I went finally to a prostitute (self.asktrp)

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Fuck it i did it, i was virgin and i lost that burden. Guess what is my thought guys? Why all that hype ? She welcomed me to the hotel room, i gave her 80 euros for 30 mins. She offered me a massage at the biginning and tell me i got a huge cock. I was so stressed, i told her i was a virgin. She fucking laught at me and told me stop kidding and a guy like me must have fucked hundred girls.

I put my penis in her vigina, she moaned really good. She told to come fast cause ten minutes left. I tried to go for a doggystyle but i couldn't put my dick correctly in her pussy without removing.

She gave me a blowjob, she went so fast on my dick but nothing: i didn't come.

She told me i was to stress for coming.

Conclusion: if you are like me, go fuck a prostitute. All that hype for nothing, i don't even want to fuck my oneitis anymore, it is fucking nothing, i can't believe 23 years on that earth on thinking about that for a fucking shit like eating.

It has given my a fucking boost on my confidence. Ps: english is not my native language, so sorry for my punctuation and my typos

Next goal : fuck a girl without payment.

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Congratulations. I remember when I first took the plunge at a brothel. I was nervous as fuck but I saw 8 topless and naked young girls walk out from behind a curtain my shyness flew right out the window. You sound like you're in Europe so there should be brothels in every city. Visit one, the one thing better than fucking a hot prostitute is the power rush you get from multiple hot girls hoping and begging that you choose to fuck them while they twirl and show their bodies off.

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I did it in france, no brothel, black market on the web

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Wow, I can't believe you can do something so despicable over the internet. Prostitution online. I'm aghast.

Where? Where and on what sites do you set up these horrible things?

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Sexmodel for reviewing the profile, you call and text after

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Oh good lord. I hope we've managed to keep this out of the US. Does this work in the US?

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Lol just move to Europe.

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Why the fuck you asking if you have no concen on it?

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He was making a joke. I know English isn't your first language, so I thought I would clarify for you. His joke was that he was acting disgusted, but was really trying to find out how to get prostitutes online. Hope that helps.

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There are a lot of sites man, SA is the most popular.

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Next goal : fuck a girl without payment.

No, next goal is to pass an STD test.

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As somebody who has seen high end escorts, I have to tell you that you did it wrong. My first time was pretty good.

  1. Abstain before seeing an escort, especially if you watch porn frequently. If your brain is wired to get off to 2D images then it won't respond to a real human being.
  2. Get a better escort. The fact that she laughed at you when you said you were a virgin tells me she really has no class.

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    She says that shit to every guy to boost their confidence. Guarantee it

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    80 euro hooker, you get what you pay for. To top it off she rushed a first timer? Amateur.

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    Probably laughted because she thought OP was joking.

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    Don't go to a prostitute ever again. I was in the same boat as you. Stop. Exercise. Make yourself better and go to clubs and get women who get waterfalls in their vaginas. Have sweaty sex with them and honestly her telling you that 10 mins are over is such a turn off. It happened to me too a couple of times but I never invested my money in this crap again. LI'll wayne said it correctly ".....but as soon as I cum I come back to my senses"

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    The virgin paradox.

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    You did not come because probably you watch porn on a regular basis.

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    All that hype for nothing, i don't even want to fuck my oneitis anymore, it is fucking nothing,

    Actually it's pretty good with a girl you like, you're not stressed, and if you get to finish.

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    Meh. Depends on the girl, some (most) are just not worth the trouble, and it has nothing to do with the way they look, unfortunately for us (makes the choosing very random)

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    Lol what u/docbear64 said

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    She told to come fast cause ten minutes left.

    Lmao that's such shitty service.

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    This is always my advice to anyone who's jammed up. Whether you're an older guy who's a virgin, or if you've recently gotten out of an LTR and have some type of anxiety about fucking someone new or whatever.

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    This is horrible advice.

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    To be fair that sounds like it was shitty and anxiety- ridden sex. You're right sex isn't a big deal but please for all that is holy don't hold all sex to the standard of what you experienced. The next chick you fuck with a clear mind , less anxiety, and hopefully with paying one cent should be better.

    Great sex can be mind blowing , you got the monkey off your back and congrats . Third step ( after fucking a chick for free or close to it ) is get that toe-curling , forget where you are for a few seconds, tingles up your spine good shit .

    For the record I've fucked a few prostitutes in my life, and while some I have had amazing sex with others I haven't .