LTR Says "I'm glad you're not the type to take me home after the first date" Turns Out She Slept With Someone Without A Date At All (self.asktrp)

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Am thinking about leaving her. Already been thinking about it but now I'm 90% tempted. Thoughts?

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The answer to "should I leave her because of her past" is "yes".

It's not about her quality though. It's about you, and it has two sides to it.
The first one is obsession. If you're focused on this particular aspect and it's bothering, chances are you'll have a hard time seeing how shitty she is and lead her towards being a better partner for you.
The second is, there's nothing she can do about her past and what you need to do to overcome it requires you to break up either way.

Break up with this one, standard excuse, and figure your shit out.

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Your first mistake: You listened to what she said.

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Translation: "I'm glad you're a beta I was able to lock into commitment. Chad pump and dumped me."

AF/BB bro. If a girl didn't give you the P immediately but she did with someone else, you're the beta. Anything else is just hamstering.

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Which is nothing bad per se. Its basically a requirement for LTR's to have beta traits. No strict AF can keep a woman. He will fail the comfort tests. On a physical level that means that the regarded woman will be low on oxytocin as AF will induce dopamine and BB oxytocin. The dual mating strategy of women will always lead to her searching for both, alpha and beta traits. As long as her needs are not satisfied she won't stick to you (Briffault's law) or she will have men satisfying her needs in parallel.

The only solution to be the "one and only" for a girl is to become the 10/10 Alpha Bux which is the equivalent of a 10/10 unicorn girl. Both only exist in dreams or theory.


You are in an LTR. What did you expect? That you are the alphaesque Alpha building a new era of ALPHAness by injecting your alpha genes into women? Girls like dicks. (You know they don't have them. They have this annoying hole of sobbing emptiness) Girls like dicks the most when they are within them. Girls like dicks even more when they are fertile.

Does she add value to your life? Keep her. She is more pain than gain? Next. In the mean time focus on the real important stuff. That's to become the best version of yourself - for yourself.

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If you are 90% tempted the hell is holding you back?


It need not be said but AWALT.

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Imagine Chad fucking the shit out of her without any effort at all. He empties his nuts in her mouth and leaves. Now look at you buying her flowers and taking her out to dinner. She's an easy whore and you know it. Every time you spend time and money on her you'll remember that time where she gave Chad the best sex of his life. Have some dignity and leave.

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Yea it's constantly on my mind now. It took me two dates but I guess that's a grade of a B+? Or maybe a B-? Either way all she had to say for herself was how "attractive" he was and how they had been friends for a couple of months before she did it.

Also claimed that he was "annoying" but none of that matters. If being annoying let me fuck bitches without a date then call me Jar Jar Binks.

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Honestly, if they had been friends and hung out for months prior to fucking, then it softens this a bit.

It wasn't like a quick hook up with a stranger behind taco bell.

It is well known and understandable that when a woman starts dating a friend that she already knows and trusts somewhat that the sex happens much more quickly.

So, she did hook up casually outside a relationship, but it was with someone she knew already.

The thing about talking about his looks wouldn't soften it for me that much. It's kind of crass for her to say to a LTR, really.

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Unless you went full chump and your two dates were like ten hours long each and/or cost you lot of resources i dont see any problem

She propably spent more time with him than with you... She tries to get your validation..

So if you can get this doubts from your head i dont see reason to drop her.

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Thank you for this. This train of thought helps me from getting attached to anyone so easily

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90% of women over the age of 21 have slept with someone without a first date, why do you care?

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Because she said she's not the type, which to me brought up her SMV. But now I know she wasn't, so it's taken a hit. Now I'm trying to reconcile that.

If she was up front about it then I wouldn't care. But she wasn't so now I do.

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She played you for a fool.

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Like a fiddle.

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stop taking it so personally dudes... cuck behavior. just take your turn.

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Lmao cuck behavior is being ok with committing to a whore

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Cuck behavior is worrying about who a girl's fucked before she even knew you. Are you so intimidated by all these alpha's that you cant even look this girl in the eye because she's had dick twice your size?

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The problem is not that she has slept around, the problem is that she is putting up a good-girl facade. It wouldn't have been an issue to OP if she had not pretended to by this fragile good girl which in reality... she isn't.

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The problem the OP is having is that she thinks he's a beta who is happy to wait for sex and get the scraps that the alphas were taking all along. AWALT. There's no "good girls" and "bad girls'.

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Cuck behavior is worrying about who a girl's fucked before she even knew you

opposite. cuck behaviour by definition is putting up with it, not getting mad about it

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Why is she having dick besides yours at all? Bro u gay?

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Bro all girls have fucked guys before they met you...

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And if she's a slut I'm not committing

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I think that that isn't unreasonable!

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I see what you're saying, but it's possible she really liked you and didn't want you to think she was a slut. She did say she was happy she didn't do it with you. It's your call.

Relatedly, is it possible that youre feeling a little bit hurt because you feel like the other guy must have been more attractive than you since she slept with him without a date and not you?

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I see what you're saying, but it's possible she really liked you and didn't want you to think she was a slut.

No woman wants to be perceived as a slut, but they should still be true to themselves and be honest about that, it is as if a man said he would marry and have kids, and it turns out he is sterile and doesn't want to marry.

Women lie to get a committed relationship, men lie to get sex.

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I know it's tough to to hear mate but when you hear men on TRP advise never to listen to what women say, they mean it.

Obviously this is not to be taken literally, but in your case or any case I've ever experienced, and believe me I've verified, if a girl says "I've never done x, y, z.", That is usually never the case and she is lying.

Over time your judgement and ability to read girls will become better so long as you don't become blinded with the opportunity for pussy.

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Because she said she's not the type

they're all the type. ALL. Not one exception. Ever.

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Be honest, are you really angry at her or at yourself because you think she sees you as a beta nice guy and not as the kind of guy she'd bang on the first date?

Let's be realistic, most sexually active women have fucked someone after a first date. She disclosed this to you to test your frame.

I wouldn't drop her just for this reason. Don't show her that you're upset by this. Use her as red pill practice. Step up your game, be dominant as fuck and get as much as you can from her while you can because she's not yours, it's just your turn with her.

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But I understand. She does work hard to validate herself to me so it's whatever but at the same time I just wanted to move the fuck on before I became too emotionally invested.

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Within every woman on this planet is an inner slut waiting to reveal herself to the right man. This includes your girl. She admitted this to you.

If you're the right man, then fuck her like the slut she is. If you're not comfortable with claiming her as your GF, then make her a plate.

If you're not the right man, then get to work right away.

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The only proper path ahead for OP and anyone, for that matter.

I always bring out the inner slut in my women. Once in a while it backfires and they find that they really like being that slutty cockwhore...all the time, and the miles of cock await. Ooops, oh well...next! In the meantime, I get really good sex. They get really good sex. When I find one that wants to keep her sluttiness "at home", it's LTR time. (and then the clock starts ticking...sigh)

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Of course she works hard to validate herself to you; but, to what end? For you to be her loving consort, or her ATM?

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Leave. And don't even bother explaining why

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Doesn't the fact that her mind even went there -- and then bygawd she actually said it out loud -- strike you as a red flag?

There are fewer red flags in Tienanmen Square.

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lol. she is already doing that while you're in the ltr

i truly believe (and without exaggeration) literally 99.9999 % of girls have atleast cheated ONCE and probably 80% or higher are cheating currently. and this isn't from anger phase cause i love sluts i love pussy. this is from slaying/reality

we get your girls freak sex within 5 mins 20 mins an hour in ONS and then we move onto the next hoe no relations lol all while she plays "good girl" while you give her your time energy and attention to her

and it doesn't matter how alpha you are they all are cheating lol

some of you aren't seeing the game being played because this ONE girl is blinding you from seeing the game.

no matter what if you're in a ltr or want an ltr you aren't redpilled you aren't even in the damn game lol

if i was a girl, i would be. playing you fools too

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True and depressing

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They get off on it

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most do. I've never had dating lead to sex. Ever. I've always had sex first and dating happens later sometimes

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Can you dive into details how she ended up having sex with a stranger and how you got to know this please? Not trying to play devils advocate, i am just curious, and i think i can learn something from this.

BTW when a woman says stuff like that it usually means she is trying to play the good girl card, she doesn't say that because she thinks good of you, she says that because she wants YOU to think good of HER.

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She claimed that she knew him for 2 months, invited him to kick backs from time to time and ended up going over his place and sleeping with him. She claimed that he was "annoying" and cut him off/never slept or spoke to him again.

Lots of hamstering but you know how it goes. Must have been nice to fuck without paying.

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Damn! Sounds worse than your original post. She basically chased him all over town trying to get his dick.

Thank HEAVENS that YOU aren't like that!

I'm also wondering what the "annoying" thing was. Could it be that he fell for her, and bought her dinner and told of his feelings for her, therefore changing from Chad to BB? This sounds more intriguing all of the time!

BTW, she's a whore.

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Nah. He was 'annoying' because he wouldn't commit to her, and probably made her feel a little bit the slut in an explicit way, which she didn't like.

So, cue the hamster: This isn't working out, not because you made a slutty mistake-- it's because he's 'annoying.' This isn't leading to commitment because you chose a cad, no no, this is a matter of you choosing not to commit, because he's 'annoying.' tldr; 'He's annoying' is her trying to save face and not admit she's a total slut.

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Methinks you have it!

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who gives a shit about what she did with anyone else. we always see these posts in here, and we always say the same thing... worry and focus on yourself. if you are that concerned with her past, you are already doomed... as you will look for every single fault to point the finger why you can't be with her.

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Because she put it out there that she wasn't like that. If she never said that then I wouldn't have cared.

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They all say this. They all "are like that" for the right guy. Leave her, raise your smv, and become that guy.

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You should know better than to believe her when she says that.

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Yeah, right.

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you could have said something yesterday and acted differently upon it a year ago..... whats your point?

especially women.... they don't even know what they want sometimes.... look at her actions, not her words. she was like that. its in the past. if you enjoy her company now, let it go and don't take it so personally. if you don't like it, then why are you seeing her?

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The fuck is this cuck shit?

So she gets a free pass on all the slutty shit she did because he didn't know about it before? You're right, n-count doesn't matter and he should just appreciate his born again virgin

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Let me reveal to her that I'm an ex con who can't land a job...oh and I used to beat on my last 3 LTRs. But it doesn't matter now, it's in the past and as long as she enjoys my company then she has nothing to worry about. /s

[–]AwakenedSovereign 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Sounds like you know what to do. I'd suggest you get to it before you wake up one day to hear crocodile tears about how she tripped on a banana peel and landed on Chad's dick

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Lol she'd be even more attracted to you

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Lmao maybe I should just tell her all that and see how she takes it.

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male logic says don't tell her but life experience shows me you don't even finish your story and she's giving you head.

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Yup, same life experience here. The times I've cringed inside and then open my mouth and tell the story that lets "her" know she's not alone/one of many/I have game/there are others...are the times I am shocked by how it makes them try harder, suck deeper, and show me that ass. Never protect their "feelings". They don't want you to, and they need rollercoaster feelz to feel alive. Give it to them or they'll create shit and give it to YOU.

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Yes, you should.

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"That's an interesting point."

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There are the kinds of guys your girl will suck off while taking a cock in the ass.... and then there is you (meaning, guys like you who treat them like queens and wouldn't dare make them suck a disgusting dick).

If you're not getting the dirty, frequent sex you want, you never will from her. If you are, then ignore her past and keep pumping your LTR full of cum and stop bitching.

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If you're not getting the dirty, frequent sex you want, you never will from her. If you are, then ignore her past and keep pumping your PLATE full of cum and stop bitching.


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Translation: "I'm glad you're here to fulfill the role of supplicating beta tampon for me."

You've been categorized, and you lost. Chalk this one up as a loss, move on to the next girl, and do it better next time.

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If it isn't too personal:

  • How did all this come about?

  • How long you been dating?

  • How old is she?

  • How did you find out about the other guy?

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Random conversation. She mentioned offhandedly that a guy bought her dinner after they had sex. Instantly I caught that as, "sex without a first date."

One year.

  1. I'm 24.

She told me off hand. Again, wouldn't have given two fucks if she never said those words to me on our first date. I made the connection immediately.

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Are you sure it wasn't something more like:

she had been on proper dates with him prior to first sex and then regarding the case at hand one time they hook up quick before going to dinner?

I just don't want you to jump to conclusions. I didn't read where what she said meant that she had never had dinner/date with him prior to that time.

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She never went on a date with him. He never paid for dinner until one time after he fucked her. I was fortunate enough to take her out to Chilijs first and then out again before I had the chance.

All she had to do was not put it out there that she wasn't like that. But I guess I should have known better. AWALT. And this is coming from a guy who refuses to marry anyone and fucked married/engaged women so if anyone should have known better then it should have been me.

I'm salty about that too.

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That other 10% is op's lack of abundance. Get abundance and next her op.

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Dude, all girls will fuck on the first date. Personally, I've gotten over it.

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It's stupid to think that any other girl is any different. I would assume that between the few girls that haven't done this and the ones that could/would lie about it, it's not an actual issue you can look for in a woman with any degree of accuracy. just assume they've all done it and apply your attitude to women under this assumption.

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Newsflash...Women lie all the time dude. Ask a women her n count, and multiply it by 2.5, and you get the REAL number. Women lie about their age all the time too.

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Ghost this stupid bitch.

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Depends on what you want her for.

[–]studentsensei[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

We're extremely compatible sexually. I think downgrading her to plate would be for the best.

[–]Forcetobereckonedwit 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Fuck her silly then! There are no unicorns, and in "today's" world, women are bombarded with opportunity and offers for sex and every other damn thing. Good luck finding one that hasn't explored a few of them herself.

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She didn't like that experience or that guy. She's glad you /she didn't do that this time around.

[–][deleted] 8 points9 points  (1 child)

This is exactly the answer a woman would give.

[–]rpe2v -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

You're probably right about that