becoming full/more red pill by quitting video games/porn/unhealthy eating? (self.asktrp)

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these (bad habits) addictions have held me back for quite some time now in my life. i finally realized im wasting time at least with video games and porn i also would like to lose weight so i would like to eat better.

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Video games pray on a primal instinct for accomplishment. Spectator sports as well. Early man had only a few things to accomplish, and they were all driven by necessity; water, food, and shelter. Those things are a given in our society, so how do we saciate the need for success? Video games and spectator sports.

I could write a book on porn abuse.

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Relevant username?

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I think porn will either destroy the male/female parading in the US by altering the male psyche (see Japan for details), or go down in history as the digital equivilant to the 19th century Chinese opium epidemic.

I'd estimate that porn seriously harms 50% of the entire male population.

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Elaborate please.

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Just to kind of jump on the above comment-look at vr-The industry is aiming to make things better than sex-Not copy it, but toys that actually feel better that sex, and robots are starting to come into the mix. Women have had sex toys for awhile-and i don't know any research or speculation on the implications. However, there is a lot of speculation on what will happen when VR porn and crazy sex toys are available. A ton of people point to some weird waifu beta stuff happening in Japan (though that is not all the population)



My personal opinion is that once it gets out at an affordable level...Dynamics in a relationship will change. Do I want to court my ltr into sex tonight, or do I want to load up 10 hb10's and just lay down? I personally tend to be a little dominating during sex and that's a turn on for me, so just laying there and having a machine do it isn't as big a turn on. But, there are some times you want to just go, quickie, whatever and it could be a solution. Let me know if you find anything while googling around.

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I could write a book on porn abuse.

Will you? It would be an awesome idea :D

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Let me tell you a story about one of my old roommates Dan. After living with him for a few months I started to notice a pattern. Wake up late for work, go to work, come home, play video games, go to sleep, repeat. This was his entire life and it was this way for the entire 3 years that I lived with him. It filled me with a strong distaste for video games and I fill my life with plenty of ither hobbies because of it.

At the end of the day entertainment is entertainment, but all he has to show of it is a high score on the television, meanwhile I have a bookcase full of books that I've read, a saxophone that I can play, a record I've recorded with my band, memories I've made with friends and family, and a plethora of other skills I've aquired including cooking and car repair, also a healthy body because of time spent running. In that timeframe I've gotten gainful employment amd dated many different women and eventually decide to move into a new apartment with my girlfriend because I couldn't stand looking at such a pathetic excuse for a human anymore. It was despressing watching a person waste his life away as Dan did. I have a lot to show for how I spent my free time over the last few years, whereas Dan is the same person doing the same old shit he was doing years ago.

Everyone is addicted to something, make your addictions useful.

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Good man.

To make it concrete, write yourself a contract and sign it with conditions. Then tape a $100 bill and a lighter right next to it and put it up on your wall where you can see it every day.

If you break the contract and agreement (watch porn or play video games), you have to burn the $100 bill. Great strategy and legitimately works.

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Well, it works if you are actually willing to burn that money once you break your contract. I could see how many people still won't do that after breaking that contract.

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Exactly. But if you don't burn it, then what kind of man are you for not keeping your word?

You'd only be lying to yourself. By framing it in that sense, it gives a stronger sense of ownership.

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    Haha that's effective and also final.

    But probably won't work for most people- because suicide is something that most wouldn't follow through on. $100 is enough of a cost to solidify that if your going to watch porn, you'll have to burn that bill. If you don't do it, then you'll have to live with the reality that you are not a man of your word.

    Fundamentally, the human brain is wired for punishment and reward. Money is something most of us highly value, and works effectively in creating a habit or diminishing one.

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    ... because then if you fuck up once you literally are kill

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    It's a cool idea but I'm pretty sure there's a 0% chance of that working. If you're at the point of breaking the contract, you've already depleted your willpower and adding another notch on your shame will be the natural conclusion.

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    I'd thought this as well before I tried it. In theory it doesn't sound like it would be effective, but in practice it's enormously effective. Burning the money seems to give your willpower a boost.

    I see your point of that what if you just throw in the towel and add this failure to the pile of shame. Sure, there's that option. But if you follow through on burning the money, it conditions your brain not to do X bad habit due to the punishment.

    I wanted to start getting up at 5am so if I didn't get up I'd have to burn a $20 bill. Surprisingly this worked in getting me up for a few weeks until I found another time that fit my schedule better.

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    Why not bet with a friend that you can do it, if you win the bet, could be nothing to win or something else, it you lose it, give him the hundred, so someone else will be able to ascertain the deal (and also not make waste)

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    That would also work. Good suggestion.

    The stakes need to be high enough to make real, lasting life changes. Punishment just happens to be a great motivator for humans. Works very well. Even if it's self induced.

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    You still need to tell that friend you gamed though, he isn't watching you 24/7.

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    Ask for a friend that won't let this go down and ask if you still hold it. If you lie to him, well I guess the cause is lost

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    Dude that is smart as fuck for any goal.

    "Fuck me I don't wanna go to the gym"

    "If you don't it will cost $100"

    "Fucking godamn mother fuck asscunt I hate you *fills preworkout bottle and puts on shorts, then feels great later"

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    Yes. It legitimately works.

    The main reason people don't follow through on there goals are the "stakes" aren't high enough. It's not necessary to stop watching porn, eat healthy, or cut out video games. But what if every time you did that, $100 was taken from your bank account. You'd think much more carefully about your actions.

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    In theory yes, but unless they're rich they would never actually go through with it.

    A better way is to make yourself busy in any other way. The more busier you are, the less video games actually impact your life and becomes something to cool off with.

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      I think you meant to say WOAH

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      Consider jerking off, eating garbage, and playing DotA all day. Then consider the modern woman. It's really not such a bad trade.

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      Jerking off, eating garbage, and playing DOTA all day take a lot more away from you than just women. That cycle turns your life into literally nothing, zero value, human waste.

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      For me... BJJ satisfied the desire to feel accomplished (like in a video game) and made me look amazing. Its hard work but its fun learning all the moved and trying to advance each class.

      Also toss some love for a calculated caloric intake. Nothing will make you Slimmer than that. You can use an app like MyFitnessPal. It's free and only requires your ability to weigh and measure things in order to get accurate results. Also you get little bits of dopamine as you progress.

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      This fella's onto it

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      getting rid of those bad habits won't make you red pill, It'll just make you less blue pill. Exchanging those bad habits with good ones (video games = lifting, porn = meditating, eating like shit = eating only whole foods and following macros) will make you more red pill

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      Once I've done my Gym sesh, and blasted the piano and caught up on housework. If I have free time before work, I have an hour or so playing a game.

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      Yup I stopped video games completely one year after I graduated college.

      It was easy for me because I saw how shitty the industry was becoming with dlc content being overpriced.

      I have not looked back since and found way better things to do with my time. Quiting video games forced me to be social. So now in place of video games I joined adult rec leagues for different sports, go to social events during the week around my city (usually free) and help out with my non profit organization.

      Not to mention I save alot of money. Now am I doing something every min of my life? Of course not. I still have one or two hours in my day where I watch Netflix or browse the Internet.

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      One of the best things you can do is quit porn. And severely drop the video games.

      Since I stopped those two I've learned to play guitar and piano a lot more efficiently

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      Unhealthy eating and video games aren't bad in moderation. Porn is for sure a no-go but many people here have different views on video games and unhealthy eating. I would suggest a cheat day every once in a while for both so you don't go crazy. If you are gaming everyday and having a cheat meal a day that's a problem. For me and hour or two of gaming every week or two and a bag of candy every 2 weeks is enough for me. It's different for everyone. The general guideline is as long as it doesn't affect you reaching your goals you're fine.

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      I am not going to say this will be a bad idea. Simple just realize and respect the fact that the reason you do these is because .... well you have nothing else to do. Meaning, girls are NOT noticing you, texting, asking to hang out etc. You probably do not have a social life or real friends.

      Unplugging will ultimately lead to a healthier/better lifestyle BUT it can take months/years to build a social network to fill that gap.

      You have to start somewhere, but realize if you are not a good looking dude this change will not immediate (positively) impact your life and sometimes cold turkey can have an opposite effect where we finally are faced with how truly lonely we are.

      Just like fat people have to go to therapy before they have a gastic bypass surgery, mentally prepare, map your game and mentally create fail safes so you are successful.

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      fuck everyone in this sissy thread.

      dude listen to patrice. "imma fat muhfucka" all this man would talk about is bitches and playing call of duty. IT DOESNT FUCKING MATTER

      you honestly wont believe me. but ive fucked 4 bitches in ONE DAY (technicality) and am obsessed with video games. listen to black philllip. there is an attitude you can cultivate that is undeniably attractive to women. stop taking advice from people that dont have something that you want

      holy fuck. i swear to god im bout to take over this fucking sub

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      and it was a monday and i worked 8 hours that day and they were all different races. fuck.

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      Cut out any useless distraction. I still do all 3, but I minimized it. I barely have time to do any of them. That happens once you finally get a life. Lol

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      I'd say your DIET/LIFTING should be your primary goal, since everything else will likely follow suit after you nail that. My reasoning is that when you start looking sexy your game will be easier, you'll get laid more meaning porn will be less of a focus. And because you'll be getting laid more and building a social circle you'll be spending less time diddling on vidya gaymes.

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      Quitting gaming isn't necessary, but it needs to come after all your other priorities of the day. If it gets in the way of your goals or sleep, then you may have to ditch them

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      I've had much success with 'out of sight, out of mind'

      Delete the porn folder, blacklist porn sites and other websites you spend hours on, deletesell the video games, sell the PS4.

      Hungry? Don't go to McDonald's, go to your grocery store, not for just food, but surprise surprise, women go to the grocery store too and starting up a conversation with them is very easy. Not to mention, women love a man that can cook.

      Plan your days, meals and how to keep busy. Keep your life simple, you will be rewarded in the long run.

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      Yo, am I the only guy here who thinks it's OK to play video games? I mean, there's a limit so don't play them all day every day but you still should have time to chill and do what you wanna do - if you don't and you focus purely on trp and banging and work you'll burn out.

      I play video games every now and then with friends and have a blast because it's what I want to do and what I enjoy doing on occasions.