Does anyone else feel since they found out the truth about female nature they don't trust them enough to date them? (self.asktrp)

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Date them but don't place value in them

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TRP caused me to isolate myself from women altogether lol. I know it's not a good path, but i just can't stand them after finding TRP truths.

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People can call me a pussy and it's true but I just can't attempt to do anything to get anywhere near a woman, never mind sex. Only been with escorts and just ride a line in my head now about whether to just mentally commit to the idea of escorts full time.

Whenever I come to that conclusion I lose all anxiety and my day becomes amazing.

The depression my oneitis caused me made me consider suicide and I don't want to ever feel that shit again.

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You are still trying to frame things bp despite knowing better. Women do as they do, it's not wrong or bad, it's just never going to fit into your antiquated worldview

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Yeah you're right. I just read something on the main forum that made me look at things objectively again. I just don't have enough qualities to be able to attract a woman compared to the competition. I'm not bothered anyway.

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Might as well recognize the rules of the game, and then play it and maximize the experience. No reason to completely avoid the game and be disgruntled as you watch from the sidelines.

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I think I might try some fat chicks on tinder just to get my self efficacy up. I'm already at a point of not really caring which is pretty valuable tbh. A non escort lay might inspire me.

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Ever been to a hostess bar? Basically a brothel, but you still have to spit game to make things happen. A good tweener stage i suppose.

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Never heard of that. I'm UK but I'll look into it, sounds interesting. Thanks for your advice.

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Damn been thinking about this all day, sounds pretty exciting haha. Still haven't looked whether it exists here or not yet.

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Dont get stuck on it.

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Yeah it doesn't sound too appealing... http://www.standard.co.uk/news/soho-hostess-reveals-all-7288039.html I'll stick with escorts for now.

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    But you didnt. Embrace today and live for tomorrow

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    Did you consider giving r/mgtow a chance?

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    I'm a bot too. Bleep bloop. How was your robo-day?

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    Reading about the worst in women over on the red pill and then applying it to every woman and then not dating any of them is next level autism

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    If she go to the bathroom and purse right there , I'm checking her phone, I don't trust these hoes at all

    But that's just a result of me paying attention

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      I mean, marry at your own risk, but if you're going to do it then you better be as sure as you fucking can that the risk of her straying is close to nil.

      That co-worker's husband made the mistake of marrying a girl just because he loved her. He didn't properly vet and evaluate her as a person outside of that love. Gauge a prospective wife for her qualities divorced from the level of intimacy or love or fucking whatever else you feel is "special" between you two. If she's naturally incredibly loyal, her values are in the right place and she has the discipline to never stray from those values, etc, regardless of how much you think she loves you. Then, if you're still sure, and you still really want to marry her, then fuck it go ahead.

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      What do you mean Drake?

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      For a guy whos pretty blue pill, that was a pretty red pill line coming from him.

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      Haha drake has blue pill tendencies in his lyrics but cmon now.

      Dude is 30 years old most famous musician makes songs about fxukong thots and getting money with his crew and living a general boss as life seems pretty red pill to me.

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      Thats true. If youre that famous you can be blue pill and girls will still be all over you. Plus Lord Knows was one good ass piece of rap so cant complain about that.

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      Which is why he was saying "I lobe you" to Nicki Minaj? nigga pls. Most rappers don't do the shit they talk about. They all frauding. Look at Chris Brown for example.

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      I agree. No need to check the phone, you know what is in it.

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      You're basically describing the more extreme areas of the MGTOW movement. Not something I recommend.

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      if you version of dating is turning into a five year old and thoughtlessly throwing yourself in a pool of love where your perfect female angel embraces you then I get your viewpoint .

      As an adult who appreciates dating as the mixing / intermingling/ and connection between two ( or more) individuals in order to create a pleasant and fulfilling relationship then no I don't get it . you are two different people trying to get to know each other, don't depend on her , don't expect her to only be talking to you when you've just met her , in short unless she is an amish mormon virgin born in and raised in a convent don't expect her to be anything more or less than human .

      Let her show you she is a good girl worth trusting , don't be in a rush to give yourself away completely to someone and you'll avoid letting your heart get it's ass kicked.

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      Thats about like discovering dogs can bite so you dont like any dogs.

      Aka being a huge pussy.

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      So i take it then if you had a dog and one day it clamped your arm in it's jaws you would still keep the dog around after, even though it ripped your arm off because your not a 'pussy', just a retard lol

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      Women are more like cats than dogs. Cute, pleasant to cuddle with, and not really capable of hurting you unless you're being extremely needy. Worst thing that can happen is that she leaves, and you know what getting a new cat costs. Cats are literally free, because while everyone likes to cuddle and pet them, many of them struggle to find someone whose home to live in and who will feed them.

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      Cats and dogs are great, but I prefer to enjoy a few minutes with someone else's pet here and there. Actually owning them is s huge hassle when you have an active lifestyle and are rarely home. I feel similarly with women. Have fun with them wherever you go, but don't bring them home and definitely don't keep them.

      The only babe at my house is my bike.

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      I don't know about worse. What about false rape accusations and alimony? I know what you mean though, especially with cats ability to make people feel needed when they want a stroke or food by manipulating with their cuteness and vulnerability.

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      Alimony would require you to sign on for a marriage, your heads not in the game. False rape accusations, just don't put yourself in that position, it's easy to get their sexual desire in text and not get them so sloppy drunk the nights fuzzy. Don't write checks your ads can't cash, false rape is about getting back at you, don't be a prick just be an adult about it

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      Alimony: Don't get married. False rape accusations: Move to a country that doesn't punish people without proof.

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      In reality no one is moving country because of that.

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      No, the point you are missing is that you know the truth but still have this vestige of hope that they aren't what your logical mind knows them to be.

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        Like, married couples never cheated before 1970 right?

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          Really that's the key. Society would not accept it as easily. But no sense in crying about it. You can't travel back in time. Embrace the life you are given

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          A good dog doesnt bite if its well trained.

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          Dogs don't manipulate you, break your heart, fuck Chad and divorce rape you. Lol

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          Dont move the goal posts just because you are wrong. Your question wasnt a specific woman fucked you over so should you get rid of her. It was a very general statement about rejecting all women because you learned what they're capable of in principle.

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          Generally speaking not all dogs bite people. However all women are like that. I might be being a smart arse here, but there is a difference isn't there?

          Edit: I also didn't say anything about not liking them, i like them, i just don't trust them because it seems very much in their nature to manipulate, so how do i know if they are being real?

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          People reveal their character incrementally over time. You don't start out trusting someone blindly and hoping she doesn't betray your trust; you start out from a neutral place and watch her behavior closely. Be careful, because once you become sexually involved with a partner, there is a tendency to not evaluate her too closely for fear you'll find a dealbreaker that will force you to give up the free and easy sex. Later you'll be able to see all those red flags you overlooked at the outset ...

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          Dogs have a sense of loyalty to the pack. They also defer to the pack master.

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          Don't trust them. But also fuck them like you got serious anger issues.

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          Absolutely. Before red pill all I wanted was a gf. Now I don't give a fuck and just want sex. I sometimes wish I could go back to the bluepill fantasy but then I remember what sadness feels like and that I won't ever feel that from a woman again. So yeah it doesn't bother me too much.

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          You henceforth probably have more opportunities for a gf

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          Yes! Exactly we have to treat them as cats!! I have been thinking about this precise thing a lot lately. When one treats them as a puppy you become an orbiter, also.

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          It's not about whether you trust them, it's about whether you trust yourself around them. You're still in the anger phase, and that's fine. Take this time to work on yourself. If you were in the right frame of mind, you'd be able to enjoy women without trusting them.

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          No. It's much easier. I don't expect them to be anything other than what they are.

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          You date women to have fun and sex,what does it have to do with trust?

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          Stop dating shitty women

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          Was there a blog post about not treating women like the enemy?

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          I have no idea. I'll look for it, but if you know the link please let me know.

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          Listen this isn't about hating women, it's about understanding what you are dealing with. Women aren't bad or untrustworthy if you know what you are getting into. It's like saying a snake is untrustworthy, well only if you expect it to not be a snake.

          If you set your boundaries, understand the wager and make good decisions you will be treated fairly

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          I trust them enough to plate them. I think date-rape claims are pretty rare and I don't usually roll with the party/drunk scene so I'm less at risk.

          However I just started LTR-ing one, coz it felt right and there are other benefits. But Holeee Shiiit it is a little tricky within the mindset of AWALT. Not so much the branch-swing fear (coz, I have my life, if she doesn't want "in" I'll live) but more the cuckold potential.

          By forgoing all the other plates and potential plates, I have lost my insurance. If she's got Chad1 and Chad2 on rotation on the nights we're not together, I would be crushed.

          But I have no solid evidence. (Still waiting for that opportunity to check her phone.)

          For now, I carry on like a boyfriend with a loyal girlfriend coz even that fear coming true ain't gonna kill me.

          Marriage though.... Yeah I might leave that one off the table for life.

          tl;dr Yeah, you know more about women after swallowing the pill, but the answer IMHO is not hating women, fearing them or avoiding them. Man up, jump in with both feet, and enjoy the water.

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          The Red Pill is a set of beliefs....it's like saying now that since you've become a vegetarian you don't trust going out to restaurants...

          You live in a world of women...the Red Pill is a set of truths and a way of seeing the world. You can accept this or not but to disengage is to lose.

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          The way to womans heart is drama,deciet,dominance and infedility she will have to be scrapped away from you never get emotionally close to a woman be a selfish bastard they love it.

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          Can I get a little punctuation in hea?

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          Read "Practical Female Psychology". Good for helping you love and appreciate woman as woman and not as men.

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          Breaking News! You don't need to trust someone to date or fuck them. In Other Breaking News: The Sky Is Blue.