She introduced me to her family as "the guy who randomly decided to show up" (self.asktrp)

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I've been seeing this girl for 5 months. The day before this happened she said her family was coming over and that I should meet them. She calls her grandma and her mom and tells them that I will be there at 12pm.

I get there at 12pm and meet her mom's husband. While we're standing outside, she comes out. We're standing there and she introduces us not knowing that we already met. She says that I'm a guy "who randomly decided to show up." I say, "Did you not tell me to come at 12pm the night before?" "Yeah but I haven't spoken to you since then. Also I can't have you up there because it's messy. And it's because I need some time with family first, y'know?" "...Do you want me to leave?" "Can you just go get a coffee or something?"

As she's coming inside she motions me to my car as if I am some fucking dog.

I walk to my car and drive off. She doesn't call me back.

Everything was cool the night before. What the fuck happened?

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No contact. No excuse for that.

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I'm just not sure why many of the responses are so emotionally charged.

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eternal september

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  1. Disrespectful of you (treating you like shit in front of others)
  2. Disrespectful of your time (if she didn't want you there, she shouldn't have invited you)
  3. Unorganized (if she wanted to cancel your invite, she should have done so)
  4. Possibly a branch swing opportunity opened up and she's already giving you the boot.

Hard next or downgrade to pure plate fucktoy status. I'd honestly drive straight to my place and box up her shit if I was ever treated like that.

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This is probably one of the hardest nexts I've seen on here for a long time.

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I'm pretty sure OP is the fucktoy here 😂

Beta little bitch

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Seems like OP got redpilled and is losing his shit over it. The irony and lack of awareness in this comments section is fan-fucking-tastic.

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    I can't remember when, but I've seen a vague tip like that before.

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    Yeah it seems like op got nuke shit tested. Or her family indoctrinated her in some way, there are so many variables.

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      Yeah, dude got completely out-alpha'd and can't handle it. This is what keeps me coming back to the TRP subs, haha.

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      Run, do not look back.

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      "Correction, I'm the guy who randomly decided to leave"

      Don't tolerate disrespect.

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      Best suggestion fucking ever.

      Unfortunately if she introduced him this way she had no plans of ever seeing him again. She wasn't even trying to avoid a scene.

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      Nah, that and leaving is the best course of action

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      ...is it random if she told him to leave? Or just doing as he's instructed?

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      Depends on when you do it.

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      What the fuck is she smoking, dude? I would be royally pissed, that's the kind of thing where you never hear from me again after doing it.

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      I think I'd quietly get in my car as I was told, go to my place, box up any of her shit, then drive back and leave it on her doorstep.

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      I wouldn't even bother driving back. That shit would go in the garbage. Unless it's something salvageable I'd just give it to another plate.

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      Sell it on ebay thats what ive done

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        They want a reaction so they have something on you. No reaction = they didn't mean anything to you, they can't handle that.

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        Had one ex that couldn't tolerate it when i had no reaction to her shit testing the fuck out of me by telling me all these other guys wanted her. Finally, I just said "good luck" and ended contact. Hamster went nuclear. Held frame and said nothing. Finally abated after a few weeks of not getting anything from me. A month later she's engaged to a very obvious betabux. Go figure.

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        I had an ex from my beta bitch days ask me on multiple occasions to fuck her, contacting me through facebook and reddit. This was all after I went no contact. I told her no and moved on, now she tells old mutual friends how I was "So terrible" to her. They see through her ruse and have since stopped talking to her. The less you say, the more people will see the truth with hamsters gone wild.

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        I think it should be taken back and dropped off, just so the family can see it and know the truth.

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        Why? If you're done you're done. Women just love this back and forth shit. Don't play games, just be done and out like a man.

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        Gha, her parents don't care and it's a weak sauce attempt of striking back. Dump her and her stuff. This warrants a rock hard next. Simple text, this is not working and no contact. Disrespecting a man in front of a crowd? Fucking bitch.

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        Then you run the risk of crazy coming around demanding her stuff back (even if it's stuff you bought her), dragging out the drama far longer than it should. Remember, this hamster knows where you live.

        It's best to simply dump her shit in a box on her doorstep and be done with it that very day. At the very least mail it to her.

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        Soft next that's rude as fuck, this isn't going to get better.

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        I'd say hard next. Major disrespect

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        Completely agree. This is unacceptable behavior.

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        Funny. Looks like you made a bad choice in a partner. Simple.

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        She lost her fucking mind. Go get some plates, this bitch aint shit.

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        She probably had another boytoy there whom she introduced as her "boyfriend."

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        Radio silence and don't make contact. Then be an asshole to her. She's only a fucktoy from this point forward. Fuck her then get dressed immediately afterwards. No cuddling just leave.

        That behavior of hers was shitty and must not be tolerated.

        Have some self respect.

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        Who cares? I would stop talking to somebody after that.

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        Fuck outta there mate.

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        She is a miserable host who manages party dynamics with the panache of a six year old presiding over a stuffed animal tea party.

        Have nothing more to do with her. I guarantee this will not be the only time she pulls this sort of thing on you.

        If it helps you see the reality of what was just done to you, consider the degree of disrespect she showed you in doing this, and ask yourself if you're okay with being treated that way.

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        Have some self respect and never speak to that bitch again.

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        Honestly, if it were me, I would listen to her story first. Maybe there is some crazy family stuff going on.

        For example, maybe Grandpa is there and he's drunk and on some kind of crazy rant about Christianity and everybody who is not a member of the Church of XYZ is going straight to Hell. And Mom is crying and saying that she can promise that your gf is a member of the Church of XYZ and that she has never gone on a date with anyone, let alone anyone who is not from the Church of XYZ...

        Basically it's bullshit, but if somebody tells me "hey, disappear for an hour, I can't talk now, you don't know me" I will be cool and then find out later WTF it was all about.

        Maybe her big brother is there and high on crack and waving a gun around or something saying he is going to kill anybody who touches his little sister.

        Maybe they have a giant surprise party but the stripper who jumps out of the cake hasn't arrived yet. Probably not, but at least find out what the story is before you insta-Next her.

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        Like everyone else is saying, this girl is on some crazy ass drugs if she thinks she can just pull you around by a leash like that. You need to downgrade her, because she obviously doesn't respect your time or your reputation in general. No contact unless she contacts you, and even then... YOU have to decide what she is from there on out. Have a spine though, put her in her place.

        Punishment Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/2w2ine/longterm_relationship_game_theory_a_beginners/

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        Everyone here is right, she is rude as fuck. Stop taking to her and if she does contact you, just use as a fuck toy and be a dick to her, fuck that shit

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        Go no contact. If she manages to get ahold of you anyway, just say "look I'm in hurry, I'll call you later to explain everything" and never call back.

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        Never talk to that bitch again. Do not fuck her again like half the posters are suggesting. You should have too much self respect for that shit. If you want to get laid, fuck someone else.

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        I say, "Did you not tell me to come at 12pm the night before?" "Yeah but I haven't spoken to you since then. Also I can't have you up there because it's messy. And it's because I need some time with family first, y'know?" "...Do you want me to leave?" "Can you just go get a coffee or something?"

        I think the way you reacted to her comment sort of validated the ideal she had in her mind that you shouldn't be there.

        But, either way, thats disrespectful of her, and unforgivable. She obviously doesn't respect you. I would go dark on her.

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        Cut that bitch off and move on to the next one.

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        I don't even understand what happened other than the fact that she said something to you and expected the complete opposite. Not even a woman thing, this is just retarded on a whole other scale. Hard next. Whether its a girl or not, that's incredibly rude and insane.

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        Dump her.

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        Shes not your LTR and if you are smart never will be again. Put her on plate start enjoying other women right now!

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        Don't ever talk to her again, the level of disrespect is unreal.

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        Yeah, she managed to out-red-pill him. AMOG'd, sorry buddy