Is it fucked if i tell a chick she cant ride dick? (self.asktrp)

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So this chick im fucking is OK at riding dick not that good. I try to guide her and shes gotten alot better. But whenever were done she says shit like “ya im a sexual godess, that was amazing for you” and its like wtf? Should i tell her she sucks?

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Whenever girls say 'I'm amazing at X', what they mean is 'I want you to tell me I'm amazing at X'.

So, don't respond to what she's asking - as you've pointed out, she's not great. Instead give her positive responses to what she is improving/good at (my general rule is I only compliment a girls blowjobs), and guide her development that way

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I dated a girl that used to give her friends BJ advice so I thought “yeah dude, here we go”

She was probably the worst BJ I’ve ever had.

Remember, 99% of Cosmo articles are “80 ways to please your man” written by some broad.

You sir are 100% correct. AWALT.

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Yup. Worst BJ ever couldn't stop bragging about her BJ skills. Best ever came as a complete off the wall surprise.

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Fat chick, right?

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    Best bj I’ve ever had was from a fat chick. I think it’s exactly the case.

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    Me too.

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    Yes, but not tooooo bad...

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    I've made fun of women for being starfish in the bedroom and it's really not a great talking point, then next time you have sex it's awkward. Just try to show her new shit and keep it to yourself.

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    starfish in the bedroom, nice one lol. I once told a woman that she was like a piece of log in the bed, I think I hurt her deeply haha

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    You guide her. Don’t tell her she sucks but tell her how to do it and praise her when she does.

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    Imagine if she said you can’t give dick.

    Women say all kinds of things when they're mad. Don't listen to women.

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      Saying “you suck and your sexual prowess is a lie” isn’t great.

      Imagine if she said you can’t give dick.

      Asking him how he would feel in her position is silly. Men and women do not react to things the same way. Why do I even have to tell you this?

      Never try to guess how a girl would feel about something by imagining how you would feel. It will steer you wrong every time.

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        I remember reading a post way back from a dude that said he got up and left because the sex was that bad. He stopped midway and said something along the lines of "I can't do this. You put no effort." The woman was stunned. He said, "we'll try again next time", and left.

        She fucked him like none other after that.

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        Well depends if shes putting in effort. You can just be plain bad but put still put in effort.

        She gives:

        No effort -> that works Effort -> that seems like alot more of a gamble

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        Good point. If they're putting in effort and are just bad, as men we need to tell them what to do and how to do it. It's that simple. Just be blunt and tell her to do exactly what you want. Women love being submissive to a man that knows how to command and lead.

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        Yeah. I'm still trying to get that down. Over the phone or the internet, or with girls I was super comfortable with (now ex girlfriend) I could be super dom, but in person it feels weird being that dominate

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        Had a situation exactly like that. Very good looking girl during a hookup, and many indicators but she must have grown disinterested halfway through, because the sex was bland and of the starfish variety..

        I asked her why she wasn't moving, and she gave me some sort of annoyed grunt, like having sex was a chore.

        So I got up and started putting my clothing on to leave her room. This was such a blow to her ego that she blocked the door then pushed me back onto the bed. The sex was not so bland after that.

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        Men and women are different?


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        Act amused then disregard and change the subject.

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        I taught my ex how to ride dick by telling her it’s like she’s twerking on it. Sex improved tenfold and we were both very inexperienced

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        Yeah I’d definitely tell her. Fuck her feelings lol

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        You'll shatter her egonifnyou tell her she sucks at it

        If you like this girl, just tell her what makes you feel good or tell her what to do when she is in the control position.

        And then I'd it doesnt feel good just thrust.

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        A statement like: "It's a lil uncomfortable for me this way, scoot back more like this (or whatever)" gets your desired outcome and spares her indignation.

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        She's playing a game, call her out in a subtle way that's funny. I bet she laughs about it.

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        STFU and read up.

        It’s your job as the man to guide her into a state of fantasy where she lets go and rides you for life.

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        Why not? I'd tell her thats the worst sex I have ever had even if it was ok. You know in response to saying she's a goddess at sex. Whats she gonna do get mad and unfuck me? She'll probably want to try harder next time.

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        I would just laugh.

        The only time I've called out girls during sex is if they were blowing me using too much teeth and was painful or it just sucked (this is very common most girls don't know how to suck dick). Then I would just tell her to stop.

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        Yes. Tell her she sucks. Then she's just gonna wanna get better.

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        "No need for sarcasm, at least you're improving."

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        Some possible answers

        "I'm glad you think so"

        "Yeah you are amazing. It will be hard when it comes time to replace you"

        "You're good, but I think I could ride dick better than you"

        "No comment"

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        "It came didn't it?"

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        She's fishing for validation. Don't give her any.

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        Would you like it if she said your dick was smaller than her ex? Talk about good sex, what you like and things you'd like to try. Don't go smack talking her, try dirty talk instead. Be the man and lead her.

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        You can try it, but remember that women gauge their ability to retain a mate by how driven he is to fuck her.

        You will lose her. Whether that's a big deal is barely debatable, but I promise that shit will get in her head.

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        she says shit like “ya im a sexual godess, that was amazing for you” and its like wtf? Should i tell her she sucks?

        "You're ok"

        When she complains, ask if she'd like to file a complaint about the review process.

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        Yeah tell her

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        If a girl isn't great at a sex act, I'll coach her through improving.

        If she still sucks, just next her.

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        Don’t tell her. Enjoy the shitty ride or next it. Goes to show how these sex deprived betas put these females on a pedestal

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        Wtf? You need to teach her not next her. Girls only learn how to be good in bed by being taught.

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        How the fuck are you supposed to teach a girl how to ride a dick (assuming none of us here have ridden a dick before).

        I ain't no sex coach, I don't get paid for that....... If the sex isn't fulfulling then next imo.

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        Um, you tell her to do what feels best to you. Have you never had sex before? I’ve had to teach many girls many things on how to make me feel good. Very few (only the super whores) really know how to handle a dick.

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        If you've ever had your dick ridden (properly), you'd know there isn't much you can say to explain how to do it. The girls who fuck the best do it through back motions and rhythym. It's not something a dude can teach.

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        Tell her to twerk on your dick bro LOL it’s not rocket science

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        Girls don't seem to have a problem telling a guy what he's bad at, so don't feel about about it.

        Use a shit sandwich if you want to not hurt her feelings (say something positive, then your complaint, then something positive). Provide her some masterful guidance

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        "We need to talk."


        "Yeah... you see, you're okay at starfish sex, where you just lay there while I pound away..."

        "Go on..."

        "But you absolutely have no clue how to ride my dick. You're terrible at it. I've had my dick ridden by experts, and you're not even a 1 at it."

        (Bursts into tears)


        ... there you go, the entire conversation you need to have, no charge!

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        And she'll feel wayy yo self concsious to have sex with you again and rationalize that she needs to fuck another guy who makes her feel good if you say it too harsh.