Why do girls love being second place? (self.asktrp)

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Okay, so this semester I'm taking 6 classes & lifting roughly 4 times a week.

It's not as busy as it seems. I still have time to spin plates & enjoy other areas of life reading, going out, etc.

Even with my obvious amount of free time whenever a girl texts me to do something I'll always respond with something along the lines of:

"I'll see if I'm up to it after gym."

"I have a lot of studying today. I'll let you know."

Lets be serious no guy is that busy or tired that he can't make time to see a girl yet I'll still throw in those texts (busy, maybe, we'll see, etc.) and it will instantly cause them to chase & switch to communicating overtly with me (whereas they were using covert prior).

Why does this have such a profound effect on girls?

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Women don't want to win, they want a winner.

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Done in one.

Women want that paradoxical alpha bucks. A good looking guy with a mission gets them tingly.

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Quote the man...

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So sayeth, Patrice O'Neal... RIP.

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Why does this have such a profound effect on girls?

because a guy who will explicitly make them a priority in life is of no interest to them. Either play games with them or lose them.

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    She's probably the hottest girl I've ever had up to this point in my life.

    Fixed that for you.

    You'll also learn, with experience, that "the hottest" doesn't necessarily amount to "the best". For instance, the hottest I've personally ever had was one of the worst in bed and turned out to be the most mentally unhinged. One of the very best I've ever had (sexually) was probably the most bland and boring outside of the bedroom. The girl I'm presently with is definitely not one of the prettiest girls I've ever been with, but she fucks me like I am her king (literally drenches my bed with juices every single time we have sex) and brings zero drama into my life.

    Don't beat yourself up and don't dwell on the past.

    Stick with the program (TRP). The game only gets better.

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    So, do it implicitly?

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    For other guys reading this, a big key here is that the girls text him to see 'what's up' which is already a high indicator of interest, especially in today's world where dick is in their face left right n center.

    So just fyi the tactic of saying ur busy wouldn't work unless a precedent of interest has taken place

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    they also are aware on a visceral level what it would mean if they said 'I'll let you know', or 'we'll see' to a guy.

    girl talk, that means, 'ehh, probably not-- i might have something else come up with someone else i'd rather be with.'

    boom, competition and dread engaged.

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    Women want to earn your time; this is why they abhor "nice guys" who drop everything and come running when m'lady beckons.

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    You're on fire vasiliy your posts are making me laugh dude

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    see: hypergamy and covert communication.

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    it is not that they love being in second place, it is that they want a man that has a mission independent of them. they can in turn try to fight to win that man over, thinking they want to be the man's mission, when in reality, they would no longer respect a man that gave up their mission for a woman. you are just showing them this trait that is quite desirable.

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    A girl's attractiveness is based on her looks, a guy's is based on his life.

    Putting your life above spending time with her (and her looks) instantly indicates you're more attractive than she is. Of course this is something that occurs moment by moment and is never set in stone unless you keep it there.

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    Why does this have such a profound effect on girls?

    It signals a high SMV.

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