Her mother shit tested me (self.asktrp)

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Her mother knows I am very successful at what I do, and running my own business.

I played some board game with them and I lost. Her mother said "you lose. are you a loser in real life too? you're loser, and being with my daughter?" in teasing way.

I replied: "yeah, can you lend me some money?"

It's crazy how they subconsciously shit test you. Everybody is shit testing you. This woman is really nice woman though.

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Pump and dump her mom and then hard next

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    ..with no condom

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    Lock yourself in the bathroom and escape through the window after the act.

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      Just before you are cumming deep in her throat, put two of your fingers in your ass and then ram them up both of her nostrils

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      sounds like a sex tip from a male version of Cosmo

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      With no condom, are you crazy? What if he gets her buttpregnant?

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      Then the baby will be black

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      Demote her mom to anal only plate

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      "Yup, I guess she has really low standards" ;

      If you want to sting her more:

      "Did she inherit them from you?"

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      That second quote, epic!

      OP, is mom fuckable? If so, kino some lust out of the broad.

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      Just based on what the mom said, I would have some serious reservations.

      You don't just date the woman, you're dating her whole family.

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      So true. Absolutely wouldn't have gotten married if the in-laws weren't good people who spoil me rotten.

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      I had this exact thought (pre-TRP) with the ex. I "loved" her and "loved" the way she made me feel but her family was a nightmare. Her mother gossipped 24/7, gave me dirty looks whenever I came over, always yelled at my ex whenever she would go out and call her names, etc. her dad was deadbeat and stayed home all day, drunk 24/7 on his phone playing games talking about how he was gangsta. The rest of her family were young 20's single mothers, uncles in jail, attention whores, drug addicts, etc.

      pre-TRP I was always terrified of possibly someday marrying the ex (although she didn't meet red pill standards, she was still 10x better than her family) and having her family as my in-laws. My family is actually nice, chill, respectful (the average blue pill family) so imagining that mix up seemed like a nightmare!

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      Chill, man. It's a shit test. The MILF has the hots for the dude.

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      "Subconsciously". What a fucking cunt.

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      Is there a question here?

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      Can a men also shit test another men ? like do beta males do that ?

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      Yeah, men of all kinds and ages will shit test you. I attribute bullying and hazing to "extreme shit tests". But i'd like a more experienced opinion on this.

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      Some people are just social retards, which sounds like what is going on with the mom.

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      Some women banter more like men and require a similar response to get off and vibe. Just not too much because most women cant handle what they dish out.

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      Do you just banter back with them like you would a dude? Sometimes I've noticed some women do try and "banter like a dude," and it kind of turns me off.

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      Whether or not you think it's attractive is not the point. This type of girl needs a little more aggression to vibe and get moist. Dont do it just like a dide, but more than you would with other girls.

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      You guys are fucked in the head. Full-on paranoids.

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      My thoughts exactly, lol

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      Imagine going through life, perceiving every word a woman says as a secret code for whether she wants to fuck you. Insane.

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      Yeah you've gotta look out for that shit. Some women care deeply about how their family and friends feel about you. That shit test sounds just like what my ex's mom would tell me. I would've probably replied with, "I'm such a winner in real life that I occasionally have to lose at board games".

      Treat her mother just like any other women. Be bold, pass shit tests, be assertive, demand respect, etc. I was in a relationship for years before TRP and I would kiss ass to the mom and put up with her shit because I felt like I needed her to like me. Even when the ex would talk shit about her mom, I would back up her mom and say shit like, "she's like that because she cares". In the same relationship after TRP I stopped giving a fuck about what her mom thought about me and replied to her shit tests with confident bold remarks, restricted exposure (mainly because I didn't really enjoy myself around her family and I learned to say "no"), not seeking validation from her and surprisingly she started respecting me more and actually being nice and stopped being rude all the time.