Why do girls love pop singers with beta male blue-pilled lyrics like Shawn Mendes? (self.asktrp)

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Pretty much all of his lyrics are the antithesis of what would get him laid if said them to a girl in real life. They're about how much a girl hurt him, how much he misses a girl, or how he can treat a girl better than the guy she's with currently. Essentially everything TRP tells you not to say or even think about, he sings about and he's a teen heartthrob. I'm not trying to compare myself to him or anything, just curious.

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They don't want to be with guys that do that, but they love the idea of inserting themselves into the narrative of the song and being the girl that caused a man to do this because they are so special, beautiful, unique.

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This is the correct answer.

The most powerful narrative a women can self delude herself with is that her pussy power is so strong it can change a powerful man that has access to lots of women and flip him to grovel and prostrating himself for her and her alone. That's also the narrative of all successful romance novels.

Artists and musicians (and successful PUA's) are exploiting this female weakness.

Most women aren't even aware this dynamic is going on which is why when a man in real life acts like this inside or outside of a relationship women will get very turned off. Women that have conquered a man want to go conquer other men with more resources. There's no point in staying with someone you've already extracted everything out of.

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It's always about the crush they have. Women don't fantasize about guys they aren't attracted to. So if they like the song they are envisioning Chad singing it. Not Beta Billy.

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Very good point.

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Let me add this:

You have to remember that these lyrics are usually sung by hot celebrity guys who are in peak physical shape and dominate the room wherever they go. Because of their celebrity status, they have all the confidence/alpha/physique that would ever be needed to fulfill most RP criteria, and their SMV is so high that they don't put up with crap - they find someone else.

Now, when the hot alpha guy who gives them the tingles is singing all this beta stuff ... that's like a double whammy. It's tingles and fuzzies at the same time in extreme measure.

To be clear: when girls listen to these songs, they're not getting pictures of the geeky orbiter in their head, as if the words were coming from the drooling classmate who stands out her window. She pictures them coming from the guy she has the hots for, combining the best of both worlds.

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This is totally right. I'm at a country music festival right now and while there are a few redpill singers, beta lyrics prevail. Made me think about it a little bit.

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They're rich and famous. Girls go crazy about the guy who's social circle is positive across 2 frat houses. Imagine dating the guy who's social circle stretches across the entire planet and who has a voice people consciously choose to listen to in their spare time.

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OP will be needing stitches after this sudden realisation.

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oh naw, this dude went there!

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Dude, most of the time they don't even understand what they are singing. I've caught women gleefully singing some of the most unflattering shit imaginable and only after I stopped them to point it out they realized the shit they were repeating. It's fucking hilarious sometimes.

In fairness, I've caught men doing this too.

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Absolutely true.

I still remember when Akinyele's hit "Put It In Your Mouth" came out in '99 and the countless amounts of girls who'd repeat the lyrics - scream the lyrics - in the car on the way to the bar/club, at the bar/club, on the way back home in the bar/club, at school, wherever, without ever really taking a second to step back and ask "wait, am I not basically slut-signaling every time I repeat these lyrics out loud?"

"Whatever! It's just like, a song! Ughhh"

"...but yeah, I'm totally a feminist, and I totally think rape-culture is like the absolute worst, and guys are like sOooo misogynistic..."

Go figure.

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Women like the idea of romance and getting wooed, but when the rubber meets the road, they want to fuck a big strong gorilla rather than the sensitive poet.

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Not necessarily Lord Byron for example

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In his time Byron was a rockstar though and also a high level machieveillian

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He is good looking, rich and famous.

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Fantasy fulfillment. Why do guys listen to rappers?

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I never considered that gender flip -- I even have Spotify on now.

Really great insight.

Songs without lyrics don't tend to evoke the same feelings, or tell that kind of story.

Everything in moderation.

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So Adele - Hello, is about a woman either having beta regret or an alpha widow, cant tell but shes pass "her youth". Song by a guy it sounds like one-itis

Here is a good cover/remix to make it more clear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDWuqrJAyGw

Songs that turn into major hits tend to show the deeper gendered pain that love and breakups have. Charlie Puth - Attention, Chainsmokers - Closer, Ed Sheeran - Shape of You are examples of this.

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I understand this intuitively so it's hard to put into words but basically most of the time they're already good looking - but most importantly the average girl knows that everyone of his fans wants him as bad as she does. The more people that want him the more valuable he becomes. Think about how starstruck you would be if you met your favorite celebrity. Girls feel that way too but with their lady parts. Imo attention and adoration are a mans most valuable resource.

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Also don't forget most of these guys don't even write their own lyrics.

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This is the truth.

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Pop culture is crap and is not a measure of what's appropriate RP wise, otherwise we wouldn't be in the feminised mess.

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I've actually found that most attractive women do not like Shawn Mendes or other shit like he makes. I think it's mostly the less attractive or average women who like to think about a high value guy swooning over them.

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Status and fame idiot

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He sings. That's it.

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Because performance isn't real life, and the songs aren't necessarily literal, they are intended to strike an emotional chord. That said, the act of performance (or producing content) is, in and of itself, a Demonstration of High Value.

This is why you will see me advise guys to make themselves exceptional at something or a couple of somethings. Excellence, whether it's in the arts, athletics or something else, separates you from the pack.

Also, women dig cheesy songs. I wrote a sad guitar ballad once, just to get it out of my head, thinking it would be a throwaway song--I almost didn't play it for the other guys in my band, but we needed another song for the record.

Guess what? Women.Fucking.LOVE.It. So much so that we've made it a regular in our rotation. They swoon.

Also, most civs don't give a shit about anything other than the melody and the chorus. Some do but 85% don't.

Source: have been a musician for years.

ETA: So as fate would have it, I saw a thing on him this morning. He does well with tween and teen girls because (a) he's a good looking kid, (b) he makes their 'ginies tingle, and (c) the Halo Effect from having been on tour with Taylor Swift, thus giving him wide exposure to 11-15 year old girls, and (d) the topic of his songs doesn't matter, because "Feels Before Reals" and, well, he makes their 'ginies tingle.

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Might be wrong but I think Outkast's Hey Ya song is good example of what you're talking about. Like you said, people just like the catchy chorus and melody; Andre 3000 even calls them out on not listening to the lyrics.

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"Born in the USA" is another one.

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Because he's not standing right in front of them.

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They're about how much a girl hurt him, how much he misses a girl, or how he can treat a girl better than the guy she's with currently.Essentially everything TRP tells you not to say or even think about,

Do you think lyrics and song craft actually equate who Shawn Mendes is as a person? That fiction equals reality?

Women and Girls will like Shawn Mendes for a lot of reasons. But ask yourself: will any of them want to actually date a random guy who whines how a girl hurt him, how much they miss a girl and and treating a girl better...or do they want to date Shawn Mendes? Good looking, rich, talented, Shawn Mendes?

He could pretty much sing about anything but the fiction that hes humble to women and he made mistakes is a great little tale as well. Its what they want to hear from thier SO, but occasionally. Spineless men will constantly be like that if they have no other redeeming properties but most and thats the sort of man a woman gets bored with. A sort of masculine man might admit one of these things once in a blue moon is what they dream about.

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Because they have high value. They are desired by many, good looking, have money, and sing about undying love and romantic shit. For a girl it's the jackpot.

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The fact he is preselected, rich, confident, can sing, has his own life and talents... means the blue pill shit he sings is part of a balance so he's not a caveman... he appears as the perfect alpha, one that isn't so alpha they are never going to commit... but not so beta they don't generate feelz. If you had as much going for you as he does... You can act in anyway and still balance. But, normal people dont... so we wouldn't ever get away with it.

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Those have power and status (and probably money too). They are also ALWAYS not unattractive. These are alpha traits.

The lyrics that are beta-traits convince the girl that he is a bad boy that is safe to get close to. Basically those entertainers are the epitome of combining beta sprinkles into alpha traits.

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For the same reason they love orbiters.

Indulge the fantasy of being treated like royalty by somebody who absolutely bends compliant to your will who also has a six pack and tons of money

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Money, power, social status

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Christ that guys songs annoy the fuck out of me. The only reason a girl would like that shit is because she fantasizes that Chad secretly thinks like that to. But in reality Chad is just thinking what he will have for dinner.

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Who the fuck is Shawn mendes