How to pass the "you're a nice boy, but I like men" shit test? (self.asktrp)

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I've heard this several times, usually from older women. Is there a coming back from this or do I need to next?

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That's an insult, just next the bitch. Have some self-respect.

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Thank you! So tired of the endless surplus of faggots on TRP always trying to use AA at borderline disrespect. When you get disrespected it is not OK to sit there using AA, you just look like a goofy moron. Even worse is trying to laugh it off to show that it does not bother you. Just keep a straight face of disapproval and/or walk away.

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Oh, I'm well aware that AA* doesn't work here. It's just that I've heard it several times. Given, I'm pretty young (lower 20s) and often approach older girls (3-5 years older), so it's not that suprising. I just wondered whether there's a coming back from this.

* or at least in no way I can think of

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3-5 years older and they say things like that ? call her Auntie and talk about how you think her wrinkles are cute. Then say OK bye...

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Why the fuck are you approaching older women? Normal women look for guys 3-5 years older then them. You are essentially selecting for crazy.

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He might love fucking milfs. Huge tits, sugar mumma plate - sounds good to me.

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He is approaching girls in their mid 20s. What you're talking about is mid 30s.

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Speaking of older women, how do you approach them and make them take you out on a date? Older freaking love me but I have no idea how to go from there. Girls my age are annoyingly flaky and play too much games.

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Literally the same way as younger women, they're still women after all. Older women just tend to have way more provider hunter tendencies than younger women, so can make it much harder to plate them. It's not impossible, 2 of my recents have been older than me.

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Older women also have more herpes.

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I'm well aware that AA* doesn't work here.

What? Of course it does. "I'm glad you noticed. I actually won the 'nicest boy in class' award in second grade last year." "[She replies.]" "Yep, Mrs. Urie even gave me a kiss on the cheek. [She thought I was man enough/All my friends are jealous I'm not a virgin anymore.]"

A&A can work in almost any situation if you're clever and cocky enough. Like a lot of other guys have pointed out, not sure that you'd want it to work here, but you can pull it off.

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cringe bro

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Look, there is a differenve between a harmless, little shittest and just getting flat out disrespected. "You're a nice boy" is a harmless shittest so it is OK toAA or use amused mastety. Alternatively, if someone is calling you a moron, calling you ugly as shit or thi gs of that nature, please do not sit there and try to AA. You either. look unamused and/or walk away. Just don't look butthurt about it and people will respect you more for not taking shit.

Honestly, for most guys on TRP, I would just stay away from AA or AM but your motherfuckers are cringey as hell. "You're right, I won the nive boy award in second grade..." really?! Trust me, being cringey is not a turn on!

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In that case all shittests are disrespect. Why would you care if a child disrespects you? Showing you care means you care about her view of you, which is beta

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Wtf is AA?

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So what exactly is AA? I went to sidebar but still couldn't find it.

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I’m pretty sure it’s “Agree & Amplify”

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Thanks, that makes much more sense now

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Sidebar! Now!

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Useful as shit comment

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Exactly! Just smile at her and ignore her from there.

If she’s not gonna be respectful then she doesn’t deserve to be talking to you anyway.

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You are a nice granny but I like girls

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But he obviously likes grannies too if he was trying to talk to her soo

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Exactly, how does that response make any sense? And to think so many people upvoted.

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Lmfao right

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Nice response. But I'm not sure if that's more of a next than passing the test.

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its a next and passing the test

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This guy gets it

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Not good. If you try to pick up her, you are interested in her. This response show weakness. I think it's better just letting go without the "fable of the fox and the grapes" thing (I don't know if in english is the same story). Or maybe a pressure flip like "I get you,you're afraid of not having enough energy (or something similar). Or you can have fun and tell some shit like "I have some toys and I want play". Just my two cents.

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"you have something in your teeth"

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Holy shit yes, complete and utter disregard of her BS

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If she throws more shade, do not tolerate that shit.

You have options. Don’t take disrespect.

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Exactly this!

I would upvote it more if I could.

Who the fuck is she to judge you. If she doesn’t like you she can fuck off

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She said - "You are too young"

"Ok, we can be just friends."

"I don't believe in friendship between men and women"

... 3 days later we made out.

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3 days?! Aint nobody got time for that!

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Are you suggesting it's a good idea to let a woman know she bothered you by something she said?




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Grow muscles and a beard.

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Fuckin A

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What about for the competitive endurance athletes (marathoner) who can't grow a beard?

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How older were the women compared to you? Are you on purpose targeting this group?

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Usually 3-5 years older. I'm in the lower 20 however, so the difference is more obvious.

I'm not on purpose targeting older women, it's just that those are usually more fun to talk to and often they're also my type.

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Every guy in the comment is missing the point most likely. She called you a boy because she perceived you as a boy. Nothing personal, but you are probably more of a boy than a man..

It's not a shit test. It's just a woman overtly saying you're not man enough. Lesson in there.

Women just don't say this to masculine guys.

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You're taking what she says wayyyy too seriously and she's touching a nerve.

Next time this happens smile...smirk, stare right into her eyes and very slowly say:

"Oh? Don't feel bad, i still prefer older women. Enjoy it while you can."

Let's break this down:


that's the pause that will get her hamster spinning

Don't feel bad


i still prefer older women.

Demonstrate higher value, your youth is valuable.

Enjoy it while you can."


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I remember being told this when I was 25 by a 37 year old woman. I told her I'd show her how much of a man I could be if she'd just called me. Gave her my number and just walked away. 3 days later she called me

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and then?

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I fucked her twice in a week and then I actually left the country. I met her at the gay parade too..

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no coming back

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Ignore and move on.

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Well, either grow up or go for something younger for god's sake.

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That doesnt sound like a shit test, from an older women thats just disrespectful and feels like you are being treated with contempt.

Are you insecure about your age?

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"That's a pretty catty thing to say.. now imagine if I said you weren't a real woman? So rude. I misjudged you." And walk off. She'll feel bad the rest of the night if you deliver it with a hurt/judgemental look on your face (not like a douche) and come and try to give you a sympathy bang later.

But forget all that.

Stop wasting your time on older women and go for the youngest girls you can based on your age. The pussy is better and you will miss it later in life. And please, spare me that shit about older women being "more fun to talk to" after they drop lines like this on you - you're not there for the banter you are there for fresh young meat. In your early 20s you should be nailing 18 year olds, period.

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"that makes sense completely. How does a boy become a man?"

She won't have anything productive say because she doesn't have a fucking clue.

After she fumbles or throws more shade your way, tell her to have a good night and walk away. Letting a broad erode your self respect is like letting a dude slap your face. Don't do it. Find your spine.

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There are some shit tests that are not worth trying to pass, this is one of them. I would probably make the hurr hurr laugh face and walk off.

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Its not a shit test

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Older women.....next. Post wall isn't worth the effort. Most unedifying experience.

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Is there a coming back from this or do I need to next?

Likely not, but there is a lesson here.

Sounds like they're being straight with you.

Be less nice, be more of a man.

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At one point you have to stop worrying about passing their stupid tests.

Just be like “whatever hahahaha” and leave her to find someone else then.

You live your own life and you act how you want to act. If she thinks it’s not manly enough then LMAO!

Last time I checked hot girls aren’t a very limited resource.

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You are a nice guy OP.

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Oh sorry, I mistook you for a woman who prefers thick wurst over pasta.

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Learn how to do shit, build shit, take care of your own shit. Get serious about your tool collection, your knowledge, your skills. Age doesnt make a man.

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