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I found a book here that was about teasing, there was a whole chapter on it where they gave a lot of example of teasing. Does anyone know the name of this book ? I know how to tease but there were a lot of fun idea.

edit: I remember some example from the book there was:

  • touch her with something cold
  • mimic her
  • start looking at the sky/flies/shoes while she is in the middle of a story
  • stare at her without saying a word
  • playfully punch her
  • If she tells you she ate an ice cream exagerate " Oh NO! ", " You did what ? ", " I can't believe it "
  • play tag if she doesn't play keep avoiding her
  • tell her to kiss your elbow until she do it, then ask her " Why did you do that, that's stupid "

and there were more.

edit2: This post keeps getting upvoted for no real reason and I can't find the book on TRP. Why don't we share our personal way to tease ?

I use all the one above with this:

  • Lightly brushing the ear with my finger while the person is focused
  • act like i am about to remove something from someone's face then rubb my hand all other the person's face ( my favourite )
  • throw anything within my reach
  • launching my arms in the air and just let my upper body fall on people.

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Upvoted for the teases you remembered. They're solid.

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If you find it, I'd be interested too.

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I remember seeing these on reddit quite some time back. Not really teasing per say but it does get a rise out of them. Any emotions are greater than no emotions to a girl.



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The Book of Pook, perhaps?

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nope the book had a list of way to tease

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Sounds fucking weird but I have personal, positive experience with going in for an intimate kiss and then suddenly licking her face instead. Good for after sex, I've never tried it on a first date.

Or tell her "hey I'm gonna give you a (face) hickey real quick" like it's no big deal and go for it. She'll squeal and squirm and wrestle with you a little.

Peeing on her feet in the shower can be funny too.

A few times when we're laying in bed I've said "baby I want your mouth on my cock.. so I can pee in it." And then tried to convince her that it's a reasonable request: "ok, fine! How about I just pee in your butt instead?" "You aren't going to make me get out of bed to pee are you?"

The above teases usually result in her saying "you're such an asshole hehe!"

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playfully punch her? what.

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The key is to follow up with the knockout punch.

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ikr? who comes up with this shit? like seriously

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Emphasis on the playful, you're not trading licks here, Jesus. You're not reading it right. Girls love this shit, playful punching, squeezing their cheeks/nose, tickling.

Girls love being treated like children in a playful manner. This is flirting we're talking about.

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Ya...?? The key is to touch her in any way