Posted a Snapchat story hanging out with a girl. Girl I'm trying to game replied and asks me if it's a date. How do you reply? (self.asktrp)

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It wasn't a date, just my homie. But I'm also trying to game this girl that replied. How would you guys reply back? Feels like maybe a shit test? Thinking of just not replying at all and let her wonder.

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"It was Saturday, September 22nd, to be precise."

No, I mean was it a date date?

"September 22nd."

No, I mean do you like her?

"No, I love to hang with people I hate."

Stop that, you know what I mean!

"I don't think even YOU know what you mean."

Are you into her? Like, sex?

"Checking out the competition, eh?"

Never give them a straight answer right away. Always give them a hard time.

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The fool proof way to make woman chase you.

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Reply so good i had to log in to up vote.

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I hate comments like these because they're so clever but I game women in another language and they never translate well.

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Just say your with a friend don’t answer the question whether its a date or not. (Let her imagination go crazy) women love to fill in the missing pieces.

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fire up the hamster wheel

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No reply at all. Keep gaming the other girl, hit her up in a day or 2

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Just leave her on read. If you allow her to ask you a question and you respond that in itself shows you’re of lower value seeing how she is even able to probe you.

I’d just leave her on read and probably hit her up another time when you’re feeling it

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"I don't kiss and tell"

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Delete Snapchat and put your fucking in your pocket and leave it there and be present and don’t pull it out unless you’re getting a girls number. Maybe you should retitle your post “how can I most be like a 15 year old girl without wearing a dress?”