Am I the only one who is routinely disappointed, once her clothes come off? (self.asktrp)

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This has happened to me several times now. In clothes, they all looked super hot, with a plump butt and perky boobs. In the bedroom, not so much. Is it just me or do women now routinely wear form enhancing clothes all the time? How can I spot this?

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Pretty hard tbh since women are not stupid and learned from their childhood on how to be 'attractive' or more like how to seem attractive.

They are masters at hiding a belly or pushing their A breast to a C.

Best thing is to go for women that wear tight clothes or approach at beach / beach parties / bikini zone.

However if you don't like her appearance once she is naked take a BJ and throw her out afterwards.

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And this is why we should never have regret for running tight game.

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Stay under 26

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Tons of uggos out there that are 18-25. I need a cute face. I rather fuck a 40 year old that looks like Jennifer Lopez than an ugly-faced 18 year old with a younger body.

If all you care about is a younger body then fuck a sex doll yo...for life.

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You can see their face without their clothes on.

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Well it can't be that ba-

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Some don't photograph well and the photo could be fake. Dsly Mail is known for dumb stories.

How about Julianne Moore instead? She one hot MILF. Rarely has makeup on so you know she fresh.

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What the fuck

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for starters...

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I use their arms as a good gauge. Keep in mine most women's clothing and underwear is designed to make them look better.

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Yup yup, huge pointer right here. You can usually estimate the body fat % of a girl by her arms. I've pretty much never seen a legit skinny girl (14-16% BF) with fat arms at all. If theres flab, you bet your ass theres gonna be more where that came from

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Also the ankles. I've never seen a thin girl with fat/thick ankles.

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Look at their chin/jawline too. If they're skinny fat, aka still not that desirable, they will have a sagging chin.

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My girl is like 100 lbs with basically no fat anywhere and has a sagging chin, sometimes it's genetic.

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Does she workout though?

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Only when she sees the flab tryna creep up, or thinks her ass is losing definition, even then it's pretty half-ass workouts

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I notice it more in females that don't workout even if they're skinny. You're right though, it can be a genetic thing.

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Best advice here.

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"I don't" or "37 and ¼hrs so far this week" are my go-tos.

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I had a girl who wore this panty with what is the equivalent of shoulder pads but on her ass (to hide her non-existent ass). It's like this firm but flexible material.

If you squeeze gently you should be able to feel out for these types of contour creating materials.

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Hahaha. Had this girl in my secondary school who did the same thing. The guys made fun of her saying she wore nappies to school.

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They weren't wrong

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Start banging personal trainers. Or ask for nudes beforehand.

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Or ask for nudes from personal trainers.

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Or ask for personal training from nudists

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Or ask for nudists during personal training.

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There's something not adding up here.

Either you have incredibly unrealistic expectations and are disappointed that women aren't built exactly like your favorite pornstars, or you're not being straighforward about the fact that you're dumpster-diving.

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Nah dude.
Women's clothing, if not tight, can be wonderfully designed to hide very fucked up features. Recently I banged a girl who seemed chubby tops if you hugged and touched her, not skinny and big boobs and ass for the eye. But she had an awful, hideous body. I'm having some moral hangover over it, days later. I suppose it'd have been worst if I didn't fuck her though.

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Don't even get me started on stomach stretch marks 🤢

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I feel your pain. Shaggy breasts, stomach stretch marks.

It sux you know. I used have no reservations against girls in loose clothing. Now I guess I won't be making a move on them anytime soon.

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Either you have incredibly unrealistic expectations and are disappointed that women aren't built exactly like your favorite pornstars

Why would that be unrealistic? My body holds 100% what it promises in clothes, if not even better.

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I would agree, i look less muscular in clothes

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I too, make sure that I am fit, interesting, charming, have pocket money, and excellent personal hygiene. It's amazing the shit women think they can get away with...boring, dumpy, flabby, twat funk, and yet...hole, so she thinks she's a catch.

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Because that's what EVERY SINGLE ONE of their mentors are like. The most famous and rich celebs have average bodies, are masters of makeup and post selfies of themselves with over prices merchandise on Instagram. Girls actually think that this is how you become an establish human being. Working out is too hard and time consuming and Kim K just gets tucks, so that's what I'll do. Yay!

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Yep, humans a mostly just a mess. Sad.

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Fair enough, assuming they appeared to be offering exactly that before the birthday-suit reveal

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Totally agree. Goes back to "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

My guess is porn. If someone put a chastity belt on you and forced you not to jack off for just a week, a curvy piece of driftwood is sexy.

Drive my point home even more. Go watch Don Jon with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He gets the hottest chicks ever, but because of his porn addiction. They always look like shit to him. He gets up at night and jacks off after just doing a chick. That's a pretty deep addiction.

Porn is a double edged sword. It lets us control our urges during inappropriate or hard times, but also spoils us where we can't enjoy the actual act near as much.

I try to use it to my advantage. It lets me go longer during actual intercourse. Most women need 15 - 20 min of solid, steady pumping in order to get in the mood properly enough to finish. Its the trick to keep them coming back. Once you have a woman thanking you for great sex (The following day), she is much more willing to do riskier/more fun things.

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Do you watch porn?

Because that fucks up your expectations

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Yes. This is why I like to fuck with drinks in my system and the lights off.

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that's not actually Eddie Murphy.

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Maybe you're going for the wrong girls.

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It's a rare woman indeed that truly has a smoking hot body. I just had the pleasure of one that does and I was reminded of that when she wandered around naked after and before debauchfests. She actually looks better naked.

They all wear whatever makes them look the sexiest possible. Get used to it.

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Sleep with women you actually like

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Maybe keep it in your pants until you get to know the person. Wait until you are in a commited relationship with the right person. Because that person will look very beautiful to you and you will see them in lots of different clothes. You sound like you are picking out hoes while drunk at a bar.

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Once I was getting my way with a 23 year old. And as my prevoious experiences have suggsested i was hoping hot body. Instead what I got was when she dropped her bra there was litteraly nothing. I was like what shit is thia but ok. Next step when I put my hands on she was covered with this short hair. In my mind I was like will the dick comes next? I was like the hell with this shit. I appologiesed myself and out I went.

Basically you can never know whag you gonna get. Its like box of chocolates.

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The push up bra and stomach suckerinerers technology these days are fucking insane. If she looks remotely unfit fear the worst.

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Doesn't happen to me. 90% of the time, I am pleasantly surprised when she first takes her clothes off.

Once you see enough naked girls IRL, you can start to imagine what they will look like when the clothes come off. Taking the time to mentally undress her before you bring her home can save a lot of trouble.

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Happens all too often brother... yeah yoga pants are grear... untill the clothes come off

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Keep studying hard and make your own woman someday, dude :3

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I'm pretty sure they're also disappointed in you once your shirt comes off.