Why do younger men nowadays sound like women? (self.asktrp)

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This is a phenomenon I've only noticed in the past couple of years, and more specifically since I swallowed TRP.

I've noticed that a lot of guys under the age of 30 in America have feminine-sounding voices. Not only the inflections they use sound feminine, but their voices are also higher pitched for being men -- and they're not even gay.

Has anyone else noticed this? Thoughts on this?

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Piggybacking on this post, how does one go about getting a more manly voice? I sound borderline feminine at times and i really want to change that

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Repeat: Bing Bong, Ding Dong, King Kong. Holding the nnnngggg for 7 seconds on each word. Feel your adams apple drop while you do it. Do it 3 times, each time with a deeper tone of voice. Do this daily.

It works immediately, and your voice gets even deeper with time.

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Good shit, just added this to my daily habit tracker. Thanks boss.

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Is that a habit tracking app? Recommendations?

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Ipro habit track is amazing

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Can confirm that this works

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How quickly did this work for you?

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Can't remember because it was ages ago, you feel it working though as you get better at doing it each time, your throat doesn't feel as strained and you can get a deeper pitch

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Cool, I wonder, HOW does this work?

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It's probably as simple as you're exercising the deep-voice muscles, and practicing that deep, reverberating tone.

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Whenever I do extended no fap, my voice gets deeper. Not even joking. Extended as in a couple weeks+

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Although it isn't very supported here on TRP, if you do NoFap for about a week, you'll most likely hear a difference in the pitch of your voice (lower).

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why exactly is no fap NOT supported here on TRP?? TRP is about going out of your way and accepting/finding reality as tough as it may be. It's also a heck of a lot about self-improvement. Why do we have to hate other subs that aim for the same goal? NoFap and redpill together is one hell of a drug (a life improving one)

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I think the reason that NoFap isn't very much supported here on TRP is because it is true: a good majority of the users on that subreddit are Beta Bux types of guys.

For those that are really struggling with looking at pornography either because it is a legitimate addiction or just plain because you feel like an Omega piece of shit just by looking at it, we should all do what we have to do.

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a good majority of the users on that subreddit are Beta Bux types of guys.

Even if that's true, it's pretty Red Pill to break a crippling addiction to porn and do something as challenging as NoFap for 2-3 months so that you can be better in bed.

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I only claim porn to be a beta act because you're watching another man have the time of his life and you're getting high off that. It rewires your brain and at least on some level that can't be good for you. Even if I do masturbate I try to do it without porn.

I sort of have to agree with you about the beta bux thing. Although I would say to be careful on judging something based off a subreddit. Reddit is mostly full of extreme beta-ism diplomatic politically correct, women are angels poor victims, men are evil type crap so it's tough to judge concepts based on a subreddit dedicated to it. I've never seen any website like this.

When I first actually started using reddit a year ago I was actually surprised. If you write something like "well I disagree, you're an idiot" beta police will downvote you to hell for being "mean". It's also a huge circlejerk. On websites like youtube no one cares. I guess that begs the question why I'm here in the first place though.

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So use lesbian porn.

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It is not supported because the movement itself is fucking retarded. Not fapping keeps your testerone levels up and keeps your sex drive up at the expense of feeling horny all the time. That's it. The movement though, treats it as a behavioral panacea for every fucking thing wrong with their lives.

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Well until you get laid. You're not always horny you release that energy in other ways, I agree with your last sentence but objectively tell me that the same problem doesn't exist for redpill

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why exactly is no fap NOT supported here on TRP??

Because TRP is about actual results-oriented improvement, not placebo-based, temporary fixes.

Going to the gym? Great, your muscles are getting bigger. Reading the classics? Great, you're becoming more cultured and educated. Going out to more social events and interacting with strangers? Great, you're increasing social confidence and gaining reference experiences.

Doing NoFap? You're not necessarily doing any of these. Worse, you may feel you're progressing in life because you're "challenging" yourself, but all you're doing is not touching your dick.

Note also that the first group of activities actually cause "not fapping" as a by-product. Who's got time to fap when they're spinning 3 plates?

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It will also make a leprecaun appear at your bedside who will shower you with 15 tons of pure Aztec gold!!!

Breaking any addiction is naturally a good thing, but there is a mountain of vodoo bro-science shit attributed to No-Fap. Enjoy jerking off when you feel like it, just don't watch porn. For the rest use your mental energy for something more worthwhile.

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That's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever read.

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I can confirm that after week four, people started commenting on my sexy deep voice.

It was surprising because nobody had ever commented on it before.

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    I can respect you disagreeing with NoFap, but imagine other people on other forums came to the same conclusion but replaced the term nofap with redpill. You'd feel like "gee at least have a bit of an open mind before reaching such conclusions".

    Masturbating is so very beta if you think about it and porn in particular. If you deeply reflect on porn it's the most beta of beta things. It discourages you from wanting to get laid whether you realize it or not. I'd sincerely recommend at least giving nofap a good shot before jumping to conclusions, you're forced to improve your life, lift, etc. because you can't release your built up energy from not fapping by fapping anymore.

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      people on there have deluded themselves into thinking they'll literally have superpowers, if only they could reach 100 days, 150 days, 200 days or whatever.

      The superpowers are all in the mind. If NoFap makes you think you have superpowers, then you will. I say more power to them. NoFap is NOT easy.

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      Certainly not easy when you spend a lot of time on the internet, and have no sexual outlet.

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      The superpowers they feel is how they should've felt originally. The issue was that they were/are living in such a pathetic state that they feel amazing from any amount of positive change.

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      I found it really easy personally.

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      thanks, I do agree that the level of delusion there is high and people actually get deluded into believing they have super powers. When you do it the very very first time you legitimately do feel like you have super powers but after a while you have to be pretty deluded to not realize it's a gradual process. It's all part of the process to be honest. People talk about getting girls and how that's the reason they come to redpill and nofap but fuck that man, girls are important but it's about learning and growing and I've found nofap to be pretty helpful with that.

      A high amount of delusion exists on TheRedPill as well, some people on here genuinely act like they're somehow 10 times the people others are just because they've found the truth and are now some sort of "meta-human" but yea I will agree with you NoFap redditors take delusion to a whole new unheard of concept.

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      Nofap has helped people, but like any community, some retards take it to far. People claiming that not having sex (not just masturbating, like literally not having sex even with their girlfriend/wife) increases their mental abilities by crazy amounts. They seem to often get pretty beta as well, often a stated goal of people there is to stop seeing women as sex objects.

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      Very well said, haha. This basically sums it up

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      I actually saw the opposite, but I have an extremely deep voice to begin with.

      It wasn't that my voice got super high, but just that it became normal sounding.

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      Societal conditioning. Everything about the people who interact with children from a young age telling men to be expressive of their feelings.

      From a young age, their soft sides stick and they don't build up the masculinity they need to survive in this world.

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      Meh... as a 26 yo this feels like a weak argument. Though true for some. I would say it's because I (along with many other men) am constantly playing down being threatening to others around me, specifically women. On top of being told all your life not to rape women or appear like a rapist by being subtly threatening to them, this is also promoted at service industry jobs. It's more welcoming and comforting to soft customers, and is seen as the way to market yourself and the store. Even at the hardware store I work at this is seen as a positive behavior, and I've been praised for my peaceful demeanor and soft spoken voice, which is lighter.

      Whenever I use my own voice, I'm told it's too loud and the deepness carries too far. Some have even mentioned how anxious/nervous it makes them feel, which is not the effect I wish to have on this world, so I make adjustments, and now the lighter one is more my standard.

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      Hence... societal conditioning. People are telling you to do something, and you do it so that you come off as being agreeable.

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      Oh it's 100% societal conditioning from the beginning, it's also a matter of operating how I want to in the society I live in, because I care about how my actions effect the society around me, and the future of that society. Caring about how you effect people around you is self societal conditioning, or being neighborly/civilized. It's inevitable unless you're trying to be 100% selfish and self focused 100% the time. Even then you're in an environment raised around others. The very thoughts you learn mainly came from the society you grew up in, even TRP perceptions are a part of society that have effected how you view the world and are trying to condition your behavior. You're not in a vacuum, and your actions effect other people, there is no escaping societal conditioning. It's called life.

      Even being the antithesis of the conditioning you believe, is recognizing and operating on the premise that the society laid out for you. Meaning you accept the premise as the standard, instead of your own road. It holds a higher priority then your own agenda.

      Also, I believe that your premise for why and how that societal conditioning worked was faulty, weak, and described only a fraction of the problem/people in my generation. Hence why I elaborated. There's more going on here then people being able to express themselves, and that making them soft or un-masculine for some reason. Personally I find it to be a strength. It's never hindered me. I have no problem expressing how I feel about a situation, in the way I want to, which is sometimes loud and deep. It gets the point through really quickly when an articulate soft spoken person is projecting how you fucked up and pissed them off. It's a weapon and a strength, not a weakness.

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      Wtf, if you have a deep voice, you have a deep voice. Just don't be a dick and no one will think negatively of you. There's no need to self-pussify yourself just to appease others.

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      First of all. I agree, but I do as I wish consciously with my own agendas. So don't misunderstand the situation.

      Second of all, there is an insane, but somewhat valid, narrative going on in this nation about fearing dangers because they "might" happen. Robberies, rape, murder, etc. Which causes people to withdraw more, and that just makes things worse. Isolated people often make poor objective decisions. For women there's more threat, therefore a higher risk assessment. On top of the naturally higher risk assessment that stems from possibly having a child and seeking commitment. So yes, to get along, to effect change by getting behind fear defences, it being nice neighborly behavior, the benefits in a work/social environment, I approve of "pussifying" how I behave in different situations. It's civilized, Collectivist, and egalitarian. There's definitely reasons to do it.

      The trick is to not lose yourself and remember to invest in the individual side as well. Be selfish sometimes, disregard peoples walls and push some buttons, run the roads you want to because you want to, invest in yourself and your happiness. I just do it tactically to maximize the benefits and minimize the damage on the board.

      Edit: Formatting

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      Can't I say I disagree, but I also have a very deep voice and no one seems to be that intimidated by it. Might be because I smile, you try that yet? :)

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      I'm generally pretty approachable and welcoming. Though I haven't enjoyed manipulating my facial expressions outside of my actual feelings, so I really don't tap into it. Not nearly as interested. At the same time I'm working on trying to smile more in general, because of how it effects my feelings. So there's this bizarre game/battle between what I feel I am, and who I choose to be, at least when it comes to facial expressions.

      I'm thinking about how location is a big aspect of it too. Like, I live in Minneapolis right now, and have a service job. So I run into soft people all the time. It's just a part of daily life. I enjoy my job and smile often there, so I don't think that's it, but I'll think about whether or not I am smiling when someone cowers or mentions it next time.

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      Yep, I agree. Working service sector jobs as a teen and in college it seemed that a less deep sounding voice seemed to be more personable/approachable.

      Now that I'm in an office setting, it is necessary to learn otherwise. I purposefully revert sometimes when I cold call though.

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        Yes, well, I've been told that for the first time a few months ago, but for the first 25 years of my life I've heard otherwise from men and women alike. I've now started to play with a deep, yet still quiet voice when I go out to public areas, to see if it changes attention levels, but I've found nothing so far. Though, I would still agree with that theory, and try to keep it in mind when I see a girl I like.

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        Man, how fucked up is that? Your voice is considered a trigger in University Women studies/sociology departments across the country (U.S.).

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        Part fear mongering, part higher risk assessment, part broken society. Depends on the perspective. It hasn't phased me emotionally at all. I've adjusted, adapted, and acquired new experiences/perceptions because of it. It's kinda fun to me, to be so aware of it, and see what different reactions I can get with the different voices. It effects men too, it's not just women. Which is helping me categorize different types of men. The trial of it itself and the contrast I learned here a few months ago is the only reason I'm aware of this trait. It works out in my favor.

        My voice is a better weapon now, as well as surgical tool, now that I know new ways to use it and test it on people. Which feels pretty bad ass. :D

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        And how is that not societal conditioning?

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        It is. I refer to my response to u/invalidity to explain the details, because he said the same thing.

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        Cheers, must have missed that.

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        Replied after your post, just didn't want to double up. Cheers. :)

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        Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, scroll down as far as possibe (hint:use RES), and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top.

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        It is probably related to obesity though.

        May also be related to estrogen-like compounds in foods and the environment (eg in plastics).

        It is a large fall BTW.

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        Perhaps from decreasing physical labour jobs too, which also contributes to obsesity

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        High divorce rates with high percentage of kids living with the mom. Dad's role is to teach the kids about testing their abilities; mummy runs to kid when kid scrapes his knee. No dad around = nobody to teach boy to be a man. Why?

        Women cannot raise boys to be men. Only men can do that.

        In school, boys are treated like "defective girls". Where can boy learn? In most cases, from the hollow masculinity of the "street", if at all.

        And so we are losing a generation of boys....

        What to do about it? As I say, "All The Young Men Are My Sons". So I help my nephews (one is RP and the other is on his way; the other two are fuckheads) as well as helping my friends' sons. Indeed, that is why I post on TRP. And so must you, RP Men, when you are older and wiser. We live in a world where Nurse Ratched and the Feminist Witchhunters want to destroy everything masculine.

        What to do? Speak the Truth. It is the new Hate Speech of course, but if you are in a position where you can do it and not get screwed over, fired, or whatever, then speak the truth out loud. In every day, resist the tyranny of this pulsing cancer we have let grow among us. And be joyful. The miasma of misandry that is forced into our lungs every day is false, and, underneath, people know it. The Truth can only be kept down for so long...

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        Testosterone levels. They're lower today than 10 years ago, and lower then than 10 years before that.

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          Diet, pesticides, various disruptive chemicals, having children at later ages, etc.

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          It needs to be said more often. Modern civilization is quite toxic to manhood.

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          I've noticed this too. They all speak like they're asking questions? Fruity little generation.

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          I catch myself from time to time; I think it is a learned pitch. I sometimes have to reduce the octaves on purpose before it feels natural again.

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          Most millenials are either raised by single women or if theyre lucky a man that was raised by a single woman. We also stupid shame men for sounding too masculine while an effeminate affectation is associated with being thoughtful or savvy. eg Quentin Tarantino

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          Maybe that's just what you're subconsciously looking for...in a man.

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          It may partially be that most men were raised by women these days and also partially that what you are saying is just not true. Your voice continues to deepen and become rougher as you age so younger guys will generally always have smoother and slightly higher voices.

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          Because you project your insecurities about your masculinity onto other people.

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          Why wouldn't we? Men will never hate women. We might hate how they act, or the lies we are told about them, but we will never really hate women.

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          This is not something I have ever noticed.

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          Soy-based additives in processed food.

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          Male voice continues to mature a lot until 30s some even longer. The voice becomes less flexible and darker, although gradually. This is known to any opera singer, it's not just training and conditioning, men need to be in 30s and 40 to sound fully mature.

          Also in terms of normal speech, a ton of men drink and smoke and these gradually destroy the voice, making more masculine, darker and deeper.

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          It all depends on each specific guy. I work in hospitality. My voice doesn't sound feminine, but I have crafted it in a way that works best for the cooperation of my team and in communicating with customers/clients. Yes, it is less deep than I could make it. Does making my natural voice sound pleasant make me less of a man? No. My role as a man in that particular environment depends on me being warm, welcoming, and cooperative.

          I see this as necessary control. Rappers and singers, as well as salesman and customer service reps all exercise this particular skill. Now, in all of these fields, men who speak with deep voices do succeed as well, and that works for them. For other men, like myself, all out deep isn't what works.

          Now, with the girly men you seem to be talking about, a lot of factors could be considered, and most I have read in the other responses. But unless you're a psychologist looking to study this on a case by case basis...who cares, really? Maybe they masturbate too much. Maybe their mom was the only one in their ear shaping the way they talk and communicate. Maybe they are gay. Maybe they think appearing gay will get them girls. Actually, one guy I met in college talked to girls as if he were gay, and then would talk to guys with a deep and monotone voice. Who the fuck knows.