TRP sub offline backup (self.asktrp)

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This was posted yesterday to TRP sub, however, due to quarantine I'm still waiting for review/approval.


Hello fellow leprosyans,

I have been working on the offline backup of the TRP sub since yesterday's quarantine and after numerous tries and failures I can finally say 99,9% is saved, including images. The only problem is with archive.is, which is temporarily(?) not available to me, but links to it are still saved and are easy to recover.

Offline copy is 1,1 GB (111 MB 7-zip-compressed). Now I'm looking for the best way(s) to distribute that copies with periodic updates, maybe even daily ones, until admins finally vaporize this sub.

I will upload most current archive to this Google Drive folder and also keep few latest ones, however, I still don't know where to put readable version and if it's necessary at all.

Important notice: all Javascript files were removed not only for your safety, but also because they screw some offline pages with the new design: they become blank.

Request For Comments.

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Recommend seeding it as a torrent

How one goes about that, I have no idea

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I'll refresh archive periodically, torrent will not work as it relies on files' hash sum - and it will be changed.

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A snapshot of the top 50-100 posts of all times and their comment strings would be valuable. That would not change.

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In my orwellian state archive.is is just banned, so I was using a FriGate extension, but it does not work for crawler.

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Great job

I still don't know where to put readable version and if it's necessary at all

Is there an "official" TRP website? IIRC there was trp.red or something. I'd say we should find a way to add these posts there. Just as plain articles (including comments in the article body).

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TRP.red is ok, however, its admins are doing their own backups AFAIK.

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Is there an online mirror or backup? Also the most important feature was the search function. None of the alternatives seem to have this?

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Search requires active server scripting while this is a simple snapshot like ones on the archive.is

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Thank you so much for this. I was working on something like this too but couldn't quite figure out an easy way yet. A index for Top all time posts would be really amazing if you could. Having it sorted to new is good but I think we all would also want a handy Top-All time sorting too since the search function isn't working.

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I’m going to add Top sorting today.

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Thank you.

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Dude. thanks so much for this. You efforts are much appreciated. 👍

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IDK how to unzip it?

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      You are not welcome to come in here and harass people based on their comment histories elsewhere.

      You are also not allowed to allege moral imperatives, even non-controversial ones, in this area.