Going out with a Prostitute. (self.asktrp)

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So I got some girls number, she ended up being a prostitute. I told her I don't pay for sex, and that I don't need to. I then asked her out. I'm going to take her to a bar. She's super sexy. In my mind all girls are whores to begin with so her being overt in that she's a sex worker kind of doesn't phase me. Should I be cognizant of anything (other than making sure I wear a condom)? Any advice?

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Most people don't know what they have and carry no symptoms, condoms don't protect you from many sti/std's.

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    You could carefully vet your girls

    No man can carefully (successfully) vet any girl, period.

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    Waterboarding begs to differ

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    It does and would, before the meetoo social media female bias police showed up.

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    Disguise it as BDSM. Problem solved

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    This guy fucks

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    They’re all dead most likely, but sure

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    The amount of time it takes to really know anyone requires some sacrifice and really by the time you really know, it's too late.

    Best you can do is minimize your exposure to risk by keeping them at a distance as long as possible.

    No red flags could mean they are playing you, best to slowly meet her entire social circle before considering upgrading at all.

    Any woman that wants to rush is a few bangs away from breaking and it's better that way. A good plate spins itself and accepts many of not all of your requests. Maybe not the first week, but certainly within 4 months.

    It is always true, even years in you can be fucked. Really important to learn as much as you can about anyone before trusting them, and never trust anyone with something you aren't willing to lose.

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    The big one you want to avoid is HIV

    The chances of picking this up as a straight male who makes reasonable precautions is pretty minimal to be fair.

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    How does everyone have herpes? You mean a certain KIND of herpes, like a cold sore. Not like hsv1 or hsv2.

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      There is this girl I am talking to on Tinder, she tells me this "I have hsv1 and two strands of hpv." I am like fuucccckkk

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      At least she told you.

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      Indeed. She keeps telling me how she wants to "fuck", but... I don't want your fkn STD.

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      if she is really a hoe, she would persist on protection

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      Only that you saying all that makes zero difference. She's still a hooker.

      Be aware that she's going to string you along, smile at you, laugh at your jokes, flirt with you, tease you, get you alone and hard as granite, and only then start negotiating payment for services rendered. Prepare to leave with blue balls.

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      Yes,this is what will happen,even strippers do this.

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      Or steal yo shit while u asleep

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      Yeah watch out for her pimp hitting you up for cash or an ass whooping after the fact no matter what.

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      Lol yeah a pimp being ok with some dude fucking his girl for free doesn't happen. Existence of said pimp won't be evident until the deed is done.

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      OP pay attention

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      Dude might find himself in a situation where a pimp comes into his house after she lets him in. Don't fuck a prostitute if you haven't talked about money. You will still owe her the money after OP. They don't give pussy for free worse if they have a pimp. Get his ass robbed or something.

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      This. Chick goes along, fucks OP like a champ. OK. Three days later, he gets robbed, burgled, etc...

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      there is a difference between pimps and thugs

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        Agreed with this.

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        A hooker can be counted on to act no differently than any other woman? Bit of a reach.

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          Nah. You're the one asserting that regular women and actual prostitutes will be just as likely to try to get men to pay them money just before having sex. It's up to you to back that one up.

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          Be aware that she is a psychological dumpster fire.

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          Doesn’t sound different from most women

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          Yeah but most women probably haven't been peed on in a sleazy motel and ended up catching a nasty std while simultaneously been robbed of their nights earnings.. lol an escort told me this happened to her.

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          Was it an STD for life

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          When you’re kissing her, try not to think of the hundreds of cocks she’s sucked with the same lips.

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          "Every girl is a whore"

          When you’re kissing her, try not to think of the hundreds of cocks she’s sucked with the same lips.

          He probably thinks that of every girl.

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          No homo tho

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          Or at least the dozens she sucked that week

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          You misspelled "day". It's worse when you know she hasn't even brushed her teeth.

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            Depends if you care about magnitude

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            Bro hahah

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            the Prostitutes that i know off dont suck dick with out a condom on it so technically if she is the same type of Prostitute she isnt really kissing the cocks literally.

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            I read this comment and immediately thought of some skank with the thousand cock stare.

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            Yeah but that's the same as trying not to think of mans own LTR, plate, mother, sister, aunt, grandma.

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            Don't talk about her job.

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            I'm going to take her to a bar

            Don't associate with a woman who exploits men for money. She won't respect you, it will end badly. She'll be looking for a way to exploit you. Relationships with prostitutes don't go well, and she's unlikely to be the "just casual sex" type.

            In my mind all girls are whores to begin with so her being overt in that she's a sex worker kind of doesn't phase me.

            Well no. Most don't directly charge men to jizz in her. Most women fuck alphas and exploit betas. Prostitutes exploit everybody. I think your reasoning is just a justification.

            She's broken - the thousand cock stare is one thing, but she'll have the million cock stare.

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            Thank god for endorsed members I was starting to become very disappointed.
            Don't put your dick in crazy there is no female more broken than prostitutes and strippers plenty of decent looking girls at barns and nobles fellas.

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            I don't want to fuck no woman from no barn man

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            Country girls are the best bro. The only other guy they've been fucking is their brother .

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            Yep. And, the nobility went out with feudalism. That guy should read a book.

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            Yeah..... good perspective.

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            Depends on what kind of girls your associating yourself with obviously if you're dating twin peaks waitress, ex strippers , and club girls you're gonna run into a few hoookers it's not that difficult of a thing to vet for.

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            What he said. I've been their done that they are completely not worth your time.

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            Now that's some scarcity mentality..

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            I've plated 2 prostitutes in the past and I know men who keep this as friends so let me share some insights:

            • They have a high sex drive and are a lot more adventurous in bed, take full advantage of this.
            • Although you aren't a John (a man paying for a prostitute) she'll have a transactional mindset when it comes to sex and intimacy. The more you see this behavior the more she's losing interest in you.
            • She'll also want you to foot all the bills.
            • They're all batshit crazy and broken mentally in some way. The longest you should consistently keep them around is a weekend for a fuck fest and send them home. Keeping them at your place for a week is a great way to invite all the craziness in their life into yours. It's very fucking hard to keep frame while being enclosed with a crazy bitch for days or weeks at a time.
            • They lie a lot about their vast sexual experiences. This isn't unique to prostitutes but be aware that she's done just about everything this to done within her first few months on the job.

            As for your approach, I'd skip the whole going to the bar move and just invite her back to your place and initiate sex the moment she walks through the door by slapping her on her ass, telling her you want to see her sexy body under her clothes, or kissing her on her neck. Skip the whole song and dance routine. She doesn't need it, to her sex is no big deal, like saying "hello" to stranger as she walks by, she is a whore afterall.

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            Wow now that's some detailed insight

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            What could go wrong here?

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            Now THIS is going to be a train wreck!!! Pass the popcorn please!!!

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            Lol you're stupid, you think you aren't going to pay some way for a girl like that?

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            Any relationship with any woman is some kind of prostitution in a way or another

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            That's like saying fighting an MMA champ is just like fighting any other guy, because in either case you'll get punched. AKA fucking retarded.

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            No it's not the same thing, I said in a way or another. Prostitution is a word that has become demonized by the same cucked society that we all despise. Do you think the multiple married women are such because they love their husbands? Do you think LTRs exist because girls love their husbands? Every woman just bases her instincts on resources and how it benefits her, and I believe she will leave you for a richer or more goodlooking guy if she has the opportunity. AWALT & Hypergamy are what it is

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            Very true. It comes down to red flags. The less there are the less likely you'll have to deal with bull shit that ties up your resources and time. There's ALWAYS risk. It's up to men to educate themselves on the warning signs to analyze that risk effectively. At the top of the list of factors that add the most risk? Sex Workers and Single Moms

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            Then every relationship with anyone is some form of prostitution.

            How does the Chad the girl wants to fuck because he's sexy and charming but 0 money = prostitution?

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            Genetic fitness and strength=potential ability to provide physically for resources and resistance to adversity. Money=resources. You can call it prostitution or transaction, as long as you get the idea. This is red pill not purple pill.

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            Gentlemen, this is the future of male/female relationships in the West. The complete normalization of prostitution and its acceptance by a blindsided male population.

            We've witnessed the normalization of women pairing up with a beta and cuckolding him by fucking alphas on the side ("polyamory"). Now this is the opposite strategy you'll be seeing more and more: banging one alpha, while fucking betas for a direct exchange of resources on the side.

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            Home run

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            Keep an eye on your wallet and belongings.

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            Yep. I know a couple of prozzies who are hard core kleptomaniacs.

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            I think you're too horny to think straight kid. I mean I have nothing against you wanting to hook up but this:

            In my mind all girls are whores to begin with

            Cut it out. If you want advice, all I can say is that you better don't get too invested on her else you'll end up very miserable. It won't phase you now but when you start to develop feelings for her, you'll end up crazy thinking about the many guys she'll bang over time. Pump and dump.

            Don't worry about STDs, prostitutes are workers, they know what they do and won't be stupid enough to let their only asset (their body) be unusable.

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            Why spend money on her drinks and food when you can just give it to her directly and be done with it?

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            She might see you as an escape from the prostitution if you're wealthy.


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            Make sure she doesnt have a dick. Who cares what her job is, do your thing.

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            Keep her as a plate don't get too attached.

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            Don't eat her pussy juices, no kisses, no mouth anything

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            I agree. In which case, I’d pass

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            No glove, no love. You might even want to consider bagging it for a blowjob with her. With all that being said, she will become clingy really quickly. She's a damsel in distress. If you treating her like a service. You're basically telling her that she isn't a prostitute in your eyes.

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            She's a hired gun that you are using as social proof, and you can also potentially use her for opposition research. I guarantee that she will be looking to see what she can extract from you: money, meals, perks, time. Women that are prostitutes can have keen, well-developed commercial instincts.

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            No. Don't do it . Do not. Do it. Jesus bro , wtf?

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            Nah, just game appropriately.

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            Cool, then she can unwind and relax and not be fake around you. What a relief.

            Long term relationships with these women can be great networking, but not the type of LTR you would normally have.

            This woman is a pure tool towards a greater understanding of a world that would normally cost you money.

            Learn everything you can. Dont trust with too much of your personal life, if she has a pimp he will fuck you up for banging his chick without paying.

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            Condoms don't prevent herpes. Inspect that pussy before you do anything to minimize your risks.

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            They also don't prevent HPV, which can give you dick cancer.

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            <implying most women aren’t whores

            Only difference is she’s getting paid

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            Read the whole thread. What I took away is that it sounds like the only difference between a prostitute and a regular woman is that one gets a W-2 and the other doesn’t.

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            Lol depends . Do you feel like there is a difference between a girl who's fucked 20 dudes that she liked and judged to be worth fucking and a girl that will fuck literally anyone who has 150 bucks and has fucked literally 500 of those men.

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            One has more mileage on her. 😋

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            Make sure you don't get robbed by her pimp.

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            So much risk here, even kissing her you can contract all sorts of shit. This is STD alert.

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            in my mind all girls are whores to begin with

            And go figure, you’re taking a literal whore out on a date, you played yourself.

            Is there a section in the sidebar that covers the notion of perception = reality? I could be wrong and this could just be a funny (pathetic) coincidence, but I can’t help but think into it.

            Best of luck to you OP.

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            Would def read a blog about this. Keep us posted.

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            Don't kiss them on the face.

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            In my mind all girls are whores to begin with

            just say hallo to your mama for me 'k..? :D

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            Sounds like you are desperate. Don't do it.

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