Mods, please create a discord (self.asktrp)

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Quarantine has happened. Shit happens, deal with it. It is difficult to replace Reddit - it has a sidebar with essential reading, flairs, endorsed contributors, and a place for discussion in theories, field reports, and sexual strategies.

A website can bridge the information gap that is caused by being quarantined. However this is 2018. Having mobile access is, at least for me, a big deal. A website, having to load into Safari/Chrome is not optimal - takes time and is not user friendly. Just try using reddit on Safari/Chrome and compare the experience to your favorite reddit app - it is a lot more chunky - harder to access messages, upvote, and save posts/comments.

I suggest an app called discord. It has great ease of use, and is a specialized app to make the user experience easy. You can ‘label’ users (much like tagging users with ‘Endorsed Contributors’). You can create a discussion room called ‘sidebar’, make it so users can’t type there, and pin our old documents, to effectively become the new sidebar. We can replace flairs with new ‘rooms’.

The biggest positive is that it is a hub for the community. Discords are seen as a companion to traditional mediums (ex: websites) and would complement trp.red

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No, there are serious privacy concerns with Discord, that may cause people to get doxxed. So we do not have a Discord nor do we officially endorse one.

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It seems like you have the means, knowledge, and motivation to do something about this idea.

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I’m all in for something like this

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I'm not sure if a Discord server would do well for maintaining and enforcing the original view of TRP.

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There's already an IRC.

Besides, Discord will just ban.

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I’ve checked out the irc channel. It was dead when I went there. Its also not 1998. Wonder if mIRC is still a thing..

Main problem with irc is that it broadcasts your IP number, therefore you are easily doxxed & identified. You can run through a proxy to obfuscate your ip. Again not 1998 so I don’t have the lists of open proxies I used to have.

Privacy will be the first & foremost concern for a savvy trp consumer.

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But can discord server handle over 10,000 users accessing it?

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We already have a discord server


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As r/slygradient pointed out, best not to use unreliable platforms due to doxxing.

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Perhaps a telegram channel would be better?