Girl I matched with on Tinder asked for dickpic, I asked for one of her in return. She refused, I then refused to send my dickpic. (self.asktrp)

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She told me that she was looking for nothing serious and that she didn’t trust men on Tinder. She has already received a picture of my body and wants to see the D. I do not feel comfortable sending her on without her sending one back of her vajeejee. She told me that she is off to sleep and will see what I will send her in the morning, I just wished her good night. Did I handle this correctly?

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It's a dude.

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Or a scammer that’s going to attempt to blackmail him.

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Personally I wouldn't care if someone tried to blackmail me,

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Just pictured you sending more dick pics in reply to the black mail lmao

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Lmao that would be the only appropriate response

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Yeah could easily be a dude

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Chad trying to see this guys dong

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Next time tell her you don't send dick pics but are happy to show it to her in person

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    Use my Schrödinger's bitch (SB) scale.

    SB0: unfuckable

    SB1: fuckable

    SB0.5: Need to unbox the pussy and take a look at it to find out.

    Sound's like you got a perfect SB0.5 there.

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    Quantum fucks: She is both fucked and unfucked

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    Ive been using the 0 and 1 scale for a while, to be honest, its much easier and more universal

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    Honestly a butter face is not a big deal to me, I kinda prefer a nice body and an average face, I like imperfections, but the binary scale is the best way to help with potential one itis

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    This is fucking gold.

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    You better apply for a copyright or I will.

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    I put it under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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    But change it to Schrodinger's pussy.

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    What does SBX mean?

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    It’s called catfish. Some gay dude trying to get dick pics

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    Or a cop looking for internet predators.

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    I think you have to be 18 to get on tinder

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    That is true. But There are slutty 16 year olds out there that put a fake birthdate.

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    If they pretend to be 18 years or older, which the app requires, then I don’t think you can get in trouble since it’s assumed that everyone is over 18, especially on the profile it’ll say at least 18

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    lmao, you obviously know nothing about statutory rape cases. Ignorance is not considered an excuse. Fake id, lying about her age, nada. Some 17 year old fucked a 14 year off online dating. She lied about her age. Parents called cops because they didn't know where she was. Cops found them. He gets charged with statutory rape and placed on the sex offender's registry, banned from working within a 1000 ft from kids and is banned from the internet because the judge doesn't like promiscuity. The parents tried to raise money to help his case online.

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    You most definitely can. People have been fucked legally by girls lying about their age online.

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    Yeah that makes sense. It’s just if there ends up being sexual intimacy then the assumption of 18 isn’t doing any good.

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    I think once you meet the person, then all bets are off if there’s sexual contact

    Edit: kinda bullshit though. Like the girl can straight up lie about everything and you’re the one going to jail. Like what do you have to do, ask for her id? Ridiculous

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    Yeah no kidding. Then they would most likely get butt hurt about it and find some way to label the guy as a creep for doing that.

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    Even if you ask for ID and she shows you a fake ID, you're still going to jail.

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    then why tf are you wasting time talking to her/posting about it here? gd dude

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    Have u heard of the facebook/skype/tinder blackmail scam? Where a girl asks you for dick pics and or jerk off on video then she threatens you to send it to all your friends on facebook unless you send her money?

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    Be careful with this. There are girls who are blackmailers on Tinder and other dating apps.

    I got into a situation like this a few years back. I didn't even whip it out but got into a video chat with what appeared to be a hot girl. I later learned by researching this that it was a video of a naked girl put up to lure some unsuspecting idiot into whipping it out.

    As it turned out these blackmailers created a video of what looked like me with a massive cock flopping around in the foreground like I was playing with myself.

    Then this "girl" demanded I send money to a Western Union account.

    I played dumb and asked "Why would I do that?" I called police and reported it. The video and the threat instantly disappeared. I learned that blackmailers go for shock and awe. If they can get you pay they'll demand even more. If you refuse---they just disappear because they can be traced by YouTube etc.

    Long story short---be very careful about this kind of thing.

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    A few years ago an “escort” tried blackmailing me. There was a backpage ad and “she” kept asking for more and more info and wanted to see pictures so I just blocked the number because they were annoying tf out of me.

    Then the next day I get a phone call & texts saying that they need $200 or all my info will be posted to “exposingJohns” .com or something like that. Lol

    I told them they could threaten to put all my info on a billboard by the interstate and I wouldn’t give them $1.

    I imagine married/engaged people fall for this scam all the time.

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    If you are technologically literate you can always tell. Been sending dickpics to girls I dont know for years. And I usually get nudes back and just ask for more. Its a great tool to get girls "addicted" to you if you know what you're doing.

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    This has to be from screened girls who are genuine. The OP says he got solicited for pix right after matching which is a Red Flag.

    When I get this I always report the post to Tinder as "solicitation".

    In your case you may be having more success but it sounds like a different context. Still girls be crazy so watch it.

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    Meh I have never found it hard to tell genuine from fakes. Even the elaborates ones but I admit I sort of have a gift for this. But real girls definitely do ask for dick pics sometimes!

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    that's actually a fucking genius scam move. cheers for the heads up!

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    my online rule is if you ask for a pic of any type , you better provide first. this removes most of the time wasters and catfishes. this times 5 with nudes. if they fight.

    " if you want to see it so bad, I'll show you in person"


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    I tell them to send a pic holding a spoon to be safe

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    Ehhhhhh not really. The winning move is not to play.

    You want sext or sex?

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      just ask her for a dick pick

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      Some chicks just want dick pics for kicks... lol.

      Dont bother with her unless she will meet you in person.

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      Send of her a picture of Nixon.

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      Lol something tells me the chick wouldn’t understand

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      Just send a random googled dick pick. It doesn't have to be yours.

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      Girl I matched with on Tinder asked for dickpic, I asked for one of her in return

      You asked her for a dickpic? Wait... what?

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        I know what you mean!

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        Lol, why would you ask a girl for her dickpic

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        It's probably a guy.

        Any sane chick isn't asking for dick pics

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        I can't believe how many guys here are so uptight about sending dick pics.

        There are plenty of girls on Tinder that just want to fuck and will straight up ask for dick pics because they don't want to waste their time, and I for one applaud those sluts for being honest about what they want and for not playing games to get it.

        First, you should always make sure she's legit. Scammers are pretty obvious, but if you're not sure, see if you can verify her on another social media like ig or sc. And of course the best way is to facetime them for a quick hello, exchange some snaps or at least voice verify to make sure everything adds up.

        If that's all good, show her what you're working with. Obviously don't include your face in the shot or anything that would give it away your identify to your friends or family if the pics get leaked. Try to make the photos to as dissimilar to any other photos you've sent her so they don't look like they belong. Change outfits, rooms, lighting, etc.

        I've found once you send them a pic, they will return the favor and that usually leads to building some crazy good sexual tension. It allows her to know what she can expect and establish a familiarity with your cock while still giving her the thrill of anonymous sex when you end up meeting.

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        Don't tell her you don't feel comfortable. Don't talk about your feelings. She will start having her own feelings. Probably the uncomfortable kind.

        Don't ever ask for a pic. As if that would satisfy you. You won't know shit about it until you see it in person anyway.

        Simple say, "I'm not that easy" or "I'll show you in person". Sending pics is gay and also they could have been taken anytime and be of anybody.

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        Shit man, Learn self respect and some self preservation. One of the biggest lessons to learn about TRP is that YOU are the prize. She has to work for it, not only that quit wasting your time trying to score nudes from girls on the internet, if that’s what you want forget about TRP go watch porn. go get real girls. Ps..if a girl is going to be sending you nudes you’re probably not the only one getting them, careful who’s uglies you’re bumping.

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        Only send dick pics to girls who have touched it. It's that easy.

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        You wanted to see her dick?

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        She told me that she was looking for nothing serious and that she didn’t trust men on Tinder

        While talking to a man on Tinder.

        No need to swap genital picks, just meet.