Guys who are 35+, what do you wish you could go back and tell your 25yo self? (self.asktrp)

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Just curious

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"Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs you idiot and go join an MMA gym."

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So true it hurts right now. I rationalize that I am a low-frequency offender, I don't do drugs nearly as often as my peers, and try to make sure I'm "getting" something out of of it in terms of self-awareness and emotional growth instead of just rage party.

But the smoking and the alcohol. Yeah. Vape, cigarettes, weed, hard to avoid. And being a teetotaller is boring as fuck at parties. I can't be arsed to socialize at parties when completely sober, it's just boring. I have to be doing something, some kind of activity like hiking or swimming or else I get bored with the same boring conversations and check out.

When a little intoxicated, people are suddenly interesting again and I enjoy talking to them.

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Fuck the parties then. It took me over twenty years to realize that I drink and take drugs because parties and party people bore me to death. I hate dancing, I hate continually loudly playing music, I hate drunk people, I hate druged people, I hate how they behave and I hate how they and everything around them smells.

I'd rather be fresh and on the mats at 8am tomorrow than go party hard through the night just for fear of missing out on something and the distant hope of getting my dick wet.

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I'm 27. My peers all party, that is my social scene right now.

I'm curious, where and how do you socialize? How do you meet friends and women? How old are they, what kind of lives are they leading? What do you tend to do with such people?

Young party kids don't have much going for them in the life or success departments generally, but they do know how to party and I I meet tons of girls (sluts mostly. Plates.)

I wouldn't mind meeting more successful and healthy people, that would probably go along way towards drugs being less of a part of my life.

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I'm 27. My peers all party, that is my social scene right now.

Time to overthink your peers.

I'm curious, where and how do you socialize?

I peronally nearly exclusively socialize at the gym. I am heavily involved as some form of a connection between the owners and the clients and was just recently offered to become a partner and I also train at least five times a week. Still have a job which earns me the real money, so not much time left to socialize otherwise. I also have an eight year old daughter, with whom I spend the rest of my free time.

How do you meet friends and women?

Friends are at the gym. My circle completely changed. I meet women over tinder or at the brothel. I am not interested in spending any time with them besides sex anymore. 99.99% of the women are not worthy of that time anyways and they bore me with their shallowness.

How old are they, what kind of lives are they leading?

All varieties of people. From the 18-yo physics student, over the 38-yo seargent-at-arms of one of the biggest hells angels chapters, up to the 60-yo busines man. And everything in between.

Women the same.

What do you tend to do with such people?

Train, fight, go to tournaments and support each other, laugh, cry, do fun stuff, dinner, whatever you do with people you love.

Sluts mostly. Plates.

As said I am not too keen on that stuff anymore. Prostitution is legal here in Germany and you can get your dick sucked for $30. I usually spend triple of that when I got out. Minimum.

I wouldn't mind meeting more successful and healthy people, that would probably go along way towards drugs being less of a part of my life.

Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

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Thanks for the lengthy response.

I consider myself a recovering social retard, not a kind word but it's accurate. The burn community, flow community, and music/rave scenes were the first and most robust social communities I've discovered so far. I appreciate you taking the time to talk about one of the other options out there. You're right, I should broaden my horizons and put some effort into finding new hunting grounds.

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oh man, if those are the scenes you frequent, then that is def your problem. I used to think that the music/rave scenes had meaning, but it's really pretty shallow when you distill it into its basic parts. The drugs become a very important part of social interaction which cheapens everything considerably. Just way too much toxcicity going around in those communities in my regrettable experiences

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I'm way more into Burns and Flow than the Rave scene. The former two communities are intrinsically linked and actually have quite a rich and faceted culture. But it is still rampant with drugs, degenerates and unhealthy social mores. Definitely a scene where you have to pick the good fruit from the bad.

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Agreed. I've been raving for 5 years or so, and nowadays I'm sick of the "scene" in most cities.

Dallas wasn't too bad, as there were plenty of professionals at the raves I went to, but every other city I have raved in it's just a bunch of trash who think they are superior and more "awake" because they do a bunch of drugs. It's sad. :/

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Prostitution is legal here in Germany and you can get your dick sucked for $30.

That seems too cheap.

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man i'm a little older than that, and that dynamic has changed in my groups. I still like to go out on occasion and attend some raucous events, but most people I know are too busy with work and other activities to still party like we did at 22. It sounds like you hang out with uncreative losers tbh, because 27 is pretty old to be partying all the time like it's college

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I never had the chance to party like this while in school, so that's why I'm into it. I definitely see a lot of downside to the substance abuse though. And without being on the 'party wagon' so to speak, the scene and people can be boring. I used to blame myself for feeling like that. I'm bored and no one is talking to me, I must be boring, I should do drugs and have fun like everyone else.

I know better than that now, I just need to develop some healthier friends and circles.

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yeah enjoying the mornings and figuring out there are truly gainful activities and people to do them with during those hours is something you tend to understand when you get older (if youre not a piece of shit that is haha). The experiences you make drinking, partying, dancing...are really meaningless all said and done. Don't get me wrong, when I do celebrate or go to a concert, I have fun and I imbibe, but I like to keep that to a minimum in comparison to the other things

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Thats some major hampstering youre doing there to justify your drug use. I say this as a RP brother.

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It's a catch-22 for me. Drugs have absolutely helped my development as a person and as a man. Access to the scene, seeing the good the bad and the ugly, taking drugs with girls, etc. All an experience, not one I regret.

The problem now is that I'm socially successful enough to have near constant access to whatever I could want and usually for free. People will just hand me shit and if I'm 'vibing' with my friends or a girl, and they are onboard, I usually jump on the party wagon.

Above all else it has helped me to embrace and respect my animal nature, and the primal behaviors of other people. Wait until that time of night when 90% of people are FUBAR and you see the monkey come out in just about everyone. You get down on the level of who was smart enough to pack water, who is awake enough to make decisions, etc. I fucking thrive in that environment because other people go full retard and I choose a balanced path.

But ultimately, you are 100% right. Life is an endless buffet, if you eat nothing but ice cream and donuts you gonna get fat and die.

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I mean, theres definitely a reason people take drugs. Shits awesome. So awesome theyre willing to lessen their lifespan to do it. No doubt about it. I am pretty damn sober so Im just coming from a different perspective. Getting wasted occasionally and a blunt every few months is enough for me.

They say theres nothing like being 100% sober, eating healthy, drinking water, working out, meditating or doing yoga and being successful. Just being zen. Your well being gives you the best kind of high there is. I thrive to become irie. According to ancient Jamaicans it means to reach optimal mental, physical, and spiritual health. Just my 2 cents.

Wish you well bro.

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Thanks brother.

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i honestly can't think of why a person should drink so much as to get drunk, risk hangovers and lost time/health, and wake up with spotty memory of the night before. stupid, young me.

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About three to four times per year, usually when I am back in my hometown, I get black out drunk and in the morning I remember why I quit that shit.

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New years eve is the one exception I give myself. Every other time I go out i have 2 beers, 4 if i'm at a really god party, and thats it

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Cept the booze but yes

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Not over 35 but not that far off.

1.) Make the gym, eating healthy, and pumping iron a part of your life that it is such a habit not doing so "feels weird."

2.) 100% do not take any unnecessary debt. Pay with cash, get rid of all credit cards, and pay off your student loans with tenacity.

3.) If you don't want kids, get a vacectomy ASAP. If you do want kids, wear a fucking condom, or master the POM, until you meet a woman who isn't a whore who would be a great mom and wouldn't fuck you over in the end.

4.) Learn to not take things personally. Life is hard. It's a grind. Things hurt. 99.9% of the time it's not about you. People Are busy and you are the last thing on their mind. Brush off the bad times, learn from them, and remember that it wasn't personal, it just happened because circumstances and timing made them that way. That's it.

5.) Last and most importantly, DO NOT EVER GIVE A SHIT WHAT ANYONE THINKS. Seriously, do not give a single shit. Someone's opinion of you does not change your life. You still have to get up in the morning and take a piss, go to work, and pay your bills. Your mom still loves you, your old man still falls asleep in his chair watching the news, and your friends still want to hang out with you. plus, when you truly don't care what others think, women fall at your feet. It's an alpha attitude that feminine energy craves.

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Gonna have to disagree with you on #2. Use a credit card. When you are 35 and want to buy something expensive (like a house) you will need good credit. Easiest way to build credit is to use a credit card and pay it off every month. You also get rewards! The bank will literally give you money to just use their card.

Number one rule is don't buy something if you don't have the money to pay it off immediately. Basically don't be a dumbass.

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I think a house that you put a big down payment on and loans at an affordable college towards a marketable degree are the only two exceptions to rule #2.

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100% disagree. If you want to build your credit buy a car. ANyone can get a credit card and pay off a couple hundred bucks every month. Creditors want to see that you can pay things off over a long persiod of time with consistency.

Credit cards are an easy way to fuck up things financially.

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I do agree that buying a car and making your payments on time is one of the best ways to build credit. But now you're stuck with car payments. IMO I'd rather slowly build my credit over the next ten years and have the freedom to change jobs, travel and not be tied down by a car payment. My older brother on the other hand is newly wed, has a "stable job", and plans on settling down. He just purchased a new mini van because it makes sense for his lifestyle.

And if you're worried about fucking up with a credit card, you shouldn't be buying a car in the first place.

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If a car payment prevents you from traveling the world, you have no business giving financial advice. No disrespect.

Credit cards are great if you're responsible, but they don't build credit unless you charge the shit out of them and are really good about kin payments over a long period of time. But doing that is plain retarded.

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Thanks for number 4 and 5

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I have to ad one very important thing, in facts it's equal top, and that's your diet. You are what you eat, literally, so learn how to eat well. GIGO -- I cannot eat McDonalds without feeling ill. Shit, it only takes aboout 5 fries, which taste fine, good even, but make me nauseous in minutes!

Also, having cold showers after hot showers does all sorts of good things, not the least being a great complexion

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Also, having cold showers after hot showers does all sorts of good things, not the least being a great complexion

Can you expand, or add some sources/links?

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I absolutely agree diet is important. But how does french fries make you sick? It's potatoes and oil.

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My guess is the preservatives ...I eat almost no 'processed' food .. with the exception being salami and the occaisional slice of bacon. I'm not sure where chocolate fits in here but that's one I can handle

I've had a very 'clean/unprocessed' diet for ~30yrs and most processed foods make me feel nauseous! I'd rather go hungry than eat shit

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Pull out method?

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Don't ever get married
Never live with a woman
Don't stick your Dick in crazy

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  1. Check. Check. Check. Yeah. LTR's at most. But I got great kids out of it. So if I could find a way to do that in an LTR with out the divorce-rape and have influence (custody) in my kids life that would be super.

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Same with me brother, 2 wonderful children in their 20s now.

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And this is the kind of response that says whatever happens, I'm gonna have me some fun. And then I look at your history posts. FUCK, I'M PUMPED!

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    Wasn't hard at all and the LTR wasn't that terrible - just the beta no-sex part was the pits.

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    Absolutely agree with those 3. Plus hit the gym at 25 because it's much easier to get in shape at 25 then at 35 when you realize you are a fatass

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    Don't get married.

    Don't get married.

    Don't get married.

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    I got divorced at 25....

    1. No one in society gives a shit about you. Stop thinking they ought to because you're smart and "work hard". Do what you can to get ahead without stealing. Trust is earned.
    2. Keep learning and reading. Don't stop and go home after work and play computer games for hours on end.
    3. Work out more and get outdoors. I was broke but I'm sure I could have made some road trips on the weekend.
    4. Hustle, stop floating in comfort just because you can pay bills and get drunk every Friday. If you're not getting ahead you're falling behind. Floating is an illusion of temporary comfort being permanent.
    5. Getting fired is not the end of the world.
    6. Money comes and goes, pay attention to where it goes.
    7. Get multiple streams of income, just fucking figure it out (see #4).
    8. Stop wasting Saturday mornings on Reddit/Facebook hungover getting into arguments that go nowhere.
    9. Stop drinking after 2 drinks and no smoking. Your blood pressure climbs over time.
    10. Fucking stop having any liquid sugar water drinks flavored or carbonated or going out to eat and having $100 dinner dates to try and impress girls.
    11. Stop trying to date girls your age and go younger. You're competing against 30+ year olds with fancy cars and houses while you're nearly broke.
    12. Lift and get bigger. Being a skinny former runner isn't going to get you laid.


    1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself that you lost your job, got divorced at 25 with a kid. See #1

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    Great advice. 4, 9 and 10 are spot on.

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    if you don't mind me asking, where are you now? It sounds like you were in a pretty shitty situation at 25, and are doing good now.

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    Attorney. Good is relative. It has been up and down. Last year I spent everything like I was Nero having an orgy with a Hawaiian lifestyle with my then GF. I spent 2 months renting a house and working remotely in Hawaii burning $500+/day with food, car, housing, entertainment. Well things went to shit while away and within 3 months it all ended.

    Lesson 14: Don't trust your employees. People will steal from you in a heartbeat and tell you they deserved it.

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    Only person you can trust is yourself, i'm sure you know that now though. 500 is waaay too much to be spending every day dude even if your making high 6 figures!

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    Don't get married.
    Don't go out to dinner more than once a week - cook your own healthy food.
    Learn the red flags for low-quality women and pay heed.
    Make the effort to maintain your relationships with friends and family.
    If you can't handle being alone, you can't handle being in a relationship.

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    • Lift
    • Escalate
    • Do what you want, ignore what women want, everyone is happier
    • Always use a rubber, never marry.

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    Dont value vaginas, fuck her friends,dont trust women and hide cash and resources.

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    Don't date single moms..

    Just don't

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    Cant you just plate them? Curious.

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    Usually, but somehow one got ahold of me then moved in..

    Was hell getting her out

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    Nope. Hardwired for betabux and no fucks.

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    I mean, considering she hops on your dick. Ive had a few moms come onto me during day game but i never seriously thought about hooking up with them. Im pretty young and handsome/swole so i dont think theyre looking for money from me.

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    They take what they can get.. I plated them for a decade.. One bad year (2009 financial crash), got desperate and shacked up with one.. Although it was nice having someone to share bills with during that time

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      So by the next week she's already there, equally pounded from last weeks pounding?

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      You are a good man.

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      Fail faster. Get out and do, do, do.

      edit. Don't make the same mistake twice.

      I've also written a more extensive comment on 'advice' for younger guys in several other threads. One's titled: "Redpillers Over 30: What Advice Would You Give A 20 Year-Old?" Google it. The comment has eight points and is under my user name, JackGetsIt.

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      "Don't ever change your mind for a woman."

      "Start squatting now."

      "When you get an anxious need to leave, you leave."

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      It's crazy how time seems to go by much faster the older you get. 10 years will have passed before you know it. Get serious about your finances and career. Start saving, investing and getting your business or career on track. "Some day" is the enemy of today. The time is NOW to start getting your shit together.

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      Don't buy stupid shit. Save your money.

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      Do weighted dips at the the gym. Not enough people do them and I've always wondered why. Focus on your career, your career is your number one priority. Not hot blonde Jessica who you're just gonna break up with within the next three years. Learn to cook & don't become a statistic ( obese ). Woman hanging with you 1 on 1? Escalate and touch her , it's what she wants 98% of the time.

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      Don't take loans or use credit for anything but a house.

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      Completely agree with this one. I tell people to run their finances like their life depends on it, because guess what? It does, or will eventually.

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      Only 32 but:

      You have no idea how good it will be. Go out and take your lumps. There is a pain period, suck it up and deal with it. The sooner you learn the better. Who you'll be in a few years is outside your reality right now and you could not believe it if I tried to explain.

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      Live below your means, learn how to invest and put every spare penny in the market, invest in yourself, most pain is temporary, real growth happens out of your comfort zone.

      [–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

      Live below your means

      Don't waste money buying toys to impress girls

      Get a Roth IRA and max it out yearly

      Pay off student loans ASAP

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      What would it be worth in a decade though? And can those be dipped into our is it for retirement?

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      It'll be worth what you put in it plus the growth. Invest in low cost index funds. You can take out what you put in with no penalty. You can also use the funds to purchase your first house with no penalty.

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      Stop male hamstering. It does exist.

      I had sever social anxiety but rationalized it away so I did not have to do anything about it. So basically lost even more years cluelessly chugging along for the ride.

      Funny enough the shame of "not making it", eg. getting a degree and a job was even bigger so at least I had money to throw at the problem latter on (eg. Psychotherapy).

      [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      I'm 25, nearly 26. Anyone have business, financial, or dream goal advice? Any interesting change in perspective?

      [–]jsalathe 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Save every year, both in an IRA and savings.

      Risk much in your 20's, but get a job if you haven't created a business by your mid 30's.

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      1. use a condom

      2. do NOT marry

      3. lay off the fast food

      4. Hand him a properly structured workout so he doesn't do the half-assed one I did back then

      5. Stop giving a fuck what people think and GO FOR IT -- namely fucking all those women who I passed on because I was a "nice guy"

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      Point 4. StrongLifts 5x5: Effective and simple. Perfect for beginners. A full body workout, 3 times a week, 45 minutes per workout. The free app plans the workouts and enhances the built-in motivation of the program.

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      • There is no "one"
      • Travel - you won't have time when your career takes off
      • Lift

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      Not over 35 but...try to keep from indulging too much in Porn, Video Games and other instant gratification time wasters if at all.

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      Buy shares in Apple.

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      Great list, but can you explain what you mean by "third rate people have fifth rate friends"?

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      Fuck all this noise, live your life but engage it... Get money... Life will be beautiful. And when you reach the top, don't forget the little people..

      In order;

      Start multiple business, you are young... you never get tired.

      Get a nice pad, get a nice car, find ways to pay for them.

      Help a brother out...

      Make sure she doesn't bore you, tell her she does, nothing is personal...

      Make sure you have a money goal and work your way up in small increments...

      Hit the gym, get 2-3 hobbies, learn to cook...


      Listen to the sunscreen song

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      start paying into your retirement right away and as aggressively as possible. Compound interest will do the rest.

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      Study! Get a degree, and while you are there get a usefull one. Fuck more! Those LTR are fine but they are not important as you think. Know more people. Why the fuck you feel so old, why the fuck you feel like you have no time to embark on a bigger project?!?! you are fucking 25, you have all the time. Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop going at the same bar every night with the same bitter losers. I'm 33 though.

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      You like this, this and this. Don't quit because its hard. Give up worthless hobbies and create art, do IT, and conti he i martial arts.

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      I'm only 30, about to be 31. but I'd say..

      1. Focus on yourself. Follow your dreams.
      2. Cut the deadweight. Friends, Family, Girlfriends, anyone who is unlucky and makes your life worse.
      3. Be a fucking man. My dad died when I was 5, so it took a while for me to learn this on my own. But men are consistent, fix problems, and don't cry in front of people.

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      Don't be afraid to be more of a manslut and fuck more randoms. Just because you are "with" a girl, doesn't mean you have to marry her.

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      Put yourself first

      Keep lifting

      Eat clean

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      Talk to EVERYONE. And I mean everyone.

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      take the pussy off the pedestal.

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      "You'll live through the cancer, so quit fucking worrying."

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      Stop drinking so much beer and stop eating fast food. AND, most important, LIFT.

      (I started really working out when I was about 30, but wish I started sooner).

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      the complete database dump of Wikipedia.

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      All the advice that has needed to be said has been said.

      except... WEAR SUNSCREEN! Shit is literally anti aging. You wanna look like Brad Pit and George Cloony when you're 50? Layer it on!

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      I'm 30 and this is something I'm curious about. Is there still a reason to wear sunscreen if you don't go in the sun much? I spend almost all daylight hours indoors. The most sun I get is walking from my office to my car after work.

      [–]veeswayrp 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Let's put it this way. Your skin will age and start to look shitty when you get older. UV rays hasten the process and make it even worse. Sun screen, even spf 15, block more than 93% of UV rays.

      I have naturally darker skin so I don't really bother with anything but my face. The face is what people see and judge most of the time so that's what I try hardest to take care of. I simply wash and moisturizing my face with a minimum spf15 moisturizer. Sunscreen is the shit yo! check out /r/SkincareAddiction. I don't take it too crazy but they have a lot of cool info if you're interested.

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      Read the sidebar.