Girl attracted to me after manhandling her? (self.asktrp)

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Maybe I’m overthink this. Girl I fairly know happened to be in an altercation with other girl and was going to fight. I stepped in and prevented the fight. Girl refuses and I pull her and grab her a couple of times, calmed her down as she cried. Next day she wouldn’t stop smiling and touching me. Prior to this , she wanted nothing to do with me. What gives ?

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Man strong. Make good babies. Ungawa!

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Not just physically, but mentally.

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She has the mental capacity of an ape and tried to fight another ape. You stepped in and now you are the tribe leader!

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This reads like a monopoly card.

...you are now the tribe leader! Collect $200!

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Physical strength = good genes = mating call. They are all animals end of day.

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We are all animals in the end.

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I 'm a robot..

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Yeah it happens.

I was at a concert with a bunch of friends, including my buddy and his tiny GF (4'11"). He wandered off to buy drinks or something. Something awesome was happening onstage, and I could see her straining and unable to see it. Without thinking, I just picked her up and held her up for a bit.

When I set her back down, she gave me the most hardcore "fuck me" eyes I've ever seen. Whoops.

Point is, if the girl already doesn't hate you, cavemanning her can work wonders.

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Bitches love when you effortlessly pick them up. They just love it.

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+1 and reason #65 to lift

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what a good friend.

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Yeah, that was a poor choice.

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You picking her up or her bf going to get drinks?

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the former

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This is one if the reasons we tell married guys to lift. Pick your wife up, set her down. Lizard brain foreplay.

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One of my signature finishing moves during a position change is to drag the girl across the bed by her ankle. They all fucking LOVE it.

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I need to invest in a bigger bed

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Yeah I do this - no complaints so far

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Hulk smash with penis

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girls who fight are rachets lol.. big red flag

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Based on the writing, my guess is OP is fine with this.

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Oooh snap

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She obviously enjoyed your touch during an emotional moment which gave vag tingles. Act like it's totally normal for you to touch her now and escalate. If she responds positively then ramp it up a little. If she responds negatively, you back off a little an let her come to you. Do this in a cycle and rev her up. At some point, isolate. "Hey baby... let's get out of here."

There is a possibility she likes it rough and may not even know it yet.

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The point has already been made by the others so I'm going to add something else. The effect of manhandling a girl is directly proportional to the size of the girl. I went on a date with a small chick, picked her up from behind and tossed her in the air and caught her with just my hands and she seemed totally unfazed. As she put it, when you're that small you get it a lot.

On the other hand a tall girl that I dated for a long time said she always appreciated how I was able to pick her up and toss her around like she was small because not many people can do that.

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This is true. When I've pulled a physical move like that during sex, foreplay, or just flirting with a thiccer girl, she has usually reacted much more strongly and even talked about it longer after the fact.

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You physically asserted masculine dominance over her. Now her pussy is soaking wet. Don’t go sperg lord and you’ll be able to plate this chick.

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Are you attracted to her?

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Yes, she’s quite attractive

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Ask her to go do something fun with you.

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Always better to say it as a command, not a question.

"Hey, let's go get a coffee."

Don't have to ask. She'll tell you no if she really doesn't want to go.

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I was walking with a girl on a date across a sandy area, she was having some difficulty in her heals. I scooped her up like she was a child (yes lifting is good). Instantly changed the nature of the date and shot her sexual interest level through the roof.

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Same goes for shutting down her white knight faggot friends when they interfere. This breaks the white night lol

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You seem alpha and strong now, by demonstrating both imposing physical presence and social leadership / mental discipline for preventing the fight.

Go for it. Just don't ever talk about the incident in text, email, public, etc. juuust in case some harpy or white knight gets the wrong idea and thinks you the aggressor (and don't use the word 'manhandling' yourself).

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Hey, there's a sidebar right over there for you to read. You figured out being dominant with a side of protection gets pussy wet.

This wasnt super obvious before?

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Fuck her, what's the problem