RP Men who were lazy and undisciplined - How did you manage to discipline yourself? What steps you took? (self.asktrp)

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I am extremly undisciplined. I've been procrastinating my whole 21 years of age and I'm fucked if I do not change my ways.

I just wanted to know how some of you guys who were in a similar position did it.

How did you manage to change yourself?

What books did you read?

What videos did you see?

What posts / articles / anything did you read?

What mindset did you have?

What concrete steps you took?

Myself am trying Cold Showers and meditation but sometimes it feels like I'm using them to avoid the work and feel good about myself. I need your help.

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Lifting will physically boost you and change a lot of biochemical reactions that are the complete opposite of sitting on your ass. Builds discipline. Can turn you masculine much easier.

Identify things you're passionate about, don't get hung up in reading a million books about motivation because that will feel like you're doing something, when in reality? You probably just avoided it completely.

Write up these lists; physical/career/education/hobby goals and cross them by a short/med/long term list, if you can think of more fields then great but at least come up with a 4 X 3 table just off that alone.

Do it.

Goals identified and a plan on how to achieve each one will make you want to get out of bed to achieve them, the motivation will come naturally flowing through that. If not then you're not passionate enough.

I have a literal wall of whiteboards that I can individually take down and rewrite, it's infinitely easier to plan your strategies than keeping them all in your head, this has been a defining clarity factor for me and I highly encourage you to at minimum get your ideas down on paper for planning.

You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy, who do you want to be?

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The brain is for thinking not storage

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Pick one simple task and stick to it like your LIFE depended on it. Like, washing your plate after you eat. Do it religiously every time, NO MATER WHAT. Do not skip it, not even once. Do that for one month. Then pick another simple task and add it to that one. Repeat. In 3 years you will be one super disciplined motherfucker.

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I was undisciplined as fuck all my 20s (I'm 32 now) and I regret it.

The first thing I would say is that it is a long process and you should be ready for it. Be ready to fail and to realise that it is part of the process. Beating yourself up will only demotivate you.

Second - focus on things that you enjoy doing repeatedly. Even in lifting which may seem like a dull activity, I enjoy the feeling of being strong and the small progress I make each time. Don't do things ONLY for a long term goal because you will lose motivation fast. If you do something for a few times and you do not get any positive feeling from doing, be it fun or pride or a good physical sensation, drop it.

Make concrete, doable plans. Whatever you want to achieve, make sure you know exactly all the steps to get from where you are to where you want to be. Do your research, ask people, make sure that every day you know EXACTLY the next thing you need to do. Vague plans are shit for motivation and are impossible to keep working on.

If you do those things you will find that you don't need "discipline" but you simply keep on progressing steadily and achieving your goals.

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Solid advice

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Reading a bunch of stuff won't do shit for you. Your change has to come from within.

You need to realize that you aren't going to make a dent in the universe unless you work your ass off. Then, start taking small steps towards what you want. Want to write a book? Start by writing one sentence. Want to build an application? Write one line of code. Want to move a mountain? Start with one stone.

Small, easy actions build momentum. Take the first step now.

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Reading books won't help you.

Looking it up online won't help you.

Asking for extensive advice won't help you.

In every moment you know what you should be doing do improve your life, you're just too much of a bitch too do it.You won't change until you either have no choice left, or you just say enough's enough and put your foot down.Motivation is a fleeting and the more you motivate yourself the less able you become to do the task without any external motivation.

As far as the practical steps, do NoFap Hard mode, wake up at the same time everyday, delete Facebook and use media and electronics at a minimum.Throw out all artificial sugar from your diet(keto), that is children's and women food, it fucks you up.Good luck, Godspeed

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Solid reply. Fuck motivation rely on discipline. Sugar and carbs make you a bitch follow the keto advice given.

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god bless u sir

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Quit stimulants.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Smoking / Drugs
  3. Porn
  4. Masturbation

These things stimulate and 'reward' your brain with dopamine rushes. That's the reason you'd rather stay in the room and fap rather than get going, or go drink instead of facing your anxiety.

Take up positive stimulants

  1. Run or Lift or both
  2. Wake up early
  3. Sleep early

Simple changes but you'll see massive changes in your sex life, general well being and outlook.

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Books - Aurelius' Meditations, Mike Cernovich's books, I also read up a lot on the psychology of internet and technology usage, procrastination etc.

Videos take up too much time IMO, but YouTube channels Improvement Pill, Practical Psychology and Based Zeus are all buenos.

My main mindset is 'if I don't work hard I will be a starving crazy homeless man who gets peed on by other starving crazy homeless men'. Maybe that's not the case for you.

Concrete steps? Getting out of the house for a certain amount of time each day, doing a certain amount of push-ups every day, reading a certain amount every day. See the pattern? Routine, hombre.

Keep doing the cold showers y meditation. Just do more.

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We should become accountability partners? If you'd like, maybe it will help.

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    Yeah I use to do it in NoFap we just tell each other the progress in our habits, our failures etc. It is better to be in some kind of team since I've tried to introduce some friends in RP but it didn't work. Bad idea anyways.

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    I see what you mean. Sorta as motivation and social pressure like i said as well. Fine by me.

    I've had the same thing with RP, a buddy of mine made a tinder profile, a bad one(like 1 picture). and i keep bugging him about it and asking how it's going. I keep trying to drop TRP truths but he doesn't pick up on them.

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    I think about discipline a lot because I'm one of the laziest people I know. I read a lot of self help lit and of course the classics as well to help this. I'm only relatively disciplined at this point in my life but I'm still going to dis-out my opinion...

    My experienced is a small portion of people have incredible discipline from a young age due to a unique combination of family, culture, school, city, regional factors (Biggest factor being a great dad but of course other things play into that).

    The vast majority of everyone else have shitty discipline and are simply forced to develop discipline. There's a lot of reasons for this and I think that abundance of food, distractions (games, social media, TV/film) are why most of us struggle. Most people need to be very close to a danger to react to it. There are really only a small group of people who are good at looking way down the road and planning out the steps to laying out a future that they would be proud of.

    No self help or advice from people has really made me significantly more disciplined (Thomas's Sterner's the practicing mind is one exception). The only things in my life that have really kicked me into productivity and long term planning were big personal setbacks and scares.

    Since I don't want to dox myself I'm going to make up some this that is similar to my real life but mixed up a bit.

    Brought me up:

    1.Getting a shit ton of driving tickets and living away from a family.

    2.Living in a place with very cold weather and nobody to help me.

    3.Getting kicked out of the Airforce and being forced to change directions help me get working harder.

    Brought me down:

    1.family leaving me some money

    2.living in a nice area.

    3.Getting in LTR's

    Basically every time my life has been comfortable I've slipped and every time my life has been hard I've gained a lot of ground (better job, better education). I just wish I could live comfortable and still want more; that's the hard part for me personally.

    Also doing small things that I see gains in makes me motivated and also having a strict morning routine highly effects the rest of my day. Sitting and watching TV or redditing has a terrible impact on my days productivity. I'm not good with balance I have to be all or nothing in my work and my play. Mediation, diet and exercise always help but only if I put a string of time together when I'm doing the activities highly consistently.

    I find that my discipline get really good when I have routines that are simple and I make systems for things so I can go on autopilot to do them.

    My discipline/focus is the worst at the end of the day especially if I haven't walked or exercised that day or if I've overeaten.

    My discipline is better when I have a very low carb diet and masturbate less.

    I recently watched this interview with Tucker Carlson and Gavin McIinnes that talks about laziness and rebirth. Here it is at the relevant time marker


    (Relevant part goes for about 3 or 5 minutes til the 12 minute mark when it changes subjects.)

    Bottom line. The lazier and more undisciplined the harder you need to find something that drives you and the harder you need to guard against that laziness. Set up you life as a constant fight against your particular pitfalls. Know thyself.

    "Ever since I got fired I really took work for granted, I started out in print not making any money then I accidentally got into TV and made by my standards a lot of money and I became completely entitled and lazy and distracted and then I got fired and I realized, WOW, entitlement is really ugly and counterproductive and disgusting and I will never be that way again. I was scared straight." Tucker Carlson

    Everyone needs a 'scared straight.'

    I do think people with 'developed' discipline are better off in the long run over people that have it trained into them; but only if they stay on guard. Trained people that have 'fallen' often times don't know how to handle the setback and might just fall for good. Self-disciplined lazy people just say, "of I've been here before in lazy land, time to get back on the horse"

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    i began to lift (obviously)

    i read from steve harvey's oeuvre, of particular use was act like a lady, think like a man (ignore the first part of the title, but focus on the second--teaches you to think like a man).

    videos i saw were "school of rock" (perfect RP film) and "ghostbusters" (the original)

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    Lifting and NoFap were the game changers for me. I still relapse and watch porn (.gifs) once in a while. Need to work harder there to fully eliminate porn.

    Lifting took me two years to make it a religion. It takes time to build positive habits. Start off with small changes, like making your bed every morning.

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    I like telling this story because it's sorta cliche but it's the reality of what happened.

    I used to be a pretty lazy guy, out of shape on top of it, and absolutely didn't care how I dressed. It was honestly amazing to me as to how I've ever had girlfriends let alone gotten laid.

    I've always had a certain Charisma about me which played along with the rugged look I had going on which I think is what did it. Some chick's are into that trashy style for whatever reason.

    It was the summer and I had just gone through a lot of changes in my life and I was binge drinking and partying to suppress the pain it was bringing me and trying to cope. We're all human but that's not the way to do things.

    I woke up one morning hung over and stumbled into the bathroom to wash my face. I had to of starred into the mirror for what was a good 5 minutes until I realized that I was a loser in the making, and if I didn't change my attitude now I was never going to gain anything in life.

    It was almost like a miracle to be honest, I instantly disaplined myself with my diet, started watching my calorie consumption, completely cut porn from my life, and started working out more often.

    School makes it harder to stay on track with the gym but if you maintain a good diet you can stay on top.

    Proud to say I have dropped 30 pounds since the summer and I feel fantastic, even grew a beard as a result which I was never able to do before.

    Now I don't have abs or anything, but I've slimmed and dropped a few sizes for jeans lol but it's progress and people have noticed.

    I look good and I'm proud of it. I'm not to far in the game in terms of chick's because I honestly have little to no interest whatsoever. I'm focusing on myself and that's all that matters.

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    Cold showers, waking up early, forcing yourself to take physical classes such as rock climbing, yoga. Lift everyday and make sure to listen to audiobooks and educate yourself everyday. Be present in the moment and most of all enjoy the moment.

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    What steps we take are not so important. What's important is just moving one foot in front of the other.

    Everything takes energy and effort. You can do whatever you can to increase your energy, but it's the drive that keeps us moving towards our goals.

    Energy doesn't get me out of bed at 5 am or makes me eat 3900 cals of whole foods of the same foods I've been eating for months.

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    What helps is to feel that pressure to be the best. Get rejected hard, work hard to prove them wrong. Set very tight deadlines at work and meet them.

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    Fyi, many lazy guys are not lazy, they are just unmotivated, which is different. My brother seem like the lazy fuck you'd meet anywhere but, undwr the surface, he lifts regularily and whenever he needs to pull something cool at work, he focuses and nails it.

    What I'm trying to say it, there's nothing wrong with being "lazy" if you choose to focus your energy wisely. Many "lazy" people just arent, but look like it...

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    I never was disciplined until I got a real job.

    What do you need to be disciplined for in college? Who cares? Just keep going to the gym and cram the night before the test.