were trusted by the alpha to protect the tribe while he was gone, and not fuck his women.

    Sneaky fucker theory is another one which states that the male gay gene survived because the gay betas were secretly bi who pretended to be gay, just so they could fuck the alpha's females when he was gone.

    Source: https://youtu.be/MHDCAllQgS0

    I'm not sure if an explanation exists for female gay genes.

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    It is? Have a source? I know being transsexual is a mental disorder due to it requiring a person to mutilate their genitals in order to be comfortable in their own body.

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    What makes you believe that bisexuality is a neurological defect?

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    Bisexuality is a neurological defect

    Either link bunch of studies that prove that or it's broscience.

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    I'm curious on this proof as well

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    Confirmed, the two bisexual girls I've known were fucked up. One had BPD and was a calm weed smoking chick, but I felt like she wasn't 100% there behind her eyes and one day she would go into a rage for no reason and stab somebody. The other one is a 30yo was probably an 8 at 20 years old but is now putting on a bit of weight as the wall hits her. She works at a porsche dealership as a receptionist, so tends to believe she belongs in high society, and believes she is of superior intellect and in all the 3-4 years I've known her she has been single for all of them. She too is not 100% there behind her eyes and you can detect crazy just by looking at her.

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    Unfortunately, these people choose to make their sexual orientation the main facet of their identity rather than just one part of it.

    When a normal, hetrosexual introduces themselves to somebody for the first time - you never hear them mention their sexual identity in any capacity.

    When a homosexual or bisexual introduces themselves - it is almost guaranteed to come up as part of the convo (assuming you are trying to pick them up).

    This is the degeneracy of our society... people identifying specifically as one group or another rather than just as individuals.

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    I cringed recently after the Parkland shooting when the Emma girl gave her speech or whatever it was, "My Name is Emma González. I’m 18 years old, Cuban and bisexual."

    I thought Jesus girl...that's literally how you introduced yourself to hordes of strangers.

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    Yea shit like that makes me cringe so hard

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    D E G E N E R A C Y

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    Haha. Exactly. This is a progressive young girl: she likes to suck dick and she likes to lick vaginas. Like, wow. You go girl.

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    She forgot she wasn't on Tinder for a second

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    Only if she added:

    "The Office is my LIFE" or "take me on adventures"

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    bi chicks are only bi till a actual lesbian shows up. then it's strictly dickly. most only do it for attention or to brag.

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    Noticed this as well. Sort of date another chick as ‘comfort lesbians’ but not actually full blown lesbian, or they hook up with a lesbian and spread but don’t eat pussy. It’s interesting.

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    • butters voice*theyre just a little bi curious

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    Best comment

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    The vast majority of girls who state they’re bisexual reverse their coming out several years later. They use at as a way to spruce up their personality that’s normally devoid of any good traits.

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    Cause they are mentally ill

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    How did these girls become "bisexual"? I'd say that it's likely that they found discontent in heterosexual or homosexual relationships and so they expanded their horizons. Unfortunately, they're looking for fulfillment in promiscuity or indiscriminate sexual relationships, and they won't find it in such a realm. I don't know about determining a "psychological reason" (as if the complexes we find in psychology blossom in terms of reason), but it's definitely thought-provoking to consider.

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    Because it's really I'm the most depraved attention seeker there is. Most of them aren't bi; just the type of person who will debase themselves for attention, specifically male attention.

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    They are mentally ill.