So I witnessed a girl sit on a guys lap for about 10 minutes while her boyfriend of 5 years sat directly across from them. Can someone please put this in context for me. (self.asktrp)

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She just walked over and sat on his lap with the excuse of "I wanted this seat so you'll just have to deal with me instead", to which the guy said Ahh ok lol and didn't know what to do with his hands and kept staring at her and laughing at every word she said while she was FUCKING TALKING TO HER BOYFRIEND WHO WAS SITTING ACROSS FROM THEM. The boyfriend looked clearly confused and uncomfortable but he tried to play it off to us by saying stuff like "Lol, she's always like this when she's had a few drinks lol. WOMEN! AM I RIGHT GUYS?

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It's called a shit test. Directed at the boyfriend.

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He shud respond by fucking another girl

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I kind of agree with this.

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This. He knows her. Maybe she's pissed at something he did recently. She would hide true cheating.

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Can't get the image out of my head, the image of the boyfriends face just drop as she wiggles her ass into position and everyone sort of awkwardly adjusts their seat and tries playing it off LMAO. Well, sort of LMAO but not.

All in all, what a dirty, dirty fucking childish slut.

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U should plow her

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That's not a shit test that's just disrespect.

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It's not even a shit test. This is the kind of crap women pull when they want you to break up with them.

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Lol at "shit test". Do you think a prime Brad Pitt would get "shit tested" when she is dying for his dick and knows he will ditch her on the spot.

It's simple: She is a disrespectfull hoe who isn't attracted to him and he is a weak cuckold who allows those things to happen.

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Do you think that this guy is talking about Brad Pitt in his prime?

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This just in: Attention whore likes attention. Film at 11.

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Massive disrespect from her.

You hard next her right on the spot.

Complete indifference. Not even a break up talk, or trying to hurt her, or to talk to her.

Hard next without saying it and never respond to her ever again.

Such disrespect from her in public is a massive blow to your reputation and public image.

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No. First I come up with a reason to go urgently while acting normal. Then, next time u see her u fuck her real hard in the ass and have her but I some shit. Them u next.

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that's nice if you can be detached

if you get hurt when she acts that way you just need to get away from her completely asap

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You severely underestimate the power of anal, angryguy.

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I did the same thing with one of my ex girlfriend

fucked her in the ass one last time

well, i don't even know what you were trying to say


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The power of anal confuses you, as it should since u underestimated it.

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Completely agree.

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The way I would handle it would be like if she took someones seat or are someone else's food. Pretty much I would firmly say "What are you doing? Get off of him! You can't just go and sit on someone because you wanted their seat. That's rude. Now go apologize to him."

Going this route breaks her shit test as you completely didn't give recognition to the fact she was trying to make you jealous, you held frame and showed that you're in control and you punished her by making her say sorry.

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that's cool if you are outcome independant, but if you feel hurt by what she has done, it's better to dump the bitch right there

aka don't try to make it look like you hold frame when you don't, women smells bullshit like sharks smells blood in the water

and it's more than making you jealous, because it's in public. She delivers a blow to your public image and your reputation.

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That's a good idea but at what point do you change from defusing shit test to simply nexting. She might just shit test even harder if you show this didn't bother you.

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You fucking backhand the bitch and demand she put on her burka for it is haram for her to behave this way.

But seriously, you fucking curb her hard. The boyfriend in the OP sounds like too much of cuck to do jack shit though. He'll likely be holding her hand later while she get's dicked by some black guy they picked up off craigslist. Modern women are fucked, aye, but modern men are just as fucking helpless. /r/Cuckold. Enjoy your visit.

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Curb like curb stomp or like dump?

Cause I'd just leave her in a heartbeat.

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Get a dictionary, man. You're embarrassing yourself.

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Is the r/cuckold necessary? Why not just r/england

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Poor England. Those nice National Action lads got cucked by their own government while the moslem invaders rape their daughters and march in the street screaming for the blood of infidels. Shouldn't have listened to Churchill tbh.

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Educate yourself.


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wherever I go, I must also be autistic

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Thanks for making me spaz out on the bus. Holy shit that was funny.

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"Hey Beth if you wanted to have a threesome you should have let me know! Me and chadd here would love to get down as long as I get the butt" while smirking. Proceed to care about her less and what not.

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    What if you're the boyfriend

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    Hard NEXT!

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    I saw my friend's girlfriend do this with her guy friend. Although it was even worse, she was kinda sitting on his lap on a couch at the bar and leaning into him with her head on his chest all cuddle-like. I thought it seemed quite awkward but my friend didn't seem to mind.

    Now my friend is married to this girl, expecting a kid and seems like the relationship is going well by all accounts (sex-wise too). I don't know what to think. Shrug.

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    He should get a paternity test kit.

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    If the beta man was not a friend then I'd go with #2. I would consider it a social experiment.

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    I like it.

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    As the man in the chair, I would have immediately established the boyfriend as a beta in one of two ways depending on my mood:

    That's assuming you know the whole situation and the fact that her boyfriend is over there.

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    I once saw a girl on Facebook posting a pic of her sitting on the lap of someone else - other than her boyfriend. As a bluepiller I promptly reminded her that this behavior is silly because she's an adult and she has a boyfriend.

    Guess what happened. She never talked to me again.

    This is the shit you gotta put up with when you deal with women. Calling them outright indecent or suggesting they act indecently makes you look like you're harassing her. She feels uncomfortable when you point the truth out.

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    The problem i have with keeping my frame with my girl is she will begin to ask questions like why once i make my intentions clear. At that point i begin to explain to her why because that seems rational to me. Most of the time includeds stating points that she has done wrong, and she'll take most of it personaly. Which turns the situation sour, making it harder to maintain frame. Any advice on how to keep frame when asked rational questions from her?

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    forget about the boyfriend, he is just some tool. i want to focus on the other guy in this situation. i feel like he is more relevant to the guys reading TRP because this can be a very common situation to find yourself in when you are following the sidebar. and it is possible to use it for your own personal gain.

    just to be clear, the other guy shouldn't see this as a real IOI. he is merely a prop for the jealousy shit test the girl is throwing at her boyfriend. it's a mock IOI. girls in this situation will flirt hard, but it's just for show. she is really saying to her boyfriend "you're doing something i don't like and i want you to know that i could easily leave you and start fucking someone new if you don't get your shit together"

    when a girl tries to use you as a jealousy prop (and you understand what is going on), it can feel annoying and disrespectful, but you can also use it to your advantage. the boyfriend will see her very obvious IOIs, but so will anyone else in the room. this dumb jealousy game can give you very strong preselection and social proof if you play it right.

    you have a girl blatantly flirting with you and she wants other people to see it, that's very valuable. you know her IOIs aren't real, so it's easy to get into a very alpha mindset. reframe the scene from a jealousy game to you having such high smv that this girl can't resist flirting with you even though her boyfriend is sitting right there. assume attraction really hard. for the next few minutes you can look like Chad Thundercock trying to shut down yet another dumb chick who wants your dick. other girls will see this little scene taking place and think you really are CT.

    if you ever are in a situation where a "taken" girl wants to cheat on her boyfriend/husband with you (but doesn't want to let go of the branch yet) , it is completely different. she will be flirty and give IOIs when her bf/husband is NOT around. if her husband is nearby, she will be neutral/cold to you and may give excessive IODs. minimal conversation, no eye contact, almost pretending you aren't there. she is actuvely trying to suppress her natural instinct to show interest in you and will overdo it.

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    Fuck yeah. Spot on.

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    Nothing to understand intellectually, listen to your gut feeling.

    It tells you this girl is a bitch, disrespecting you...and it tells you a lot of other things.

    You simply follow your gut feeling and mentally dump her right away. IDGAF anymore.

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    maybe he was trying to hold frame and silently demoted her to plate

    maybe she was a plate all along and he doesn't really give a shit.

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    He's not going to demote her to a plate. SHE just demoted him to being leash trained.

    [–]The__Tren__Train 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    this is the most likely answer tbh.. but there are a number of different possibilities.

    i'd be lying if I said I hadn't seen the same exact thing happen right in front of me as well.. cept they were married..

    was awkward

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    Well they been together for 5 years and live together lol. she's a accountant at day and he is a office worker type. She also is a hardcore feminist. I just couldn't believe my fukn eyes. Like how trashy.

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    she could be bankrolling his lifestyle..

    maybe he's got a bunch of side pieces.. who knows? maybe he's a cuck..

    there are a TON of beta cucks these days

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    tbh I'm fairly sure she earns far more than he does. But the dude is always trying to "put on" this image of having his man-hood in tact. I'm leaning strongly towards beta cuck, sucks cause he's a decent guy and a friend of mine, actually felt bad for him cause it was moderately awkward for everyone there :

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    "awkward for everyone there"

    That is the feeling of disgust a woman has for her beta when she's looking to branch swing. Taste it, and understand how a woman works. Vicarious lesson my friend.

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    I'm no Chad but I've had this sort of thing happen too. She wanted to hold hands, rest her head on my shoulders, groped my thigh, told me how good I smelled etc - all a few meters away from her boyfriend. I don't think he even noticed. I figured she was just bored in their relationship. They just bought a house together and are thinking about getting married. Go figure :)

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    Likely a few ways to handle it. Personally, if she is going to act single. Then mirror her actions and he should of done the same himself. Make passes at every woman he finds attractive.

    Another option is just to pull her up. But you need to be careful doing that as the risk of coming off needy or weak.

    My final suggestion would be to use embarrasement with agree and amp. Give very detailed responses on things she likes to do on mens laps etc. Turn her red in the face.

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    Lol, she's always like this when she's had a few drinks lol

    ... also when she's sobre. Gents, women are playthings, get used to it, don't get jealous. Accept them for who they are.

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    That was a shit test and she got her answer: her boyfriend is a weak cuck and she will cheat on him and it will be his fault.

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    Women nowadays have very little consequences for their cunt actions. There are no stonings, beatings, burnings, drownings, social exilings going around. This used to be the way a man could control his wife. And many more, all of them being removed by our current social climate.

    This leaves the man with only one options, walking away and never investing to much in a woman. Hence women get what they sow. Women can pull anything they want, they can lie about everything, play multiple men on their phones, cuck their boyfriends. You will never know.

    The guy is confused because in a normal dynamic between man and women he wouldn't be trampled on like that. She'd either be with him or not with him. Now he's just in beta hell. The girl mentally scarring him for life, very nice.

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    That's... that's just too sad.


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    What if he's fucking other girls on the side lol

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    You and I both know that he isn't.

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    Lol. True