Girl in school may fancy me how do I tell? (self.asktrp)

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hi everyone its dylan again. so im asking about this girl from my school who i fancy, her name is Ruby. There was a rumor that Ruby gave hand jobs so I started trying to pull her about a week ago. She's also got well nuff tits if you know what I mean. I sit behind her in sociology so I started throwing pens and that at her neck and she turned around and said "Would you fuck off" and I smiled and said "No, but I'll fuck you love." And she just looked so horny it was hilarious. So she ignored me for the next few days and I found out she has a bf from another school who is probably a complete wanker. So I sent her a note in class that said "Your bf is a fucking tosser u should date me" and she just turned around and laughed. I couldn't tell if she was taking the piss or actually thought i was clever. my mate callum says ruby will get on with anyone if you try hard enough and he says she gave a blowie to darren in year 11.

Also i am a rapper/mc in my free time so i decided to impress her by doing some freestyling around lunch time and she laughed at me but again i couldn't tell if she was taking the piss or actually thought i had a good sense of humour (I Was the one who created 'suck these bollocks' which is the biggest joke of year 10 and she knows it.)

I'm going to continue bugging her/messing around with her/freestlying in front of her until we bone but it's taking longer than i expected.

oh also im a virgin we are both 15

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Sounds like you're on the right track man.

Just stop shitting in sinks, that ain't cool

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haha mate you looked at my post history that's dedication. yeah im still a bit worried about the sink thing, the headmaster is still trying to figure out who did it and we were all gonna get KFC one day for lunch as a surprise but he's canceled it so now everyone is well annoyed about "whoever did a shit in the sink" and I don't have the bollocks to say it was me so i told everyone it was declan

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Jump in front of her and start rapping, somewhere half way through just pull down your pants. If she starts sucking your dick you know she likes you.

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good idea mate. SELECTA

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Is this Ali G speaking?

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SELECTA is ass and u know it