NOTICE: READ THIS POST (Sept 27, 2018) (self.asktrp)

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The subreddit TheRedPill has been quarantined. That's why you can't access it.

But it has not been banned. The community is still available for interaction (for now, at least).

In order to gain access through a mobile app, you will first need to manually visit TheRedPill through a web browser and click "yes" to view the community.

After that, you should have access to view TRP from your reddit app.

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Bans have usually followed quarantines

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Tyrants usually make sure to move all the undesirables into a ghetto first

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I tried going to it thru mobile but it said “i don’t have access to this webpage”. Any idea?

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Set it to desktop view and try again

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Got it. Thanks

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Is there anything we can do to help convince them not to ban this community?

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That ship has sailed

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The main problem is that TRP had fallen victim to the same fate that many organizations fall to: the loudest anger phase poster gives us a bad reputation. It happened with Christianity, it happened with Islam, it happened with Buddhists, it happened with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The average user isn't interest in self improvement. The average TRP user sees women as being different; and from their perspective, different = inferior.

People are correct to call TRP a hate group because we failed to punish incels from spewing "women r dum" speech, instead of focusing on our original mission, which was self improvement.

So can we convince the reddit admins to unquarantine us? The real question should be, do we deserve to be unquarantined?

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There was unnecessarily misogynistic literature on the sidebar.

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There was one book I felt way over cooked it, specifically. The rest was fine, and the language and intent of most of the posts were fine. The book just went in hard on women calling them absolutely useless, stupid, evil, etc etc, fundamentally less than men. I much prefer the complementary model, and the ammoral approach of nature, hypergamy, dating skills, etc.

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I was wondering what was going on

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Trp was about self improvement, recently trp went to shit with women stuff.No wonder.

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I still can’t get on through mobile even though I verified on desktop. Either a glitch or intentional fuckkery

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Can we back up the posts to somewhere else?

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Many posts are backed up. I'll follow up with where those resources are

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Please someone collect all the posts and sidebar knowledge and please provide a link

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Any updates where we can acess them?