Do many women flirt with the idea of threesomes to lure you in with sexuality then close that door because they wanted a serious relationship the entire time? (self.asktrp)

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Happened to me once and other friends as well. We're all former stem nerds so we assume it was a tactic to lock us down because we are "LTR material ".

How many of you have actually seen the threesome idea come to fruition?

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deleted What is this?

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I actually use threesome inclinations as a screening tool early in the game...

If she’s down for a 3way she’ll never be more than FWB.

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Im glad im not the only one

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Thank you. All these cucks I've been seeing that are in LTRs or marriages and things are "open" on both ends as a caveat to allow 3ways. Why be in an LTR then? Just spin plates and you have less investment and shit that would ever hit the fan

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I totally get the logic behind spinning plates and have subscribed to it for a long time by default as I didn't trust any one girl to be trustworthy and don't find the point in over investing in relationships. But perhaps it's more risky because of how much social status and money shifts there are from the ages of 16-24 that the hypergamy of women is also very volatile.

But when your around 24 or so on the social hierarchy an individual winds up is largely where people stay. Complacency and lack of people waking them the fuck up kick in amongst other reasons that further tie someone down.

So finding women in that stage they would be given less chance to make those moves therefore more reliable (just less able) as she probably realizes these things herself and feel that time clock ticking. So ya gotta start to wonder to yourself what exactly are the benefits to long term relationships and could they ever outweigh the costs. Even if the slimmest chance is there that it would be beneficial do you take the risk at that point ?

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Ok so how do you bring it up without making it seem like YOU want a threesome?

She can easily turn it around and assume you aren’t ltr material either because you brought it up

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Ask her abt her fantasies. There will be two primary ones: getting tied up and doing another girl.

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Why? Curious. What does an interest in threesomes indicate that makes her ineligible for LTR?

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Down for letting you fuck other girls or her getting fucked by others. The former is a good reason for her to rationalize cheating, dunno if I really have to say something about the latter.

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Can confirm, my ex was down for a threesome (we almost succeeded with one of her girl friends) but I wasn't convinced that she wouldn't cheat on me with other women and rationalize that it "doesn't count". Doesn't worth it.

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It means she's a hoe.

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Women use sex to get relationshits

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The women I know do it because they want to feel like “the cool girl”, like the girl who plays video games, drinks beer, eats pizza, goes shooting with the boys etc.

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The threesome talk ideally ought to be coming up in conversation after you two have screwed (and several times at that).

I don't know what you look like or what your personality/character is like either, but "former stem nerd" and the nature of this question suggests to me that you probably ought to be spending a lot of time in the gym and at the very least loading up your phone with as many women as possible (you're going to want to close at least one or two of these of course).

...and keep drilling that sidebar into the recesses of your mind.

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Have done 3somes with my LTR, wasn't baited or switched on. As far as I know, she's been loyal the entire time. I'm not sure why people would screen out a straight chick who'd have fun with another chick with you--I saw it as her being submissive to what I wanted, and if I'm going to date a chick, I want one who is willing to give me the things that I desire.

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Not nearly enough for all the talk about it.

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I've had threesomes with women on a few occasions. Two times it was with chicks in the 90s rave scene, one night stands and I was high as fuck guess I'm a victim - don't know if that counts for your purposes.

The other was with my longest LTR. We actually lived together, and she hired us an escort as a going away present for me prior to a deployment overseas with the military.

Of course when I met that girl she was the town slut. So I shouldn't have been surprised when six years later she started fucking a dude while I was away. But yeah - it's possible to get a threesome. But unlikely, and if it happens, will come with complications.

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I think they bring it up early as a screening type question.

They are also obviously multitasking as well and turning it into a shit test.

I float right through that conversation. Flip back on her and see what she says to get to the intention of her probing.

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Oh my goodness!! All the responses have my head spinning. I can't help but think of some of the recent conversations that I've had with my wife.

She was trying to hint around at a threesome recently, and I told her in no uncertain terms that would never happen. We're married, bringing another person into our bed is not going to end well, I don't care how hot she is.

She did acquiesce but then made a comment like "I thought you'd be more open to it if it was a girl...." Read between the lines on that one: we'll start with a girl then I'll try to introduce other guys once you're comfortable with it.

I saw through the facade then and now it just feels like a slap in the face when I start to recognize the motivations behind her actions. Fortunately I didn't bite that bait; BP or not, I ain't no fucking chump.

Grrr....this just pisses me off all over again. Slow down, take the time, and learn what I gotta learn...I am, after all, still a Red Pill Grasshoppah.

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How do you even look at the relationship the same after that?

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Honestly, you don't. Realistically though, we've been married for 10 years and have 3 kids together and I make just shy of $100k / year, so how badly do you think I'm going to get fucked over by the courts if I kick this bitch to the curb?

I've also recently learned that I was not her first choice. She called an ex the morning of our wedding and begged him to take her back (while she was nine months pregnant with our second child). He wouldn't so looks like she had to settle for the second string.

Seriously though, how to handle it? The same way I handled my first wife; I shut the fuck up, didn't let on that I knew, and kept giving her more and more rope and wait for her to hang herself. In the end, I left my first wife with custody of my kids and I'll do it again. I've had the divorce papers filled out for the past three months now.

Just biding my time. I'm a patient fucking snake who will never make that mistake (marriage) again.

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I wrote a top-lvl post on 3ways. Search on my usersid or fin it in “CorporateLand” on the Sidebar.