Traveling TRPers, which country in your experience has the most feminine women and the most wife worthy women if there is such a thing? (self.asktrp)

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Don’t risk marrying someone from a developing Asian country unless you plan on losing half of your shit.

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Don’t risk marrying

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Agreed. None of them are "wife worthy" under the ideals spewing forth below. So what if your wife is a gold digger -- what woman isn't? What is wife worthy? Someone who won't steal all your shit? How will you know unless you put them to the test over a 20 year period?

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    Exactly.. one of those ideals. We want a wife who out-earns us, who is young and stays attractive into her older years, who is loyal and submissive and always wet. These women don't exist.

    Don't marry, sure.. but someone will have kids or the RP male will be wiped within a generation. So we have to decide which traits we're going to take on the chin. Gold digging is something I'd be happy to live with.. I know what I'm worth to her, and I happen to be chasing money anyway.

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      I told her I expect it to end

      Weak. Keep those thoughts to yourself.

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        You might frame it that way in your eyes but as someone else who read that, I immediately took it from a perspective of you feeling like you're unfortunately destined for the good times and that things are too good to be true. I understand what you meant but the way it was phrased doesn't have a positive abundance spin on it to inspire dread IMO.

        It sounds more like a philosophical 'the glass is already broken' type of thing which is fine when discussing life with men, but it's not exactly a dread trigger.

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        Chinese women are more "silver diggers"

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        It’s hilarious this simple rule needs daily reminders.

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        It’s hilarious this simple rule needs daily reminders.

        Along with a few other classics, such as:

        • No, "plating your ex" is like asking if it's ok to run a 5k the day after fracturing both your legs. You will fail gloriously.

        • No, you can't save your buddy, especially considering you just found this site two months ago.

        • No, you can't text your way into a girl's panties, especially when you can't do it any other way to begin with.

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        Not in China that’s for sure.

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        Low maturity and severe princess complex.

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        As far as princess complex, I prefer this article about Chinese (and Korean and Japanese) But, yeah, I've been living in China for a few years. I can't argue with the who low maturity thing.

        Japan is a land of Queens: (Queens are experts at manners, etiquette, social behavior and exude discipline and self-control. They also have a presence that automatically commands attention in public without effort. On the other hand, because they are so well modulated and self possessed, it may be difficult or next to impossible to read their true emotions and feelings as they are experts at conceaing them using tatemae and honne, which is perhaps why not a few men married to Japanese women who believed they were happily married return home from work one day after years of marriage, to find the wife, kids and all their personal belongings, gone.)

        Korea is a land of Princesses; (Princesses are spoiled brats who complain, whinge and whine incessantly. Because of their lack of maturity and lack of social development, they are always depending on others incessantly. As they mature, they typically become more cunning and adroit at undermining those who they perceive as a challenge through subterfuge. Also, since Koreans have had no Royal Family and no Queen since the end of the 19th century, so it is only natural that Korean princesses never grow up, never evolve and are —for the lack of any real role models ot examples — the perpetual princesses.)

        China is a land of Empresses. (Empresses are ruthless masters of all that they set their sights on. No one who dares defies or dishonors an Empress either directly or indirectly, is allowed to get away with it, never mind live to talk about it. Vindictive to the nth degree and full of self-righteous indignation, an Empress, once insulted or dishonored (in her mind), will go to any length to regain her sense of honor, even if it means rendering street justice and vigilantism against that person who offended her.)

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        as a korean, i can confirm.

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        So japanese women are more mature than their chinese amd korean counterparts? What do you think leads to the shitty behavior of korean and chinese women?

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        I lived in Korea for four years, and I've been in China for five. Let's see...

        Korean princess syndrome can be a few things. The whining and pouting is definitely a thing for young Korean and Chinese chicks. They think it's cute, but I find it disturbing. In the west, baby talk from an adult is usually a sign of childhood sexual abuse. The only other shitty behavior that I noticed about Korean women is their sense of entitlement and snobbishness.

        Because of mandatory military service, a lot of young Korean guys are in good shape - before marriage and entering a soul-crushing corporate gig, that is. Korean dudes often wear nice clothes, too. They're not usually obnoxiously dressed like some of those K-pop guys. Korean girls, on the other hand, are, well... flat in all places. Considering that the guys outnumber the women, the girls get unrealistic expectations. They want three keys before marriage: keys to a car, keys to an apartment (in Korea, you put down massive deposits for a place), and keys to a bank locker (i.e. money saved up.) The women are useless because their parents take care of them. "OK, Grace - just study, study, and study! Get into a good school. Get a good job!" That's why, she can't even cook scrambled eggs. Man, I dated this one girl who watched me change a light bulb. She just said, "Wow... who taught you how to do that?"

        Korean girls are pretty snobbish, too. Everyone has a place in Korean society. If someone's a little older, you address them with the proper respect. If you're a foreigner living in Korea, you're the lowest of the low - especially if you're in the military or, god forbid, you teach English. Maybe times have changed; I left Korea in 2011.

        Chinese women are the same in some ways - childish behavior, glued to their phones, completely narcissistic. And because of the gender disproportion, the women have unrealistic expectations. "Oh, you have to have a house and a car before marriage." Thanks, but no thanks. Chinese women are more practical than Korean women. In China they have a saying: "Money is God." That's why you'll see some really hot Chinese women with the most boring beta men. Instead of "Money is God," I prefer the redpill saying: "Money can spread a girl's legs, but it can't make her wet."

        If you ever go to China, be careful. You can find a sexy girl (really curvy if you go to Sichuan or Chongqing.) She'll feed you and fuck you at first, but then you'll start to get pressure about saving money, getting married, and all of that jazz.

        Hands down, the most annoying trait of Chinese people for me is their crude behavior - smoking in elevators, playing phone games without headphones, spitting, cutting in lines, letting their kids run wild. They're all so freaking loud and spastic when they talk; Mandarin always sounds so harsh. Do you know that scene in Star Wars when Luke is in his landspeeder and the two Sand People are arguing on the cliff? Well, I'd say that that's about how civil your average Chinese mainlander is.


        (If there are any Tusken Raiders reading this, I'm sorry for the comparison.)

        I didn't even mention how bossy Korean and especially Chinese women can be later on. They both have overbearing parents. They're often told what to major in, who to marry, when to have a kid, etc. I've known some late early '30s Koreans and Chinese girls who were forced to get a certain hairstyle. "You are 32! You are too old to have long hair! You must change it!" Perhaps when they get older, they just automatically take that same domineering demeanor.

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        Lived in China for three years, can confirm everything this guy says. Especially the uncivilized behavior.

        Taiwan and to some degree hongkong is better in this regard.

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        Had lunch with a Taiwan girl and asked her what the difference was from the Mainlanders. She said "We don't spit and we know how to line up."

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        There's a guy on Youtube who made a bunch of videos about Taiwan. He said, "What's the difference between the two places? Well, if I get hurt, people will actually help me. They won't sit around and take pictures, either."

        I've only heard good things about the people. Unfortunately, the English teaching industry there isn't so good.

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        This is an interesting response. I learned alot. I am shocked by how bad asian girls are, one reads about how feminine and sweet they are but beneath them hides a monster.

        If Korean girls study so much, surely they have amazing jobs and dont need the three keys? Also, how did you manage to date a korean given that you are white and whites are the lowest of the low (that is I assume you are white, I may be wrong).

        The childishness from overbearing parents is a bsolutely ridiculous, from your description. It absolutely turns me off chinese girls - though I previously thought them cute.

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        Also, how did you manage to date a korean given that you are white and whites are the lowest of the low (that is I assume you are white, I may be wrong.

        Yep, I'm a white dude. Her parents simply didn't know about me. They were quite racist. Before me, this ex of mine used to have a boyfriend when she was in Canada for a bit. When she moved back to Korea, said-boyfriend traveled all the way to South Korea to attend girlfriend's sister's wedding. The mother refused to even look at him during the introduction.

        Foreigners can date Koreans, but usually it's one of the following situations.

        1. The parents don't know about you. (Check)

        2. The girl has daddy issues and purposely dates a foreigner to piss parents off. (Check)

        3. One or both parents are dead, so it doesn't matter. (Check)

        4. The parents have no issue with you, whatsoever. It helps if you're either good-looking or have a high-status job.

        5. The daughter is a leftover woman (in her early '30s or older). Her parents are desperate for her to get married. Some of them think, "Well, at least it's a white foreigner, and not a dark-skinned one." Sad but true.

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        Shitty men?

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        As a Chinese, can confirm

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        Please excuse me for being a bit harsh towards mainland Chinese people. I was in an "I need to leave China soon" mood. I should just remember that there's a shit-load of people and not everyone displays this behavior. (Except for maybe Shanghainese women being overly loud and neurotic. Did I even write that earlier? I should have.)

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        Back when they had the only one child law 80% of family's wanted boys so the few girls that actually were kept have basically had the entire country competing for their attention making them more entitled and snobby than most north American woman.

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        I can definitely agree. Not China. Please. Just trust me :)

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        Story time?

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        They're just really unbearable. Only 100% BP man can tolerate them, until they explode too. Here in China, they're mostly Western man who couldn't score back home and/or naturally have affinities towards Asian women.

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        Do you think there's a difference between China and Hong Kong when it comes to their women?

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        Oh yes, huge difference. HK girls tend to be more modern, open minded... A lot of them studied in UK.

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        Latin women seem the best. Feminine, traditional with cooking and such, highly sexual. They seem to live their man. But if they get mad... Look out!

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        Low IQ and low self-control. But hey, nobody said there weren't trade-offs.

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        I’ll one-up this and say Brazilian women.

        I’m Brazilian myself. Been there 3 times. Brazilian women seem to be the ideal RP wife as they are significantly more feminine than snobby Americans.

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        Brazilians have huge N-counts. They're not ideal for anything other than getting your dick wet as they'll pretty much ask you to fuck them.

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        Yup! They might be feminine, but they submit to anything resembling alpha with no resistance. They're not ashamed to have fun with their bodies.

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        That sounds like the ideal woman for me since i just wanna fuck

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        since i just wanna fuck (meaning i don't fuck)


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        Thats true. But i am working on it, so who cares

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        good attitude

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        Aside from the insane bouts of jealously Brasileiras are awesome.

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        Insane bouts of booty makes that worth it.

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        Latin america is just as full of SJW as the us.

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        Na totally disagree. At least i can speak for Mexicans. Our whole culture is based off partying.

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        azores woman, hard headed AF! really fun though but cant have her with out her family and boy are you in for a huge family

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        Yeah, definitely look out, especially if you're an American.

        There's enough stories of Latin women trying to get with American dudes so they can spring child support on them/green cards.

        Maybe that is just Mexico though.

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        ITT: Person: “<country>” Person from that country: “hell no”

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        Why? Because: AWALT.

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        It could also mean that the posters subconsciously fell into the dangerous trap of mate guarding women who share their ethnicity.

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        I’ve found Hungarian women to be quiet hot, feminine and submissive. It’s an Eastern European thing in general.

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        uhm.. yeah. If you don't mind blatant gold digging

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        He did say they were feminine...

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        At least they aren’t trying to hide it?

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        Ha, no. I have Hungarian family. They even warned me: the good ones are those who marry their own and don’t live in the larger cities. Keep away. If they know English well, it’s cause they speak with enough tourists, meaning they are consistently being hit on. Only the bad ones are the ones who fuck travelers. I learned that’s the case most everywhere. I hit it off with a Croatian woman, considered bringing her back with me, found out she cheated on a guy with me that she was already cheating with on her boyfriend of five years with. That’s the standard fair everywhere you go.

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        In that case, AWALT.

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        Coincidentally, that does sound like a very Croatian thing to do... in my experience.

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        I’m told it’s a Balkan thing to do, plus Slavic so you’ve got one hell of a combo there. I was speaking with a Bulgarian guy who told me that branch swinging is the norm there. I told him about the Croatian and even of a Bulgarian I hit it off with and he said that had I brought either of them over, they’d proceed to look to branch swing. The ‘good’ ones are those born of immigrant parents, with the old-world ‘values’ but adjusted to their new homes.

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        Definitely would not marry a Hungarian. Feminine yes, submissive, fuck yes. I was in an LTR with one and got to know her friends well enough. Those 3 perks you mentioned are the only ones you'll get... Good for plates, not for anything else.

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        No woman is worth marrying.

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        Lololol EE guy here. U dont want an EE woman as a wife

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        ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

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        I like when muslim girls blow me

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        ... up...

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        I regret that I have but one upvote to give for your post.

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        What's the difference between the muslim girl and the hippie girl?

        The hippie girl gets stoned before the sex

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        "the bush is always cleaner on the other side" - this thread

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        To be fair the western bushes haven’t been trimmed in decades.

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        Well, sometimes statistics mean just nothing. I'm white, young man, living in China for several years and I, personally stay away from them. Marriage? Hell no! Casual sex? Yeah, if I don't need to put any effort

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        Yep, I've been in China for several years, too. It's great when it's not serious; they fuck you and feed you. But when it gets serious, it's all about money, money, money with them. I've had a few friends tell me their sob stories over a beer. Overbearing parents? Check. Handing all money over to the wife and getting an allowance? Check. Countryside manners and starfish sex? Check. Nope, nada, no thanks, no way!

        I remember hearing a joke: What's the difference between a Japanese and a Chinese lady? A Japanese woman is lady-like in public and dirty in bed. A Chinese woman is lady-like in bed and dirty in public.

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        The women in Warsaw, Poland are very very nice. Also wanting to visit Brazil. South America has great feminine women.

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        Went there once, walked into a random bar, HB10s everywhere. Walked into another bar. HB10s. Went 'WTF?' and upon returning home, realised just how obese and fat everyone is. Hadn't seen how normalized it had become

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        There being Poland or SA?

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        I'm going to Warsaw for work next month- any tips/things to check out?

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        women. all the women.

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        All I can say is, enjoy.

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        I recommend the south coast of brazil, their german/italian immigration history has given them a wonderful genetic landscape. Florianopolis especially.

        However I've only seen fatties in north Argentina, didn't like it.

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        Can vouch, although not Warsaw but Lublin is my current piece. Polish women in general are very strong, beautiful and outgoing, yet feminine... a side you have to earn. Worth it though.

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        Polish women are EXTREMELY calculating...theyre always thinking they can do better unless you are a billionaire

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        As someone who met many of those and has many friends from there, i would like to back up. Extremely calculating doesn't cut it, because generally speaking they're quite intelligent, have high standards of life in mind (remember - they are close to Germany and other very developed countries) and quite restless.

        Polish people in general can be irrational and crazy too. Don't get me wrong, this is exactly why i love that place, i have seen some really good nights out there, but i would stay away from LTRs. They seem to be well integrated, but make no mistake - it's extremely difficult to handle and satisfy a polish person. on top of that, each and all of them are extremely patriotic and sincerely believe that their country is best by far than any other country on this planet.

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        Polish girls are in many ways like Russian girls not only from your description but they are hypergamous to the extreme, extremely hard to satisfy and too demanding.

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        That's easy: UnicornLand

        The problem is, it doesn't exist.

        If for some high, drunk, stupid reason your want to get married, move to some place that has man-friendly divorce laws and then learn to like whatever kind of food that they have there.

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        Dude, there is no such thing. Go there, screw em, enjoy. Rinse. Repeat.

        Source: me, 30 countries so far.

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        You're asking for the gun that has only one bullet in the chamber, but you're still playing Russian Roulette mu'fuckah

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        Agreed. Invisible man made borders do not overpower biology.

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        Polish women, slavic women in general.

        [–]Chaddeus_Rex 3 points4 points  (7 children)

        No! Absolutely not!

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        What happened?...

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        Dangerous gold diggers.

        [–]Republic_of_Ash 1 point2 points  (3 children)

        Surely not all? The one I'm seeing is very hard working.

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        She might be hard working, but wait until AWALT hits.

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        Being a western European man with any kind of career and money.... like moths to a candle.

        You're guaranteed to attract the "mail-order-bride" types who'll demand money in some way.(divorce/alimony) and use that to live comfortably in their country. Considering the average wage over there is 400 bucks.

        So I'm not saying they all are, but if you're from any rich first world country you're just a walking bag of money.

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        Well, I'm the furthest thing from rich - in fact, she makes more money than me and is easily 3 times as beautiful compared to most of the indigenous women here.

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        Though Slavic women are feminine on the inside they are hypergamous to the extreme, very calculating and very hard to please.

        Lets just say that in Moscow there are quite profitable schools that teach women how to identify and pickup millionaires and billionaires. Thousands of women go to these every year.

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        as per my previous post - i disagree too.

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        Best I've met have been from Poland, North Spain and Bulgaria. Wouldn't marry any of them though.

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        There is no such thing.

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        Bro there are women everywhere who could maybe fit these traditional values you hold so close to your heart. Not just Asia... But the World has since moved on into the 21st century. We got apps we go on to select mates 4 fucksake. You don't want a wife who's been through today's dating gauntlet. Yikes!!

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        There really is no magic bullet for finding a woman who will meet your expectations. Some of these cultures have much more shame and less reward for hypergamous behaviour, but bring her home and the game changes. Your best bet is to understand that woman from country X are the same as women from country Y, and live your life accordingly. I married a beautiful Slavic girl, was beta BP and am now paying for it. They are georgeous though, enjoy your turn accordingly.

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        Muslim women from bosnia/makedonia. Beautiful, traditional, submissive and usually low n count but experimental in bed. Serbian/croatian/hungarian and czech are the best fucks tho

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        Turkey and believe me its a fucking hard Mode

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        Eastern Europe, but if you are looking for a wife, you may have your priorities mixed up.

        Go to Prague, trust me.

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        Nirth Korean women! Srs. Best ive ever met.

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        Reading this thread, there are tons of generalisations being thrown around. I'd take everything with a grain of salt because we don't know who's typing. I've dated women from most of the nationalities mentioned. I never paid any money for anyone. All women can be bratty, spoiled, immature, gold-digging etc... >>>>IF you let them get away with it.<<<<

        Some women got the better of me. But since I started employing basic red pill tricks to manage my relationships, 90% of bratty, spoiled behaviour has dissapeared. Women will only act up if you let them.

        To hell with all these national stereotypes and pseudo-psychological analyses. We live in a world of individuals, and the right couple can rise above cultural programming if the man is strong enough. Red Pill cuts to the core of the human psyche, and can manually override most any BS.

        It's down to the man. If my bitch leaves me, it's my fault.

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        Spaniard here. Hell no.

        I'd say eastern europe (ukraine, Russia, Romania, Moldova)

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        To the Russian border countries like Belarus or Ukraine, yes to feminine but no to great wife material. Gold digger stereotype seems accurate.

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        None of those countrues you mentioned either.

        Whats wrong with spanish girls?

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        Spain? Based on what? Spanish girls are probably more screwed up in the head than the Americans he’s trying to escape.

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        I know two guys that got used for citizenship. I would be super-wary of marrying someone outside the US.

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        The rules of TRP apply in all countries. You will therefore most likely be fucked over in all circumstances. I'd tread carefully and simply not risk getting married. If having a child means that much to you, have a surrogate mother and raise it yourself and with girlfriends. Prenuptial agreements can be thrown out in court.

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        One of my army buddies married a girl from Lebanon, he's the only one I know of who got married in his 20s and is still married.

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        Most feminine has to go to the Swedes. Absolutely incredible - their McDonalds workers are like supermodels.

        Most wife worthy is Irish.

        [–]forwhitedove 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        I'm American but have lived in Europe for about 2 years now.

        Look for girls from European families with a history (nobles, respectable industralist families, etc). They're raised very well and will make you feel like a barbarian with their etiquette and elegance. But they're sweet and will teach happy teach a clueless American how to properly meet their family :)

        European girls in general are far, far more traditional and charming than Americans. I'm patriotic so that hurts to say, but it's true. They haven't been conditioned by the degenerate media like US girls have.

        I'd generally avoid the UK as well since it's so close to US culture.

        Don't be afraid to learn some more languages and hang out in Europe (mainland, especially). They're in dire need of manly-men that will marry, protect, provide and defend. Police don't work, men have become feminized like in the US, and socialist hell-holes make for very little entrepreneurship or creative endeavors.

        You can find a perfectly good girl in all these places, but I'd focus on Continental Europe -- places like Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, some parts of Eastern Europe (but not too Easter, watch for gold diggers), and the rest of the Continent.

        I fully intend to marry my current girlfriend (from one of the countries listed above), but supposing that doesn't happen, I'm very likely to never date an American girl again.

        [–]norolemod3l -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Africa. I'm 23 and only personally know of one person that's been divorced. Well southern Africa. Dunno about the rest

        [–]garebear19959 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Living in Houston right now. Very stuck up women.

        But if I go to a small town like corpus with mostly a mix of Spanish and whites I get alot better luck.

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        There is no country on this planet that has girls that want you.