Do you guys eat pussy on a one night stand? Why or why not? (self.asktrp)

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EDIT: Felt the need to clarify to some of you that the title reads “Do you” it does not read “Should I”

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The risk is much higher than the reward

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Correct answer

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Hm. True . But that's probably not.gonna stop me

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Only right answer.

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Fuck yeah gets my adrenaline pumpin

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No most girls are getting dicked down by all kinds of scum

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Lmao, nothing but the truth. Unemployed, std carriers, 2 babymothers, no morals having bums.

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In the words of Young Jeezy:

I'm like your mother's baby daddy.... I doubt you little niggas.

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Shit hits 2 close to home bro..

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no shot.

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Do you eat ice cream off of the floor?

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...what kind? Was there a cone? Sprinkles? Was it still pretty cold or too soft to salvage? How close was I to finishing?

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What if I hadn't had ice cream in years? Or ever?

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Did it once never again

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Nasty 🤢

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Eating pussy is like smoking: go ahead if you like it but know that you could possibly get the throat/mouth cancer.

I use to but I quit because I'm more health conscious now.

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inb4 feminists say "eating pussy doesnt cause cancer, what does cause it is hpv"

...no shit bitch lol. cause and effect.

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It can cause oral warts too... so what's her fucking point?

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the feminists point is to try and change the subject from "eating pussy causes cancer" to "hpv causes cancer". even tho its the exact same thing but sugarcoated

its the same as cigarette companies saying bullshit like "ciggs dont cause cancer, its the chemicals in the smoke that do" lol

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"Nah bro, cigs r fine, but the tobacco inside is harmful"

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lol exactly.

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Funnily enough the tobacco is one of the less harmful elements for your health of all the shit cigarette companies put in them.

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Yeah I’ve always wondered that. My understanding is the tar/glass/whatever the fuck. But smoking just tobacco in a pipe causes cancer too though, right?

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Yes, burning anything and inhaling the smoke is bad for your health. Burning creates cancerigenous substances, for example.

But obviously depending on what you burn, it creates a more or less damaging smoke, and tobacco is far from the worse that there is inside cigarettes.

That is also why vaping is a lot better for your health. Since you don't burn anything you create a lot less toxic substances. Even the more critical studies with vaping say that it creates 95% less toxic substances than smoking. You can really see the difference in these two videos.

Smoking: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HD__r66sFjk#

Vaping: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zFyUlBpy5gU#

That is obviously not scientific, but it is very graphic and the science backs it up. Also, vaping would be theoretically healthy if the air boiling was perfect, but there is always a bit of burnt from the heat. Still a world of difference. The best option is not to have an addiction, but, if you are going to have it, why people smoke instead of vaping is beyond me.

The biggest source of contaminants in the city are cars, because they produce combustion, and as we've already said burning shit produces toxic shit. And some people put something similar in their mouths when they can vape the same substances. Imagine all the black shit from the smoking video in your lungs and respiratory ways. At this point, with all the possibilities and information, smoking is retarded. There is no other way of putting it.

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Good lord.

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ONLY EAT PLATES PUSSY. One night stand is iffy

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Some times the pussy smells, lost a boner once because her pussy smelt so rank.

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Thank you, this is the funniest thing I’ve heard today😂 I feel you tho

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Happened to me twice. The first time I didn't eat the pussy, but it stank so bad I lost the boner. Second time, I realized it stunk after I went down. Lost boner immediately.

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How do you realize after? You didn't pull the "stealth" smell before hand?

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I almost did too but you have to turn your head to the left or right and truck thru it.

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No, no you don't mate. We are people too, we can say no.

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If she’s clean feelig and classy-looking, of course I do. If I want to.

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Every girl tries to look classy when she goes on a night on the town.

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if she can clean the rug I’ll eat on it

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I've been drunk enough and done it. No problem. But if i'm sober, well, it is pretty clear that's better avoided!

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No, I dont eat on a one night stand. Are you crazy? It’s your whole ass mouth you gettin down there with someone you don’t really trust. Get the dick in and get it out, that’s all you gotta do

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Do whatever the fuck you want

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Haha nah dude most thots these days are walking petri dishes

I only go down town for LTRs

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OP, all those guys saying "hey, you do you, man" ARE the guys who get up in there on a one night stand but are feeling a little cunnilingus-shamed right now.

As for me, I've done it on a few first dates where we met on a dating app. Not usually though. Not big into it for most girls unless she has almost no taste.

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I love eating pussy. And if you can make her cum three times before you even stick your dick in her, chances are she'll come back for more and become a regular plate.

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Any concern about STDs?

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Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and HIV are not commonly passed when giving oral sex to a woman, even with a cut.


So HIV, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia are out.

Herpes can still be passed from oral sex. But herpes can also be passed through kissing. Do you avoid kissing girls?

HPV can be passed through oral sex. But even if you get HPV through oral sex, the chances of it turning into throat cancer are very small.

Although millions of Americans have tonsillar HPV, fewer than 15,000 get HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancers annually.


So that's less than 1% turning into cancer. Most girls get the vaccine now anyway.

Also, herpes and HPV are passed through skin-to-skin contact. Even if you wear a condom, you're probably having some skin-to-skin contact anyway. Risks are there no matter what you do.

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If it’s 3M that’s a half percent of that population every year. After 20 years that’s 10%.

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You aren't very good at maths. Are you?

[–]Gr33d3ater 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I’m not doing compounding growth. This is keep it simple stupid Internet forum level bullshitting.

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It's licked, spitted on, fingered & thumbed.

You don't have to devour a 1/4 plate of a wet pastrami sandwich at every session.

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TL;DR - he's caught everything already so not worried.

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Dude do whatever you want Jesus

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How'd you know his name?

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It’s a no from me dawg

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Only if there's a hymen,

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fuck no. if a girls cool with letting randos eat puss, imagine the other guys and things she does lol.

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Well I assume you have a clean well maintained woman. I'll also assume she doesn't have anything weird going on.

After touching her use those same fingers to touch her lips and one or both of you will figure out if it's a good idea.

From a respect POV she's going to respect the hell out of guy that gets her to the happy place as often and as pleasurable as possible which only increases your smv and you're access.

It's a win win as long it's the right situation.

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I try not to, but honestly sometimes I’m too horny not to.

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Why is everyone saying it’s bad for your health? What kinds of health problems does it cause?

[–]haughtyhay[S] 6 points7 points  (0 children)

I’ve read studies before claiming it can give you gum / throat cancer, not sure of the credibility but I assume that’s what everyone is referring to

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To all those saying STDs, it's extremely unlikely to get an STD from oral..

Edit: I fact checked this and it's actually false what I said. Apparently, there are 5 cases of oral cancer linked to HPV and 5 cases of cervical cancers per 100,000, so the chance of oral cancer through licking seems actually very high, as much as through vaginal sex. http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/healthimprovement/content/documents-cancer/1.29.2018HPVFactsFigures.pdf/

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No thanks.

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Depends on the vibe I get. Follow the gut.

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If you’re into it and she’s clean, do it.

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I do with girls I meet from daygame that are quality chicks that I want to plate. Wouldn't touch any girl I meet during the night regardless of anything. Not a fucking chance.

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That’s kinda strange. Day game prospects might be the town orifice too

[–]1morescoobysnacks 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Oh yea. I test a lot on dates. I can tell who's a hoe or not when they're in the 18~20 range. Older women can probably lie well enough. It's still a risk obviously.

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Hell fucking no.

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I never do it, idgaf

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I would really like to. I am a pussy-man i guess. But no - just not worth the immense risk. Listen to Michael Douglas.

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Listen to Michael Douglas.

What did Liberace say?

[–]ppanthero 1 point2 points  (1 child)

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Thanks! Did not know that.

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I don't eat pussy ever

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i don't eat pussy cus they all smell like tuna foh

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Only if it stink!

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You’re retarded if you do bud

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Fuck no, ew

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I’ve done it, would not do it again though unless I really know the girl. It’s fucking stupid and risky, no matter how clean she looked.

Did it because some girls literally told me “I’m not sucking or fucking unless you eat me”....fucking hoes lol

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Only in LTRs for me ...i actually like eating pussy but its just too variable with a ONS or even a plate

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HPV infection in men is associated with throat cancer. No, I do not eat pussy on a one night stand.

PMID: 27777253

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Honestly, it depends. I usually finger first to see if it'll taste good or not. If it does, I enjoy eating pussy, so I'll go down, and like 90% of the time, they give me head after.

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They make dental dams for this exact situation. Everyone wins: if you like eating pussy, you can; don't have to worry about STDs; shields the smell (if it stinks or you're not into it even if they smell fresh); and makes you a winner in her book. You're welcome.

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Now why would you do that

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I personally don’t eat anything unless it comes out the kitchen. Women these days are disgusting.

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