Is there a correct way of handling the "you only want to fuck me" shit test? (self.asktrp)

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I swear I feel that every single response to this is wrong. Same goes for the "you only care about my looks" shit test with which I also need some advice.

Also, what about "I hate guys who only care about my looks/sex with me"? Any advice on that?

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"Is that all you have to offer?"

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Damn this one is nice.

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It's the only one really

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This beats my response to the "why do you want my number?" Test by far

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What was your response to that test?

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Something along the lines of, "I sell them to guys who are too chickenshit to ask for themselves"

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I remember reading that now you mention it!

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Burn xD

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I got this one with my current girlfriend, I replied with "If I only wanted to fuck you, I'd be long gone already." But hey, I wasn't even lying.

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This is good but you have to be careful, women take a statement like this as a promise. There are easier ways to deal with this than to make promises. If you promise once she will try for more. You are entering her frame.

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Agreed, I avoid these in my LTR because I like keeping her on edge. If she feels safe and secure with me, then it's only going downhill from there, and obviously not in the good way. Like, rolling down a hill of broken shards of glass into a giant cage she opens up once a month for words of promise and the annual handjob.

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There are so many context-specific ways to respond to shit like this. Shit tests are not about having a proper one-line comeback prepared. Conversation is not some kind of scripted thing you can plan for by practicing a lot of come-backs for common remarks.

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Yeah well for this one I guess there has to be some more or less specific way to respond. It's a very specific kind of shit test that seems to happen often. Based on my experience at least.

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Just about anything that demonstrates complete outcome independence works pretty well most of the time. You don't care how this woman feels or whether she stays or goes. You aren't the least bit embarrassed about who you are or what you want, and it's actually kind of funny that she's making an issue out of it. So you're having fun with her.

"You only want to fuck me." -- "If I didn't, that's called rejection. You'd prefer that?"

"You only care about my looks." -- "And sex."

"I hate guys who only care about my looks/sex with me" -- "Me, too. I had to stop wearing short skirts because people were always staring at me."

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agree and amplify in a nutshell

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Yeah, this is pretty essential to understand for the new guys.

TRP isn't a set of cheat codes you can punch in to overcome a woman's brain and make her fuck you. You still need to work your game and become able to dodge and weave with a conversation in order to get the result you're looking for.

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Yeah, well, The Jerk Store called, and they're all outta you!

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"Show me something more interesting than your body" and start making out with her.

Or if you want to dread, something like "Yeah and you should be glad that I still do".

If a girl throws you a curve ball & you don't know how to deal with it, say nothing & give her the "Bitch are you fucking kidding me" stare until she starts talking again. If she doesn't, lmao, this is gonna sound hilarious, but just walk away.

It doesn't matter what you say, it's what you do that's important.

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Sounds decent but what if we're texting? And what about the other shit tests I listed?

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Don't text. You should have shit to do.

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Sounds decent but what if we're texting?

"I'll talk to you about this later."

This does two things. One, you get that kind of shit out of texting, where it's a losers game since you have no body language reads of her, nor use of body language by you. And two, you get the hamster spinning. Up until you actually talk to her she will worry about saying that, worry about what you are going to say, and worry you may break it off (if she's concerned about that.)

Your actual talk with her can follow any of the examples in this thread, if you even bring it up. Use the hamster to your advantage.

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What /u/trpcomet said. Text for logistics only - when and where stuff.

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you only care about sex

not true, i also care about blow jobs

you only care about my looks

not true, i also enjoy your cooking

This is basic agree and amplifydisagree amplify and is covered in the side bar. why are you skipping the material?

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Exactly this

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Yeah I meant more of a situation early on, soon after you met the girl.

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There are no timelines. Agree and Amplify can be the first thing you say to a woman. You are failing because you are making too many fucking excuses.

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First meeting-

"You only care about my looks"

"I haven't tasted your cooking yet"

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Agree and amplify

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"Well, I thought I might tie you up and spank you too."

"You could make me a sandwich afterwards."

"What else did you have in mind?"

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As it has been said I'm sure.

"Is that all you got?"

Is a great response because it makes them say something else. You need to be genuine when you say it though, as if you are seriously asking them to tell you something else as if you want to know they have more.

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I've used this one before: "You're a babe; it would be weird if I didn't want to fuck you."

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Lemme try and then well see

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What she's basically saying is, I want you to date & LTR me.

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Another possible response others have not mentioned: flip it right back at her. "Is that seriously what you think about me? <long pause> I can't believe you just said that!"

Don't argue, just act outraged. If she tries to argue her point, just keep piling more outrage ("you're being serious? seriously? you're saying this to ME? you're joking, right?"), and DO NOT try to prove her wrong, that would have the opposite effect.

For the killing blow, "I'm so disappointed with you" and end the conversation (hang up the phone, go do something else, ignore her for a bit until she apologizes).

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I suppose if I really wanted to dry her up and send her packing...

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Not sure acting like a woman is the way for a man to deal with women.

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The point is not to argue. Any response that derails the argument she wants works.

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Sounds bad because then she'll think I'm not interested in fucking her after all.

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Agree and Amplify. Her: "You only want to fuck me."
You: "No. I want you to suck my dick too."

Her: "I hate guys who only care about my looks."
You: "Baby, I love you for your brains. I'm gonna fuck your brains out tonight."

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"no" is not an agreement. Unless you mean to say "yes and I want you to suck my dick too" that would be A&A. This could backfire in many cases and it is never recommended to make them feel like a slut.

You: "Baby, I love you for your brains. I'm gonna fuck your brains out tonight."

I like this one better.

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"you smaht, you loyal"

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No i can cuddle afterwards

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"You're projecting. Is that the type of guys you date?"

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Big words always drive them away

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"I don't only want to fuck you, I want to make you come so hard you will cry with joy"

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Here's what I did and it has worked multiple times (some of it may be similar to what's been said above):

She said: "You wanted to have sex with me on the first date and kept insisting on it."

  • Flip-it-around: "That's because you invited me to bed on the first date, this was the next step."
  • Make her feel like she seduced you. "I thought because of <insert context-specific how you behaved>, that you only wanted sex from me and not a relationship."
  • same as above: "You kept making out with me and seducing me."
  • Inadequacy: "What other than sex would you do for me?" (can be risky).
  • Make her rethink the principle: "If I didn't try to have sex with you, then that would mean I'm having sex with multiple women and so don't feel the need. That would be more suspicious and an indication of me being a slut."
  • Simple and effective, guilt-trip: "I thought we just had a really deep connection in our last date, that's why I had wanted you [but maybe not]."
  • Reverse psychology: "I don't want to have sex with you right now. Let's just do something else." [propose something fun; she might make a sexual move on you now.]

(whenever I do the reverse psychology and just act like I don't want sex, that sorta girl immediately then wants sex and will start attacking me for sex. That's not because reverse psychology is that effective, but because girls like to be manipulated (for trivial things like sex) and they like to think of you as someone who doesn't always want or need sex. I don't really need to make "moves" on a girl who is "you only want me for sex/looks" kinda attitude.)

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These are way too wordy and honestly cringe-worthy.

Why are you explaining yourself?

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Not at all. They aren't wordy, it's one sentence. They aren't cringe-worthy because they work.

Care to be specific instead of being a vague asshole?

Holy shit I just explained a concept to you, does that mean you won't like me anymore? aww.

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You're trying to rationally explain yourself to someone who deals in feels. It's a waste of time dude.

Any of your responses would be better replaced with:


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Do you think women cannot think rationally in anyway whatsoever? That's simply not true. You might be taking a principle you've heard on TRP and putting it into an extreme circumstance (like yeah you deal in feelings with girls, but that doesn't mean you can never use rational talk with them).

I'm not even using rational explanation. I'm using psychology. Psychology that's been tested mind you (it actually worked for me on HB9s). I even put in the psychological explanation on the left-side of the statement. How much better can a comment get?

Stuff that I've also seen recommended by people INSIDE AskTRP. So it's not just me.

Are you very experienced ? Do you get a lot of girls? Are you new to TRP that you find what I say completely brand new? Any TRPer would have seen the things I've said before. Some of it are almost the same as the ones IN THIS VERY THREAD.

You've been a redditor for a few months, and just the other day you were asking about text-game on something basic (something so basic, here let me give you a tip: it probably won't even make a big difference), are you sure you wanna debate me on this?

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It's called a new account, dude. But please, feel free to judge me on that, I couldn't care less. If I pretended I was brand new or inversely invented a partner count in the hundreds would that change your perspective?

I'm fairly experienced. I have slept with thirteen women in the past five months, so I do pretty well without being some prodigy or something. saying anything about "HB" numbers is irrelevant nonsense. I'm minimalist in everything I say and do with women and it works wonders for me.

But please, keep at it with your long-winded explanations.

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inversely invented a partner count


in the hundreds would that change your perspective?

whaatt? Why would you lying change my perspective? I wouldn't believe you, only an idiot would think what I said was cringe-worthy, I wouldn't believe a thing you say after you said the word "cringe worthy" about what I said because I don't say anything on reddit that doesn't work.

I have slept with thirteen women...saying anything about "HB" numbers is irrelevant nonsense.

Oh damn, they were really that bad huh?

I'm minimalist in everything I say and do with women and it works wonders for me.

Being a minimalist, is FINE... Perfectly fine... That doesn't mean you get to go around being an asshole to people and calling what they say "cringe worthy" when you haven't ever tried it yourself.

It doesn't mean that being non-minimalist is somehow gonna result in something bad.

I literally wrote "one-sentence" responses and you were like "omg that's so long" "that's so not minimalist!!", it's like as if you reading one-sentence was painfully difficult/lengthy read for you.

keep at it with your long-winded explanations.

I give short explanations to smart people who understand things quickly. Long ones to people who have struggles with understanding complex topics. Occasionally, they get a little curious and will take the time to read it and stop being a lazy minimalist bum.

feel free to judge me on that,

If you feel insulted by the things I'm saying to you and judging you, that's perfectly fine, because everyone knows you're the aggressor who came in here with your vague insults about what other people said. You rightly deserve it.

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How much better can a comment get?

Heh, at least I know you're try-hard everywhere and not just with women. lol

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Well at least the audience knows you're a troll who doesn't know much but likes to pretend to know it all.

You can tell by the short responses you make, the lack of counter-examples, the lack of specificity in your criticism. It's the sign of someone who doesn't know much about the topic. Perhaps you should let experienced people talk in asktrp/trp, and not just regurgitate something you read on a blog.

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"The audience?" Jesus Christ dude, get over yourself with your shitty advice and inability to handle criticism.

You clearly didn't read any of my responses. I gave you the only counter-example you need.

You're too wordy in every pursuit in life, it seems.

[–]trpftw -1 points0 points  (8 children)

I'm handling the criticism just fine, making you look like a fool. I've had tons of more success than you and little shits talking trash like you on askTRP are really entertaining to argue against.

I gave you the only counter-example you need.

"And??" Yeah I really wonder what kind of dumb, drunk, fat slutty girls you are banging. They must be really desperate for your minimalist approach to work such wonders.

ou're too wordy in every pursuit in life, it seems.

I know big words really frustrate you it seems. Explains your minimalist approach.

Do you also send dick pics by any chance? Photos are worth a 1000 words.

Have you thought about shutting your mouth? Nothing is more annoying than seeing inexperienced stupid people making comments about what will work and what won't on TRP.

I would NEVER EVER... ever... EVER.... argue this with you if I didn't see it work myself.

The best part about this debate we're having here, is that you didn't even mention WHICH sentences I said were the ones that "won't work" in your opinion. Completely ignoring the fact that other comments in this thread, have said pretty much the same things.

[–]shurk127 0 points1 point  (7 children)

You seem like a really calm, rational human being. Very alpha, sir.

Tell me a bit more why you care so much what "everyone" or "the audience" thinks?

EDIT: does EDITing your replies after the fact to look better have anything to do with all that experience? You're a mess and you can't handle being called out.

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"No, I want a real relationship. Beautiful eyes btw"

Shit test passed.

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Tell her what you look for is a bitch who really knows how to suck it.

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Tell her what she wants to hear.... Duh