Shit-test responses to height. (self.asktrp)

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I'm 5'5, and like /u/SirKolbath always says, embrace it. When someone makes a remark about my height, I usually just chuckle or laugh it off, it doesn't get to me anymore. But I'm kinda dry when it comes down to responses. I usually pull off the "Yeah must be tough for the little guys. I'm 6'2 though. Tall guys like me have things pretty good." (thanks /u/throwawaydegar) and it usually gets quite a few laughs.

Would appreciate some more responses to add to my arsenal. Thanks!

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I made a deal with the devil to allocate those inches elsewhere

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Been using this for a while, always works

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"Yea, but I self-identify as 6'2", so please respect that."

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Haha, that's neat

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I like this one. Most of the other suggestions are funny and would probably work, but they still seem like they are trying to qualify to the chick. NEVER qualify yourself to a chick.

I give a similar response to what you suggested when I'm shit-tested on my weight (I am obese)

Her: "You're too fat" Me: "Yup; I am way too big for you! I would break you!"

^ This response (with variations) works like a charm.

This is what I love about Agree & Amplify. Chicks throw out shit-tests to see how you're going to react, and most guys trip over themselves trying to win her over or explain why they are the "right guy."

But I immediately agree and disqualify myself. In fact, I often tell them myself that I am not the "right guy," but always in a way that reframes it as "I'm not the right guy for you because you can't handle it"

Another example is with my age. I am 30 years old, and I was flirting with a chick who is 21.

Her: "Oh my God you're so old! You're old enough to my dad!" Me: "That's right little girl. Now go buy daddy a drink."

She practically melted. There is no better way to increase attraction (in the middle of an interaction) than passing shit-tests.

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You like tall guys? Ya I like big tits...

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Nah. If the girl has small tits this sounds way to defensive. Like he's butt hurt

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I'm 168cm (5'6" I guess) and I always hit on women at least 7-10cms taller than me. Those and their variations works great so far when they tell me I'm short.

"Thats why I like tall women, I don't want my successors down the line to become hobbits"

"Yeah I want a woman I can ride to battle"

"What Can I say? I like climbing"

"I'm portable, you can put me in a drawer after we are done"

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Sweeet, thanks 😂

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You can do AA and use high heels as your key point.

"Yeah I went for shopping for high heels today but coulnd't find anything sexy."

"I could come to your place and try out few high heels of yours."

Shit like that.

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What works for me is to disqualify them in the same manner.

“I don’t date short guys.”

“I don’t date blondes either, but if you’re a good girl maybe I’m make an exception.”

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"I play runescape lol"

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The thing is I actually do when I have time

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I'm 6'3 but it pisses me off when people are mocked for their height. Like don't mock someone for something out of their control.

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I don't have great responses but if you wanna be more confident around big dudes, train Jiu-Jitsu. A 6'2 man can do absolutely nothing against a trained Jiu-Jitsu practicioner. I would stake my life savings on a 5'5 Black Belt against a 6'5 no belt.

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Definitely agree with this. I did Shotokan for many years reaching purple belt striped. Many people knew about this when I was in high school and the amount of confrontations I had with people dropped from plenty to null. I definitely need to pick up martial arts again.

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Your response is good. Just make a joke out of it.

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Nice, I’m 168cm and this sometimes annoys me because we short guys have it harder. As you said just embrace this and never stop being self-amused.

I like to say (and think) that I would be 10cm taller but for some reason they went somewhere smirks

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If the shit test is after I've initiated kino, I just look her in the eyes, put my hand on her hip and go in for the kiss. You clearly don't care if that's your move.

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good buddy uses these:

to girls: "everybody's the same height in bed"

to guys: "your mom didn't seem to mind"

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"I am taller than you if we lay down" or some variant. Sounds better in Portuguese.

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I’ll be taller than you when we lay down

I think is a bit better in English

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I'm 5"0

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"God didnt want to be unfair" or some witty variation of this. Calling the girls taller than you "too short for my taste" can work if you say it right. Key word, IF you say it right. Always remember the medium is the message

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Her: "You're short"

Me: "Great you have eyes, would you like a cookie?"

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If I can pull this off with a sarcastic and humorous vibe, this will work

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My nan used to say You’ll never find a six foot diamond

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I sympathize for shit guys because they get it from women. But as a tall guy myself if I had a nickel for every fucking dweeb that tried to challenge me because of my height....

Would probably have 2 bucks.

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Fuck it, average sized guys live life in normal difficulty, we have it slightly harder. Adds more purpose

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"i get taller when i'm horizontal with a woman."