Can you guys share some of your kino moves? (self.asktrp)

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The most basic and easiest to pull off. Introduce yourself, shake her hand but don't let go, hold it while looking in her eyes. If she lets you hold it, you're already in business. If she yanks it hard, tread carefully.

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This can get creepy real quick.

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This can get creepy real quick.

not really.

Yes sure, if you're holding her hand hard and she cant let go, it can be creepy.

But if you're relaxed, introduce yourself and lightly shake her hand once or twice (pretty loose grip) and keep holding, the girl is in complete power of either letting go or holding it. If she keeps holding it, you're in business

if not, tread carefully.

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Would not suggest "keep holding onto her hand" that will lead to a long handshake. Ever had one of those? So fucking awkward.

I would suggest grazing her palm with your fingers on the release of the handshake; if she pulls back then you are creepy in her eyes but if she maintains eye contact and returns your smile then you're in the clear.

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most people aren't here because they were good at social interaction

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Does not mean they get a free pass for being naive.

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I had this happen to me last week and it was honestly really strange lmao.

I was camping with some friends and another couple I never met before. The girl kept making and holding eye contact + smile with me the whole night. Later in the night me and her ended up talking off on the side by ourselves, and I made some stupid bet over a drink and said we'd shake on it.

When we started shaking hands, it got to that point of "slight" awkwardness... and she put her other hand ontop of mine, and continued to shake it. The whole time we were locked into extremely strong eye-contact and just muttering words. We must have "shook hands" for at least 30seconds. In retrospect it seems like a good move I should have done

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Interesting, i feel like if there's sufficient attraction and rapport before hand it's golden, but i wouldn't lead with it personally.

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I wanna do it with a Joker grin now

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Lol no. You don't vice grip the woman's hand while staring at her like creep. Just smile. At worst, she'll break the hold. The best I had was the girl just looked down and rubbed my hand with her thumb, complete submission.

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Trying this out this weekend

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teach her a complicated highfive / fistbump /dap thing. grab her hand and physically move it through whatever moves, ball up her fingers for a fistbump, shit like that. when she fucks it up call her a dummy and grab her hand and show it to her again (you can slightly change it every time so she never figures it out and keep doing it over and over).

putting your hand on her back while guiding her through a crowded bar always seems to have a good effect

walking on a sidewalk, hold out your elbow for her to grab onto. when you get to a corner or crosswalk you'll naturally separate slightly. when that happens let her hand slide down your arm and then grab her hand. then just keep walking holding hands.

kino discussions always seem autistic as fuck when you get into specific step by step directions. the important thing is to be comfortable with physical touch. and don't escalate too fast. guys get drinks poured on them when they jump straight to pussy grabbing without going through more intermediate levels first

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Eye contact

Touch-escalate: touch elbow when shaking her hand, playfully tap her shoulder with the back of your hand when teasing her, touch the small of her back when you're passing her and getting up to use the restroom. Your goal is to get her comfortable with you touching her and your face closer to her face, this is something you do gradually. Eventually smell her hair, caress the back of her neck, then pull her in and kiss her. The whole time you are very conscious of your body language and her body language, you are always reading her reactions to your lead.

Slap her butt playfully

"Hey look it's a kitten!" Then kiss her when she turns her head back to you

"I have a surprise, close your eyes" Then kiss her

All of the above is context-dependent

Google the rest

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Hand motion towards my van with tinted windows

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Chloroform optional.

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And she always opts for it, usually, always.

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2% of the time it works 100% of the time!

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    Because fags like you get butthurt. If you need tips on how to kino your autistic and should let Darwinism take it's course. Half the questions on here are basically asking for a step by step guide to live their life by it's truly pathetic.

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      Even my insults are upvoted damn I'm on a roll here. How do you cope?

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      Same goes for most subreddits. Autism or the lack of the [Serious] entry on posts are the reason they get upvoted

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      Bantz mate

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      This is a TOUGH one with a number of answers. Context plays a lot here. Here is the basic ladder I use (Though certainly not flawless).

      1. Smiling, and keep eye contact in a flirty way. Usually green light for Kino to start. If you guys are talking about sexual things, this is golden time to start.

      2. High Fives or Hugs (Even just random LOL ones). You don't even have to give a reason, just go hug her in the middle of talking or high five. If she asks just go "Sorry, just wanted a hug". Any other reason you can think of prob is fine. If she hugs you back and you can feel it that a great sign. If she responds well the girl is in a good friendly mood for you to start focusing more on kino.

      3. If you are at a club, bar or school dance, GO DANCE and get very handsy. Grinding is easy, just grab her waist and bounce to the beat while rubbin ur junk on her. If you feel awkward, CLOSE YOUR EYES and focus on her body. Feel dem curves and just enjoy the moment. Get turned on. Don't just look around at everyone else wondering if you look like a dumbass. No one cares. If it is daygame be more tactful. Too much kino is awkward. Women generally are very different during the day then they are at night. Very different. Day game exists just to get phone number or set date for night time. I would stop at step 2 and set up a date for the evening.

      4. Keep going, start feeling her back, grab her hand and lead her and everything/anything. Really the hardest step is step 2. You DONT need to give reasons why you are doing this usually. Just tell her you think shes cute if she giving you questioning looks. No games needed here.

      Once a girl is attracted to you/comfortable with you touching her, you have the greenlight! You can grab, touch, fondle, tickle and eventually kiss all you want usually. Get past step two with her looking happy to be touched (AND TOUCHING YOU BACK) and you usually are golden to escalate.

      Some General Tips

      1. If a girl tightens up, looks mad, or retreats once you hug her, prob should stop trying to kino in til she starts grabbing at you.

      2. A pat on your back while hugging actually is a subconscious signal that she is uncomfortable hugging you. It could also mean she sees you as a just a friend.

      3. If a woman responds negatively to you Kinoing, try one more time but DO STOP. Looks really cringing and bad if you keep trying.

      4. If you are unsure about step 2 is done, try tickling her or pinching her back or stomach. If she reacts positively or tries to tickle you back. You are golden for step 3.

      5. Generally woman that touch me back, hug me tighter with no pat, grab my arm and feel it out of no where are GREAT SIGNS you should always be looking for and focusing on. Most of time I got laid when I seen these early signs.

      6. If you are in college or high school, Drama or Dance department (Take Classes/Clubs) is a great place to meet friendly chicks.

      7. MOST IMPORTANT. Keep in mind, you are NOT SEDUCING with this ladder. If a girl is not into you, nothing you can really do about it in the short term. Some girls will just respond badly to any kino and you need to avoid them, not use a TACTIC you found. This ladder just enables you to capitalize on any girl who may be interested in you. There is no love potion.

      For First dates AVOID:

      Dinner, Movies, church events and any other ant-Kino setups. I recommend an Arcade, Bar/Club, school dance, dance lesson, club meet up (if she has a interest in the hobby), and even just coffee shop.

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      "Sorry, just wanted a hug"? What the fuck man.

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      Obviously context matters here. Situational awareness would be ideal. If its cold out, just say your cold, if other people just hugged go in for some hugs too. Just trying to keep it simple. Honestly doesn't really matter what you say long as its not negative. If Brad Pitt hugged a random woman on the street and said that, would she hate it? Nope. She be turned on.

      Point being is to get comfortable with her body, and hers with yours. Hugs, and high fives start that. Grabbing arms, holding hands outta nowhere, or groping seem to forward for very awkward guys to do without some kind of build up.

      Kino Games and Tactics are kind of out the door these years. Tried to make everything easy to remember and do.

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      Situational awareness would be ideal.

      Yeah, in the situation where you're a man and want to fuck a woman, don't do this.
      In the situation where you are a faggot and want her to tell you about all the cock she's riding, give her random hugs and apologise for them because you just wanted a hug.

      Situational awareness

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      What? I've had girls take ME home after I made them go crazy at the movies. Start with an arm around her, rub her shoulders, knead her arms, move down to her quads, kiss her, slide your hand slowly into her shirt depending on how she's going with it so far, kiss again, keep escalating. Do it slowly over the duration of the movie of course, nothing too fast and have to make sure you're super in touch with how she's feeling. By the time you rub their pussy their pants are soaked through. Throw in belly rubs with the hand on the other side from her, makes them feel more comfortable with you.

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      Upvote for secret Belly Rubs. Smooooth.

      Maybe I was thinking of Online dating, or a situation where shes mostly a stranger. Very hard to do that when you don't know them very well, but your right I have heard of guys pulling it off.

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      When can i grab her by the pussy?

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      Only after you become president timmy.

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      I'm pretty new to this, so this may not be a perfect method, but I have used demonstrating self defense moves as kino 3 times, and I had sex twice because of it. This is good because you can appropriately grab her pretty much anywhere and stuff like sleep holds and some throws include dick to ass contact.

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      Hahaha wtf did I just read?

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      This is some kinky combatives shit lol

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      Tactical seduction lmao

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      There is the progressive handshake/lead. On a first meeting with a girl it is more of a finger shake because you lightly grasp their fingers. As things progress and you want to lead them here or there the other hand will progress to the back of their hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, centre of back and eventually around the hips.

      Be one with your inner Italian: gesticulate as you talk and then it won't seem surprising if you lightly touch their knee or shoulder as you make a point.

      Having pictures on your cell phone that are relevant to the conversation are enablers. What is lame is to call up the picture and hand off the phone. Better is to hold the phone in your hand and stand right next to the girl - almost cheek to cheek - to show the pics and provide a colour commentary.

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      Put your feet on her lap.

      It sounds crazy, but trust me. Submissive girls especially love this and I acquired my last 3 plates this way. It's also very easy.

      1. Be at a party or in a situation (e.g both of you riding in the back of a car) where she can sit down next to you.

      2. If at a party, sit down on an empty couch. Motion for her to sit down next to you. Make sure your shoes are off.

      3. When she sits, swing your feet up and on her lap. Say something snarky like "Thanks for the footrest."

      No joke, this short circuits the entire kino system. It is incredibly dominant (telling them where to sit, lowering them to the level of a footrest as a subtle neg).

      First time I did this, the girl looked disgusted. Then she began giving me a foot massage, in front of the entire party.

      Other time I did this was in the back of a car. She told me the next day after we fucked that it was the most unexpectedly hot thing she's had done to her. (later found out she was into being stepped on)

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      (later found out she was into being stepped on)

      wtf... thats a thing?

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      I've usually seen it more with submissive beta guys, but the really sub girls love it too.

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      Yeah, one girl I knew was really into getting curb stomped.

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      Some say her teeth are still flying to this day.

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      No joke, this short circuits the entire kino system.

      Do you write for BuzzFeed? This one trick will short circuit the kino system (with a girl who has a particular interest in being stepped on)

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      Could not disagree more, one of the major motifs I have found in life is that feet freak most chicks out. Keep your shoes on, she will thank you unless she's some fucking weirdo.

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      Grab her hand, pull it above her head, motion for her to do a slow spin while you gaze her outfit, after her spin, pull her close, smirk, and then pull away and resume interaction.

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      Mid spin slide a finger up her Butt. Works every time 70% of the time

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      brb gonna go try this

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      This some bullshit chick flick shit right here. Do not try this.

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      this guy probably masturbates to "the notebook"

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      It depends on how warm your personality is and i suppose your confidence level but my fav kino at the moment is just as you're walking with the girl to get coffee or a drink just keep joking as you walk but lean in and bump her lightly as you joke and tease her so your arms are always in contact in a natural way. Then once you're in there command presence and make good eye contact pull her close after and make a move. Long as you look alright and did your job usually works. If were drinking sometimes i'll revert to things like the palm reader. Its cheesy as fuck but just tell her you can read palms, lot of girls like that star sign psychic bullshit. Proceed to trace lines in her hand feeding her bullshit about how shes just met the best thing thats ever happened to her. Keep going and joking and move up her forearm and escalate from there.

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      After she qualifies to you, escalate slightly with hugs. Don't over do it of you'll come off gay. Also you can go from making fun of her to making out with her granted she's on the emotional high.

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      Take her to a furniture store then grab her by the pussy but whatever you do don't tell Billy Bush about it. Cuz he's gunna tell everyone about it like spoiled brat that he is.

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      Touch her lower back or arm as she moves near you. Easy as pie.

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      Whenever I crack a joke or she does I’ll laugh and touch her back, not rest it on her back, just touch it. This generally loosens up the mood.

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      Once you have established that she's open to you and you have started to game her, finding some way to graze her lower back with your hand is a great test to see if she's physically comfortable around you. Subtle, yet sexual and one of the most vulnerable areas on the body. If you can do this, she trusts you.

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      I always try to hold her hand and get her to play with mine if we are talking.

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      If I'm sitting next to her I just wrap my arm around her. She either won't respond well or she'll lean in and get closer. I don't give a fuck.

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      Grab her melons and go "HONK HONK!". If she says shit, just act like you do it all of the time.