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Is this good?

Ever since I’ve discovered TRP I act stoic as fuck and women go all out and say that I’m a rock and that they don’t know how I’m so emotionless and still-faced.

I’ve even had one of my plates tell me that I’m the only guy she’s ever met that actually makes her feel like a piece of shit and she loves it.

Am I turning into a piece of shit?

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Nope. You just learned to save your investment and attention. Look at it as a savings account. You can spend a little here and there when you feel like it.

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Or lack of his feels

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I think this depends on your goals.

First of all, a piece of shit is someone who beats their wife, or runs over animals. So no, I don't think you're a piece of shit.

Are you just after plates, and fbs? If so, keep doing what you're doing.

This sounds very cliche, but be you. If you're the type of guy that doesnt talk about much emotional shit, then stay that way. Personally, I do talk about emotional shit. I tell stories about my life that are funny, sad, exciting, or whatever. Thats just me, I like to share my experiences, some people don't. The main thing is that you never EVER let your partner be the one you "cry to". Life is kicking you in the balls and you feel down? Call your friends. Theres a difference between showing emotion and relying on someone to be your emotional tampon.

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Gotcha. Thanks.

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Ignore what women say.

Watch what they do. Are they talking to you? Are they talking about you? Are they analyzing every last little thing you do or don't, obsessively?

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Exactly. A woman will be complaining to her friends and orbiters about this asshole who shows no emotion and is so abusive, but she keeps running back to fuck him.

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Who cares what women say. It’s a major shit test trying to get you to act like all those pussy beta faggots they are used to. Remain a rock and act as you please. Keep learning and read rational male

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Yeah man I had a plate who did everything for me, untill she started saying I was an enigma and some people talked to me about how I was an emotionless robot with her.

I opened up abit and not even a week later she lost interest.

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You're probably doing everything right. Girls love emotionally unavailable guys.

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Name checks out. Thanks for the answer.

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Hey OP! Are you like the people I ask about here --


? For example if you go out are you also still stoic? (Like, you don't visibly have a lot of fun, dance, etc, you're more likely to stand there motionless?)

If so, can you walk through EXACTLY how this turns into an approach and picking any woman up and into something sexual? (Please be exact, such as whether they come up to you or you to them).

I am currently behaving very differently when I go out: put on a mask of having TONS of fun, say Hi to everyone (men and women, greet everyone), and just not spend a lot of time on anyone but act (ACT) very social - funny. The opposite of stoic.

This gets women I didn't even see to come up to me and I'm able to touch them (they let me) and so on. In the source I read it in they said some women find this behavior SO hot.

I'd like to instead learn more about the stoic game and try that.

Tell me more about how this continues on.

For example if you're stoic on a first date (as opposed to bubbly and touchy and humorous and warm) then how do they know you're not just uninterested in them? How does it lead to the bedroom?

Tell me more about stoic game.

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Stoic to me means acting like I am the prize. Whenever I'm hanging out with a girl, I'll act like I don't care. Oh, you straightened your hair? Cool. Oh, you got a new dress? I don't care. I'll dance if I go out but I will never act thirsty. Have fun, but don't give a fuck. You're the prize. She's trying to fuck you.

Problem with being stoic? She has to have an interest in you, which is where being cocky and arrogant comes in. Cocky and arrogance to build interest and show her your SMV, stoicism to show her that you don't care. That's how I've always understood it.

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Let me put it to you with these questions (real questions! not rhetorical - I want to learn more about your behavior):

  1. Do you laugh if she says a funny joke? Do you joke back?

  2. You mentioned you will never act thirsty: if you see a girl you like will you go up to her physically? (For comparison, I, who am not "stoic" in this sense, usually would do something like this: I will visibly be open with many people, genuinely making it so she can see this -- i.e. so I don't just pop up out of nowhere in her vicinity -- I will see how she is behaving toward my physical presence and see how she reacts to light touches right away, bearing in mind that she has seen me already. None of this is really "stoic". I am smiling and having fun through this time. Can you compare your behavior?)

  3. You mentioned "she has to have an interest in you". So, if you are being "emotionless" does this put the burden on her to escalate? For example, does she call you out on dates rather than you calling her out? (extreme example).

  4. At what point do you start showing strong physical attraction via touch? Are you still stoic at this time?

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You're getting way into minutae and overanalysis.

Stoicism in a TRP-sense means when a girl (or anyone really) tries to play you, you remain unfazed and don't give the anticipated response. You are not a eunuch, robot or pet rock, other than to her manipulations. This, to them equals being a rock, when their normal playbook doesn't work.

Yes, you can (and practically have to) approach. Yes, you can laugh naturally and then joke back. Yes, you (have to) escalate. Yes, you can show attraction.

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I didn't ask what you "can" do! I asked what OP does. Please note that although you says " You are not a ... robot or pet rock" actually OP says:

I act stoic as fuck and women go all out and say that I’m a rock and that they don’t know how I’m so emotionless and still-faced.

so while you might be giving an accurate representation of what TRP recommends, in fact OP says he acts emotionless and still-faced.

so I'm curious about OP's game - not general advice. how does it work for him?

Please note that he says "emotionless", "still-faced" ,and "a rock".

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Still trying to suck a stoics salami huh? Smh.... Quit being so analytical.

You're gonna screw yourself up by thinking there's an exact formula to this. You can't calculate for every situation beforehand, because the unexpected always happens and then you're left standing there with a limp pecker in your hand.

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I mean, of course you have to show some emotion and laugh and joke and escalate but don’t always be too friendly. Find a balance.

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of course you have to show some emotion and laugh and joke and escalate but don’t always be too friendly. Find a balance.

I am kind of curious where that balance is. (I think I might to be too friendly.) I guess it's hard for you to describe via text though!

I dunno, like, what % of the time are you smiling/laughing? (For me it's like 100% of the time, except when I first show up and before I forgot to put on a 'mask' of having extreme amounts of fun - but this 100% which seems too much)...

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    Thanks. So last night after a party I stopped by a club briefly and did this on my way home. I just leaned on the rails not even dancing (normally I dance very well but this time didn't even nod my head to acknowledge the beat - like everyone else in the place is dancing but I'm just part of the furniture.) I looked at the time on my phone since this was an experiment and I wanted to see how long I would have to stand there. Within ONE MINUTE (took my phone out of my pocket after to check, and it was the next minute from when I started), a woman dancing a bit off locked eyes with me. Within 7 Minutes (during which girls were dancing in front of me but that doesn't mean it was because of me, or could have been part of their game targeting me) a girl came up to me and danced against me, literally pressed her body against me or touched me. I am just on the rails not even moving. Another girl "accidentally" touched me on her way out (I checked, this was at 12 minutes) and then when a girl brushed against me as she took out a cigarette and left, after a minute I was like "wait a second, is stoic game that I go find her now?" So I went out to the smoking area (I don't smoke). However, I didn't see her.

    So what actually happened is 3 girls came up to me and touched me to some degree.

    I then went back after going to some other parts of the club and decided to investigate whether the girls who were in my vicinity were there by coincidence (it is a dance floor after all): I went up to one and grabbed her to dance close (very aggressive normally you have to build up to this) and she melted against me right away. I was pretty shocked.

    This stoic game is really interesting. I also observed the behavior you mention from the more beta guys. Actually easier to see when I'm not moving myself or an active participant!

    Was cool.

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    Look at this with virgin eyes. Erase everything you know, all red pill and blue pill everything. Erase all guilt and rules you’ve learned.

    How are women responding?

    There is no such thing as being a wanted, lusted after piece of shit, shit smells bad and is avoided, are you?

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    Not playing into their manipulative games is a good thing.

    Of course they'll try some silly shaming attempt to try and get you to buckle. Be prepared for more.

    Read up on what "shit test" / "fitness test"s are.

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    I'm grappling with the same issue. This chick I banged last night and am lying next to right now accused me of not respecting her. She says I no longer treat her well and that I'm cold and never want to talk to her or treat like a friend. Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself...you're a horrible person, my respect is earned, and I have nothing to speak to you about or do I desire to be your friend. I'm wondering if I now hate women and am turning into a piece of shit.

    Side note: I'm struggling to even bond with my mother since swallowing the red pill. Especially, since she did the whole divorce the beta, take his two kids, and half his shit and have an affair with a piece of shit alpha that physically beat and raped her. She then went on to marry him.

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    Am I turning into a piece of shit?


    If it is your goal to be perceived as you describe it, well done. If you want to be socially useless and unacceptable, well done. If you want to remove people from your life, well done.

    If you want to enjoy your life, take a step back and analyze what you're doing now and what you have to change to get the results you want. You asking this question is an indication you don't like the current results and know for yourself you should not get used to it. It is an experiment and the results do not satisfy you. Now, changing your mind and adapting to the results is not what I recommend. That would be like you find a medicine that cures acne and stuttering, but gives you AIDS and you tell yourself AIDS is good for you.

    Treat stoicism as a tool, not as a way of life and having a meaning all by itself. You don't carry a screwdriver in your hand all day and eat your soup and brush your teeth with it. You fasten or loosen screws. Same with stoicism. It has it's benefits over other principles in a lot of situations in your life, but not in all.

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    Do your best to be on the side of Good and you won't feel guilty i.e develop your morality.

    Your success in life only acts as a mirror for other people: their dreams and ambitions personified. No wonder the girl feels like shit (many presuppositions here; a different topic), you are what she could have become (smarter, stronger, competence, etc.)

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    You're doing it right. It feels awkward at first if you're a bleeding heart little pussy raised by a single mom in toilet clown world, but as I believe you must pursue discomfort to develop then honestly it's a good thing.

    In my experience, women saying "you have no emotion" doesn't mean you're a sociopath, it's just their little childish way of expressing that they like that you're a rock and they can't move you, it makes them feel weak and safe and like the little girls that they are. Women in 2018 cannot outwardly appreciate a man for being a man, since that's toxic masculinity and not putting their vagina on a pedestal and as such is strictly verboten in toilet clown world 2018. They KNOW you're better than them or they wouldn't be fucking with you, but they absolutely cannot say it because of the narrative they've been raised under. Hold your frame, do not budge, do not apologize, do not show weakness and so on.

    Never join them in their little pussy carnival of emotions. Never.

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    I got called the same by some hb5 coworker last year. Fast forward 6-7 months. She goes ‘you’re kind of a jerk but I still like you’. Yesterday again, “You’re always a jerk.” I said this is who I am, you want me to be fake.

    Be you, say whatever you feel like and treat em like children.

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    If you act stoic as fuck, then you are not stoic at all... You are acting. Stop being a shell of a person and actually be yourself.

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    OP just be yourself is shit advice

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    No, it's not. Acting tough doesn't make you tough. Acting like a badass and distant doesn't make you a badass. You have to be who you are. If you want to actually be tough and a badass, then earn those stripes. Then, he won't be asking "if it's good".

    Or is that what everyone is about here? Just pretending to be cool people, so they can gain some popularity for a night or two until they're figured out?

    The shortcut is not learning what women like. It's learning that you need to be a man in this world, even though maybe no one ever told you so.

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    It doesn't help telling someone to just be themselves, tell them how to be better. This reply has some content. Your original comment is bad.

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    Acting tough is not merely acting. Someone is being tough in whatever their situation is.

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    There's a difference between acting tough when you're in the line of fire and staring it down and when you're out at the bar and chilling with a bunch of casuals. Toughness isn't perceptual; it's a real trait. Don't kid yourself if you think you can build it by acting tough in all the scenarios where it's not necessary.