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So, this posting is me sharing my story.I'd like to thank anyone reading in advance, as a lot of this might still be blue pilled mumbo jambo but I'm working on it.Also I won't elaborate on too many things, only some.

So, I am 30 years old. Few male friends, best friend is as blue pilled as I was.

Grew up without a fatherfigure and a very strong minded, but kind hearted mother.I was overweight since the day my dad left (8 years) and just barely got through school until my mom sent me to a clinic to loose weight, after which I did a 180. Lost the weight, startet a job at a construction company (side job next to school) and basically lifted for hours a day sorting stuff.

It was good. Then I got involved with a girl. Blu-pilled conditioning combined with my confidence made me an attractive beta (is there even such a thing in the end?) and I got involved in a LTR-like thing without sex since we were both young (17 at the time) and didn't want to jeopardize anything.In hindsight now I know what's wrong at this idea, us both being hormonal teenagers. Duh.She was a 9/10 but definetly crazy as after we had a first real intimate moment , I moved away (not really far though, 30 minutes with a car, just grabed my balls the night before) and she cut all contact and even got into an eating disorder, followed by a clinic.

I did not pursue her at that point, though I went to visit her once.

Then my mom got sick and needs care (to this day).

But I also fucked myself up again at this point. I gained weight again, much more so than before. I started university but the very few tries I made with women were shut down by me being extremly beta and weak.

So fast forward to last November.

Me, second to last semester at university, 29 years old, still a virgin and still living at his moms.I got to a point where I said to myself that I will not "become a wizard" (Internet's term for a 30 year old virgin) so after getting back from a business trip I just grabed my money and called a hooker.

That was my red pill.

I had sex on friday. I cried all through saturday and sunday (almost literally). On monday I changed my diet drastically (to healthy).Since that day I lost 100lbs and still have 100lbs to go. Yes, I was over 400lbs.I found you guys a month while searching online and started reading/hearing all the books. So far I only finished "The rational male" and I am just about to start how to find friends and influence people as I seriously lack any social skills in that regard. Will most likely follow that by 48 rules of power as I get pushed around all to often (though by now I recognise it as happening at some point).

I feel kinda lost at sea but I can see the harbor. I just need to learn to paddle, to get there.

So, whilst this sub helps me tremendously, I still feel like asking you guys wether you've experienced something similar / the same?

Any advice?

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Discipline is hundred times better then motivation. Because once that tingling feeling is gone, you go back to your old habits and that can be deadly to your journey.

If you have shitty discipline like me, here's a tip. Whenever you are in the motivated stage, compile a set of items that push you forward. This can be movies, podcasts, books, short video clips, audio material, whatever.

I have them sorted by categories. Lifting, Finances, Women, etc. When you don't feel like doing what you have to do, just open up your bag of motivation and use the material as a fuel. Once you get into the routine, then slowly it will become a habit. Hence discipline.

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I wouldn’t go to 48 rules of power until you read no more mr nice guy and the subtle art of not giving a fuck. 48 ROP is boring as hell and you need to be in the right frame of mind to read it or you’re going to feel like it’s a book on how to be a sociopath.

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Okay, thanks for the heads up. I read no more mister nice guy last year but I did not make any connection to TRP back then. So yeah, might be a good idea to re-read it now. 48 ROP was mentionen in the rational male so that's what pointed me there in the first place.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy is essential reading, I go through it minimally once a year. It's worth refreshing here and there.

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You are going too look jacked after the rest of that extra weight comes off.

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Yeah that's almost scary. My calves are already almost pure muscle and I can't close my hand around them. I'm worried about excess skin though. That will be an issue.

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watch obese to fit. He was in your shoes. on youtube. Def will help ur journey.

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Obese to beast*

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Hehe, actually I am following him for some time now. I think since around... january maybe.

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Fasting is the only way I know of to lose weight and not get left with extra skin. I talking about an absolute water fast. For weeks. A Scottish guy did one for over a year. Google it. Besides that, surgery would have to remove skin.

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You'll be going through some dark spots, watch stand-up comedy to know you can still laugh. Patrice O'Neal is a red pill messiah. Check out the Black Philip Show on youtube, 13 episodes or so.

Dante Nero (co-host) carries on Patrice's legacy through his podcast The Beige Philip Show. Not quite Patrice but he still drops knowledge.

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Losing weight is hard. Congratulations on losing 100 lbs so far. You seem to be doing well. I am the guy who wrote this guide about losing weight.

There might be excess skin surgeries in your future as a next challenge. I've been through it all. If you need advice feel free to pm me.

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Just read the entry, will give it a thorough read. :)

Nice (and very inspiring) to find others here that startet from where I started.

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Keep up your progress with the gym, thats quite inspiring! Keep paddling my friend.

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Any advice?

Keep going!

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I think you mean How to Win Friends and Influence People. That's is a great book. If you have the spare cash and time, I would look into taking the Dale Carnegie course (same guy that wrote the above book). It will help you with self confidence and public speaking. I have a background in sales and have an easy time talking to new people but even I was able to take alot from it.

You got this brother!

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Man - you're already doing amazing. Losing 100 pounds? That's extrodinarily difficult. Props my brother. You sound very introspective and reflective - essential for continous improvement. Keep it up man!

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Wow, thanks a lot for all your kind words. :)

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I turn 29 next month as well so I'm glad to see others in similar phases of their journey as me at this age. Still finishing school, some work experience but I've had a decent amount of lays over the past few years. Way more than my "younger" years but I still have a long way to go in all aspects and sometimes it just feels social dysfunctional to be this age and still figuring so many things out. The important thing to remember is we still have a long ways to go and the best is still ahead if you apply yourself. Good luck and work hard!