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Hey guys quick question here:

I have 3 plates spinning right now and still haven't had the talk with any of them. I see each of them once a week and never ever txt any of them except for logistics but I'm concerned they think that I'm exclusive with them (although I have never hinted at that). The thing is I will sometimes do activities with them like get ice cream or go for a run before fucking them, just because I enjoy it. Also, I/they will usually be spending the night after sex.

None of them has asked me the nature of our relationship yet but I haven't been redpilled for very long so I have been spinning these plates for only about a month.

Am I doing it wrong? How do you guys handle the inevitable "talk"?

Thanks guys!!

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God damn every question in this subreddit gets the perfect answer. Good follow up!

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For the future OP, a few of my plates of nearly 2 years have started to push harder for commitment. I feign a vulnerable look and darken my tone and say, "It's complicated". Then change the subject.

My plates aren't LTR material. Nothing they say or do can change that. You keep them spinning by never actually having that talk. Eventually most girls will branch swing or go cold on you after a few years when they realize you won't commit. That's why you should always keep generating options. Never quit generating plates or at least approaching and talking to girls.

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I've tried this. what do I say when she says "i dont want to keep having sex until we know each other better"?

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If you already had sex, just A&A: “Well, thats fair. Then I won’t be having sex with you until you have sex with me.”

If you didn’t, just tell her straight up. Sex is a part of figuring out if you are even GF material. Don’t like? Move on.

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    ugh this advice would have been so helpful before my old plate broke. thank you!

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    The answer is to the right of your post under Frequently ASKTRP'D Questions with heading Are we exclusive? Handling "The Talk."

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    ^ Came to post this.

    ”If only there was a forum dedicated to self improvement and sexual strategy...and if only this forum had a sidebar full of useful information...”

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    No matter how many plates you spin in your life, 99% of them will break some day. If what you do works for now, it is fine. They will notice over time, and that is the better than sit them down to talk. Just don't lie to them.

    If something goes down the drain, be prepared for it and learn from it, if there is a lesson.

    Until then Don't try to hard to do everything someone around here ever said.

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    They don't think you're exclusive. See them every day or every second day and then they'll get that impression.

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    if you're raw-dogging them, they might think you're exclusive

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    I’ve learned that so many girls don’t give a shit about condoms. It’s mind blowing. I even smashed a doctor this weekend who doesn’t sleep around (said she hadn’t been laid in like 6 months) and she was begging for it raw. You’d think that at least she’d wanna do it safe, but nope. These ho’s don’t care.

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    Obviously don't believe her on the six months thing.

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    Normally, I wouldn’t. But there were signals that indicated it was true. Just how the interaction happened, and her mannerisms and shit. I don’t give a fuck either way. It’s not like the sex was better or like I feel like I have more game than if she was a slut. But this girl didn’t fuck often, bro. You could just sense it. The point is that none of these girls are even asking me to put a condom on. And they’re not beat. Granted, not all of them are shy little medical prudes like this one, but still. I fucked 3 different girls this weekend (first time fucking all 3, two were on the second date, one was on the first), and not even one mentioned a condom as I started to fuck them.

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    Oh I agree on the condom part. Of my 60 or so notches, I can't count on one hand how many asked me to put on a condom. I sincerely believe girls takes offense if you put one on because you are implying they are "dirty".

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    100% agree on the condom part. I never get asked to put one on. It's always up to me to put one on. I have even had girls try to take them off mid fuck before.

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    Girls just don’t like condoms. But you should. Getting one of these girls pregnant or catching a STD won’t be fun. Wrap up and only take it off when you’re about to point and shoot.

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    Talk usually comes around the three month mark in my experience. Sometimes earlier, sometimes never. Older women or women in relationships rarely give the talk.

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    but I'm concerned they think that I'm exclusive with them (although I have never hinted at that).

    What's the problem?

    The thing is I will sometimes do activities with them like get ice cream or go for a run before fucking them, just because I enjoy it. Also, I/they will usually be spending the night after sex.

    hmm m ok.... they might get the wrong idea here.

    Am I doing it wrong? How do you guys handle the inevitable "talk"?

    God damnit, if only there was some sort of information page about this. That was somewhere convenient to find. Like in the sidebar, that was kinda bar shaped. And at the side. And if only someone gave it a handy title that you could easily search for, using words like "the" and "talk".

    If only there was a place like that. If only.

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    With reddit's new design, I don't see anything but the rules and moderators list on the sidebar anymore. Am I just blind and/or stupid?

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    you're right... new design hides it..... we all hate the new design, it's homogenising reddit and hiding the handy content we create.

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    Is there any way to find it without going to Old Reddit?

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    Yes, but I want to see the sidebar again because there is so much more great material. I don't even see how to access it on my laptop without going to Old Reddit.

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    why can't you just go to old reddit?

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    Of course I can, but accessing through Reddit without having to click to Old Reddit seems like a reasonable expectation, don't you? I don't expect Old Reddit to be available forever. Eventually I'd like to access the sidebar through the normal Reddit.

    I mean, it's not a big deal, but don't you think the sidebar material should actually be on the sidebar? I don't know whether I need to change my settings, whether I'm somehow overlooking a dropdown that opens it up, or whether nobody can access it right now without going to Old Reddit. If it's one of the former 2, then I am simply curious how to access it either of those ways.

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    Of course I can, but accessing through Reddit without having to click to Old Reddit seems like a reasonable expectation, don't you?

    You didn't ask what was a reasonable expectation, you asked how to do it.

    I don't expect Old Reddit to be available forever. Eventually I'd like to access the sidebar through the normal Reddit.

    Look, I agree. Situation is simply this: someone needs to do it. Site settings need updating for asktrp like they do for the main site.

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    That's totally fine. I'm patient. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious.

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    Either they will want the talk, or they will get the idea that you're not exclusive with them and find their own BB. When they ghost you, you will know that they're having an exclusive boyfriend.

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    Can your society sustain itself with no children, or with children who are raised by either beta's and single mothers?

    Do you think children are better off raised by single women? Would you rather your civilization be overrun by a different civilization?

    If the answer to this is "no", then what are you going to do to about it? Are you going to just hope and pray that other people raise children who will take care of you when you are older, or are you going to man up and create a child and raise him properly with good values?

    "Plates" are fucking blue pill. They aren't healthy for you, and they aren't healthy for the plates either.

    The red pill often focuses way too much about learning how to attract a woman, and not nearly enough on learning how to maintain a woman. "Nexting" a girl is often (not always) a negative reflection of your ability to keep a woman or teach and work with her to build up your relationship.

    If a girl will make a strong mother, and a good partner, then you should engage in an exclusive relationship.

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    The thing with people like you, telling us we should CREATE A CHILD is you are very short-sighted, and can't fathom that the dynamics of things is about to change in the next 30-50 years. We don't need nearly as much children with the wave of automation and robotics advancements that are about to come. I suspect that we as a humankind will reach a state, in which working is optional.

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    Sure, that's a valid point. I think the idea that automation is going to take all of the jobs is a bit idealized. To me it's like how in the 60's we thought we'd all have flying cars around by the 2000's. I do agree that it's coming, but I don't think it's going to be here in 30 years, honestly, I'd be surprised if we made "the singularity" within our lifetimes... we have a lot of technology that we need to make before we can get there, and I don't think that it will be spearheaded by the West, I think Eastern economies will lead us on that particular front.

    Now, automation on the other hand, we're definitely well on our way. Certainly the job market is getting tougher to find a career that will pay high salaries. We've got our work cut out for us.

    That being said, why not raise a single child? It's still below replacement birth rates. And it still gives you some security, and puts someone in place that you get to teach and raise, and instill the ideas for a strong society into. I truly believe that having a child is something that you owe to your society... that's my belief, and I cannot demand that you subscribe to it. But I would like to ask, assuming that I am correct in inferring that you don't feel particularly inclined to have kids; why do you think that having children should be other people's job?

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    You care too much. Fuck the world, feed it beans.

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    Ok I have tried that a few times and always get bored of having exclusive sex. And all my past GFs were HB8 and up and incredible lays during the first 6 months! I don’t think I can do monogamy, sorry.

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    I sympathize with getting bored with monogamy. I’m the same way.

    I found a better way by insisting on consensual non-monogamy with the girls I date . A lot of girls are not ok with it; the ones who are are ok with it are the ones I want to be with. Through swinging, I have sex with a constant stream of new women. I also maintain a committed relationship with my partner. We are both interested in starting a family — and raising the kinds of kids that u/TheYambag describes. :)

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    I like this answer, and I don't think swinging is necessarily a bad idea for those who truly find monogamy unbearable.

    To me, "getting bored of monogamy" sounds like an excuse. In the red pill, we recognize the problems with easy dopamine. We talk about turning off porn and social media for the easy hits. I think swinging in many ways is similar. You should not be getting bored of sex even with the same person, and if you are, i think it's an indicator that something else in your life isn't squared up.

    That being said, if it works for you and the girl, I see no reason to chastise the concept.

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    Variety with the same woman > different women for variety

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    First off, don't apologize for it. I'm not trying to attack you bro, nor am I trying to condemn you for how you think. I just want some of the people here to understand that plates is not red pill, it's patently blue pill thinking. We're all a little blue pill in some ways, none of us are perfect, but we should always work towards what we think is perfection.

    Second, What did you do when you got bored of your job, or when you got bored of working out, or when you got bored of your hobby?

    Presumably, if you've been following the red pill, you worked through it, and maybe made changes to how you accomplish those tasks. My question for you is, why would working on monogamy be any different? Do you not already put some effort into maintaining your relationships?

    You didn't answer my question, do you believe that your society will be better off if all the children are raised by betas and single mothers?

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    Of course it won’t be better off. I just have a lot of trouble caring about society as a whole as opposed to my personal interest.

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    I hear you, but surely it's not in your best interest for society to fall apart, right?

    If society collapses, that means a lot of jobs will be wiped out, the price of things like food goes up. It could potentially mean war, bombings, terrorism. Even if you think the end of it will make a society of strong men, what will you have to show for it, and how will you compete with a society that is more "red pill" while you have been upholding this blue pill value for your whole life?

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    I just don’t think me acting differently would prevent society from collapsing if it really was to collapse. Of course everyone acting like me would not be sustainable but I don’t think that will ever happen. The majority of men are still conditioned to enter an exclusive relationship and have children.

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    There are people on the red pill who say "enjoy the fall", who subscribe to pretty much what you are saying. They don't believe that they have the tools/capabilities to fix society, and they would rather just do their best to enjoy what they can, given the circumstances.

    At the very least, I can sort of respect that. The problems that we face do seem awfully insurmountable without some major changes to how our leaders deal with some of our most serious problems.

    That being said, I stand by my original claim. Plates are not red pill, they are entirely the fabrication of blue pill mentality. If you want to juggle plates, that''s on you, but you should recognize that there is a difference between being able to attract a woman for a minute, and being able to attract a woman for life. Everyone else is able to stay with a woman for life, the fact that you aren't is a sign of a problem with you, not with society, not with the woman, but with you. Now hey, I'm not holier than thou. I have my own problems. I'm not perfect, and I barely know you. For all I know, you have less vices than me, so please don't take this as me on my high horse talking down to you because that isn't how I intend it... there's lots of topics where I am sure that I could learn from you on, this just so happens to be one where you asked the question, so I'm giving you the answer as straight as possible. "bored with women" to me, sounds like "I'm too busy to work out". It's an excuse used to hamster a way into believing that you don't need to improve yourself because you've got other things or reasons in your way. Not everyone on here works out. Not everyone on here is monogamous. But working out and monogamy are red pill. That's the way it is.

    Good luck with your issue, and thank you for taking my questions seriously.

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    This perspective is pretty interesting, and I see parts that I agree with. Thanks for sharing, man. A lot of these ideas go against mainstream RP, so it’s expected you’d get a lot of pushback. A big one is AWALT, and it’s presupposed that some aren’t in your claims. Interesting to think about.

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    If society collapses due to a minority trend of plate-spinning (even if it became a substantial minority), then that collapse won't happen in our life times. And it won't be a collapse of humanity; at worst it would be a noticeable degradation in the quality of the society. Again, that possibility relies on so many factors that it seems silly to base one's personal pursuit of happiness on it.

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    That’s exactly what I think. Thanks for putting that into words.

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    All the man asked about is how to handle the talk, you out here bringing up monogamy and shit. Shut up my guy.

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    He posted on /r/asktrp. If he wants a blue pill answer, he can go post on /r/relationships

    I'm not going to shut up, you can learn to deal with it.

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    Sound like a bitch, you never gave a "red pill" answer either.

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    Actually he got an answer and we ended the conversation after some discussion about how each of us feel about the topic. I'd say we're both better for it. The fact that he didn't get all angry and offended, allowed us to both be pretty productive. You on the other hand... lol

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    It's true for me too. The 2nd girl I ever banged became an LTR and I still got extremely bored with her even though she was willing to do anything I wanted and to this day gave the best head of any girl I've been with. I was predestined for plate spinning.

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    That's why you have mistresses.

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    The longer one spins only plates, the more I believe he erodes his pair bonding ability and becomes more of a psychopath as he casualizes women down to sexual objects only to be used, manipulated and managed for as long as possible until the inevitable feelings develop in which case he cuts off all ties to make room for the next victim.

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    The longer one spins only plates, the more I believe he erodes his pair bonding ability

    This I agree with.

    ...and becomes more of a psychopath as he casualizes women down to sexual objects only to be used, manipulated and managed for as long as possible

    This seems a bit too hyperbolic for me. I think a lot of men come to the red pill because they don't trust women to some extent. There is an enormous amount of insecurity, even from some of our most highly revered members, in the red pill.

    A woman who sleeps with a higher status man in the naive hopes of getting him to keep her is just as much a victim as a man who is afraid to commit to a woman because he thinks she will next him the moment she can successfully get away with his stuff. But looking at people as victims is ineffective and leads to negative mentalities. Instead, look for how you can fix the problem, and build yourself and your community up. Teach women that sleeping with a boy to "lock him down" is her trying to lure him into something he doesn't want, she is the abuser in that scenario. Teach men that sleeping with women with whom they have no desire to pair up with degrades their ability to meaningfully bond with women, and erodes their ability to make themselves a strong pillar of their family and communities life. Your biggest pride in life should be your children. Children are your status symbol. They cannot be bought. They must be worked on. If you build strong children, it perpetuates your legacy. Your children also will be there for you when you are older.

    Lots of people here recognize the need to plan for the future, but investing in some stocks is usually not enough. What happens if the U.S. stock market goes belly up thanks to our 20 trillion dollar debt? What happens if radical socialists take over and steal your wealth as a means to reset society to make everyone equal? You can't count on numbers in the bank, but if you raise strong and independent children, then you can count on them. Even those of you who do not have parent whom you respect, you can give your children better lives than you had. Stop fearing commitment, and learn how to build yourself up into someone worth committing too.

    A man who cannot maintain the attraction of a woman for life is a weak man.

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    What if you don't want children?

    [–]TheYambag 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    That's honestly a tough question for me to answer. My gut tells me that most people who don't want children have some other issue in their life that is causing them to not want children, but I am not going to pretend like I have any strong evidence for that other than a few anecdotal examples.

    For me, I think it's important to ask reflect back on the first question that I asked, "Can your society sustain itself with no children?"

    Most people don't want to work out. Most people don't want to go to work. Most people don't want to avoid the easy pleasures in life (drugs, porn, sedentary lifestyle). We do many things that we don't want to do because it makes us stronger. I think that it is a civic duty to raise children, and I truly believe that it will turn into a better man for it. That being said, I do not think that I have the knowledge required to give you the best answer to that question, yet.

    [–]Verificus 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Then you are implying societies demands outweigh your own. I couldn't care less. Reasons I don't want to have kids: I love my job, I want to work full-time and then some. You can't raise kids properly if you work full time. I'm assuming my hypothetical wife also works full time because I'm not attracted to women who don't have career goals or lack a wish to be something else than a house wife/mother. I think parents should raise kids, not daycare or kindergarten. This means that either one parent MUST stay at home or both parents work part time and rotate. I will never give up my job for this and don't want a women that does.

    You mention working out. Having kids or a family or even a relationship means you have less hours per week to work out assuming you work full time like I do. I can barely squeeze in 3-4 hours a week right now. I'd have to give up other things if kids or wife come into the mix.

    I rarely if ever do drugs, have anything but a sedentary lifestyle and like any guy I do watch porn but when I have abundance I barely fap and barely watch porn. I can also fap without watching porn and sometimes I do.

    Finally, one of the things in life that gives me most of my happiness right now is travelling. You cannot explore the world and properly raise a kid at the same time. The people that bring their newborn babies having a front pack carrying the baby and a normal backpack are retarded. A kid needs to grow up in a house with two loving parents not on the other side of the world in a jungle. I don't want to give up things I love to have kids and commitment as they are more important to me.

    It could be that one day I will be done with travelling, working and my other interest and will develop a desire for kids and a wife. I can't see into the future so I can't rule it out. But right now: I love my life and everything in it and would not sacrifice anything for a family life.

    For reference; I'm about to turn 29. Most people in my group of friends have settled/married/getting kids.

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    I've got a couple different ways that I can approach this. For one, a lot of these reasons seem a bit "ad hoc". The reason I think this is because you claim to know what you want so staunchly in the beginning, and then near the end you sort of wobble a bit and say "well, maybe I won't always feel this way".

    Do you think the blue pill wants people to have kids? From what I can see, every single time that I see kids in media, they are portrayed as annoying, life sucking, rotten little people. Pregnancy is meant to look like basically the worst thing ever. I almost never hear anything good about parenting, other than occasionally the kids look cute, or if the parent happens to be a single mother, then she is revered for her "bravery".

    I'm just trying to set the stage here, do you think society is fairly "pro-having kids" in the media? When you think of "the red pill", what do you think of? Do you think the red pill is stuff made readily apparent for people in our culture, or do you think the red pill comes from sort of inconvenient truths, and you have to go somewhere to seek it out? Is being a parent inconvenient? I would say "yes", it is.... just like working out it, just like approaching women is, just like getting off your ass and finding a hobby is. All of these things are not necessarily fun to do at first. And I would guess, maybe I'm wrong here, but I would guess that at some point in your life, you learned to reject the mainstream promoted way of life for a stronger life built upon things that were more difficult for you to attain. Essentially, you learned the value of hard work, and you realized that you like it. Well, I would argue, that is part of parenting. I don't really think that you get to say that you wouldn't like parenting any more than a beta gets to say that they wouldn't like working out, or finding hobbies, or learning how to take rejection.

    It's as if all of the red pill that you have conquered, you now admit that you like it, even though there was probably a time when you didn't know about it and you thought you were happy enough without it. Well, this is a new part of that. You don't get a good society when people are not doing their part to maintain, and part of that maintenance is having kids.

    Let me end on one final note of clarity. A lot of guys can die happy having never been good with women. A lot of guys can die happy having not worked out. A lot of guys can die happy having wasted their life in front of the TV. You can die happy without having kids. But just because you can die happy, doesn't make you red pill. I'm not perfect, I have my own blue pill tendencies... mine is mostly alcohol and pot when I'm alone, or just wasting time. None of us are perfect, and I hope you don't think I'm trying to play the holier than thou bullshit, because honestly, the way you describe your life, it really does sound like you've figured most of it out. I'm not calling you a beta pussy, and I wouldn't because from your comments you really don't sound like one, I think that you do sound red pilled... hell, I'd love to grab a beer with you sometime. But even though you are overall pretty red pilled, you do have this one thought that is still blue pill. Fair enough?

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    It’s called biology you nitwit... you can see it in animal behavior just as in human behavior... females want alphas too advance their genes If you trust what she tells you that “you’re the only man for me” bullshit and you are aware of he redpill then you are too dumb to use the internet.

    You have too understand female maturation before you can make any claim as too how society will crumble due to spinning plates... news flash... you know why you grandmother and grandfathers marriage lasted so long? It was because back in the day women did not work, drive or vote outside of the home. Today the marriage rate has plummeted too an all time low be cause of “women’s rights” (to leave the home and fuck Chad).

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    you can see it in animal behavior just as in human behavior

    I saw a dog chowing down on some shit it found on a park trail the other day. Should we adopt shit eating, since we see animals doing it?

    females want alphas too advance their genes If you trust what she tells you that “you’re the only man for me” bullshit and you are aware of he redpill then you are too dumb to use the internet.

    So in other words, you're too insecure in yourself or your mate selecting abilities to trust that a woman will remain faithful to you. Guess what buddy, no everyone is as insecure as you. Also, you can grow yourself to learn how to deal with women to make them want to stay with you, and it really isn't that hard if you actually want to learn how to do it. You're doing what weak people do, making excuses to try and pretend that your insecurities are someone else's (in this case women's) problem.

    As far as your second paragraph. No, our grandparents marriage lasted so long because they were conditioned to be married for life, and they were trained to look for a suitable partner. Premarital sex was far less common, so peer bonding was high. Your goal should be to find someone who is able to (without you leading the conversation) explain why some things are bigger than themselves. Find a girl who thinks family, community, and faith (if that's your thing, I am not religious) are all bigger and more important than her. Find a girl who can explain why marriage should be primarily about family and the children first. Find a girl who can explain why it's important to invest in her future by maintaining a healthy savings/investment account. Find a girl who is willing to have a relationship void of sex for a a while. That sort of awareness, that there are things bigger than your own personal self, and that value placed on delayed gratification are what you should be looking for and what will help you tell that you found a person worth pursuing. Impulsive behavior should be the biggest turn off for men looking for high value women. Look for signs of impulsiveness, does she have a stupid "chick" tattoo? Is she unable to maintain a savings or investment account? Is she only interested in sex in the here and now? If so, she's rotten, stop giving her attention and let some insecure blue pill loser waste his time with her, while you built up the rock of foundation for a secure family.

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    You have your idea of a unicorn dude... it is apparent you haven’t had too much experience/ exposure too the opposite gender... hang in there little buddy, you’ll be back someday to ask “why did this happen” and when you do you’ll find the answers in the side bar and from the many experienced males in this sub... but hey, good luck.

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    Have you read Rollo Tomassi?

    [–]TheYambag 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    I have not. Do you mind giving me a quick summary of it?

    [–]MindFuktd 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Yeah sure: spin more plates

    [–]garbagejooce -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    Ahahah. Zing

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    Give it another month. The talk will come.

    Spending night after sex or even juat hanging out is missleading. They probably think that they are in relationship.

    [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

    Plates break.

    It doesn't matter because there's an endless amount of girls.

    [–]tr1cks1414[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I don’t mind the plates breaking. It’s easy to get new ones. I guess I just fear the discomfort of them finding out I’m not the man they thought I was. It’s irrational and I will have to experience it a few times to get fully comfortable.

    [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    This post sums it up pretty well.

    Mystery is very important to her attraction for you. Your "mystery tank" is full when you first meet a girl because she knows nothing about you and can hamster you into her ideal prince charming alpha chad. The more time she spends with you the more the mystery tank is depleted and eventually she realizes you're not the perfect alpha that she conceived in her mind.

    This is inevitable even if you're Tom Cruise.

    [–]Redpillswole 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Just be honest. Say it's too early to commit and you don't enter things so quickly.

    Even if they're upset and "break up with you" if you gave them good dick they'll come back.

    Don't be afraid to lose them. You might lose some, but whatever