Warning- watch out for this scammer lurking on TRP trying to scam people via private message (self.asktrp)

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EDIT: He found this post lol, I updated the page with new conversation after he found the post. This guy is seriously clueless.

I created a post a few days ago asking for advice and I am very thankful for the trp advice I received. Someone even private messaged me and was very helpful. But there is this scammer who lurks around the forums and private messages people to scam them for quick cash. I knew right off the bat that this guy is a scammer trying to take advantage of people asking for help. I wanted to play along to see how "helping minded" this guy is.

I just wanted to warn the people here that if anyone gets a private message like in this conversation, don't fall for it. Anyone that tries to sell you "magic pill" is a scammer.

Check out the conversation screenshots how this guy goes from "helping" to cash grabbing, how it unfolds. This is worse than the pick up coaches scamming people for their hard earned cash. Entire conversation here.


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A fool and his money are easily parted.

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    Yeah but he's using the position he got by contributing with quality information to promote a T Shirt, not some miracle bullshit solution to all your problems...There's quite a difference between endorsed guys advertising clothes or blogs for views and scammers selling you bullshit magical solutions.

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    That's a general rule of life, not TRP specific.

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    Post this on the main sub too

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    Yeah I just did. Thanks.

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    Could you ask if he has any dick enhancement supplements?

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    i dont think he will respond after my last message lol I am guessing it could be some teenage punk thinking its so easy to make money online

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    I am always wary of someone who immediately identifies themselves as an "expert".