Why do 5s and 6s reject me and are nasty bitches in general but I can close 7s and 8s and they're fun? (self.asktrp)

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Insecurity. Can't hurt them if they reject you first.

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1P1S nailed this. Nobody is quite as bitchy as a 5 punching two weight classes up.

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A mid 30's former cc rider would beg to differ.

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A mid 30's former cc rider would beg to differ.

Like... A specific one, or just in general? O.o

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A low-rank girl rejecting you is pre-emptive self-defence.

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Could it then be considered a fake rejection thus a dark shit-test?

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You have to ask yourself : why bother ?

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As a woman I agree 1000%!! My fat ugly friend is a cunt to good looking guys. It's so embarrassing.

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    1. I do.
    2. Whatever the fuck I want.

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    Don’t have the full answer here but remember a story a friend of mine told me when he was traveling for business in a small buck fuck town and had to be there for a month on a work assignment.

    One night some people from work took him out to the local bar. He was by far the most good looking guy there and the local talent was abysmal. He got drunk and towards the end of the night, he just wanted to take something home. Easy pickings right? He got rejected by the only two girls left at last call, who - according to him - were just plain ugly.

    He discussed what happened with the work people who lived there. They said the women probably assumed it was some prank or bet or something disingenuous because why would a guy like that talk to a girl like her.

    Anyway, take what you will from that story.

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    i believe this story, however, this kinda stuff sort of blows my mind. you'd think a woman would give their right tit to bang him, yet they turn him down. sometimes, it's best not to think about this stuff too much OP. there isn't a whole lot of rationality behind it.

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    Sounds "girl" rational to me. If an ugly girl thinks people are pranking her so they can laugh when she gets rejected, she's going to have all defenses up.

    Girls aren't outcome independent and they care a ton about what everyone thinks of them.

    She's not thinking well 5% of the time I get to fuck a stud and 95% I'll shrug it off and have a good laugh...she's thinking everyone is going to make fun of me forever and my life is over.

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    Yea it's very strange... I was thinking it could also be that because (at least in this story) it is a small town, that if indeed it was a bet or prank, the woman would have to continue to live in that town with a lot of people knowing about it.

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    It's strange because we're all here on TRP because normal women are only interested in Chad. So to hear stories of Chad hitting them up and they reject him is incongruent with our reality.

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    Ive heard that low smv get more flirted around because guys now today are too afraid to hit on higher smv females. That’s why you’ll see 8-9’s guys hit on 5-6’s because he is insecure, afraid to be rejected by the 8-9’s, As far as i know the 8-9’s girls get hit on by Low SMV mostly (they at least try more often but are to retarted or agressive) or guys who are just plain awkward. That’s why it’s easier to get the 8-9’s chicks when you talk to them, because it shows confidence.

    I don’t sell this more expensive than i heard. Sources are from hot girl in my country, who has plenty of orbiters even has 8-9’s guys orbiting her like dogs.

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    I once made out with a hard 10 because every guy in the bar was afraid to talk to her. She stood there sipping a drink while a bunch of 7's were talking to all the guys. I had a bit of liquid courage, told my friend "fuck it, I'm swingin' for the fences" expecting to get shot down. But since I went in fully expecting to get shot down, I wasn't nervous at all, actually surprised myself how smooth I was. We talked for a while, made her laugh, then she says "I never get a chance to cut loose" right before sticking her tongue down my throat. I got her number but she never returned my calls. Oh well.

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    Haha good ending, But you had the balls to go for it though!

    And i guess your SmV is also decent atleast above 6 too. Because some 10’s will talk to low smv but would not go for anything more.

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    theres a girl in one of my classes, probably a 6. she's a bit outgoing and easy to talk to, so i've seen plenty of guys hit on her. the girls in the class who are 8s rarely get talked to.

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    Because having so much options and so much power that they get to reject a man that can have fun with women two tiers above them gives them a hell of a thrill, and saying yes to these men most often means having none to two orgasms during the night at the expense of feeling as a cum dumpster afterwards, always remembering that those guys would stay for the breakfast and melt in smiles for the 8s.

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    Because guys think 'they can get' a 5 or a 6. The average girls 'aren't out of their league.' So they get hit on all the time, and think they're hot shit, and so they get entitled.

    The really hot chicks...most guys think are out of their league, so they rarely get hit on, so their self esteem goes to shit, and they try harder to be nice when the do get hit on.

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    Really? I would think the hot chicks would have no problem dating.

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    I don't know your confidence level, but I'll assume that at some point, you probably didn't have much. At that time, would you rather risk being rejected by a fat hog or a hottie? Gotta think about stuff from other people's point of view.

    Don't believe me, go out and find out for yourself.

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    I think that this brings up something that is completely overlooked in the whole SMV logic.

    People, especially women, don't act rationally.

    It's the same problem with economics. Orthodox economists assume that people are rational actors and go into the market place to maximize their utility. They build up this whole system on that assumption.

    But then philosophers and social thinkers point out that it's all bullshit. People don't behave rationally.

    Don't think like an economist. Economists are math nerds and are idiots when it comes to the real world.

    Real world: people are complex. People do crazy things. People defy stereotypes and expectations.

    The 5's and 6's might just not care about sex. Hence why they don't work out, dress up, or act flirty. The 7's and 8's love it and so they maximize their SMV.

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    The whole idea of economics, game theory and all other branches of statistical analysis is to determine a certain event/behaviour using mediums. Of course the outcome will be different if we look at the extremums.

    If you blindly follow smv as an indicator of numeric value and believe that a person with lower smv will want to fuck the one with the higher, then you will be surprised by such behaviour when a 5 rejects you. In reality, the lower the smv of a female, the lower her self respect is, which goes alongside many other psychological problems and insecurities.

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    And it's important to always remember that mathematical models are only tools. They in no way represent actual humanity.

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    They tend to estimate the average. In real life you never get to interact with the average, only the individual data point.

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    Nice point.

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    Richard Thaler just won a Nobel Prize in economics on exactly this. He's made a lifetime career on why people make shitty decisions.

    His book is a good read for anyone wanting a little extra knowledge on the decision process.

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    Richard Thaler

    Richard H. Thaler (; born September 12, 1945) is an American economist and the Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In 2015, Thaler was president of the American Economic Association.

    He is a theorist in behavioral finance, and collaborated with Daniel Kahneman and others in further defining that field.

    In 2017, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to behavioral economics.

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    Short version, ugly people on the outside are often also ugly on the inside.

    What I mean by this is they are more likely to be insufferable due to insecurity, tend to be more cynical and jaded, and just have overall more negative outlooks on life.

    Some overcome being fat and develop bubbly personalities, but even then I've found that's just a cover for what I described above. Deep down the insecurity cuts like a knife.

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    By that logic the red pill is wrong, stupid, retarded and unneccesary.

    You cant over come being fat or skinny by lifting and building confidence because it's just a cover for the insecure loser buried deep down beneath all that success, fun, happiness, muscles and high SMV.

    Congratulations, you just discredited your entire sub reddit.

    Fucking mod.

    Incels are the true heroes - they know it's impossible to become a man worthy of having sex with - you are either born hot or you die a virgin.

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    I mean, you're a jerk to him for no reason, but nevertheless it's asktRp, not ask the black pill.

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    First, let's make the appropriate 2-point downward adjustment for online self-reporting . . .

    The reason 3s and 4s reject you while 5s and 6s are cool is because it's a form of pre-emptive strike. It's a bitch wall, meant to confirm that you're not just trying to take advantage of them for an easy lay. In that regards, it's actually a bit of a comfort test and even a bit of a redundancy check for authenticity, essentially forcing you to repeat your actions multiple times to confirm actual interest.

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    They're trying to make up for their ugliness by scoring a hotter guy.

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    I don't know. But that is true.

    Annedoctcally, the chance to find an unsympathetic woman 5s, 6s, is much greater than a more beautiful being unsympathetic.

    Now, trying to reflect on me: I am a low~average guy. And that sometimes makes me being somewhat a rude and bitter person

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    online dating era.

    even the ugly girls get hit on and they get hit on ALOT. that raises theur ego and etc and in return they build high ASS standards and develops bitch like tendencies since this is their first time getting attention.

    the attractive girls are used to this so they know how to act. it's like that old saying, "act like you been here before "

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    they also bang one dude whos an 8+ one time and think that's what they always deserve.

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    There's a funny irony to this:

    The 7-8 guys get rejected by the 5-6 girls: The guys fear the rejection from the 7-8 girls, yet get rejected by the 5-6 girls as pre-preemptive defence, as described in other's comments.

    This is a confidence hit to the man, since "how can I attract a 7-8, if I keep getting rejected by the manatee?".

    Of course, it depends on the man, and this is never always the case, but it's sickeningly humorous when it is.

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    feminism. the lower the girls smv is the stronger the feminism. hot girls dont need game and can just be little girls and enjoy themselves.

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    No one is insecure when trying to land a landwhale. They know your tactics inside out.

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    Because the 1-10 rating scale is very personal. Everyone has a different 1-10, including women. There are also many personal reasons, wrong place, wrong time, low self esteem, was just hurt by a man, you happen to look like a shitty ex... etc.

    Don't worry about it. Just keep rolling.

    The thing about women is you can never figure them out. Don't bother ask why. It is what it is. If you are closing 7's and 8's, then you are doing fine.

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    I've read that 5s and 6s usually feel entitled to Chad thundercocks; so they dont give your average Joe the time of day.

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    It's all about the ego, it helps her feed herself the lie that she's attractive enough to reject a guy like you and now she can go around and tell all her friends that she rejected a good looking guy which will also give her social proof. She'll probably ride off the high you gave her by approaching her for the rest of the year.