Soo she finds me ugly? (self.asktrp)

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Whaddup guys,

I have been texting with this chick and she said that she is starting to like me and such...then she says that she likes my personality, that I am not handsome and that she likes my guitar playing.....then she proceded to tell me that she would like to meet me and such.

Dafuq was that about...she flat out told me im not handsome?

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It’s a test. Don’t react beyond laughing.

I was once told by a girl that her boyfriend had bigger muscles than me, was much taller, and had more hair. (All 100% true)

It almost got me. But I laughed instead. Few hours later I was balls deep in her.

Never break frame.

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I meesed up...I replied that it was a weird complement

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Don’t worry about it. Don’t mention it again. Act as if it never happened.

And next time you get some shit designed to break your frame, don’t let it.

I’ve had some hurtful shit said to me by women, comments that stung hard. I never react and I always get the lay.

You’re made of solid fucking steel. Don’t forget that.

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Amen brother. Thanks. Im getting back in the ring

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Do it.

The key thing to remember here is this:

And don’t worry if it takes you a while to internalize it, I still fuck up from time to time.

Women are unbelievably insecure. About everything. Every part of their body. Every part of their life. They NEED a strong man to quieten that insecurity so they test for strength by acting ‘confident and bitchy on the outside”.

They have to do this to weed out weak men.

Your job is to see right through this bullshit and not let it affect you in any way. Act strong and you’ll become strong.

Women will follow.

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Thanks again. I shall aspire to become an inmovable object

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^ good example of amused mastery. Laugh it off. Who cares about what she thinks about you. When you laugh it off and act unphased you signal that you are higher status. You are subtly sending her signals that you are confident in yourself.

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not the worst response at all. better than 99% of guys would’ve replied with.

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Not that bad.

A real mess up would be "I am not that ugly. I have a decent jawline, I think I look ok." That would be defending yourself and shows insecurity.

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Hahaha. Definetly not doing that.

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I feel like it depends on the kind of laughter though. If you just laugh nervously and don’t say anything in response, is that not bad

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Sudden uncontrollable laughter, then reign it in. "Cool story, but how bout day booty tho?"

Maybe I just laugh suddenly and uncontrollably though ("I hate it when you do that" ...then stop being so funny)

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It’s a test. Don’t react beyond laughing.

It'd be my natural reaction. I'd find it pretty funny if a girl said "you're not handome." Who the fuck says that lol.

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Yeah I once had a Tinder date at her house. She opened the door and her very first sentence was "Hmmm on your pictures you looked more muscular". I found it very weird but just laughed and kept frame. Few hours later I'm fucking her brains out.

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You ain’t joking. Shit happens, a lot. I’m usually the guy better looking or better shape. And I get had cause mother fuckers compose themselves . God speed. ☄️

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What do you think about Agree & Amplify as a response to that? I was thinking like, "he sounds hot, you should give me his number!"

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Wouldn’t have worked in this situation. it would have placed value on him which I wanted to avoid.

I’m the prize.

I was trying to get her to cheat on a 10 yr relationship so had to frame myself as being higher value.

Her comments were just her talking to herself, trying to make sense of why she was attracted to me even though on paper her boyfriend was ‘better’.

She was attracted to me due to my frame, confidence and attitude. It was primal and she couldn’t quite understand it herself is my guess.

It went downhill fast after we smashed. Guilt is a strong emotion 😂

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Great point

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Its extremely hard to never break frame, but in the end - this is what gets you laid.

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If she didn't find you attractive then she just be avoiding you and making minimal effort. Shit test 100%.

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Yeah....I fell for it...won't happen again. I swear

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It won't, because it's gonna be different words and you won't see it coming

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I'll do my best not to fuck up again.

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How fucking true...

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Very convincing. Is it working?

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Watch what she does not what she says.

Those things are called shit tests, the topic you obviously missed while you were 'reading' the sidebar.

Setup date, game, escalate, isolate, close.

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Fuck....you are right...and I fell for it...damn...i think I lost the battle...she now knows I bleed .

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Thats the beauty of it. Even if you don't fuck this chick you learned something new that'll take you further with the next.

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Fuck yess. We are at war..you give em an inch and they take a mile

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Just go and close the deal dude. Never break frame and treat her like the little brat she is, never take them seriously.

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If you keep your cool (or regain it), you might even ask her how that “ugly cum” tasted. LOL

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I have to regain it

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She wants to suck your cock. Let it happen.

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Girls will most likely not tell you you're ugly if they not attracted to you. It is a shit test and from your response to someone's comment, you failed.

It's apparent that you're insecure about your looks, so you should focus on fixing that issue.

Next time someone makes a negative comment about your appearance or imperfection say, "Imagine I was handsome though? I'd be having every girl on me like I was Justin Bieber" and then smirk.

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I am getting in shape....in process of fixing it. Thanks for the encouragement!

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Yes, that is important. But what I meant by that is that if you are sensitive about what people think about your appearance, then you are still going to get butt hurt when someone makes a negative comment, no matter how much you try to improve.

While you improve your looks (gym, acne, haircut, facial hair, teeth, etc.) also try to accept yourself as you are now.

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Indeed....I am also in the process of that. I used to flinch at my relfection in the mirror....not anymore

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That's good. It does take time. It's really just more important about you being happy with your appearance. For example, I grew my facial hair out this year. I've always had a clean shaved face but this year I decided to try to grow out a scruff. It's still a bit patchy but I really like it and it boosts my confidence. With that said, I've had friends and family tell me that I looked better with a clean face, but even if it were true, I am happier with my patchy scruff and IMO, the confidence boost is much better than if I look better with facial hair or not because the confidence is more attractive and overall will help you in other areas.

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True indeed. Nice, fellow scruffy beard dude

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Are you handsome or not?

Luckily women are less attracted by pure physical traits than we are.

I've dated hot girls who at first openly thought I was ugly. But it's true, I'm kind of ugly, I have tons of acne scars, one eye higher than the other one, wear glasses. I kind of take pride in it, I score in hard mode, these girls thought they were out of my league and were the ones crying when we separated.

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Fuck yeah. Its all in the attitude after all

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Oneitis here? Re-read abundance mentality.

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I know....been meeting some other chicks too.

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ffffffff man. Keep on reading. You should've been able to skewer this one.

If she doesn't find you attractive, and you throw that back on her, how does her hindbrain reaffirm her (now diminished) sex status?

She has to fuck you. But to trigger that you have to make her think you're totally uninterested/spinning plates

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Shit test. Ignore or make a joke. She wants to meet you, this is just a standard shit test to probe for insecurities

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Thanks I will remember this for next time

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I'd have said, "Men who can play the guitar with their cocks don't need to be handsome. Just sayin', honey."

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I'd drop the 'just sayin' honey' if it's over text (gotta be terse) but that's a good reply

Or some basic A&A on the ugly thing like "Yeah I just got cast as the new Freddy Kreuger. Play nice and you can be my red carpet eye candy"

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Oooh nice. Also throw in how you beat our Benedict Cumberbatch for that role too.

Not sure how, but that ugly motherfucker can make the panties drop like a fucking piano from the top of a New York high rise.

My daughter told me that his followers call themselves Cumberbitches. Lol!

A little later in the conversation In told her that she was a Cumberbitch, and she laughed and said I know.

BC > RDJ?? How in the flying fuck does that happen?

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Yeah I don't really get it either, but Britishguy Confusingname is certainly a good example of how 'looks' as guys understand it don't matter that much. (Appearance does, but he does have that...he's tall, typecast in imposing intellectual roles, and has the celebrity recog.) Also, all bets are off with celebrities, b/c their SMV is so high that being 'ugly' might just make him seem more attainable than, say, his intimidatingly handsome jacked costar Hemsworth

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It was a shit test. Agree and Amplify.

One (and by no means the only) option could be to call yourself Quasimodo, then comment how she's like Esmerelda or some shit because she has a thing for hideous deformities. Call her Esmerelda from time to time just to bug her.

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Wow...fucking right mate! I'll make a memo out of that

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Good. Go meet up.

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I will

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Ignore her. Ghost time.

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She is checking if you are doubting yourself. If she sees this throwing you off your tracks it means that you aren't confident in yourself.

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"That is not how you neg"

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It's rare that a girl will be that blunt, but she was, and the implication is obvious.

I would not pursue such a rude person.

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Kind of an entitled little bitch, right?

I like you but I wish you were more handsome... what about you go and screw yourself?