Why do girls end up going on a dick/hookup spree with other guys after they are dropped/ghosted by their “chad?” (self.asktrp)

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What’s up guys, I’m currently a sophmore in highschool and I ended up ghosting this one chick (HB:8/10) who had serious oneitis for me. I ended up finding out she hooked up with one of my friends (SMV 4.5/10) several times and is now trying to get back with her ex LMAO. I just wonder why do they go on “whore mode” after not being able to get their oneitis, and will even hook up with low value men?

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how a woman feels about herself is based on the people around her. so when she gets dumped she feels flawed and she will seek out any way to feel better about herself and usually its drinking and sex. sex is an easy way for women to self medicate because for women, sex is everywhere and she can get it as easy as ordering a pizza.

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Which is funny cause if it’s so easy for them, why do they value it?

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They value power, and the power choosing who they fuck has over dudes. It’s a tool

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Sex is the only real power women have and they will exploit it...it's their AMEX BLACK CARD

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hahah great analogy

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To their credit, women have been sold a line of bullshit too.

After being railed by Chad, she's on her own unicorn search as well, plus having some guy bang her boosts her ego after getting dumped.

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They use sex as a validation tool.

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My ex literally did this. 23yo with an N count > 60. Guess her poor upbringing made her crave a lot of validation.

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I second this interpretation. Makes them feel like you are wrong for leaving, because clearly they are good enough. Very similar to why men do it.

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Because they crave the validation that sex gives them. Sex with a lower value guy isn't as satisfying, so they need more of it to get that same feeling they'd get with Chad.

It's pure addiction behavior.

Ever play a video game, lose, and want to play again just so you get the high from winning? But if you won the first time, you'd just be done and go do something else? Same pattern.

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There's more to this excellent analogy.


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I just wonder why do they go on “whore mode” after not being able to get their oneitis, and will even hook up with low value men?


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Same reason we go on a pussy spree. It took me 11 chicks to get over my oneitis.

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I guess that's their female version of GFTOW. In the end, women want sex just as men. Sometimes it's in the form of quality, other times in the form of quantity.

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young and dumb.

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...snd broke high school kids.

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It's funny how they'll use a bunch of sex for validation, yet they still manage to be picky and chosey.

I guess they just have so many guys to chose from.

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Pretty self explanatory

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quite frankly, who's cares? The fact that you are thinking about this is suggestive... you jealous possibly? Next.

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Doesn't sound like she's doing all that much whoring around.

She banged someone that's probably been in the wings waiting for quite awhile and jumped on the opportunity and then she didn't have anyone else [because she's a social tool] so she went back to the ex.

Sounds like she doesn't know many people so she went where she trusts without fear of letting strangers in.

Most people live in a little bubble with only a few dozen different people. Smaller the bubble, the less of a whore a woman tends to be.

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    Quality hurts women more than men I think. She will bang him till a better branch comes along to swing to.

    Depending on how available she seems it might never happen. Some women go back and forth between two men for awhile, until one of the men loses interest.

    Again it matters how social she becomes. Most people are naturally distrusting of new people, so it is more difficult to find a new branch to swing to.

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    Here's a story that puts it into perspective.

    Two girls I ghosted continue to hang out at places i go to. In both cases it's 100% ghosting---nothing, walked away never contacted.

    They constantly try to get my attention---in one case the girl tries to hit on my friend.

    My friend trolls me by dancing with her. Then laughing saying "You're still in love with her! Hahahah" kind of thing.

    No, but when I ghost someone I don't want to be reminded of them in any way.

    So i leave. That's the point. They want validation of some kind...ANY kind.

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    Are these commenters all women? Cuz if they're not, don't listen to them because they can't read people's minds. Saying how a woman feels about herself is ___ because women are __, __ creatures is dumb if you're a man who's never been a woman.