Guys 25 and under, do you feel like social media is a must have when it comes to dating? (self.asktrp)

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I think we can all agree that damn near every girl in the 18-25 age range uses social media. But the question is, will a guy who has no social media, or little followers and likes, be hindered because of this? Speaking from the position of a guy with good height and face, and not much social proof.

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I've said this before on here a ton. No social media is better than low social media.

Don't bother playing the Instagram angle if you have 40 followers and pictures of food, and your stock F-150.

If you have 1,000+ followers and interesting pictures it's a huge advantage

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Not under 25, 30+ here...

I don't use social media.

Have come accross a few girls who also do not use any social media (to protect reputation and avoid drama I assume).

I do consider texting to be a 'sickness' and value face-to-face contact. I refuse to use text for anything more then quick logistics and even then I prefer a phone call.

Some people make a problem out of it. Not my problem however.

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I'm somewhere between 18-22 and live in a big city. In my experience it would just be impossible to be socially connected in a mainstream way without at least a Snapchat and probably an Instagram. It's just a normal part of life for young people. Obviously you could still pull girls and shit without it, but it's something that dramatically deviates you from the rest of the herd. You talk about having no social proof, which is why you don't have social media. Anyone with any social proof in our admittedly fucked up youth culture is going to have social media. But at the end of the day, you can pursue what is important to you.

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Pretty much this.

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There's a big factor of FOMO with not having social media. As you said, it's so ingrained in the culture, it's a big handicap not to have it if you want to be in the know about things.

Or you can just check Reddit. At least its anonymous(as you want it to be) and it's not tied up in social acceptance as much, aside from karma whoring which is just as pathetic as any other form of validation seeking.

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Snapchat is a must. The others aren’t. If you have an active account with tons of followers then it’s a plus, if not then it isn’t. I never made either IG or twitter in HS (I knew I wouldn’t have had that many followers) and now in college it simply isn’t worth making it, as it would take a second to get the accounts looking good enough to be a plus and nobody really gives a fuck about how many followers on twitter you have anymore.

If someone actually has social proof it should be apparent when you meet them both through the people they’re surrounded with and the way they carry themselves. I don’t need twitter to tell people I’m cool, it will be apparent and any chick who actually cares about follower count is a chick I’m not ever going to vibe with, so who cares.

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something that dramatically deviates you from the rest of the herd.

This is a good thing. The herd will run strait into the slaughterhouse. Go the other way.

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But most of the hot women are in the herd.

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And yet they're all looking for something "different" [not found in the heard]

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They say that, but they don’t mean it. They all really want a basic tall attractive white guy.

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They want mystery to open the door. When everyone looks the same, everyone is boring. When everyone acts the same, everyone is boring. They want something that makes them say "Oooh, what's his story?!"

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Is there a TRP guide to improve your social media?

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Pretty much have a good camera, typically DSLR. Dress well and travel or attend cool events. Thats pretty much it since social media is just about showing off.

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Is there any good IG profiles to follow to steal photo ideas from? Right now my IG is pretty shit sitting at like 300 followers looking to find ways to improve it.

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For most guys if youre 300 to 1000 followers, then thats average.hav It shows that youre social enough to follow friends and so on. More than a 1000+ than you either have to be a really good photographer/ model. Easy to get to 1000+ if youre a girl obviously. Mess around on the hashtag search bar on IG too look for more inspiration, then follow some peeps from there for inspiration.

I personally followed a few i got from /r/malefashionadvice Examples: @magic_fox, @jesseaboagye

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i have no snap just insta. i wouldn’t consider my self. a pussy warlord, but considering my age i’d say i’m in a fair spot

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Not a must at all. Completely off everything, and it works in favour of my game. I meet girls through events I go to, gym, and parties. It adds to the mystery when people find out I have no social media. It also keeps me focused on my own stuff. Nothing to distract you, and when I'm seeing a girl, all the drama of liking her pictures etc is avoided with a valid reason.

Sure it's easier when you have tinder, but I'd rather be out doing things and women being the secondary outcomes rather than constantly creating an online persona to beat the algorithms of (((dating apps))).

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It’s not a must.

You gotta ask yourself first, do you want an IG or Twitter? If yes, why? Is it to up your chances with the ladies, keep in touch with family, or for your own reference later on?

You’re over thinking it brother either you want one or not, and if you ever meet a girl who rejects you solely because you don’t have one, let us know so I can call you a fucking liar.

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feel free to downvote this to hell but it is definitely a must with most women. most women equate average use of Facebook with healthy social balance IE SMV. if you have a super robust social life then of course you don’t need social media but if you don’t then you better have a Facebook page and you better be participating infrequently, because SMV.

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feel free to downvote this to hell but it is definitely a must with most women. most women equate average use of Facebook with healthy social balance IE SMV.

I'm gonna disagree here. I think women would think you are more mysterious if you don't have one, which is a good thing. There is no way telling unless we do a study or collect data on this, but I don't think women would solely reject you for not having social media.

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There are certain types of women who look at social media that way. They’re usually under 24, work regular jobs (barista, waitress, retail). These types often post sexually suggestive imagery on the daily. Women who are higher up in class that work in better jobs (tech, science, health) tend to use social media in a different way.

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Depends what kind of girl you're trying to date. I once went out with a girl who didn't have a single social media account and it was the most refreshing thing. She didn't pull out her phone once while we were together.

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Socia media is good for personal branding. If you’re living an interesting life, I don’t see the harm in a post every now and then (once every few months or so).

Wouldn’t use it to get girls though. That probably won’t happen. However, if you’re curating your content well, it’ll demonstrate a high potential SMV for girls when/if they try to inevitably stalk you.

You’re good without it as well. My advice is to just not spend too much time on it and stick to twitter or Instagram. You missed the wave on Snapchat and to be honest it’s more of a girls/narcissists app anyways.

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it’s more of a girls/narcissists app anyways.

but I feel like Instagram is like this, even more so. One day I was curious and downloaded IG and scrolled through it, it was pure cancer. So awful.

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Ig/ Facebook / Twitter etc are all narcissistic apps

Ig + Snapchat are top tier for a narcissist

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Snapchat is good to post stories.

I never see guys post anything on their Instagram stories, that's more for girls

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I hate social media so i'll preface with that, I hate the culture and the thirst posting, the validation seeking behavior. I've had clout before (back in the FB days) so this isn't from a position of jealousy either

i've only got an old fb acc from high school and an insta I use occasionally for memes, which has made chicks second guess me tbh.

Leaves you culturally disconnected as well, even old people feen social media these days, so being under 25 and not highlights you as a weird cunt, like pretty much the only people without social media are social pariahs, which course makes sense. Not particularly attractive

Still hasn't persuaded me to make one, I'm a perfectionist and having an acc with a low following wouldn't be acceptable to me

So yeah after that ramble, summary is its almost vital but you can get by w/o it, just gonna miss some opportunities, but if u have no clout anyways........

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Still hasn't persuaded me to make one, I'm a perfectionist and having an acc with a low following wouldn't be acceptable to me

You and I think very much alike. I had a FB account for 10 years, but not a lot of people would like my posts (mostly memes, never about my personal life) while I got 5 upvotes if I was lucky while an average 5-6/10 girl posts a selfie and got hundreds of upvotes.

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I have better things to do than maintain my social media presence. I have a snapchat, facebook, and instagram, but only use them to connect with people, not to exert effort into increasing likes/followers.

as such, sometimes women will be weirded out that I only have "15 likes" on my instagram photos.

Those women are usually the ones with the most validation and daddy issues anyways.

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Social media is for kids, clowns, and insecure attention seekers... not masculine grown men. If you don’t haven the value and smv to walk into a room and get women... that’s where your attention should be... never social media or tinder.

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Bruh wtf are these comments.. you can still pull girls through* social media and you can fuck them too especially if you‘re 16-25 years old. Yes, you don‘t need it. But it can still help if you are not someone who gets 10 numbers from girls that you approach every day lol.

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Why did I turn Irish reading that?

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Lol my bad

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Get over yourself lol

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You really don't need it

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It's a tool. If you want to display your high SMV, it is very easy to do and heard great stuff can come out of it.

However, I prefer to remain mysterious and let them find out my SMV the hard way. It's more rewarding and surprising to them.

If anything, I find Social Media a waste of time and a slippery slope to procrastination. It tends to feed narcissism rather than self development.

I only have instagram for my photography endeavours, which isn't even the best medium for it.

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Snapchat most definitely. Instagram is a women’s world and you will never beat a women when it comes to unnecessary validation. If you have little social proof, IG is not your friend. If your SMV is good and lifestyle is interesting, use your IG.

If you don’t have either, they’ll assume you’re some type of hermit. Best bet is to use snap for logistics and snap occasional cool things you’re doing on your story.

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I just use social media for memories, I post there so I can look back the days of my friends and I.

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For people saying that does not matter: Are you actually 25 or younger? Preferably 23 and younger If so, do you pull hot'ish (say 7.5 or above) girls?

Because from what I SEE (that is, what kind of guys are pulling the most amount of tail) social media is a fucking must. Thinking that is not is meme I fell for and regret hugely and I am still recovering, that is trying to rebuild a social media presence

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I think I'm leaning toward this angle. I'm already feeling the gut stress of trying to up my social media presence while I'm already this far behind.

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I'm 35 and have come to realize it helps immensely. I share interesting photos from trips and women seem to eat it up. It sparks their interest and makes them decide to contact me and ask about my life. I reluctantly started using Snapchat, and made my FB more interesting. Still holding out on using IG though.

IG seems totally narcissistic and Snapchat is where they send me frequent sexy selfies and talk about hooking up. It's an unfaithful woman's dream, being able to flirt with or hit on guys and without having to own the shame of deleting their conversation history since it does that automatically.

I use WhatsApp in place of long distance phone calls or to send good quality attachments via mobile.

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You are honest. Thank you for your opinion.

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Nope. Just unplugged from all social media like a couple of weeks back (except Reddit, which will be soon). Best decision I ever made. It's such a sinkhole and a waste of time way to give beta attention. I'd rather do my life. Also adds to mystery when we're dating, doesn't give we all the data points in my life immediately. It is difficult, but it forces you to live in the real world.

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I’ll be 26 in a few days so I barely made it. I made my first Facebook post the other day in two years. It was about a human trafficking problem in my small town. Aside from that, the only social media I use is LinkedIn and Reddit. FB, instagram, Twitter and all the other shit are massive time sinks. You’re letting absolute strangers know what mundane and mostly ordinary things you do. It just seems rather strange to be so public about your day to day to life.

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Lol this is an AskMen-esque question.

I’m 19, and social media doesn’t really make that much of a difference. Social media is only really good for branding yourself and launching a business or creating a clientele. It’s makes no real difference in dating.

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I would say Snapchat is a must because it’s basically just texting and I know people that will ask for you snap quicker than a phone number

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24 year old here. I've got a Facebook account that I use for events, trade and messenger. Don't have time for taking selfies and dumb wall posts. Have never added any girls that I want to fuck in the past 2 years and it works well, interestingly adding girls on Facebook always ends up in the friendzone for me.

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I've got over 100k followers and it's definitely useful. I get free products, paid to use things, and get 50-80 messages a day. Have met many cool guys and cute girls. The people here who say social media is worthless don't understand how drastically it can help your life. It's easy to say something sucks when you aren't succeeding at it, but the truth is, it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

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I got over 100k too on my business account it’s good for marketing and for business. But for personal life it’s useless

[–]YTBR 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Mine is personal and I make more money through that than my engineering job. I made myself a brand and it's amazing. The second girls find out I'm instantly in as long as I don't do something stupid. I get exclusive invites to parties/events to meet other high value people for connections. Saying it's useless is one of the most incorrect statements you could make. I mean from just the money it's worth it. But the social boost is too big not to notice

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im under 25, and no i do not think that

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24YO here.

I'd say that having at least an instagram should be necessary.

Make sure that you put some investment in it at first. Just watch some youtube videos on how to get some IG followers. If you want to learn the game part of IG, look up "christian gray pua instagram" on google. He lays out what girls find attractive on guys pages. You only need to stay invested in it for a week or 2, then just post a pic every few weeks to keep it fresh.

I'd suggest not DM'ing girls on IG. I did that for months and got a few plates / dates out of it but the investment was huge.

Get good professional photos taken. I'm sure you can find someone who will do them for free if they just want to work on their portfolio. Just buy them a beer or something.

Again, you need to want to put some effort into this. If you're not really invested then you're just wasting your time.

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Instagram is great for certain things such as pre game, if you're traveling soon you can use insta to talk to different girls and set things up before you get there. Social media is definetely a meme but not to girls and that is who we are trying to get to, of course I put 0 value on social media but I should still use it to get more access to a higher amount of good looking girls. And I'm not advising wasting time sitting around on Facebook and looking into peoples lives. What I'd do is just make an instagram account post a couple different kind of pictures mostly ones that show you in a good light though like after a work out or shirtless at the beach something like that. Once you have that just use your insta profile to dm girls.

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i get laid off it every once in a while

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If you look good enough you don’t need anything.

If you don’t look good enough, every little thing can either help you, or hurt you

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IMO it’s important just so people don’t think you’re weird. Everyone in the 18-25 range has social media these days so people will question you and wonder if there’s something weird about you(at least based off my experiences in a large city)

Having said that, you don’t need to invest much time into it. Build your IG to around 200 followers(easy af) and you’re set. From there, it’s your choice if you wanna start documenting the badass shit you do for social proof or not.

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It's a good way to keep tabs on the other person if you're dating them. For all you know, you can be dating this girl and she can be on snapchat/instagram taking pictures with other guys and you wouldn't even know it. She'll take advantage of it.

Social media is a good way to show your accomplishments. If the girl is interested in you, she'll ask about your accomplishments without you having to tell her. "I was looking at your profile and saw this picture of you at so and so place, blah blah blah". You can say you did this or whatever but you have no proof; If you don't have proof then nobody gives af

If you can't get past 100 followers on anything, then don't make one. Girls care about that stuff a lot

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Fix this by not dating girls who are social media whores. Huge red flag.

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I hate social media. However, I met my ex on Facebook (a random friend request). I never had an Instagram or Snapchat and don't plan to. I deactivated my FB account as well and I feel great. I just can't handle the narcissism and people trying to one-up each other all the time. I am 26 by the way. I hope I can find a girl like me who has the same views

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Alpha males should avoid social media. Women like mystery and social media exposes everything about yourself.. in my opinion social media is for men with low SMV. I just use Snapchat but don’t post stories more to talk to friends.. now if you’re a celebrity social media works not just for women but for marketing purposes.. average dude? Waste of time. I deleted my ig at 1.5k followers was getting 100-150 likes a pic.. but that’s irrelevant. Been 4 months without my ig and I’ve been pulling way more girls. Get rid of a useless dopamine

Tldr- leave social media to beta males and celebrities

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18M. No, better gals use social media less in my experience