What are your favorite TRP threads that maybe have slipped under the radar a bit and aren't incredibly high-ranked? And who are your favorite TRP users? (self.asktrp)

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1: What are your favorite TRP threads that maybe have slipped under the radar a bit and aren't incredibly high-ranked?

2: And who are your favorite TRP users?

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I appreciate the mention bud. I haven't bothered posting in a pretty long time, but maybe I'll start again soon.

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That "Anti-Dump's Machine" thing looks awesome.

But the links are all dead.

This link is the only one that works, so hopefully it has all the important stuff.

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Comes on here for the first time in a bit, and sees one of my old posts made a list. Nice lol.

Here is one of my favorite red pill/manosphere posts of all time from nearly 10 years ago with wisdom from a couple legends (Vulpine/Sinistar), that I doubt many people here have seen: Insecurity - Castle Analogy

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If your question is "there is this one girl", you're doing it wrong

It made it to the sidebar, so at least the mods like it ;)

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This post here should be much higher ranked ;)

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88Will88 is amazing (and humble).

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Damn my memory isn't hood. Let's start with users. Archwinger and IllimitableMan usually get ignored. TheUltimateCad was great, don't know what happened to him. And threads, well the one about Elliot Rodger was fun. The one about Hugh Jackman's wife. The one about Emma Watson and his jock boyfriend. "I Would Do It Again" from TheFamilyAlpha. And the most fun for me was from GayLubeOil "Getting Women to Cheat is like giving a Duck bread" Or something like that. So much butthurt.

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Can you link me to those threads?

Here is the GLO thread you mentioned ("Getting a Woman to Cheat is like Getting a Duck to Eat Bread").

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The Elliot Rodger one got eliminated. And I'm kinda lazy, those are really really old. Try the search bar or google TheRedPill (insert title)

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You can use Wayback Machine to recover it even if it was deleted.

This is the Hugh Jackman one, I assume.

Still looking for the "I Would Do It Again" TheFamilyAlpha one, the Emma Watson one, and the Elliot Rodger one.

Edit: Here is the Emma Watson one, so it's just the TheFamilyAlpha one and the Elliot Rodger one that I can't find.

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I also love these type of examples but they usually get eliminated, I find them entertaining as fuck. https://m.imgur.com/GcGihfg

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Holy fuck, what the hell?...

Hey, at least Ema is somewhat aware of her hamster.

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Did you mean that Emma Watson is "somewhat aware of her hamster?"

What did she say that makes you think that she's "somewhat aware" of her hamster?

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Did you read the link?

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I didn't see any self-awareness on her part...

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Great list. There was one where someone said the social contract between Beta's & women have broken down. Resulting in this SMP. Always thought that was sidebar material.

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What should I google to try to find it?

What did it say exactly?

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  • Ugh. Hmmm. "Beta surplus Value" that's maybe something that might find it.

They said effectively in Marxist terms that Beta "surplus value" which was pre-sexual revolution used to build societies & base the family unit on has broken down. So, they're dropping out because they have no incentive to provide for anyone or aspirations to strive for. They're just being trampled by the SMP free-market because women don't care.

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Omlala is good aswell.

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    Weird. I have the same feeling everytime I read his posts. Its a feeling I can't describe, something is just off. I thought I was the only one.

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    Has he returned yet?

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    He's in Mexico last time I heard. Probably banging Yanet Garcia or getting his balls cut off by a cartel.

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    Okay, that's better than last time I talked to him. He said he was going through some serious issues/changes "& would return shortly".

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    1: Favorite thread that comes to mind would be :


    1. My favorite user is definitely u/OmLaLa he hasn't posted consistently in a while but his posts were always golden to me .

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    He's around here somewhere.

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    lol I suppose so !

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    My favorite one is this one about a recent grad who was an Uber driver and was recounting the shit he had seen driving late at night. I started reading TRP about 18 months ago and I read all the posts and was like yea ok this is all cool and I totally understand how it can help my life but I still needed to truly swallow the pill and see the true nature of women. This post was THAT post that was the equivalent of Morpheus taking the pill and shoving it down into my stomach. It got deleted but I can try to see if I can find an archived version.

    Edit: Found the link

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    This was since the beginning but there was this guy called Devil_Driver who posted quality field reports

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    1. I can't recall. Eternal September. Same thing, different day.

    2. Hah. That would be akin to me giving a Credits page if an autobiography was written.

    Nonetheless my favourites would be IllimitableMan and Rollo Tomassi (well...he does have a Reddit account).

    They've made contributions that have allowed this community and to a lesser extent other similar communities to stand strong from an epistemic perspective thus opening the gate to what it could be as opposed to what it is.

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