Well, looks like TRP finally got banned. Fuck Reddit. What's the website we were supposed to go to in case of this event? (self.asktrp)

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im so fucking angry, this sub has had nothing but good impact on my life, i've been a forum nerd my entire life and there has never been a better sub

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Thank you

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Anyway to see a copy of the original subreddit? Just wanna see the old posts 😭

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You can still go to the sub. reddit.com/r/theredpill

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i'm glad it got banned.

the women that wanted it banned can use and abuse their beta boys more.

the beta boys can keep believing "sugar & spice and everything nice."

the cucking and divorce rates will continue to skyrocket.

meanwhile, trp.red will thrive and men will continue to improve and learn... bc women will ALWAYS be attracted to REAL masculinity-not feminized masculinity that simulates their disney romance movies and sex & the city bullshit.

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they'll come for the servers and domain registrars next.

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I think hardly they have the competence or any group who will come after servers. Servers can be based out of Nigeria or Sudan. I don't think we have anything to worry about if we can move the whole community on an independent platform.

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Move them to China or Russia/ EE and you should be fine.

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Wonder how long until the satellite RP subs like this one get rekt...

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What the fuck!

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No it is still here, it is just "quarantined".

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So how do you view it?

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I think it is probably short-lived