What does a LTR offer you that benefits you? (self.asktrp)

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The quality of sex and blowjobs are above anything I've received from most plates I've had, and I get them literally anytime I want. 3 am throat fuck? Sure.

The biggest thing to me is my LTR does a TON of things no plate has ever... Cleans my house daily, packs my protein shake supplies every morning, fills my humidifier daily, pays half my rent/utilities, fills up my weekly supplement organizer, you get the point. I have never asked her to do ANY of this. She just wants to. She constantly is trying to make me happy and in her own words "prove she deserves a place in my life". Yes I know LTR's are not recommended and found tRP after I started it.

I should add I actually enjoy her company, she is funny, 9/10 body, kinda nerdy, and for some reason madly in love with me. Oh and she knows if she fucks up once she's gone. She is very aware others want me and will be replaced if I'm not getting my needs met. Doing all I can to avoid oneitis.

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I know women are not the goal but damn this sounds like bliss. Tired of these fucking thots.

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Nice man... very nice. How long have you two been together?

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I don't engage in cohabitation with my LTR like /u/undehdd but effectively my situation is similar. She comes over on Friday or Saturday leaves by mid Sunday. Generally does my laundry, buys some household consumables and pays for roughly half the dates.

Generally we have sex 1 - 3 times over the course of the 1 - 3 days we spend together and occasionally we meet up mid week if there is a concert or something.

We have been together for 18 months at this point.

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As my LTR 8ish months I think, and she was my plate for a good 3ish months before that.

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The quality of sex and blowjobs are above anything I've got received from most plates I've had

This... my LTR (plate for 4 months, promoted) is just fucking stellar in this department. My "book of records" has over 30 names in it now, including 6 LTRs, and this girl is absolutely the best; hands down.

She fucking works for it and loves every second. Still working on a few other aspects of the relationship; I won't let her stay more than one night at a time to make sure she doesn't get too comfortable. But I'm not regretting the promotion, yet.

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    Honestly it's a hard question to answer because I feel as though I get all my needs (except sexual) met within? I feel complete as a person, yet constantly improving myself (reading, lifting, etc) and finding new hobbies.

    This is gonna sound kinda funky but my LTR adds "warmth" to my life. I'm a fairly cold person. Anyway, she supports everything I do. Nursing school is hard.. She made over 500 flash cards for me and ruthlessly quizzed me, even in the shower. She might be the reason I ended the semester with a 4.0. I just bought a Ruger 10/22 (firearm), I get home an hour or so later and she's watching a fucking YouTube video on how to properly field strip it... She's a keeper.

    BUT. I will say even though this LTR is damn near perfect, I have no issues with ending it. Whether it be from me or her. Because everyone is replaceable, even me. I haven't changed a damn thing in my life for her and if she doesn't like how I am, what I do to her, or anything then she can just leave. And to be honest I think about ending it and being single all the time. The grass is always greener on the other pesticide.

    I really, really enjoy slapping that ass in front of other guys that drool over her in leggings. And the look on someone's face when they see I'm getting road head at the red light.

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    I have no issues with ending it. Whether it be from me or her. Because everyone is replaceable, even me.

    Oddly enough, this is the attitude that forges LTRs that last for a long long time. Maintain this mentality, your SMV, and your emotional and financial investments. This is how you have a healthy relationship with a woman.

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    The grass is always greener on the other pesticide.

    lol Agree with everything, but this was just brilliant

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      You can say that about most people in someone's life. All accessories. What worth do they have to you?

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        I think you don't understand. The things she does are quite irrelevant, it's about putting YOU over her own needs. She values you so much she does things that you would have to do so that you don't have to. Them not being hard doesn't matter, it's about the feeling you get when someone puts your needs before theirs.

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        Rare breed, indeed. Not a unicorn, but a horse with a horn glued to it will do for now. :P

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        Yeah, I find myself in a similar situation. She said to me, "My body belongs to you anytime you want it." She fixes dinner, buys me model kits, is not totally fucking crazy and no daddy issues... but I continue to remind myself that AWALT eventually, I have to enjoy it while it's here.

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        Curious, how long have you been with your LTR? Do you cohabitate? Is your relationship monogamous?

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        Some people just aren't happy with banging loose sluts and don't get a sense of fulfillment. Call me beta or whatever but I like the sense of companionship in an LTR. Can't get that with one nighters and plates.

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          I gotcha, well like many of the other people have posted here, it comes with some benefits. Doing shit for you, constant steady sex (few times a day - few times a week), people who want to have kids in an ideal environment for them. I'm independent and don't need an LTR to keep me happy/go out with/ or to do shit for me, but its nice when its there.

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            Well what everyone else would recommend is doing a little dread game. Don't necessarily have to cheat but let her know directly or indirectly that you have other options if she's being a prude.

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              Depends on how long she acts up. Soft next and dread game first.

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                Of course. What's the point of being in a sexless ltr when other girls can fuck you?

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                  I'm with you on this. I'm so tired of wasting time & energy combating shit tests along with money to get anywhere. Yet finding fuck buddies that will do what LTRs will do for the most part anyways.

                  Freedom is really free without a LTR.

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                  You are asking the right question.

                  A few benefits to note:

                  1. Public association with a high value female that is in your frame will elevate your status

                  2. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, massage, errands, pet sitting.. aka minion with a nice ass

                  3. When correctly led, sex in a longer relationship usually gets better, not worse. Kink boundaries are stretched, emotions can be played with, and non-standard pathways explored

                  4. There's always the chance that she is actually smart, and has valid opinions to yield on your life and circumstances. This is a primary attribute I screen for in potential LTRs. Sexual attraction based on perceived intelligence is called "sapiosexual". Of course, very smart & very attractive women have a tendency to be rabidly hypergamous..

                  5. The ultimate destination of any LTR is a family. The ultimate value that any woman can provide to any man is children.

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                  Everytime you slide your meat into a hoochy ass chola, there is a risk that your future mestizo Children will be waking up to Daddy Yankee and eating cold poptarts for breakfast while their mother dilagently applies lip liner.

                  With an LTR you have the piece of mind of knowing into who's hole your semen is flowing.

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                  Less chance of STDs too.

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                  Not if she's fucking on the side

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                  Then she is a plate.

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                  By the time you know it'll be too late

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                  If she's a plate, you would assume it.

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                  Because LTRs don't cheat right?

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                  Irrelevant to my point.

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                  Just my experience

                  but if you have game and spin plates, a need for steady sex with a single partner shouldn’t be a beneficial component of a relationship.

                  • constantly approaching / gaming women and running multiple plates eventually lost its appeal and got tedious. The clubbing and bar scene was never my thing, and cold approaching never felt natural to me no matter how often I did it. It was just something I did because I wanted sex rather than something I enjoyed. A lot of people here seem to equate that stuff to some sort of bachelor heaven so to each his own I guess.

                  Honestly having a hard time identifying anything a LTR brings to one’s life other than steady sex,

                  • Companionship, emotional bonding, higher level of intimacy, someone who will perform small acts of care and kindness that platonic friends wouldn't, etc. I don't share the extreme pessimism most of this sub holds towards women. I've had fantastic LTRs over the years that have been an absolute blast. A lot of people on here seem jaded because of shitty experiences but again, to each their own

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                    None of my bros are going to wake up early to cook me breakfast because I had a late night, or drive 30 minutes to clean my apartment and make dinner because they know I'm stressing about the MCAT. The bond between two romantic partners is just deeper and more intimate than one between two friends. Hard to describe, it's just one of those things you have to experience for yourself.

                    TRP as a whole is jaded to the point of absurdity. It's honestly pathetic how resentful a lot of guys on here are towards women but hey, they're the ones missing out

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                    Pays half the rent, sex 24/7 anything goes, cooks, cleans, massages, helps do stuff, supports racing, makes family happy, organizes house, packs my lunches, etc

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                    Emotional connection with another human being! Christ, despite the smp being less than ideal for most men, ltrs still provide that feeling we all so desperately want to have. You're still a human being after all.

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                      You know the answer to that question. You know it so well it's why you had to seek out trp in the first place.

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                      Codependent horse shit.

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                      If some force removed all women from this earth, men would commit suicide on a massive scale. Lie to yourself to feel better all you want, but until you address your true desire for that emotional connection, you won't align your actions and your ambitions won't reflect your core needs. And until that happens, you'll always have massive voids in your life. I'm not saying be blind to the reality of things, I'm saying be hyper aware of what goes on around you but be especially aware of what's going on inside you. This shit is emotional and spiritual chess, not checkers.

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                      Speak for yourself sugar lips

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                      travel & fine dining - I'd never spend my money or time with a plate or short-term gf on expensive dinners or trips (which I like very much)

                      potentially a family

                      prefer plating for sex as I need variety (and still plate in a LTR just less heavily), but some prefer 1 girl I guess?

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                      My LTR has taken the time to figure out what I like and don't like. For my birthday, she got me my go-to breakfast item and blew me before running out the door to go to work. I'm not getting that from a plate unless she wants something. She takes an interest in the things that are important to me. She's been working on learning my native language so she can communicate with my family back home, for example. She learned the schedule for the NBA Playoffs so she knew when I'd be hanging out with my best friends and put something together for me to snack on when I went to their place instead of a bar. Didn't ask her to and it wasn't an expectation but she was happy to do it. She doesn't want "girl's night out" because she'd rather have her friends over for food and wine or beer.

                      I could go on. She pays attention and puts a lot of care into what she does for me. I don't have to wrestle with her to get things done because she just knows. I hate to sound like the epitome of a blue pill blind man but she conpliments me. She doesn't complicate my life. I am more efficient in my day-to-day because of her.

                      And, before anyone asks or suggests I have oneitis, I'd end it all in a heartbeat if she overcomplicated my life. But she doesn't so an LTR is worth it to me.

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                      I agree with /u/undehdd, sex with LTR was definitely the highest quality.

                      The best thing about a LTR is growing the girl, particularly when they are young.

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                      Steady sex a few times a week and someone that does most of my meal prep ( I'm about that macro and lifting life) for me each week. Also washes, folds and puts away my laundry.

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                      I'm going to try to explain this as well as I possibly can, but it's a concept that I have yet to write on paper.

                      A good LTR is almost the next evolution of game. A hot chick is like an accessory. Banging one is one thing, having one that's loyal to you above all else is an entirely different feeling.

                      It's like owning a Ferrari. most guys with a little cash can pay $500 at the local football stadium to do a lap in one (bang a hot girl one night), but to own one is completely different - only bosses own Ferraris.

                      Again this might be a bad analogy but to me, outside of the sexual benefits and the fact that they make my life better, it's a psychological thrill that comes from being the unquestioned leader of a high value woman.

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                      In my perception, there is such a thing called "too alpha/too independent." You get to a point in your life in which nobody can hurt you; you are completely fine with the person you have become. You do not need anyone. You get your sexual needs met very easily. You are respected. You are physically and mentally strong; stronger than anyone you know. Loneliness starts to kick in because you have truly become "the alpha male" this society describes. The top is lonely.

                      Your LTR is someone you see worthy of your values and hard work. She is there for you to be vulnerable. You do not need to be bulletproof all the time. Believe or not people have a yearning for being hurt once in a while. Your LTR provides that. You make them into the only person that can hurt you, and trust them enough to think that they will never hurt you. Trust. That's what you give them in an LTR. That's what matters in an LTR. You trust them enough to know that they will respect you and accept you as you are. We are all human; there will be times you'll feel a bit under the weather, and instead of pushing yourself up like you always do, this time there will be a person that will help you get up. Help. This is also something you get in an LTR at no cost. You are perfectly capable of helping yourself to the fullest; LTR gives you a break to take a breath and depend on someone that's not you for once. You are independent, but from time to time it feels nice to know that someone got your back no matter what. If it all goes well, this person will know you better than anyone else knows you; even yourself. She will see it in your eyes whether you are happy, upset, horny, angry, or whatever you're feeling, and she will know what to do without you even stammering a word. She will love you more than she loves herself, and you will do the same for her.

                      Sometimes she will get worried that you don't love or care about her enough. She will put on a face and her tone will change. Nevertheless though, you will know how to calm her down and once again, she will feel comfortable to think that she is yours just as much as you are hers.

                      So you basically want an LTR to feel vulnerable. You get help. You get trust. You will get great sex. You will get comfort. You will get god-tier respect. You won't be too alpha.

                      Don't expect anything I say to ever happen. This description is flawed since it sounds a little too close to perfect, and it probably won't happen to anyone. Let a man dream lol.

                      For real tho, LTR is a gamble. You just hope it lasts till you die and invest in it, but it might just burn down and everything goes to waste like my last LTR.


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                      "She is there for you to be vulnerable. You do not need to be bulletproof all the time. Believe or not people have a yearning for being hurt once in a while. Your LTR provides that. You make them into the only person that can hurt you, and trust them enough to think that they will never hurt you. Trust. That's what you give them in an LTR. That's what matters in an LTR. You trust them enough to know that they will respect you and accept you as you are. "

                      You can fuck right off TRP with that bullshit. Don't give your opinion or advice here until you've read and understood the material.

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                      Yes folks listen to this man. You do NOT share your feelings with people, ESPECIALLY women.

                      Women couldn't care less about your problems, she'll ask you to open up but the second you tell her your sad feelings or complain about something, she's going to view you as a loser.

                      When a woman asks you to open up, what she's actually asking you is to give her information which can allow her to evaluate whether or not you are a man worthy of being with her.

                      Women talk about the problem, men fix the problem.

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                      You can fuck right off TRP with that bullshit.


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                      For sure lmao

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                      Bonding. All the other things mentioned in replies are material things you can live without, or you can train your plates to do.

                      But bonding and reciprocated nurturing with a woman that knows you is just amazing. This is what gets a guy to become betafied and develop oneitis...

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                        I don't think he was saying it was a good thing but a case of conditions that may develop due to bonding and one's strength in frame

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                        But bonding and reciprocated nurturing with a woman that knows you is just amazing. This is what gets a guy to become betafied and develop oneitis...

                        Damn right. The feeling is so good. That's the danger.

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                        Absolutely nothing. Fuck bitches, get money. That is all.

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                        Constant reminders of TRP truths.

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                        Abundance of sex, she drives me everywhere after I was drinking, always wants to see me so I don't have to make effort and my frame is great, loves everything about me, the best ass I have fucked out of N-count of 20, buys me food, cooks dinner, shares her weed, has a great social circle that I want to be a part of (underground DJ scene).

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                        I believe that having children is patriotic, and I want a woman whom I can reasonably trust to stick around and help me raise them. While I believe that it's important for us to know how to attract women, I view the obsession with getting your n-count up to be socially degenerate, and actually contributing to the problems that most of us complain about. I don't consider social promiscuity, even among men, to be truly red pill. Raising a family, and strengthening your group (city, state, and nation) is the real red pill. We may be strong, but we are not Rambo, we are not a 1 man army, and without raising our own, we can never undo the social shitstorm that we experience.

                        A LTR gets me patriotic sex, and I get to make children for my country and raise them the right way.

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                        Thank you for your service.