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Girl who’s a virgin says she loves me and wants to lose it to me, shags some randomer she met on holiday 2 days later. Guess AWALT and the red pill is properly gonna hit home now, I feel sick and empty. Blocked her and channelling all my negative energy as anger into the gym. Any other tips cos this is a hard truth to swallow and I’m only 16 aswell

UPDATE: Thanks for all the support and advice brothers feeling a lot better already

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Imagine this is a mental workout for you. Just like a physical workout, when your body goes through a strain it hurts. The first time you workout it hurts the most, then less and less as your body adapts and strengthens. Some days are harder then others but your body keeps improving.

Same with you mind. Take in the pain, accept it knowing that it will pass. Over time, and countless other girls your mentality will adapt to became strong.

It's good you are 16, means you will have your whole adult life as a strong man.

At 18 a girl would make me feel suicidal with her games. Years later and I am resilient to everything that gets thrown because I've been through the crucible and came out strong.

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Thank you mate just what I needed to hear! Think my problem is she’s the first girl who I properly had something with so just thinking there’ll be no one else but I think my smv is quite high and I get a lot of IOIs I think I’ve just been too scared to act on them but guess that needs to change

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Yeah, couple of years and you'll be banging girls that are great. You'll look back at a picture of this onietis and realise you wouldn't even bother going for a girl like that anymore because you've literally done better repeatably.

Takes time. Don't sweat it.

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Okay thanks mate yeh she’s probably a 7.5 at best just got some mad oneitis least this has put me off her

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Just continue your path and work to be your best self, and in time, as she and others girls will see what could have been. She will rue the day she gave up her virginity randomly. By the time she realizes her mistakes, her N count will number in the 10’s or 20’s. And what will she do to rectify her decisions in her own mind? Hamster and sleep with 10 more guys, until she marries her beta.

Rinse and repeat.

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Yeah sounds bad but at this point just doing better in life than her kinda motivates me cos we’re at the same school so I wanna get better grades, be in better shape etc just show she’s the one who’s made a mistake and this should also help with future girls

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Imagine this is a mental workout for you.

Same with you mind. Take in the pain, accept it knowing that it will pass. Over time, and countless other girls your mentality will adapt to became strong.

To take this further, an intuition will develop where you begin to read people especially women with a sort of honesty lens. In this way, you don't stop engaging with the ones who set off your "risky" alarm, but you hold yourself at a higher place and don't allow your world to revolve around them.

Our fathers were supposed to teach us this self control and self respect, but they failed.

I'd also say, that getting burned by women and holding yourself at a distance from them isn't an unfortunate thing, but rather the actual distance men and even women are meant to hold each other at to live reasonably independent and fulfilling lives while together in any form of a relationship.

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Those emotions will pass soon enough. Be thankful you learn these thing from experience at such a young age. You cannot imagine how hard it is to find that out when you're two or three times as old and have built a life on lies, loosing everything.

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Feel absolutely horrible like she just fed me lies the whole time I can’t actually believe it man feels like it must be a dream

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Get used to it, they all feed lies. After a while the lies won't even anger you. She's a virgin but decided to let you hit then changed her mind and fucked another guy 2 days later? Hahah bro. She wasn't a virgin. Only difference is you are learning this now, there are guys in this very forum in their late twenties that swear their girl was a virgin.

You are lucky to get this out the way now.

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Honestly mate like the history’s complicated but I promise you she was a virgin, doesn’t really make a difference now but she’s been on holiday clubbing so just first easy chance to get a shag really and she’s gone for it. Kinda motivated me though just need to smash life now

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If she has done hj or bj she's not a virgin only technically.. aka biologically... Aka it doesn't matter. I suspect she had her fair share of fooling around before having piv sex. Just not with you.

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Remember that feeling the next time something like that is about to happen. Be prepared and don't get hurt by wrong expectations, but do not let the fun pass by to avoid being hurt at all cost.

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Yeh think I’m just gonna be well cut off always now that’s problem like I already feel pretty emotionless now

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This exactly, very blessed you're learning very early on

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LOL. Had nearly the exact same thing happen to me when I was a teen 25 years ago . Killed all my feelings for her, although admittedly I was just together with her because she was horny all the time and I had a pecker 24/7.

Ended up fucking her anyways and nearly impregnated her, because I absolutely had to jizz into her pussy. Yes, I made many retarded choices in my life.

Anyways. Thank God you found out she is slut before you developed feelings.

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Might’ve already developed some feelings ah but yeh I’m going to a festival in 2 weeks that she’s at and I kinda just wanna shag her and then never speak to her again but do you think I’m better to just stay away at all costs?

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Oneitis. You aren't shagging her.

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    Especially when he and she is in a festival, she will obviously get attention from 1000 other guys.. OP has almost no chance. His best bet is to game other chicks there in her presence and make her sort of jealous due to preselection but that's borderline blue pill advice since again, she's just random hoe.

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    Without sounding too cocky, the festival is camping and I’m in really good shape atm like fully shredded and without make up she looks pretty grim so I reckon the festival should be more successful than me, but then boys standards are a lot lower in general

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      I mean, he wants to attract specific girl, his oneitis as we can call it, which is pretty beta thing to do, it shows lack of abundance and lack of IDGAF attitude. That's why I called it borderline beta. One half is RP another half tries to achieve BP goals using RP tactics.

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        forget about it

        the only RP advice

        better if he got revenge?

        BP advice

        He could destroy his oneitis by pumping and dumping

        he can fall for her even more like this.

        Best option - ignore and have fun. It is women who are moved by emotions. Men should act stoic and with IDGAF attitude most of the time. Especially around women who "wronged" them in a way.

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          If I wanted to I could I reckon she’s invited me round to hers before but I’ve always been busy, I’m not gonna actively try but if she pretty much offers herself I’ll do it

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          Yeah but women offer themselves up to a point to get attention. They get it and they are done with you. So beware.

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          Yep big learning curve needed in a sense I feel a big weight lifted off me so it’s not all bad, don’t know if it’s just temporary though

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          YOU invite HER. You should initiate

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          You're not going to fuck her. Get over your broken ego and hard next her. Shit, if ghost her if I was you.

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          Dont wait 2 weeks. Bea the iron while its hot. Invite her over today

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          She’s still on holiday ahahah probs shagging someone else now

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          When is she getting back?

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          Push for a hangout on sunday. Go to a park or on a beach or some off road trail. I dont know where u live. Go somewhere where u fan easlymakeout an at least get your dick sucked

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          AWALT. And remember, if you’re ever in a LTR with a girl who decides to do Thailand or wherever for a month, high odds she’s gonna be getting Aussie, Norwegian, etc dick while she’s away.

          I went through similar experiences in high school. Always remember, she’s not yours. She’s yours “for now”

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          Yeh I know sounds stupid but like I just wanted to be the one to take her virginity for some reason thought it would be special and that which is probably the wrong mindset to have anyway and we’d literally arranged to have sex when she got back from holiday and she went and did that

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          There's nothing magical in being someone's first. I guarantee it will be the weirdest sex you've had.

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          I just heard they always remember it more

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          Of course they do. But what's the point?

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          True true

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          Its maningless tho. You wont remember it more. Obody cares about your first, not even you. Its so meaningless, you have no idea.

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          Its maningless tho. You wont remember it more. Obody cares about your first, not even you. Its so meaningless, you have no idea.

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          There's absolutely something special if your goal is making a family.

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          How did u find out she lost her virginity?

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          She told me last night

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          And what exactly did u do?

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          Said ‘you couldn’t wait 2 weeks ahaha, fair enough’ then blocked her

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          LOL damn. well, don't unblock her, it's too late. I'd say you did the same thing I would have done at your age and I would have felt damn good about it.

          I'm willing to bet she regrets telling you that.

          Here's the sad part:

          Based on my experience with girls, she was probably lying about the random guy on holiday. I often find myself talking about doing something with a girl she's never done before... then the next night or so she'll text me like, "I just made a sex tape with my bf :)".. Like... oh, okay, I said we were going to do that next time we met because you'd never done it before, but now you basically cut me out the equation... this girl played a ton of games, so I knew she was lying. Her bf was the most beta hipster cuck you'd ever see.

          Man, I remember when I was 15, I was talking to this chick who went to a different school. Light skinned black girl; cute. We were talking about how I'd be her first cock, yadda yadda. Tell me why within a few days I'm on Skype with this bitch and she tells me she had sex with her "guy friend". Yea, I was crushed lol. I wasn't angry or anything, I was just like "dude wtf man..." BUT, a week later her hotter sister called me and asked why I wasn't calling or answering her sis. I told her what she told me about having sex with that guy and her sister burst out laughing. Started saying her sister was such a lying bitch and I should give her a shot. (I didn't give her another shot. I actually never spoke to another black girl ever again.)

          So yea OP... the chick was probably just being manipulative. Either way, she's probably not a virgin whether she's telling the truth about this story or not. I don't think a virgin would make up some dumb shit like that and risk losing her value.

          P.S. If I legitimately thought she was a virgin, I would be done with her now. When I have my sights set on being a girls first and I miss the chance, I don't want to fuck her at all anymore. Weird, I know.

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          Yeh I relate with the PS aha

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          I would have done the same at your age.

          I think it's a mistake. I'm far more than twice your age now, so take this for what its worth, but if I wanted to fuck a chick that I wasn't in a committed relationship with and she told me she had sex with some other dude...I'd be like: Still gonna fuck her, never gonna commit to her.

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          Yeh would definitely just ghost her after so I think if it seems easy I’ll do it

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          Damn, that's pretty spergy man. Unblock her, she doesnt owe you shit. Text her "Youre something else. Lets link up Sunday after noon, Im going to (Insert hangout spot). We can meet there"

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          Well does he owe her shit?

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          How did she tell you? "So i had sex with someone else." Did she even show any remorse?

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          At first she was like I’m so sorry I hate myself but then she started like rubbing it in my face by the end it was weird

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          Virgins are the worst lays you can get. It's just a novelty.

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          If she angers you you've already lost. Don't over invest Diversify the pussy. Hedge with crypto.

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          Yeh the anger has subsided now really guess I got a lucky escape if you think about it, just needed some time to digest it

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          Yeh it’s pretty bad aha how can they be like this

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          , I feel sick and empty

          You let her lies pump up your ego.

          Don't let girls do this in future, take what they say less seriously.

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          Yeh I guess that is kind of true, does feel good when they say they love you, want you so bad etc

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          She was ready to go! Apparently who it was with didn't really matter much.

          [–]anonymous6578[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          I literally think it was that like she was saying to me the week before she was really like feeling it and in the mood for it and wrong place wrong time for me I guess

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          Be thankful you learned this lesson at a young 16.

          Don't ever forget this feeling in your stomach, it will act as the catalyst to your own improvements

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          If you ever start feeling guilty or ashamed for shunning her, or like you should give her another chance..

          Just picture some smelly black guy raw dogging her and cumming on her face right after she told you she had feelings for you.

          That should get your mind right. She's dead to you.

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          There you go young man!

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          ok, so she told you she wanted your cawk and you did what? i dont think you can be mad at her lol

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          I was on holiday then she went on holiday, festival when we got back was the plan

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          You can still fuck her. Just invite he over when ur parents arent home

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          smh well look at it like this: your situation happens to me every week almost. you'll grow numb to it, don't worry

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          Really you must be very unlucky hahaha

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          I always have new girls who want to lose their virginity to me. A lot of them slip through my fingers, yes, but I'd still say I'm very fortunate.

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          She was no virgin lol

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          Promise you she was she just never had an easy opportunity to lose it til now cos she never went out partying or anything til now and everyone our age still lives with their parents

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          Are u her gynecologist? No. She was no virgin.

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          Think what u want aha

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          Don’t block her. That’s petty and emotional. Just stop giving her your time and attention until she’s ready to add another notch on her belt.

          [–]dreadfrog 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          What makes her interesting?

          Try to answer that. Why are you interested in her? Is it just because she has a vagina and tits, or maybe she has talent, a great personality, is creative, understanding, makes you happy, etc?

          If you have oneitis, most likely it's happening entirely in your head and the girl is nothing special. So I want you to sit down and think about this for enough time until you get an answer: what's so great about this woman? Make a list, write it down, you will be surprised at how short it is. Especially at your age, because girls that age are... well, unfinished, to be polite. Then strike out all the stuff that's not real because it was just you putting her on a pedestal. There, oneitis cured! Cheers.

          Have a nice day ;)

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          Thank you mate well I’ve been speaking to a new girl today and I am already caring less and less about this one! It’s not about what the girls like I think it just is the way they pump your ego and you’ve just got to realise that

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          I feel sick and empty. Blocked her and channelling all my negative energy as anger into the gym.

          You're joking... right? Sounds like the whine of an incel.

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          Tbh this was last night by now I’m kind of over it already talking to another girl aha

          [–]Nyquil-Junkie 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          There ya go. New day new horizons to chase.

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          I’m 16 too and don’t worry. The girl I had a crush on for a year who was into me hooked up with some guy in front of me that she just met at a house party. Oneitis sucks. Read rational male and you’ll learn so much man trust me

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          You’ll have to realize that when dealing with girls, all sorts of logical reasoning gets thrown out the window.

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          All things come full circle. One day you will be in abundance and she will not.

          Rejoice in the fact your abundance will come after your scarcity. She will get her scarcity when she least suspects it and it will last the rest of her life.

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          Why the anger? You should have slept with her and nexted and or plated

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          Dunno guess I’m still new and just feel betrayed really

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          Exactly my point. She will see from a distance what a colossal mistake she has made. It is all up to you to make a better you!

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          Yeh the better I become the more she’ll realise she messed up I guess, couldn’t be better motivation really

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          Why did u block her? Shes ot your girl. Just practice the material on her and fuck her as a plate. Shes already dtf. All u have to do is invite her over.

          [–]anonymous6578[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          Yeh don’t want to speak to her online really though if I can I’ll shag her at the festival and we’ll go from there, my feelings have gone but yeh still wouldn’t mind shagging her

          [–]HurricaneHugues 2 points3 points  (0 children)

          The festival is 2 weeks away. By the she will not be interested in you and she wilbe hanging out with other dudes there anyway

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          I had the exact same experience. We were both virgins but I was 25. Then I found TRP.

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          At least I’m younger I guess shit tho isn’t it

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          This talk of inviting her somewhere and getting with her anyway: don't do it.

          First of all, you don't know about this other guy. Could he be passing something onto you? Second, she has disrespected you. Getting with her will only mean she won in getting her alpha, and yet still receives your attention. You'd be disrespecting yourself.

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          You’ll have to realize that when dealing with girls, all sorts of logical reasoning gets thrown out the window.

          [–]anonymous6578[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          Yep definitely agree with that purely just whatever emotions they’re feeling at the time can be a lottery really

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          Lmao! It’s more than likely your fault. Many a cock fag such as yourself has missed the opportunity to bang a girl by taking too long to get in her pants or not pulling the trigger fast enough. A bitches hypergamy isn’t gonna wait on your beta ass to alpha the fuck up and bang the shit out of her. One day you’ll realize it’s not her fault because bitches be what bitches be. It’s your fault she shagged that dude because you were a goddamn pussy and he wasn’t.

          [–]anonymous6578[S] 2 points3 points  (10 children)

          Yep I agree with you on that however we both live with our parents the logistics are shit whereas this guy was on a lads holiday was going out clubbing with her and had his own hotel room had a bit of an easier set up

          [–]HurricaneHugues 1 point2 points  (2 children)

          Dont ur parent have jobs?

          [–]anonymous6578[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          My mums off during the summer and gets home before me during school year and I also have a younger brother

          [–]HurricaneHugues 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Who caresabout your brother? Does he stick to your leg like glue? Just give him soe candy and tellhim to stfu. Are going to school during the summer? Also, do u have no friends or cousins near you that u can o chil at during the day. Im sure their parents arent home. Invite the girl there. If u hae an older cousin or a cool uncle, talk about it to them, and have them help u out.

          [–]HurricaneHugues -1 points0 points  (0 children)

          Dont ur parent have jobs?

          [–]Kommanderdude -1 points0 points  (5 children)

          Stop being a beta puss fag that lives at home.

          [–]anonymous6578[S] 1 point2 points  (4 children)

          I don’t live at home, gym everyday and meet friends as much as possible

          [–]Kommanderdude -1 points0 points  (3 children)

          You literally said you live with your parents in the last reply to me dip shit.

          [–]anonymous6578[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          As in I don’t spend my life at home hahahah

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          reread the post dipshit. OP is 16. he should be living with his parents. jesus...

          [–]Kommanderdude -1 points0 points  (0 children)

          No excuse. I know plenty of people that chose to leave when they were 16.

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          /u/nikopua check this gem out.