Plate saw me out with another girl. (self.asktrp)

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I was out at the club last night with this chick from tinder. Apparently one of my other girls was there and saw me without me noticing. She sent me 6 texts in a row that I didn't see until this morning.

11:37 - "U were here and didn't even say hi??"

11:47 - "Where r u"

12:09 - "Fuck u then have fun with tha bitch"

12:19 - "I'm done with u. Have fun w/that girl"

12:20 - "Delete my #. I'm deleting ur now"

12:32 - "Wow"

Ended up hooking up with the girl from Tinder. Responded to the texts with "what?". We've talked about me seeing other girls before and she said it was fine. She said she just didn't want to see them, but I didn't even know she was there so I couldn't really do anything about it.

She just texted me a fucking novel and said she doesn't know if I use protection with the other girls so we're done and she deleted my number. "Nice mtg u"

I'm just sitting here chuckling to myself.

I haven't responded and don't plan to. Should I just let it go?


Well, that lasted for all of 4 hours. She just invited me over to hang out tonight. LMFAO

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"Let's have a threesome, I think you'd like her."

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She'd probably cut my dick off lol

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Not if you state it as directly as I wrote... That's not a question, no smiley faces, no apologetic tone... In short, no beta insecurity.

You're dead serious.

At worst, she tells you you're a dick, she's not that kind of girl, blah blah blah. At best? You'll buy me a beer later.

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Exactly, you have to believe it if you ever want her to believe it..

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why did you respond with "what?" that's such a bitch response

you should've stuck a better frame or not broken out of the one you were in

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You're a faggot

edit** Love ya, dawg. It's all fun and games on here. No reason you should be downvoted for an opinion.

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look at me i'm edgy

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Fuckin delicious response my friend

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Don't even respond to her, seems like you've dodged a bullet on this one. One plate crashes to the ground as another begins to spin. Just keep on slaying.

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Yeah, fuck it. I guess I did. She's always trying to play mind games and it's not even worth it

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I bet 10-10 she's going to return if he remains silent.

Edit: for grammar.

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Yep. Came back quicker than usual haha.

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The rule of the boomerang. Haha!

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She did !

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She always texts like that. It's fucking hilarious. She once sent me "Thnx 4 mtg me 2nite. I had a gd tm".

And yeah, she always does this shit. I just respond by turning the dread back on her. So far its been working but this shit isn't worth it.

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Wtf does mtg mean? I googled it and only found magic the gathering.

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"i had nice time playing magic the gathering with you" - wrong sub i suppose

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In her mind it means "meeting". I was just as confused as you were.

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Nice brag post. Its obvious this was a good thing. If your plate was actually a plate there's nothing really more to do. She saw you with other women, she was obviously jealous and threatened at your ability to pull other (attractive) women. She probably had a few drinks in her. She's probably a plate who didn't think she was a plate, and may have thought you guys were headed directly for a LTR.

The funny thing is, she's freaking out because she saw you with another woman at the same club, but she herself was at the club without your knowledge and who knows who she was with.

Same situation reversed she'd be laughing with her girlfriends right now about how much of a little dicked controlling beta you are.

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Yep plates crash. She will crawl back to fuck you again before too long.

The distance between hate and love for a woman is a very thin line.

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Ha. I like crazies. They spice things up. I'd go for it. Tho it'll get really dark and scary real fast when they start threatening to kill them selves and you have to run and search for them in middle of the night under the bridge and carry them back home. And along the way you injure you leg and can't walk right for 3 months cause that bitch was god damn heavy.

Hmm. You are right. Dodge the bullet if you can.

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I like em too. I followed up. Probably a bad idea but she's good in bed so I figure there's nothing to lose.

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Hahah i'd like to know this story fully.

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Upload this to trp with title how girls react when men apply their plate strategy. Hilarious

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Done. I spiced up the title though

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Ignore the question, respond with logistics. Standard TRP game. Don't let the "dodged a bullet" crowd scare you. This is very very mild crazy and you know the pussy is good. Expect her to try to make you jealous. If you hold frame after that she will be dripping

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> very very mild crazy

Wow, the world sure has gone downhill. A few years ago this was a clingy basket case.

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Practice Tip:

Girls can convince themselves of anything. They can gaslight themselves. So I have open LTRs. Or I sometimes put it this way: OLTR1 and I have an "understanding", by which I mean that she "understands" that she's not going to understand that I see other girls. It's a coping mechanism for her.

That said, if she ever saw me with another chick, she would Lose.Her.Shit. Because, in her mind, she can think what she wants, but confronted with reality? It would be ugly.

So either don't give a shit, or be more careful.

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I really need to be more careful. This is the second time this has happened with her. And I was with different girls each time.

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Heh you need to stop being so predictable. There's more than one club in your town, right?

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Soft next. I predict a bunch of drama is around the corner if you entertain her novels and crazy texts. Ignorance will send the hamster spinning. She will either contact you again to reestablish her plate status (she feels in competition with the other girl) or she'll go out and fuck a rando to make herself feel better. Or both. Whatever happens, don't forget your ability to walk away or your frame.

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deleted What is this?

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Soft next means you dont contact her and let her come to you. Show that youre willing to walk away and let her decide whether to call your bluff or not. Make the hamster spin. Waiting three days and then contacting her if she hasn't contacted you first won't get you anywhere.

You soft next her to subtly punish her and let her know she overstepped her boundaries. She is aware of what she did, and she will understand the message. This way, if she wants to come back, she must enter your frame. Or, if she doesn't, sheMll never contact OP again. Either way, OP maintains his frame and moves on.

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I'd be extra careful about pregnancies from now on.

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LOL that shit is hilarious. Her inviting you over the next day is fucking classic TRP material