UPDATE 1: New plate asked to take her shopping, how is my response? (self.asktrp)

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See the original thread here: http://www.reddit.com/r/asktrp/comments/2jbth1/new_plate_asked_to_take_her_shopping_how_is_my/. Essentially I got myself a crazy shit testing plate and she has been pulling weird shit since the first time we had sex. She asked me to take her shopping on the 3rd date and I think she might be a gold digger.

*UPDATE 1: On the scheduled day, I picked up plate for the movie at my place, as expected in our text conversations. On the way to my place, Plate throws out this shit test:

Plate: We can't do anything tonight. I'm on my period. I didn't wanna tell you because I knew you wouldn't want to hang out.

Me: Yeah

Plate: Wait? Yeah?

Me: Yeah you're probably right.

Plate: You don't mean that, you're joking.

Me: (Smirk on face)

Plate: ...

Plate: WOW.

Plate: You probably want to take me back home then?

Me: Nah, we will watch the movie.

(long silence during drive)

Get to my place. We begin watching the movie. Plate cuddles me. Movie is scary. Plate bitches that's its too horrifying to keep watching. Shut off the movie cause she's freaking out. Plate is close, so I begin kissing plate's sides / abs, grabbing her ass. Move to her face, she turns away.

Plate: I'm not kissing you. I don't want to do ANYTHING.

Me: That so?

Plate: Yeah.

Me: (Picks up keys) Let's go. We're taking you home.

(gets up, we head back to her place with the movie cut short)

In car

Plate: Why am I not good enough for you?

Plate: What's wrong with me?

Me: (smirk, no answer)


Plate: Are you just going to ignore me?

Me: I'm not your boyfriend and I'm not your friend. If you want to have sexless movie nights you're hanging out with the wrong person.

Plate: But why does it have to be one-sided like that? You get to have all the fun of your side? What do I get?

Me: How is sex one sided?

Plate: uhghh ahhh. well i didn't mean it like that.

Me: Hahahahaha.

Plate: (silence)

Plate: You're not going to call me again, are you?

Me: (silence)

I drop off plate at her house. She exits the car without a word. No texts so far. This happened last night. One observation I have is that Plate shit tests so much that I'm becoming a natural at just dodging them by ignoring them. I ignore her questions left and right like she doesn't exist. It's hilarious because hanging out with her is magnifying my asshole game.

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Me: I'm not your boyfriend and I'm not your friend. If you want to have sexless movie nights you're hanging out with the wrong person.

Flawless. Watch her text you in a day or two.

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Love the one sided accusation when:

No sex

No kissing etc.

Can't watch the movie

Pick her up/Drop her off

Pay for the movie

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When the river runs red, take the dirt road

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You're doing great buddy. Keep holding frame. Keep lifting, etc. Always be prepared to take the L (call it a day) if necessary.

Edit: Being on her period doesn't mean she hasn't got a mouth. You have a cock. She can suck it. Whenever my girl was on period week I'd get blowjobs on demand for the week.

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I <3 blowjob week.

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Periods do not prevent intercourse either.

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    Nup. Friends tell me about the dry week, and I ask them what they mean. After they tell me I just say, "she has a mouth" and watch the cogs turn in their head. They have bigger issues than dry week though. They gotta wanna take the pill, I just try to show them how they can have it better I'd they want it

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    Also note that she doesn't bleed out of her ass. Assuming you're doing it right of course.

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    Hey sweetie, I'm just gonna fumigate your asshole to prepare it for my cock.

    "Oh baby, I love it when you talk dirty to me!!"

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    Didn't you know, they shit rainbows and fart perfume.

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    Why the fuck are you asking for advice?

    You are obviously a Pro and you are just showing off

    Edit: I am only joking with my comment. Don't take it seriously

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    Good for the newbies though

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    Good for the oldies too. I need to work on my asshole game and this is clearly a flawless victory

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      I said that as a joke.

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      cry more?

      a person can always improve. not to mention learn other methods and style. someone who is content with what they have is someone who is content to stagnate.

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      Saving this post so I can refer to it when I need attitude reminders.

      So yeah OP, you held your frame well.

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      Had a similar situation, my girl lured me over with sexy texts and after shrugging me off told me she only did it to make sure I would come over. I put on my shoes and left, went radio silent for 2 days. She called and apologized profusely, had better than usual sex that night.

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      I didn't wanna tell you because I knew you wouldn't want to hang out.

      Well played, but this wasn't "asshole game". She is a selfish, conniving cunt for not being upfront about being on the rag & her having the gall to tell you she's not doing anything when her hands, mouth & ass still work further proves it. All you did was refuse to tolerate a brat who thought she could get away with ignoring your wants / needs.

      A lot of people might disagree with me on this, plate or not, when a recent acquaintance knowingly & purposefully wastes hours of your time, the only way to get out with your dignity and self-respect intact is to drop that person.

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        True but I just want you to know that there's plenty of attractive women out there who want to please you, meet your needs and will be honest (as honest as women get) about things. There's also women who won't say anything, give you an incredible handjob when you escalate, suck you off until you see the beginning of the universe and then mount you like a pony through the back door, stroke your mane & ride off into the stars, after which they apologize for being on the rag. With a FWB or Plate, both of you are just seeing who can use whom more; it's to be expected.

        Alas, a certain amount of mutual courtesy is expected even with a Plate or FWB and this cunt is well below that.

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          OP is, and the girl is too, so it's win/win.

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          Sex IS one sided cuz you dont get her off broski. Work on that.

          Edit: Nice job holding frame though.

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          No, this one was clearly thinking of something else. She was trying to use sex as a manipulative tool. She shut her mouth after his reply of 'how is sex one sided?', because, she realized she enjoys it too and would be upset if it was taken away from her.

          Finally, sex has been better for me since I started caring about their pleasure less. There's a balance though, and it really depends on each person.

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          After we had sex she said: "I've never cum in my life but that was so close." She was moaning and wailing like a banshee. So you're pretty off. I think she was implying that she wants money with the one-sided comment. ie. why should we get to have sex if you don't spend money on me?

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            I only wish I could have seen this in person.

            Checkmate in 1.

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            Well done. Don't be afraid to next her, but as IM said I have a feeling she will text you in the coming week.

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            What do you mean? Like you need a ride to the mall?

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            Humblebrag lol gj man

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            Plate: But why does it have to be one-sided like that? You get to have all the fun of your side? What do I get?

            Woman are gatekeepers of sex while men are gatekeepers of commitment. Without knowing plate is spilling TRP truth. She's upset because she gave sex to OP but he refuses to be manipulated to give her emotional commitment/ attachment.

            If she wasn't a bloody cunt from the beginning, OP could have left some crumbs for her hamster but being redpill long enough one start wondering if the sex from such bitch is worth all the trouble.

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            This has been one of my favorite field reports so far. Asshole game is great.

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            I don't get this. How is he being an asshole? If anyone is being an asshole is her for sure. He is just holding his ground while she is the one playing stupid tricks.

            Assuming what he did is being an asshole is assuming that being a pushover is the norm, which is pathetic.

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            Well your right he is just holding frame. OP just referred to it as asshole game and I didn't think passed it.

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            Now, bro to bro. How long have you been together that she isn't trained and is still acting up?

            I'm not saying it's you, it may be her, some are jut to broke to work properly by the time they get to us.

            Now, on the other side, if you want it to work you need to tell her how to behave, you're good at removing the bad programing but you need to tell her what is normal and healthy, because especially when their young they have not idea what a normal dinamic is supposed to be or feel like. (especially if she had a fucked up mother) Everything she ever experienced is normal to her, you are supposed to be her wallet and sex is a exchange.

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            I'm gonna come right out and say this - you should have fucked her while she's on her period. She would've submitted eventually

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            You need to learn game a little. I froze her out after she denied me and she didn't stop us from leaving. That means she was not down for anything.