I'm supposed to be a feminist. Now realizing I can only be happy with a RP life. Feeling trapped and worried I'll upset my feminist family/friends if I go public. (self.asktrp)

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Hi :)

I've been lurking on this subreddit for a little while now. RP philosophy has started making a lot of sense to me, and I think there has always been a RPW hidden inside of me.

Confession - pretty much all of my friendship group is feminist, my parents are feminist. I purport to be a feminist. I've even attended feminist events before. I feel like I'm living a lie and have been my whole life.

I've been so engrossed in this my whole life, I've been told to believe feminism was right my whole life (I come from a very politically active family). But always, always, even when I was really young (say 6 or 7) I had this inkling in the back of my mind - I want to be feminine! I want to wear dresses and be a 'princess' and bake and play with dolls. I like it when the boys are the leaders when we play sport at school or have a group project.

Nowadays, I am incredibly submissive in the bedroom. I wouldn't say it's bdsm, it's just what feels natural to me and always has done. I've had 2 boyfriends, both what I would consider 'betas' perhaps. Never happy with them. It just felt wrong/awkward, when I wanted to make dinner for them they would tell me I was 'doing too much', or 'being to selfless in bed', or 'I could say no if I wanted', or telling me that I should decide things. There was something amiss and I couldn't place my finger on it at the time, but now, partly from lurking here and other sites, I've figured it all out. For me, a relationship isn't about 'equality' necessarily, I need the Captain/First mate dynamic to truly thrive. (Ok, I do personally think that men and women are equal, in the sense we all have equal value/worth as human beings, but I do think there should be different roles (something feminism has largely destroyed) - I like the phrase 'equal but different'.)

I'm just sick of living like this. I don't want to lie to my parents or friends (not directly - but lying by omission). Mostly, though, I don't want to be unhappy. My main goal in life is to fall deeply in love with a wonderful, 'alpha' man, and make him happy and cared for in whatever way I can, have his children and homeschool them and make a lovely dinner for my family every day, keep a beautiful home in the country, and maybe write books if I get time. I think these are admirable goals. I'm happy with them, but the feminist thinking I have been indoctrinated into always creeps in. I know what all my friends will say - that I am giving up my ambition. But that's crazy - this is my ambition! And surely that is feminist in itself, right? If I want this, or if it is in my nature somehow, then it is my choice to make - even from a feminist perspective I have the right to choose to be in a RP relationship, to choose a husband and babies over a career.

I told my parents I want to be a lawyer when I graduate. I even told them I don't want kids, because I'm scared if I tell them, all of this will come out - I'm scared they'll turn against me. They'll think I'm in an 'abusive' relationship, or want to be in one - far from the truth of course! I'm genuinely terrified that I could potentially never have the things I dream of because I don't want to publicly embarrass my family, I don't want to fall out with my friends, I don't want to hurt anyone. Frankly I feel trapped, maybe I just need to 'woman up'.

Anyway, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, and sorry for the long/rambling nature. If anyone has some insight on how I can/if I should 'come out' about this, or if you've been in a similar situation, please let me know.

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/r/RedPillWomen would be the place to post this, but welcome!

I can't speak for you, but as a man, we here at TRP are discouraged from talking to friends / family about the ideas expressed here. The reason is that the views here, while truthful, are counter to popular culture. Instead, we opt to "Live TRP, but not speak it". That is, live how you want to live, but as long as you don't 'name' the beast, everybody can go on pretending it's not there. It's just not a good idea to throw it in people's faces that you reject their social views and prefer to do your own thing. Good luck.

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Ah, thanks, sorry I didn't even think about that! I'll try crossposting there.

That makes a lot of sense. But I wish it didn't. It's not a direct lie, it's not immoral to omit this information (in fact it can be for personal safety). It just sucks to not be open. I want them to like me for who I really am. Like if I one day got married, had kids, and became a housewife (which I fully intend to), pretty sure they would figure it out anyway.

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Live how you want, just don't openly disagree with them and downplay their criticism of your choices. If you don't make a big deal out of it, then your family and close friends shouldn't either. Besides, what grandparents could say no to grandbabies? You'll be fine.

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And if she isn't fine, she should bail. Poisonous people are everywhere. Just because they're family doesn't mean you have to put up with it.

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    Reading this made me smile.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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    Why did you cross-post to /r/RedPillWomen using a different alt than this one? How many alts do you have? Why haven't you responded to any of the comments at RPW? This whole thing smells of troll.

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    Is it safe you say that you have 2 female parents? If not, why would you think that they would look down on you for getting married and having a family when they have done the same thing?

    Anyways, I wish you all the best, and remind yourself that they have THEIR life to live how they see fit, and you have yours.!

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    Nope, I have a dad and a mum. They're not married, they're 'against' marriage. So maybe I was an accident, who knows. They look down on pretty much everyone who doesn't share their (sometimes extreme) beliefs.

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    I'm sorry to hear that.

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    They look down on pretty much everyone who doesn't share their (sometimes extreme) beliefs.

    Sounds like neither of them is especially secure in their own relationship.

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    I didn't mean I need to declare it. But living my life this way is 'going public' with it. Friends and family would realize sooner or later.

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    You'd be surprised what people will do to not believe what is blatantly in front of them the whole time. I wouldn't worry about what they think, stop worrying about labels, and just live your life and if someone questions you, just tell them you're happy.

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    Laws of Power: Law 38: Think as you like, but behave like others

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    So you basically feel like an atheist that finally saw the light after years of indoctrination.

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    Love this analogy! Exactly this :)

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    haha! sounds like it!

    But that's crazy - this is my ambition!

    Yep. it's 'crazy'

    And surely that is feminist in itself, right?

    In a way, yes, but "feminists" are 'fighting nature', we RP guys have 'redisscovered' our true 'nature' and are now acting upon it!

    If I want this, or if it is in my nature somehow

    It IS in your nature ..... we say this ALL the time! becoz, yes, men and women are, as you say, " 'equal but different'."

    Exactly, and you have discovered this,, unlike those who insist this cannot be .... we humans are no more than sophisticated primates', . . . c'est la vie!

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    Thanks for breaking it down like this. Definitely am coming to the conclusion it is in my nature...and there's nothing wrong with that :) nothing wrong with following one's nature.

    Also I am really starting to wonder: what if a lot of supposed feminists feel this way too, but like me, are too scared to admit to it? I can't be the only one. Feminism claims it's about liberation, but in reality there's so much repression in the modern feminist movement - women who have been indoctrinated into feminism struggle to escape from it (it's like a cult now I think about it).

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    Also I am really starting to wonder: what if a lot of supposed feminists feel this way too, but like me, are too scared to admit to it?

    I think you have a very good point here! I like your style, you keep it up, some guy is really going to appreciate you!

    Here's a partial answer to your questions ... feel free to ask me more.


    In human societies, herding often involves people using the actions of others as a guide to sensible behavior, instead of independently seeking out high-quality information about the likely outcomes of these actions

    We’re used to thinking of social groups as fundamentally cooperative entities, but with some kinds of groups, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the best-known biological theory of herding, William Hamilton’s “selfish herd” idea proposes that herds are the result of individuals trying to ensure that other members of their species, rather than themselves, will get eaten by predators.

    According to this theory, in many social aggregations, the risk of predation is higher at the periphery than at the center. A herd’s form and movement can be the result of individuals competing to stay close to this center, so that other individuals end up between themselves and the predators. Selfish herds have been proposed to occur in many different species, from wasps to guppies to sheep .

    Another likely reason why evolution has favored herding is related to information access. By aggregating in groups, individuals can more easily benefit from knowledge that other group members have gained about, for example, the location of key resources.

    Herding can thus improve individual foraging success, and this appears to be a primary reason why fish such as (once again) guppies form shoals . From this perspective, as with that of selfish herd theory, herding is the by-product of individuals pursuing their own self-interest

    The old "fear vs love" dichotomy!


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    There is a segment of sex positive feminism that's pro BDSM, so yes, there are definitely other feminists who feel that way, and they have their ways of rationalising it.

    This article I find has a RP attitude that's a much easier sell than some others, so if you want to break it to them gently, it should help: http://cedonulli.com/healthy-vs-shitty-relationships-two-principal-types-of-love/

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    Ironic the life she would choose with “RP” is the one that is taught for mellenia by Christianity. One needn’t be such a douche and feel the need to knock down Christians.

    Signed, fellow atheist who’s sick of douchey atheists.

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    Going public is pointless.

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    Are you willing to give up more happiness in the future to continue to fit under a label (feminist/feminism)?

    The way to a more harmonious relationship where both parties support each other by complementing each other and providing a better upbringing for your children lies in one direction, and keeping the label of "strong feminist" is in the other.

    One of the things we emphasize with TRP is strength of character. For men, the path to that is based around discipline and stoicism (including enduring suffering), which is why the first advice is always 'lift'. The path to strength of character for a woman is also discipline, but specifically about resisting temptation. The biggest temptation is the one offered by feminism: which is to do whatever feels good, and then use the hamster later to complain that any negative consequences are wrong and society/men should shoulder the responsibility/blame. To give in to the temptation to fuck lots of guys (which is EASY for girls). To give in to the temptation to stuff your face and then shout for fat acceptance. To give in to the temptation of being crude, snarky, sarcastic and loud instead of learning to be graceful and demand that people tolerate you.

    The WEAKEST women I know are the most ardent feminists. The ones most riddled with insecurities, some of them literally terrified of motherhood. A woman can have as strong a character as a man, but a woman's strength comes from grace, beauty and femininity. Willing submission, humility and devotion to her man and her family is the mark of a truly strong woman; one who will be loved by all who are close to her.

    Or... you can keep pretending that you believe that whining about made-up issues to keep your parents happy is more important than living a good life that you won't look back on with regrets.

    edit: missed a few words

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    even from a feminist perspective I have the right to choose to be in a RP relationship, to choose a husband and babies over a career.

    No that is not the case. And cause you do not have that choice (as a feminist) you are afraid how your family and friends will react when you make that choice.

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    Anyone have a link/quote of that one femnazi saying how it should be required for women to work because if given the choice they wouldn't?

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    should be required for women to work

    It's actually much worse than that. Raising children is work after all.

    Simone de Beauvoir: "we don’t believe that any woman should have this choice. No woman should be authorised to stay at home to bring up her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one"

    She's not saying that women should work, she's saying that this particular work should be forbidden. A really surprising sentiment for a movement ostensibly about removing barriers. What's more, dedicating oneself to the work of raising children just so happens to be an activity that most women find incredibly fulfilling, but feminists literally do not care if their agenda makes women more or less happy.

    The truth is, feminism isn't about equality, or lifting oppression, or making women's lives better. It is a vehicle for political power.

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    Exactly, yes. I don't think (most) women who want to stay at home raising their children want to be idle about it. It's work in its own way, the reward/salary being having happy, healthy children and husband, a lovely, clean home, and this wonderful kind of maternal feeling I can't describe (I'm not a mum, but I feel like that when I am holding a friend's baby).

    But even Simone de Beauvoir acknowledges that lots of women will choose to stay home if they can. No one volunteers to do something that makes them miserable.

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    Actually, she said they can't be ALLOWED the choice to stay home because most women would choose that

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    To be fair, I think most everyone is like that.

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    Don't go "public". Drop the feminism focus and live your life the best way you see fit.

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    Why would you need to tell your friends and family about your discovery of how human sexuality works? Do you tell your family about how you have sex also?

    RP-woman will take care of you.

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    There is nothing wrong with you.

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    Story time (a little preview into a post I've been meaning to write):

    Be me, in an LTR with a chick who I clearly put on a pedestal. I've always had alpha tendencies, but since I was chasing 'the one' I'm this total beta. Fast forward, camping trip with the ex and her parents, sitting around a camp fire in the evening. Ex goes to the bathroom, comes back with a beer for me (since mine was empty). Me: "thanks dear, that's really thoughtful of you" (me not used to her giving two shits about me, I was genuinely surprised). Later I learn that her mother spoke to her that very night about how submissive she looked, for bringing me a fucking beer. On her way back (same path) from the bathroom. Things like "I bet he's giving you orders and you're even doing his laundry, etc." (both living with parents, in no way was she doing anything for me, I was more invested in the relationship than she was).

    She seemed to rub it off when telling me this the next day, but only then I fully understood that she was raised as an only child (basically no compromise possible) that she was looking for a BB.

    I'm not saying there weren't reasons for feminism to exist way back when. There was abuse. But we're past that. And suddenly having any kind of decency to your SO (male) is seen as being unacceptable. Wtf?

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    I had a really similar experience. When my ex boyfriend was staying at my parent's house for the weekend, I was making dinner for me and him (parents had already eaten). It was nothing too difficult, just lasagna.

    My dad comes into the kitchen and tells me to stop cooking because I according to him I was 'embarrassing myself' and 'do you want him (ex) to think he can take advantage of you?'. He said my ex had to help. I personally do not like cooking as a couple. So my ex came into the kitchen and agrees with my dad. I was flabbergasted.

    I would have made him dinner even if he hadn't been my then-boyfriend, because it is just polite to do that for guests. I suspect my dad would've had no problem if I had been doing that for a friend, but because he was my boyfriend, suddenly there was a problem.

    Also, I'm an only child. I was raised to think I could have and do whatever I wanted. Except if I wanted to make dinner for a male partner...

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    If men see how good women act, they might not be satisfied with the occasional access to pussy.

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    Very odd that you would know the initials RPW but not know enough to post there instead.

    I hope this post gets you enough attention to sate your hamster for awhile.

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    Actually I think this is fake and somebody is having a good time watching how this hits no. 1 here with all the guys who can't get the concept of a unicorn out of their head and gladly jump in to help that poor baffled m'lady.

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    I dunno. I'll remain optimistic and hope for another RPW in this world.

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    Your post is passive-aggresive. Recalibrate.

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    Your post is passive-aggresive. Recalibrate.

    not when said from a guy to a guy, it isn't ....hmmmm

    Now what would that suggest to you?

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    I think my brain just went into a logic feedback loop like that robot in Star Trek.

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    why am I not surprised?

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    You really need to do what makes you happy. Don't need to vocalize it and argue with people who will likely never understand. Do what works for you.

    Men and woman are not equal. Its comparing apples and oranges, they are completely different. Society is trying to destroy the yin and the yang.

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    Why is it that "feminists" must wear clothes that are traditionally masculine? Are "feminists" not free to wear whatever they want, without being judged - like men are? (Oh, wait, men are not free to wear feminine clothes...)

    Why is it that "feminists" must choose a career above all else? Are they not free to choose any career they want, including staying at home - like men are nowadays applauded for doing? (Oh, wait, not really. She should find a real man with ambition, not a stay-at-home loser.)

    I could go on...

    Like you've noticed, modern "feminism" is not about empowering women. That battle was won many many years ago.

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    Definitely agree. I have some sympathy for the first-wave feminists. Like the ones who did actual important stuff like campaigning for the right to vote, allowing women to own property etc. Just basic stuff. But that's done now, feminism is redundant.

    It's weird women can wear trousers but men can't wear skirts (except in Scotland). It must be really annoying in summer because men can't really wear shorts to an office job, but women can wear skirts. And why is it more socially acceptable for women to have short hair, than it is for men to have long hair...

    I can tell you a feminist response to that would be 'because it's seen as shameful to be a woman'. Which is nonsense.

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    Definitely agree. I have some sympathy for the first-wave feminists. Like the ones who did actual important stuff like campaigning for the right to vote, allowing women to own property etc. Just basic stuff. But that's done now, feminism is redundant.

    they were known as "suffragettes"

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    Much of RP is about women having agency and making decisions for themselves. It's pretty easy to frame RP as feminist.

    OTOH radfem is all about shaming women for not acting like men. For wearing pink, having kids, not hating men. You can call out the hypocrisy if a radfem tries to shame you for choosing to be feminine.

    Still, you dont want to go too "public". Live life how you want, and make some small concessions when in your parents' presence to avoid making a scene. Act regretful if you choose to be a SAHM, etc.

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    Tell them to stop shaming/oppressing you and that you have the right to do what you want.

    I am sure your feminist friends and family will understand that.

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    first off, feminism is supposed to be about choices and being allowed to have those choices. You want to be submissive, you fucking go for it. Don't let someone's straw feminism affect your sexuality: it is YOUR sexuality for a reason. In fact, one is no less a feminist by being heterosexual with traditional tastes for standardized gender roles. The braggart gold star lesbians and those who try to keep up with the jones's are just another sort of asshole that no-one warned you about.

    By this factor alone, many RP ideas cross into the territory of prescribing behaviors and attitudes for others just in the same way that your family's "feminism" does, so you have to be wary of anyone who wants to treat an individual like an interchangeable piece in an algorithm.

    So you discovered what you want in a relationship. Truly, Congratulations. I wish more people were able to decide on these things earlier. So now you have to find the suitable partner in your quest. Keep in mind that like BDSM, feminism, or politics, red pill beliefs attract selfish assholes who justify their terrible actions with a belief structure and rationale that poisons the entire thing for everybody. Learn, I mean really learn, what abuse really is and what it really looks like, so that you are prepared to protect yourself in case you find yourself with a silken tongued well endowed sociopath.

    I do not suggest going to lawschool unless you have a full ride, (search r/law for reasons why: hint: the lawschools fucked up and took too many students to get free student loan cash and now there are too many lawyers and too few jobs) but perhaps you should look into cheap and nearly free colleges in Europe: google it, lady and save your entire future. It seems that you want a fit, cleanish cut, assertive social climber, so perhaps med school?

    There is point in every persons life where they must leave the village, travel to a foreign place, and go slay a motherfucking dragon so that they may return to their childhood home as an adult. Perhaps it is time for you to fly away little bird, get away from some of that family, and see the world with new eyes. Seeing how other people fail will make you understand your parents better.

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    Go to a non-western country, like Russia/Mongolia/Chile.

    They've still full of the 'alpha' men you crave. Enjoy

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    You be you!

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    1. Who cares what others think, if they arent going to except you there is not point being around them.
    2. Feminism doesnt havent to be the hardcore, over the top style that it has been generalized with and can be a much more moderate version.
    3. If you find yourself a true alpha hes not going to give a fuck about what your parents say or do, they know what they are doing isnt a bad thing so if they get bitched out by your parents for being alpha hes just going to say "whatever" and walk off.

    Best of luck with it all =).

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    Personally, I struggle with this idea of 'moderate' feminism. I've been so hurt by the feminism I grew up with that I can't envision it ever being moderate.

    And do you mean you think he would leave me (so I maybe need to do something about my parents before getting into a RP r/ship)? Or leave my parents (I would be totally cool with that)?

    And thanks! :)

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    No not that he would leave you, he would just walk away from what ever discussion he was in with your parents if they started grilling him on him being dominant or something they dont like due to their feminism views.

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    And do you mean you think he would leave me (so I maybe need to do something about my parents before getting into a RP r/ship)? Or leave my parents (I would be totally cool with that)?

    He would be with you becoz he wants to be with you ... simple

    He gives NO fucks about "others people's opinions"

    you'll be fine, just take your time, it's not a race (I say that in the nicest way:D)

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    I've been so hurt by the feminism I grew up with

    hey could I ask you to expand on this a bit for me please?

    I don't quite understand this, as I reckon you're not alone, so why is there such a 'pack' mentality in feminisn, do you think it's a form of "social herding"?

    I do .... but I don't have any 'feminist' friends to ask! Not that' I'd get off lightly for even asking such a question! I did my dash with "lesbian feminist separatists" back in the 80's! lol The "Land Right's for Gay Whales" and "women need men like fish need bikes" era!

    Since then, I tend to avoid them in general, I'm well over it, And tbh, I don't look for their company.

    I'm old enough to know married women with kids, who have become lesbian feminazi's for 5-6yrs and then return to being and incredibly 'straight' woman ,, (and have another child at 47yo!)....

    And she was one of the very intelligent ones,, a woman who had taught me a lot, back when we were teenagers!

    so pardon my naivete with the current mob of ... idk what to call them anymore, but, women or females . . . I only tend to deal with them in small groups these days, and it's a diverse mix

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    Sure, well, my mum is a sociologist and my dad is a child psychologist. I've often felt like I was just some kind of experiment to them (I guess their experiment failed). They would always dress me in 'gender neutral' clothes when I was a kid. They got me to play mostly with boy's toys. I had a couple of barbies and dolls, but when I started to play with them more than the toy cars, my parents took them away. They essentially wouldn't let me have any feminine gender expression until I was about 10 or 11.

    I was just a girl in my mind, I had no outlet for my feminine side. I had all these fantasies about how I wanted to be. I was in general quite a spoiled/indulged child, apart from this. If I asked for a disney princess dress, they'd say no, but get me a kid's chemistry set instead.

    They eventually stopped letting me see my grandfather because my mum said he was sexist and would have a bad influence on me and give me low self-esteem about being a girl. This is just insane to me. I love my grandfather, he has always made me feel happy and loved, and would take the time to play with my dolls with me, and take me to horse shows because I loved them. He's a great man, yes he's old-fashioned but he's old. He's never been judgmental towards my mum or her choices. So I only saw him once in maybe 5 years. Now I'm an adult see him much more often. But I can thank feminism for almost ruining my relationship with him.

    I guess feminism stopped me from having the feminine gender expression I need. It made me internalize that. It made me hate myself, and feel worthless for being a girl. Now I'm starting to break free, but it's hard.

    Sorry for the rant, they're just a few ways feminism hurt me. I think my parents are stereotypical rad fems from the 2nd wave (70s/80s), most of my friends are 3rd wave feminists.

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    Na, don't be sorry at all! Thank you for such a cool answer, I think I can speak for a lot of guys and say you come across as a very cool woman, it's a pleasure to shoot the shit with you!

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    you what?

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    you sound so fucking desparate it makes me actually herf. gross

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    GTFO .... now! woman!

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    don't pussy foot just because you have a boner when she talked about baking cookies.

    the correct expression is Tits or GTFO!