What hard truth do you wish you were told earlier in life? (self.asktrp)

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That the majority of people who know you, don't care about your success or well being in the slightest. Of the remaining minority, a majority of them, actively want to see you fail. Only a small percentage of people you meet in life want to see you succeed. I wish my father told me that when I was a child. I was lucky and learned as a teen.

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This is true but in what way has knowing this actively changed your life? What do you do differently?

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You look out for yourself first, and then those you love; your family and close friends. (You can't help anyone if you're not put together yourself). Always be cynical, always try to be smarter today than you were yesterday and do not rely on others. That's what I do differently.

You can see very easily how and why the beta mentality does not work. Fawning over others (in the majority of cases here, women) is a losing game for losers.

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Networking is the worst skill you could neglect.

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As a new grad, I find this to be true. I should have been cultivating my network years ago. Even the skills to network. Now I'm starting from the ground up and the going is slow.

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Can any one suggest a good guide for networking? I have been working for 2 years and basically no network at all...

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    Unfortunately no,but I just finished reading how to win friends and influence people. Hopefully it will help.

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    How manipulative women are.

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    1.) That you CAN bust your ass and get most things you want in life. You are not born into most things with no way out. You can get into shape if you're fat, educate yourself if you're ignorant, train yourself to be good at something, and work hard to have a good life.

    2.) Being nice gets you fucking nowhere with others. No one cares about you, and 99 out of 100 people won't return the favors. Doesn't mean I wish I was more of a dick when I was younger, it just means I wish I had known that there's nothing noble or good about being a fucking door mat.

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    Hardest shit to deprogram man

    And it's not even about being a doormat. I walk if they are cunts and don't look back. But upon first meeting? I still try to stretch out the olive branch.

    And they use that as a signal to look down their nose / try and fuck you 9 times outta 10

    Fucking primates. The world could be better but we'd need to cull a majority before that would work

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    The world could be better but we'd need to cull a majority before that would work

    Being kind to those truly in need is the only way to go. Going above and beyond just to be a good person? You will get used, plain and simple.

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    Just fucking lift!

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    +1 :(

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    Coming off an injury is a bit depressing though. I literally lost all my gains. Looks like it's back to starting with the bar, and 5 am's again...

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    I'm with you brother. I just took a year off from running to recover from a car accident. I kept the weight under control but no it's time to build muscle. Yes, it's hard but hard is what I do. I've done easy and that's hell for me.

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    Makes you think, with so much emphasis on nurturing and training your mind why no one ever told you to give as much nurturing and training to your body.

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    As a kid, the people around me did the best they could for themselves and me. It might be what I wanted but it was good enough to get me here. I'm an adult (53) so figuring out life has been my problem for a long time now.

    One single truth I've found that I live by now is: NO EXCUSE NOT TO BE RIPPED

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    I doesn't get easier, it gets harder. Stop waiting for it to be easy.

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    Looks fucking matter A LOT. People judge you mostly by your appearance in life.

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    I can relate to this. I bought a Volkswagen Jetta in 2014. Best car ever owned worst decision I ever made. I've had people come up to me and call me everything but a man. I still get cussed out at gas stations. I can't wait to sell this thing.

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    Nah man, just move out of hippie central, that's whack.

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    South Carolina. Everyone drives the largest truck they can and does their best to look like a farmer. Even when they live in town. It's puzzling.

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    Just enjoy your car man, dont lose money on it cause some business hurt someone's feelings.

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    Yeah, you are right. I just hate that people harass me that much.

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    Joke with them, lighten the situation.

    "yeah I'm trying to get rid of this peice of shit but no one will buy it"

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    or tell them they're pussies who haven't ever had a 2x4 in the bed of their truck so maybe they should buy a jetta instead of wasting all their money on gas

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    Yeah. Maybe "Agree and Amplify" would work on a larger part of the population than I thought.

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    It works wonderfully on both sexes.

    Try to use it often. You'll calibrate quickly.

    Even an asshole coworker making a gay comment "haha, I'll have to tell your dad to keep it our love life private."

    You can shoot off and defuser all sorts of shit if you do it enough to recognize where the line is.

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    I always wonder why people who really have no functional use of such a vehicle buy them. Don't get me wrong they're very useful, but it's such a waste if you don't need it.

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    That was my rationale for buying an efficient but quick car. I don't have anything to tow around and I live in an apartment. So I don't have anything to keep outside and haul.

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    If you drive a big ass truck in Belgium people assume you have a tiny penis. Farmers have Mercedes E class from the nineties!

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    That is great. Maybe I belong in Europe.

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    Volkswagen Jetta

    german here. whats wrong with this car? looks nice. nobody would consider a car like this to be a pussy wagon here

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    U.S. culture has a hypermasculinity problem. If you aren't behaving a certain way or own certain things you are considered less of a man. I see through it and don't follow it. But it is a problem here.

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    It's basically the standard car for girls 17-23.

    So much so that it gets joked about as a stereotype constantly and it's true like 95 percent of the time.

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    If people come up to you and insult you, it's not your car buddy.

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    I'm no coward. But I get the idea.

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    Jettas are for bangable chicks.

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    Don't take women's opinions of you so seriously

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    Pursue money, not women. It is easier to get women when you have money, than it is to get money when you have women.

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    Jesus i never thought about it that way!

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    “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”

    -Tony Montana in Scarface 1983. link to video clip of the secene

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    i wish someone told me about the dishonest, manipulative and intriguing nature of women

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    Tell me about it. I'm still fighting my deeply rooted programming that says women are innocent doves, and that being a good little boy means pleasing them whenever possible, and that if it's between my pleasure or hers, hers should take priority every time.

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    That girls are cruel and dishonest

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    Money is actually VERY VERY important.

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    Women arent faithful, even if you work your ass off and create miracles for them. I'm talking utterly transform their quality of living.

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    I'll second this. My ex gf from highschool, whom was probably close to living on the streets found a guy who took her into his home and she became his gf. We still talked and sure enough I went home for Christmas and she was eager to be able to jump back on my dick, even with what he's done for her.

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    In the words of tupac: Bitches ain't shit

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    I'm Still fucking my ex from high school. Her boyfriend (on again/off again) has bought her multiple cars (she crashes them cause she does a lot of pills), provided a roof over her head, is shredded, good looking (no homo), tough as nails motherfucker. Guy could probably whoop my ass. Works out and works his job all day for this batshit crazy but smoking hot chick. And I STILL get the best her body has to offer with just late night booty calls/texts. This mating game is one fucked up thing.

    Edit: most of the time really all the time she texts/calls me for sex because their sex life is such shit (she says). I don't really reach out to her but she's good for a few lays a month and she's a solid 8.5

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    That you cannot change people however hard you try. What you see is what you get. Trying to go against this fundamental law is like trying to catch the wind.

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    You'll get much further taking and actively pursuing what you want then waiting around hoping someone comes by , recognizes, you and hands it to you on a silver platter . That goes for jobs, women , experiences , whatever.

    Also the best quote I've read on this sub was " Men are made not born " . The heart ache , disappointment , frustration , and most importantly recognition and analysis of those things is what makes me more successful , i more confident today , and stronger than I've ever been in my past. It's easy to get lost in those moments and think " I am worthless and have no clue what I'm doing " , use that as a lesson for building yourself up .

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    You're not special.

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    Oh there are many:

    Don't "be yourself".

    Find a strong, positive male role model.

    It's okay to be selfish, most people are.

    The only woman who will ever love you unconditionally is your mother.

    Being an open book doesn't serve you in the slightest. Everything you say can and will be used against you.

    Jesus, the entire sidebar, I could fucking go on and on.

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    You are alone in this world but this also means that you are the only one who can change your life, no one else. Which is actually a good thing.

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    The world is a cruel place

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    Don't count on others to look out for you/be there for you/stick up for you/put their neck on the line to save your's, especially in the work force, and if anyone does, look at it as a bonus, a kind gesture, but never expect it.

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    Rich people have better lives in every regard.

    Wish someone told me that so I could make the most of what I had and force me to build a happy life for myself.

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    The first step in being able to do something is believing that you can do it.

    I was a fucking nerd in school. Call me Mr. Spock. For 26 years it was, if the math adds up, I can do it. The universe doesn't give a shit. What I think doesn't matter. What you think doesn't matter. Ironically, I was halfway alpha in that mindset

    And then I found TRP and my emotions got all fucked. I realized I didn't have all the answers.

    Now I am slowly realizing, learning, assimilating, the fact that how I think.. why I choose what I choose.. what feelings I allow to matter.. is fucking important. Really fucking important.

    Because I could go spit game with a rehearsed routine at 99% accuracy

    But that shit doesn't matter if you don't BELIEVE in it. Fucking trippy. No wonder dumb jocks get laid, they ain't got the braincells to doubt themselves

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    It's not necessarily a hard truth but I wish someone screamed at around 6 and went "If you feel like you're good at something KEEP FUCKING DOING IT!"

    I don't get caught up in the shoulda, coulda, woulda conversation with myself but when I am being reflective and introspective I can't help but acknowledge that growing up I was very talented at music and the arts but I neglected it because I wanted to be like my Dad and play sports. Still played sports, but I'd be a lot more well rounded if I kept doing some of the things I used to.

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    What often ought to be isn't what actually is. Like what people tell you and what they do can be direct opposites. Look at life with intense realism.

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    It never gets easier, but it does get better.

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    Long distance relationships are never worth it.

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    Taking action and failing is better than missing potential opportunities by not taking action.

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    You never regret the chances you took but lost. You only regret the chances you never took.

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    Looks are pretty much everything. No girl wants to suck a great big personality